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101. i like this phrase.
Mon Jun 24, 2024, 11:06 AM
Jun 24
Any system that lets the elite "create our own reality" needs change

hope i get a chance to "borrow" it.
I doubt there are many people who vote third-party solely because they're told why it's a bad idea. TwilightZone Jun 23 #1
I'm talking about one thing and you're talking about something else. BWdem4life Jun 23 #6
Attack how? SocialDemocrat61 Jun 23 #44
"And third party candidates obviously shouldn't be supported here on DU" MichMan Jun 24 #70
The Electoral College & Republicans on The SC provided us with W & The Donald. czarjak Jun 23 #2
The Electoral College is how we elect presidents. TwilightZone Jun 23 #3
Needs to be scrapped. czarjak Jun 23 #8
You may want to check your democracies. former9thward Jun 23 #10
Hogwash! czarjak Jun 23 #46
i like this phrase. rampartc Jun 24 #101
In Parliamentary Systems, Of Course People Vote For The Leader The Magistrate Jun 24 #88
I wish kacekwl Jun 23 #26
Infinitely harder to do than win the EC FBaggins Jun 24 #79
Actually based out of the JustAnotherGen Jun 24 #130
Thanks for making my point. czarjak Jun 24 #131
So many facts, so little time before November. jaxexpat Jun 23 #24
Throughout the 20th century the popular vote results was the same as the electoral college votes. Now twice in the Walleye Jun 24 #98
Nice day for a strawman argument! emulatorloo Jun 23 #4
Yet there are Green party and other SocialDemocrat61 Jun 24 #87
I came here to post that response. Total straw man. yardwork Jun 24 #93
Don't forget Putin pal Jill Stein. SocialDemocrat61 Jun 24 #97
K&R, Bravo, Well Said! Think. Again. Jun 23 #5
Bullshit The Magistrate Jun 23 #7
Agreed. Gore lost FL by a few hundred votes in 2000. John1956PA Jun 23 #9
We can never know where the Nader votes would have gone. former9thward Jun 23 #11
Thank you for your reply. I like it when there is a conservative third party on the ballot. John1956PA Jun 23 #14
Ross Perot. rubbersole Jun 23 #19
What about Ross Perot? SocialDemocrat61 Jun 23 #23
Exit polls from 1992 showed Perot voters splitting equally between Bush and Clinton had he not been on the ballot. tritsofme Jun 23 #45
Thank you SocialDemocrat61 Jun 24 #102
Actually Buchanan took votes from Gore SocialDemocrat61 Jun 23 #27
If we won Florida, we would have won the presidency...I hate Greens and they did it again in 16. Demsrule86 Jun 24 #94
Except, by Buchanan's own testimony at the time, he won a statistically impossible total of votes in a very Democratic jaxexpat Jun 23 #30
Republican construct? Dr. Strange Jun 24 #103
There Were Peculiarities Of Ballot Lay-Out The Magistrate Jun 24 #105
But how is that a Republican construct? Dr. Strange Jun 24 #108
There's Some Odd Things Go By The Name 'Democrat' In Old Dixie.... The Magistrate Jun 24 #115
"the wrong hole" Polybius Jun 24 #134
Pat Buchanan's vote total in that precinct was voter fraud. jaxexpat Jun 24 #109
That is a fantasy to make you feel better. Thunderbeast Jun 23 #35
How many Nader voters would have voted for Gore? former9thward Jun 23 #38
There is exit polls and studies SocialDemocrat61 Jun 23 #40
Polls are constantly attacked on this site. former9thward Jun 23 #41
I've never attacked polls SocialDemocrat61 Jun 23 #42
I agree with your take in all of this. John1956PA Jun 24 #49
Thanks SocialDemocrat61 Jun 24 #74
That is legit in fact...most polls even ones I like are bullshit for many reasons...and bought and paid for by the right Demsrule86 Jun 24 #96
The Greens and Nader screwed Gore...and I don't think Green voters would have voted for Bush...they would have stayed Demsrule86 Jun 24 #100
Enough would have to swing the state to Gore mcar Jun 24 #118
Speaking of Buchanan Mad_Machine76 Jun 24 #111
Yes, but as the saying goes "shit happens". former9thward Jun 24 #121
the Consortium of news orgs that investigated afterwards claim that Gore won, if all the votes had been counted. Grasswire2 Jun 23 #29
No, the consortium said Bush won. former9thward Jun 23 #37
The article says the overvotes weren't counted questionseverything Jun 24 #59
Over votes are never counted in any election any place. former9thward Jun 24 #104
In Florida at the time, if the voters intent could be determined, it would be counted questionseverything Jun 24 #107
Not to sound harsh, but why can't people play by the rules? Polybius Jun 24 #135
"that a prominent late night television personality endorsed Nadar" Polybius Jun 24 #133
Agree. betsuni Jun 23 #12
So do cows, but they don't brag about it. BWdem4life Jun 23 #15
Many of us know Exactly what he's Referring to. Cha Jun 24 #53
TY for calling that out. Get so Cha Jun 24 #51
And I get unbearably tired of that meme BWdem4life Jun 24 #55
Fuck 3rd Party Assholes Nader and Stein's LIES. Cha Jun 24 #62
I'm Not Surprised You Do The Magistrate Jun 24 #68
Cast aspersions much? BWdem4life Jun 24 #124
Exactly. JohnSJ Jun 24 #60
Explain me first the electoral college. Without it, the popular vote would likely elect a president. usonian Jun 23 #13
Third party voters didn't vote for Nader or Stein because they believed they could win, they voted for them as sop Jun 23 #16
Exactly And we got Bush's War & the Sick Fuck's Fascism in our WH. Cha Jun 24 #54
