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295. Like most of your assertions, that would be a lie, my friend.
Fri Jan 10, 2014, 07:19 PM
Jan 2014

First post in journal:

I should be flattered you googled me!
Bush is a big stinky man and so are his offspring....particularly Jeb, Dubya, and Neil.
Happy now?

So, tell me...are you accusing Gerald Ford as being an accessory to the assassination of JFK?

Or will you just evade the question as usual?

Why do you lie like that, Octafish?

ETA: to make clear what was my journal entry by italicizing.

Occam's Razor - Dash87 Jan 2014 #1
Too bad. darkangel218 Jan 2014 #2
It's too square to be a crop circle. nt Xipe Totec Jan 2014 #3
Would this qualify? Berlum Jan 2014 #7
Remember this one?... SidDithers Jan 2014 #12
Hahahaa.... SidDithers Jan 2014 #4
It's a conspiracy, I tell ya! X_Digger Jan 2014 #6
Is that Braille or Conway's Life in the middle? longship Jan 2014 #8
Ahhh... greytdemocrat Jan 2014 #10
Looks like a CPU mask ryan_cats Jan 2014 #18
Exactly!!! n/t RKP5637 Jan 2014 #42
"Aerial photographer" pintobean Jan 2014 #11
Heheh... SidDithers Jan 2014 #13
Lol. Great minds pintobean Jan 2014 #17
The chemtrails made him do it!! trotsky Jan 2014 #186
This one was pretty interesting, sort of relaxing to sit and stare at it! RKP5637 Jan 2014 #5
local link... hunter Jan 2014 #9
Other than Uri Geller, has any other "phenomenon" been as thoroughly debunked? Orrex Jan 2014 #14
Hey, are you the Scientific Materialist claque? arcane1 Jan 2014 #16
I brush between scientific materialist meals to eliminate scientific materialist claque Orrex Jan 2014 #21
Some scientists... liberalmuse Jan 2014 #208
Scientists are frequently fooled by hucksters and charlatans like Geller... SidDithers Jan 2014 #210
"Scientific Materialist claque"? Vashta Nerada Jan 2014 #15
Those are so damn cool. Autumn Jan 2014 #19
The idiot is the guy who created his artwork without permission... Iggo Jan 2014 #103
Weird. Octafish Jan 2014 #20
A good plan and a few simple surveying tools. pintobean Jan 2014 #22
Tractor and GPS... onpatrol98 Jan 2014 #36
Of course we can explain it. nt RedCappedBandit Jan 2014 #23
Hahahahaaha zappaman Jan 2014 #24
My thoughts exactly. n/t X_Digger Jan 2014 #27
+1... SidDithers Jan 2014 #31
Bingo. This rather puts Octafish's obsession with JFK CTs in perspective, does it not? stopbush Jan 2014 #93
No. It demonstrates the lengths certain posters will go to smear me. Octafish Jan 2014 #96
and in the 25 years since you think they MIGHT have an explanation? ProdigalJunkMail Jan 2014 #116
That's the thing. Octafish Jan 2014 #121
As usual, your interpretation of history is wrong... SidDithers Jan 2014 #122
You practice what you accuse others of doing. Octafish Jan 2014 #128
Your credulity at every CT and bit of woo is becoming legend, octafish...nt SidDithers Jan 2014 #129
Smearing me must be your objective; it's not mine. Octafish Jan 2014 #134
I don't smear you. You smear yourself... SidDithers Jan 2014 #138
If you want to practice science, you would search for truth. Octafish Jan 2014 #150
bltresearch?... SidDithers Jan 2014 #151
Has BLT Research edhopper Jan 2014 #154
Now you've made me hungry... zappaman Jan 2014 #159
I am as anti-woo as they come, SidDithers, but Octafish is a good DUer Heidi Jan 2014 #233
And, as usual, when the "evidence" is debunked, it gets ignored. zappaman Jan 2014 #174
So, we have a tall tale and a drawing pintobean Jan 2014 #127
Er, the late 1980s were 25 years ago. stopbush Jan 2014 #190
Show where I've intentionally lied or presented information that was not true on DU. Octafish Jan 2014 #192
I can't read your mind to divine your intentions. stopbush Jan 2014 #197
Nailed it! zappaman Jan 2014 #199
How telling. Octafish Jan 2014 #201
Awwwwww. zappaman Jan 2014 #202
That reads like what Allen Dulles and J Edgar Hoover wrote. Octafish Jan 2014 #200
As for Crop Circles, no where did I post who or what created them. As far as I know, no one knows." zappaman Jan 2014 #203
If I had, I wouldn't have bothered pointing it out. Octafish Jan 2014 #205
