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Sun Jun 23, 2024, 02:03 PM Jun 23

I'd like to make a point here which I personally haven't seen made elsewhere [View all]

Everybody’s talking about Biden’s debate preparations and people getting him ready to handle Orangina’s insults and will he have the right this or that…

The fact is, this guy has been in the political circus FOREVER …over fifty years. I guarantee you, as the senator from the Most-Corporate State of Delaware FOREVER (and this is why I smile when people accuse him of being a Socialist), he has had to manage hundreds if not thousands of ignorant people who have decided to “chide” him.

It’s like one famous comedian (whose name escapes me at this moment) once said, “Why people heckle us is beyond me. You’re messing with someone who deals in language as a profession and so what do you think is going to happen?” Or words to that effect.

I think Biden is inherently ready for this amateur bully. I hope he brings the hammer down on him fast.

As an addendum I’ll tell you my favorite put-down line of all time:

“THAT is the most ridiculous thing you have ever said, except for everything ELSE you have ever said.”

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Advice from the pros BoRaGard Jun 23 #1
Flaw in your argument brooklynite Jun 23 #2
Flaw 1 in your argument: he's wiped the floor w everyone he's ever debated emulatorloo Jun 23 #48
Exactly Farmer-Rick Jun 24 #70
I am a Delawarean and I think I resent insinuation that we would send a bad senator back to DC, He was elected six times Walleye Jun 23 #51
"What a loser! He's only ever been elected to office from his home state!" Bucky Jun 23 #63
Trump couldn't get elected anything in his home state Walleye Jun 24 #66
what do you think is going to happen? elleng Jun 23 #3
The debate that I cannot ever forget was 20yrs ago. Arne Jun 23 #4
I'm in a quite onery mood today, truth be told. sprinkleeninow Jun 23 #5
Then the assault charges mysteriously get filed against him in Ft Pierce Florida where Judge Slurpee delays them forever NBachers Jun 23 #35
Strangely enough . . . peggysue2 Jun 23 #47
Trump will try to push Biden aside like a toddler fight in a sandbox. bucolic_frolic Jun 23 #6
Biden's ability to laugh at Trump is his strong suit. LisaM Jun 23 #10
tRump would never laugh at Biden Seinan Sensei Jun 23 #61
Yes! I'd love to see Biden chuckle when Trump yammers on unmiked, Qutzupalotl Jun 23 #26
Ryan mollie8 Jun 24 #68
I think Mark Twain made a similar agrument about writing critical editorials against Model35mech Jun 23 #7
Watch his body language. alfredo Jun 23 #54
That was BS letting him stalk HRC that way. Dark n Stormy Knight Jun 23 #59
K&R Blue Owl Jun 23 #8
Agreed. 👍 anciano Jun 23 #9
This is what I hope Biden says: SayItLoud Jun 23 #11
Can we vote on this a Biden's opener. Let me start! YES. usaf-vet Jun 23 #46
That's a mic drop on your part, PCI Hekate Jun 23 #12
+1. I trust Biden on this. If anyone really screws up, it's most likely to be trump. HOWEVER, trump voters love Silent Type Jun 23 #13
That's true, and hard to ignore. soldierant Jun 23 #14
Basically agree, although I don't see how anyone is truly independent in the Prez election. The choice is clear. Silent Type Jun 23 #18
I don't either, but I haven't tried that hard. soldierant Jun 23 #22
Most people just dont pay attention to news or politics like DUers do oldsoftie Jun 23 #40
There are undecideds. Elessar Zappa Jun 24 #71
They won't turn out numbers as high as women's votes in battleground states, or they will ancianita Jun 25 #73
Good Point, That! The Roux Comes First Jun 23 #34
That State of the Union speech proved beyond a shadow of doubt that Biden can be a masterful speaker. Martin68 Jun 23 #15
very true- but I expect Putin & Co to pull some huge attack Tumbulu Jun 23 #17
This is NOT a debate in any sense of the word. Katinfl Jun 23 #16
Presidential "debates" have never PoindexterOglethorpe Jun 23 #21
My point exactly. Katinfl Jun 23 #23
Wholeheartedly, agree. peggysue2 Jun 23 #19
Recommended. H2O Man Jun 23 #20
You don't know my neighbor. czarjak Jun 23 #24
i need to say that in the voice of groucho marx. AllaN01Bear Jun 23 #25
a quote from Hank Hill.... ShepKat Jun 23 #27
I think he'll mostly ignore Trump and get right to speaking directly to the American people betsuni Jun 23 #28
I'm tellin' ya... IrishAfricanAmerican Jun 23 #29
Make it so SARose Jun 23 #33
The problem with Trump is that he has no sense of humor. Biden does. Srkdqltr Jun 23 #30
Silence. underpants Jun 23 #56
Trump could pull down his pants and start throwing his shit everywhere... hunter Jun 23 #31
What if SC rules no immunity? SARose Jun 23 #32
JoeB has accomplished more in 3.5 years than the last three Repug presidents combined. NoMoreRepugs Jun 23 #36
Biden's answer to the first question should start, "As the only candidate on stage not having a felony conviction..." Efilroft Sul Jun 23 #37
I love it, but... Orrex Jun 23 #39
I still want Biden to give Trump the red-ass first and frequently. Efilroft Sul Jun 23 #50
Maybe we can reach a compromise Orrex Jun 23 #57
I can live happily with your desired outcome. Efilroft Sul Jun 23 #58
Trump will be lovingly praised if he manages to keep from visibly shitting himself onstage Orrex Jun 23 #38
We forget that Joe Biden had one of the best debate lines ever DeeDeeNY Jun 23 #41
Does any rational person think the SlobFather has handlers who can make/encourage him NoMoreRepugs Jun 23 #42
+33. It's instinct vs. artifice. n/t Harker Jun 23 #43
Biden is consistently underestimated ismnotwasm Jun 23 #44
He will wipe the floor with the orangina Saoirse9 Jun 23 #45
President Biden bdamomma Jun 23 #49
1209 Orange Street Wilmington Delaware underpants Jun 23 #52
I know. Biden will eat his lunch and spit it out. ananda Jun 23 #53
Jacked Up EarthAbides Jun 23 #55
They're deflecting focus towards President Biden because they know Trump will be on Adderall when he takes to the stage. padah513 Jun 24 #65
Whenever I read, or hear, the "concern" and the advice, I am reminded niyad Jun 23 #60
👍🏼...K&R...👍🏼 spanone Jun 23 #62
Biden vs. Dumpy in 2020 4lbs Jun 24 #64
It would be interesting if ... Kablooie Jun 24 #67
If Trump keeps raving on and on after his mic has been muted, President Biden should chuckle and say, "He's like the LaMouffette Jun 24 #69
Thanks PatSeg Jun 24 #72
Could you please say who said "THAT is the most ridiculous thing you have ever said, except..."? ancianita Jun 25 #74
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