Fuck Ralph Nader. hunter Jun 23 #17
You know what. ismnotwasm Jun 23 #18
I'm with Mr Spock on this one...let's do what's logical and not emotional surfered Jun 23 #20
FWIW, a viable third party would almost always TexasBushwhacker Jun 23 #21
You'll likely have the House determining the winner of the Presidential Election occasionally as well. Ace Rothstein Jun 23 #39
Fuck the Electoral College!! aeromanKC Jun 23 #22
The blockheads are those who vote 3rd party and SocialDemocrat61 Jun 23 #25
What got me away from the Greens were how many RWers were members. marble falls Jun 23 #33
I have a nephew H2O Man Jun 23 #36
In that case, they would have siphoned votes away from the Republican candidate MichMan Jun 24 #72
I see them now on social media mcar Jun 24 #119
I saw something I liked in the Greens of yore. People trying to shame me for my votes never won me over. It GPV Jun 23 #28
Do you support third party challenges to Democratic candidates? Yes or no. marble falls Jun 23 #31
No BWdem4life Jun 24 #56
Yeah this sounds like a third party push to me. pwb Jun 23 #32
Recommended. H2O Man Jun 23 #34
Good Lord Prairie Gates Jun 23 #43
could you explain that sentiment? Skittles Jun 24 #48
lol TY Cha Jun 24 #52
This message was self-deleted by its author Skittles Jun 24 #47
What you Posted from FB is Exactly True.. Dave Wisseman.. Cha Jun 24 #50
I take responsibility for Reagan's election in 1980. I voted for John Anderson. no_hypocrisy Jun 24 #57
I voted for Anderson in the primary, but not the general Martin Eden Jun 24 #66
I'm with you. brush Jun 24 #58
People absolutely must vote for the person most boston bean Jun 24 #61
Agree. Grow up. betsuni Jun 24 #64
Well said! mcar Jun 24 #120
Thanks for encapsulating my point BWdem4life Jun 24 #125
Talking to people who wont listen to reason boston bean Jun 24 #129
How very hypocritical BWdem4life Jun 24 #136
Hey. They don't want to vote for a democrat.... boston bean Jun 24 #138
Non-members read this site, but you know that. nt BWdem4life Jun 24 #139
And they know or do now. boston bean Jun 25 #142
Hilariously, I've seen "You don't always get what you want!" echoed more by RWers to Democrats angry over 2016. Lancero Jun 25 #144
No. betsuni Jun 24 #63
"Please don't throw your vote away" is not "authoritarian" Martin Eden Jun 24 #65
But it is true, unless a third party has infrastructure up and down the government JT45242 Jun 24 #67
Translation: kcr Jun 24 #69
Lots of interesting, thoughtful and even insightful responses on this thread BWdem4life Jun 24 #126
Voting third party is absolutely senseless and counter productive Cosmocat Jun 24 #71
Something tells me the blamers never learn their lesson. W's Texas purged Florida's voters. GreenWave Jun 24 #73
What Lesson is To Be Learned? The Magistrate Jun 24 #75
The lesson is... GreenWave Jun 24 #114
I Accept Your Concession Of My Point, Sir The Magistrate Jun 24 #117
This is why we need universal ranked choice voting VMA131Marine Jun 24 #76
Another Idea I Like, Sir The Magistrate Jun 24 #80
Totally agree. We learned that lesson 10 y+ years ago in Maine. OAITW r.2.0 Jun 24 #83
Here's the boilerplate I have for the third party fans: GoneOffShore Jun 24 #77
Just one more SocialDemocrat61 Jun 24 #84
Hence the Bismarck quote. GoneOffShore Jun 24 #90
The Old Fella Wasn't Quite Cold Enough... The Magistrate Jun 24 #92
Every four years wryter2000 Jun 24 #78
And Anyway, The Lesser Of Two Evils Still Is Less Evil: Good Ain't In Pole Position On the Ballot.... The Magistrate Jun 24 #81
Exactly SocialDemocrat61 Jun 24 #85
Amen wryter2000 Jun 24 #110
3rd party candidates did cost Gore and HRC their elections. nt mcar Jun 24 #82
Indeed, Sir: The Only People Arguing This Is Not A Fact Are People Who Hope To Wreck A Democratic Candidate Again The Magistrate Jun 24 #89
Same types who assured us SCOTUS wasn't important in 2016 mcar Jun 24 #106
Authoritarians & Misogynists Left and Right delisen Jun 24 #86
Well said SocialDemocrat61 Jun 24 #91
K & R no text Stuart G Jun 24 #95
Fully agree with you. (nt) Paladin Jun 24 #99
I had a recent conversation with my 21yo great niece about the same issue. walkingman Jun 24 #112
Our Party blaming the voters is like a business blaming the citizens for not buying its product. jalan48 Jun 24 #113
The Supremes screwed the FL voters in 2000 allegorical oracle Jun 24 #116
IMO, that is when it became clear that SCOTUS was a political court. And their decisions walkingman Jun 24 #123
I'm sorry, but, voting third party instead of Biden is voting for Trump. Oneironaut Jun 24 #122
I'm not hearing the D's talk about voting RFK Jr. Shermann Jun 24 #127
The only people I have seen voting for him Tree Lady Jun 24 #137
I'm not in charge of fixing or coddling stupid. TheKentuckian Jun 24 #128
I think that if Gore won in 2000, we'd eventually have gotten a President McCain or Romney Polybius Jun 24 #132
How do you "woo the vote" of someone who is leaning toward, say, Bob Kennedy? LudwigPastorius Jun 25 #140
" voting is an emotional action and not a logical one" - who says? muriel_volestrangler Jun 25 #141
You are absolutely correct OP FactuallySpeaking Jun 25 #143
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