Good luck with your investigation of "The Mysterious Crop Circle Mystery"! zappaman Jan 2014 #206
When all you have is ridicule, zappaman... Octafish Jan 2014 #214
ok zappaman Jan 2014 #307
Posting a bunch of links to your own DU posts isn't exactly proof of anything stopbush Jan 2014 #217
True. What it shows is how wrong you are. Octafish Jan 2014 #218
Isn't it funny how someone can imagine all kinds zappaman Jan 2014 #219
And even funnier how they cling to the tangential, while rejecting that for which stopbush Jan 2014 #221
Well said...nt SidDithers Jan 2014 #193
How brave. Octafish Jan 2014 #194
Waah...nt SidDithers Jan 2014 #195
Really? Octafish Jan 2014 #196
when everything you posit has been thoroughly debunked over and over and over... it makes you look a dionysus Jan 2014 #278
If you think that is so, you are wrong. Octafish Jan 2014 #287
i take your attempted insult as a badge of honor! dionysus Jan 2014 #288
You've no Journal or any memorable posts. Octafish Jan 2014 #289
Yeah zappaman Jan 2014 #290
does this mean i have to post a shit ton of woo to make myself more memorable? dionysus Jan 2014 #293
Don't forget allegations that you never can back up when challenged! zappaman Jan 2014 #297
i, sir, am an astronaut. has that one been taken yet? dionysus Jan 2014 #302
Heh. I remember your journal when it first started, zappaman. Octafish Jan 2014 #294
Like most of your assertions, that would be a lie, my friend. zappaman Jan 2014 #295
Where did I lie, zappaman? Octafish Jan 2014 #298
Is your computer broken? zappaman Jan 2014 #299
Implying something I did not write does not make it so. Octafish Jan 2014 #300
LOL! zappaman Jan 2014 #301
How does my stating: 'I remember your journal when it first started, zappaman' constitute a lie? Octafish Jan 2014 #303
Because the post you copied wasn't when it "first started"! zappaman Jan 2014 #304
Mitchell and Webb do Scooby Doo... SidDithers Jan 2014 #306
Lee Harvey Oswald made a crop circle on the grassy knoll. Orrex Jan 2014 #228
I'd love to hear the naysayers explain that one. seattledo Jan 2014 #25
Yes, humans can't be precise. zappaman Jan 2014 #26
Well, circles and squares are notoriously hard to make...nt SidDithers Jan 2014 #39
Not at all. A guy upthread claims he could do it with a tractor and a GPS. librechik Jan 2014 #167
Who says they're created by drunks?... SidDithers Jan 2014 #30
Who says they have to be drunk? Or that it was only two of them? arcane1 Jan 2014 #32
Too precise for drunks, so it must be.... Brickbat Jan 2014 #34
You start with a drawing, then grab a couple tall stakes, some string, and some boards. X_Digger Jan 2014 #35
Some of us love math. Codeine Jan 2014 #48
A handful of guys with boards made these works of crop circle art. Codeine Jan 2014 #52
Got a link to that? Octafish Jan 2014 #59
Here's where the images came from: arcane1 Jan 2014 #68
Obviously, aliens made that site to throw us off. zappaman Jan 2014 #69
I'm kind of curious about this "Mirage Men" documentary now arcane1 Jan 2014 #76
Big deal. That website is hawking a book. They do not show they made anything... Octafish Jan 2014 #94
What? That site is full of videos of them making circles. arcane1 Jan 2014 #145
Not the circles depicted in those images. Octafish Jan 2014 #147
So if there is no video of humans making that one, then humans didn't make it? arcane1 Jan 2014 #160
Duh. zappaman Jan 2014 #161
The claim was that the site made the ones illustrated. Octafish Jan 2014 #163
I only claimed that the site is where the photos came from. arcane1 Jan 2014 #171
That's because you only look at select woo-sites. Codeine Jan 2014 #75
!!!!! zappaman Jan 2014 #77
No, as nothing at that website shows them making the crop circles pictured. Octafish Jan 2014 #95
So, unlike what you wrote, there is no video of people making those particular crop circles? Octafish Jan 2014 #227
This one of Sarah Palin definitely made by aliens Bernardo de La Paz Jan 2014 #271
Several farmers enjoy creating art in their fields. Octafish Jan 2014 #274
Do we have video of the artists creating that? zappaman Jan 2014 #296
