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Fortunately for the Quitter no vital organs are involved. lpbk2713 Oct 2013 #1
DUzy! truebluegreen Oct 2013 #23
Darn. Turbineguy Oct 2013 #29
This message was self-deleted by its author closeupready Oct 2013 #34
That's the other classic Palin photo-op. caseymoz Oct 2013 #43
all of her 'hunting' trips and events are staged. all of them. roguevalley Oct 2013 #57
Damned, that was good. nt bluestate10 Oct 2013 #86
"I didn't know the gun was loaded!!" DonViejo Oct 2013 #2
Thanks! riqster Oct 2013 #5
The sad part is, someone shot a bear just so that she could pose with it. Dash87 Oct 2013 #9
... and flash her dopey smile. lpbk2713 Oct 2013 #22
LMAO!! Control-Z Oct 2013 #75
Something left over from my Navy days. lpbk2713 Oct 2013 #76
What makes you think she didn't? Fumesucker Oct 2013 #78
Point. riqster Oct 2013 #83
Fucking stupid bitch, I hope a pissed off bear follows her home .... Myrina Oct 2013 #13
god how I hate these kind of pics. BlancheSplanchnik Oct 2013 #26
Totally agree.. yuiyoshida Oct 2013 #46
We'll the pink in the cammy is precious nadinbrzezinski Oct 2013 #33
What's with all the weird-ass digital fuzz under the bear's chin? Where it says "PieRS"? Brickbat Oct 2013 #38
Here's the background. riqster Oct 2013 #42
I really hate this woman warrior1 Oct 2013 #3
Blunt & Cranky rec... SidDithers Oct 2013 #4
A casual hunter who the image-makers tried to pawn off as an expert huntsman. blm Oct 2013 #6
What it tells me is she jumped in for a photo op woodsprite Oct 2013 #7
She's a fraud. Nothing about her is genuine. Dash87 Oct 2013 #8
It wouldn't hit anything passing from one ear to the other, anyway ... Myrina Oct 2013 #10
Hope it's empty. Octafish Oct 2013 #11
At least the bolt is open so you know there's no round in the chamber... oh, wait. Scuba Oct 2013 #12
Too bad Sgt. Major Eby didn't teach her gun safety. riqster Oct 2013 #17
surely I can't be the only person to notice that the gun is not pointed at her head cali Oct 2013 #14
Oh foo, don't spoil the fun ...... oldhippie Oct 2013 #16
well, you know me. I'm not partial to made up stuff cali Oct 2013 #19
Even if that is the case you treat a weapon as though it was loaded all the time... truebrit71 Oct 2013 #28
I hate to apply logic to perfectly good disparagement of La Palinette cali Oct 2013 #53
cali, I did a riflery option as a phys. ed. class when I was back in school, bullwinkle428 Oct 2013 #58
Gun Safety Rule Number One. Always treat EVERY gun as though it is loaded. truebrit71 Oct 2013 #59
As our instructor told us, "I can't tell you how many times people have bullwinkle428 Oct 2013 #79
That's how accidents happen, "the rifle is unloaded and safe.".... madmom Oct 2013 #30
There's no such thing as an "unloaded and safe" rifle. Dash87 Oct 2013 #80
You know, you're right. On the other hand if she isn't left handed......... wandy Oct 2013 #20
I'm not convinced that it's pointed at her elbow either cali Oct 2013 #21
The gun is not pointed at her at all. Jenoch Oct 2013 #85
I was thinking the same thing. ZomBoy Oct 2013 #32
Really, that is what you got from this? Well.... Logical Oct 2013 #39
You never point a gun at anyone, even in their general direction. DefenseLawyer Oct 2013 #48
My guess is that it is the power of wishful thinking at play here. L0oniX Oct 2013 #50
You're wrong, it's pointing to the right rear of her head. greyl Oct 2013 #64
a gun barrel should never point anywhere close to the direction of a person ever. IronLionZion Oct 2013 #74
It's a gun. It's plenty close enough to be considered pointing at her head. gulliver Oct 2013 #77
Doesn't matter - it's in an unsafe, careless position. Dash87 Oct 2013 #81
It's like she doesn't even know it's bad form to pose with something you haven't killed. Brickbat Oct 2013 #15
How can anyone not spot what a phony she is? Mikeystyle Oct 2013 #18
Poor bear... calimary Oct 2013 #24
OH NOES!!11! The half-governor shot Pooh Bear?? lpbk2713 Oct 2013 #35
A gun pointing at her foot would be a more apt metaphor. n/t Orsino Oct 2013 #25
Don't see a helicopter in the shot, therefore not her kill. NuclearDem Oct 2013 #27
No brain, no pain. n/t HillWilliam Oct 2013 #31
This is performance art. She is depicting today's GOP BlueStreak Oct 2013 #36
If only one of those bears or wolves her handlers shoot for her to pose with would wake up during Erose999 Oct 2013 #37
she really is stupid heaven05 Oct 2013 #40
She and Cheney should go on a hunting trip together. nt adirondacker Oct 2013 #41
'She' and Cheney should go on a hunting trip together. srican69 Oct 2013 #54
OK you gone to far their too make you're point. adirondacker Oct 2013 #63
+1000 noiretextatique Oct 2013 #73
One of these things is firing blanks Blue Owl Oct 2013 #44
Lets all give John Mcain a big thank you for this nimrod,,,,, benld74 Oct 2013 #45
The perfect GOP candidate for POTUS. L0oniX Oct 2013 #47
Actually, if it where to discharge by accident it would blow off her right arm. Rex Oct 2013 #49
OK---so it may miss her head by just a bit... trumad Oct 2013 #52
Might rip off the right side of her face too, depends on how the rifle jumps Rex Oct 2013 #55
Assuming the gun doesn't move when it's discharged... berni_mccoy Oct 2013 #61
True it could well jump to the right and erase her head. Rex Oct 2013 #62
I seriously doubt she has ever even held a gun for anything Mr.Bill Oct 2013 #51
+1 Rex Oct 2013 #56
I can only imagine tomm2thumbs Oct 2013 #60
...derp... progressoid Oct 2013 #70
Brain bleach, Stat!!!! riqster Oct 2013 #71
talk about half-cocked... tomm2thumbs Oct 2013 #72
I'm not gonna say what I am thinking gopiscrap Oct 2013 #65
Maybe at her elbow, not pointed at her head madville Oct 2013 #66
Not according to my firearms training. riqster Oct 2013 #67
Ever been to a gun show or store? madville Oct 2013 #68
At a gun show or store, it is rare to see a just-fired weapon laying casually aimed at a shooter riqster Oct 2013 #69
Boink Scurrilous Oct 2013 #82
And a very happy Boinkday to you, too. riqster Oct 2013 #84
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