This one took 2 nights to make... SidDithers Jan 2014 #62
How do we know they weren't aliens? Hassin Bin Sober Jan 2014 #143
any idea how long it took to make those? How many is "a handful"? solarhydrocan Jan 2014 #182
Your set of alternatives is a couple of yahoos or the fantastic? cthulu2016 Jan 2014 #80
And they were drunk! arcane1 Jan 2014 #81
You are claiming it was not humans??? nt Logical Jan 2014 #109
I'd love to hear the yaysayers explain why EVERY SINGLE ONE of these "mysterious" things sibelian Jan 2014 #207
Don't worry, some of DU's best investigators are on the case! zappaman Jan 2014 #216
I think the BFEE makes 'em... SidDithers Jan 2014 #28
Yup, they are just testing their earthquake and weather making machines. FSogol Jan 2014 #113
Fascinating! I hadn't seen that one. Incredible. Thanks for posting. solarhydrocan Jan 2014 #37
that's amazing Liberal_in_LA Jan 2014 #41
Green for victory!!...nt SidDithers Jan 2014 #44
Holy shit. do you actually believe the tripe you just posted? Codeine Jan 2014 #49
Did I say that I believed the external content I posted? solarhydrocan Jan 2014 #180
You do realize that those are not the only two people who make these things, right? arcane1 Jan 2014 #188
Thank you for the information on that amazing image. Octafish Jan 2014 #64
... SidDithers Jan 2014 #66
Proof there is no limit to human gullibility. zappaman Jan 2014 #67
What really frustrates me: arcane1 Jan 2014 #70
Shhhhh! zappaman Jan 2014 #71
You actually believe we put a man on the moon? pintobean Jan 2014 #73
Now you've done it. arcane1 Jan 2014 #74
What the real mystery seems to be- is why it bothers you and your ilk so much? notadmblnd Jan 2014 #149
Credulity Kills jberryhill Jan 2014 #204
LOLZ. I bet the OP is a big History Channel watcher Viking12 Jan 2014 #198
I love Giorgio! Amaril Jan 2014 #215
he has never been as stoned, or had his hair bouffed out so much, since that day... dionysus Jan 2014 #281
Hey Sid pintobean Jan 2014 #82
Hawkeye's an ass... SidDithers Jan 2014 #85
I disagree pintobean Jan 2014 #87
You're Mr. Research right? If you spent any time looking into these phenomenon snooper2 Jan 2014 #119
Condescension suits you perfectly. Octafish Jan 2014 #125
LOL snooper2 Jan 2014 #133
Here's how a Thinker put it... Octafish Jan 2014 #146
The gullibility of the crop circle suckers is truly amazing: "Confession Hollow" ! Bernardo de La Paz Jan 2014 #284
Thanks for this great post. democratisphere Jan 2014 #158
Look at the lengths decoders go to: Bernardo de La Paz Jan 2014 #280
Message auto-removed Name removed Jan 2014 #38
Uhh, we can explain it just fine. NutmegYankee Jan 2014 #40
+1, n/t RKP5637 Jan 2014 #43
"Can't explain"? Except that whole part where they've been totally fucking explained, right? Codeine Jan 2014 #47
Please. sagat Jan 2014 #50
Here's an explanation and demonstration of the phenomenon pintobean Jan 2014 #51
They're sober, doing hard work, with meticulous planning arcane1 Jan 2014 #54
All the kids at my high school with straight A's were alien spawn. Coyotl Jan 2014 #118
I hear you arikara Jan 2014 #83
you just might be a big silly NJCher Jan 2014 #86
When you hear hooves, think horses, not zebras. n/t X_Digger Jan 2014 #89
I couldn't agree more NJCher Jan 2014 #91
Thanks for nothin' ET. We already figured out PI. Tell us something new. n/t lumberjack_jeff Jan 2014 #92
Weird William Seger Jan 2014 #98
Yes, you nailed the stupidest point of the assertion jberryhill Jan 2014 #137
Did the Amazing Randi tell you that, jberryhill? Octafish Jan 2014 #250
LOL! zappaman Jan 2014 #251
What's really goofy jberryhill Jan 2014 #253
Standard Operating Procedure. zappaman Jan 2014 #255
How many times did you meet Frank Zappa, zappaman? Octafish Jan 2014 #260
17 and a half. zappaman Jan 2014 #285
Only in your paranoid imagination jberryhill Jan 2014 #252
Yes, but he has talked to astronauts! zappaman Jan 2014 #254
As a point in fact, I have jberryhill Jan 2014 #256
Did you ask them where these "mysterious" crop circles came from? zappaman Jan 2014 #257
Remarkably, it didn't occur to me to ask, no. jberryhill Jan 2014 #258
''Paranoid Imagination.'' Octafish Jan 2014 #262
"That's the language the FBI disinformation artists used" jberryhill Jan 2014 #264
You misunderstood: Followers of Amazing Randi use similar techniques as the FBI. Octafish Jan 2014 #267
Yeah, you know what else McCarthyites and disinfo peddlers do? jberryhill Jan 2014 #269
Not my job. Octafish Jan 2014 #272
Denigrating you? jberryhill Jan 2014 #275
Post removed Post removed Jan 2014 #110
Why would aliens encode a decimal number? jberryhill Jan 2014 #140
Indeed, why would the Simpsons use base 10? William Seger Jan 2014 #230
Mocking people has nothing to do with "democratic" ideals. It has to do with making your case. MADem Jan 2014 #142
Sigh...what's next, flat earth? NuclearDem Jan 2014 #243
Gee. I don't recall treating other DUers like I've been treated on this thread. Octafish Jan 2014 #248
I don't have explanations for every single crop circle ever made. NuclearDem Jan 2014 #249
I brought up the astronauts because you brought up the flat earth. Octafish Jan 2014 #261
Oh FFS... SidDithers Jan 2014 #263
SidDithers, DU's friend of what is and what should be. Octafish Jan 2014 #265
Monitoring?... SidDithers Jan 2014 #266
''Don't fucking flatter yourself''? You're the one who said it, Dude. Octafish Jan 2014 #270
"Certainly some, if not most, are man-made. Some, however, have no plausible explanation"... SidDithers Jan 2014 #276
The thing is Sid... CanSocDem Jan 2014 #279
Thanks for your comments... SidDithers Jan 2014 #282
I will be keeping an eye on you! zappaman Jan 2014 #291
crop circles Skittles Jan 2014 #29
Now THAT I can believe! arcane1 Jan 2014 #33
"Scientific Materialist" - those nasty people that insist on actual evidence... Archae Jan 2014 #45
I guess you are still bummed you can't post about "chemtrails"... zappaman Jan 2014 #46
WARNING: You are having forbidden thoughts & using forbidden words Berlum Jan 2014 #57
There's certainly nothing natural pintobean Jan 2014 #58
Nice picture of contrails...nt SidDithers Jan 2014 #60
Dude, take your meds. Seriously. LeftyMom Jan 2014 #90
It looks to me like you're taunting admin pintobean Jan 2014 #156
Not everything is a conspiracy. Some things are just bullshit. NuclearDem Jan 2014 #305
Please let me know if you think aliens did this. Because I will laugh. n-t Logical Jan 2014 #53
I'm with Dusty Smith on this one. Gore1FL Jan 2014 #55
Logic. Iggo Jan 2014 #104
You think a Japanese utility has something to do with flattened plants in Salinas? LeftyMom Jan 2014 #56
I was wondering that myself. arcane1 Jan 2014 #61
I hope the OP is busy writing a script. LeftyMom Jan 2014 #63
The OP is a plain and simple news report from NBC News... Berlum Jan 2014 #100
Um, it wasn't "scientific materialists of yesteryear" who persecuted Galileo William Seger Jan 2014 #141
They were locked into their narrow perception of reality...so Berlum Jan 2014 #162
So words mean whatever you want them to mean William Seger Jan 2014 #166
Why do you keep equating people creating crop circles sufrommich Jan 2014 #168
It's a deliberate attempt to discredit the claim that hu7mans created the circles. arcane1 Jan 2014 #172
Amazing, isn't it... SidDithers Jan 2014 #169
I'll watch the movie too if it has MindMobsters cemaphonic Jan 2014 #220
So, when is the OP going to admit that they were wonky-woo about the original crop circle Bernardo de La Paz Jan 2014 #241
No point in doing actual research? Berlum Jan 2014 #244
No point in this case or any crop circle case. Bernardo de La Paz Jan 2014 #245
Spreading falsehoods just casts Scientific Materialists in an uglier light Berlum Jan 2014 #246
You wrote: Bernardo de La Paz Jan 2014 #247
Ooo Corporate deception! Aliens! Bernardo de La Paz Jan 2014 #268
You know historically it's been woo pushers that have conspired against science NuclearDem Jan 2014 #242
Nah. I never said that. No need to set up a straw man Berlum Jan 2014 #120
Have you seen the amazing beach sand artist of New Zealand? He's not anonymous.... Hekate Jan 2014 #65
Beautiful! They are being done in snow too. arcane1 Jan 2014 #72
Proof that aliens use doilies. pintobean Jan 2014 #99
That is incredible. Stunning and beautiful. Thanks for posting! solarhydrocan Jan 2014 #181
The snow patterns are done by just one guy, Simon Beck arcane1 Jan 2014 #187
So cool - thanks for posting! polichick Jan 2014 #191
If you want a good laugh! Rosa Luxemburg Jan 2014 #78
Um... the Scientific Materialist claque is Responsible for this cthulu2016 Jan 2014 #79
Aliens mapped out the streets of Washington DC arcane1 Jan 2014 #84
Resembles an old pentium processor. N/T beevul Jan 2014 #88
You scientific materialists are so predictable mathematic Jan 2014 #97
Nice satire n/t. edhopper Jan 2014 #152
Finally...a thread to compete with the moon bombing one...nt msanthrope Jan 2014 #101
They're obviously pissed about that pintobean Jan 2014 #102
They can do one in my yard and then ... LisaLynne Jan 2014 #124
That looks like it was made by a wind turbine blade. nt msanthrope Jan 2014 #157
no, 3 meters of hail fell precisely, then melted, leaving no trace.... dionysus Jan 2014 #286
3 meters, which is also 60cms! zappaman Jan 2014 #292
Shame on NBC for calling crop circles "mysterious". sufrommich Jan 2014 #105
When in doubt... CanSocDem Jan 2014 #106
There is no "mystery". Google sufrommich Jan 2014 #107
What's the mystery?... SidDithers Jan 2014 #108
The mystery... CanSocDem Jan 2014 #112
So unsolved arson fires might be aliens? nt Logical Jan 2014 #115
What are you talking about...??? (eom) CanSocDem Jan 2014 #117
So the mystery of crop circles is sufrommich Jan 2014 #123
Mystery solved!! SidDithers Jan 2014 #235
It's like finding graffiti mysterious. Brickbat Jan 2014 #135
Perfect analogy... SidDithers Jan 2014 #139
Hmm..."STRING"...hmm... Iggo Jan 2014 #155
'String' - I have a theory about that... MineralMan Jan 2014 #175
Is there any made up shit you don't believe? Ghosts? Esp? Astrology? nt Logical Jan 2014 #111
uh...no?!? (eom) CanSocDem Jan 2014 #114
Wow, what higher intelligence could have left such a message? Glassunion Jan 2014 #126
the circles are obviously alien college frat pranks n/t Godhumor Jan 2014 #130
Unpossible Glassunion Jan 2014 #131
They do it for the same reason Jesus sufrommich Jan 2014 #132
Or maybe, they are so smart, their efforts to communicate to us seem dumb. Glassunion Jan 2014 #136
NononononononononoNO. Not QUITE entirely right. sibelian Jan 2014 #209
I humbly stand corrected. lol. nt sufrommich Jan 2014 #212
Spooky Jesusoid would be great name for a band...nt SidDithers Jan 2014 #213
Space trolls Hassin Bin Sober Jan 2014 #144
yep Glassunion Jan 2014 #148
" I saw Bigfoot once. edhopper Jan 2014 #153
The quotation marks around that statement make me nervous. Iggo Jan 2014 #222
Movie reference edhopper Jan 2014 #223
Heheheh. Iggo Jan 2014 #224
I like how by debunking some crop circles, all crop circles are discounted as a hoax. cbdo2007 Jan 2014 #164
No they are all real edhopper Jan 2014 #165
That's like saying all cave drawings are a hoax because someone last year made cbdo2007 Jan 2014 #170
Huh? arcane1 Jan 2014 #173
No one's saying cave drawings were made by space aliens. Iggo Jan 2014 #179
That is as it should be. The burden of proof falls on the extraordinary. cthulu2016 Jan 2014 #176
It was both pintobean Jan 2014 #184
bEST.vOLKSWAGEN.eVER. Iggo Jan 2014 #185
So your argument... jeff47 Jan 2014 #226
Show me one that couldn't have been made by humans... Orsino Jan 2014 #229
Never underestimate the creativity and perseverance of MineralMan Jan 2014 #177
curious which crop the artist vandalized to make this... Deep13 Jan 2014 #178
I live fairly close to the farm in question senseandsensibility Jan 2014 #183
In a circle-making site linked elsewhere in this thread... arcane1 Jan 2014 #189
ARE WE sure it wasn't made by the yuiyoshida Jan 2014 #211
That's not the USC Trojan Marching Band. stopbush Jan 2014 #231
Tepco? Pretzel_Warrior Jan 2014 #225
Nvidia Promotes New Chip With Crop Circle Crabby Appleton Jan 2014 #232
Obviously, Nvidia is getting their technology from aliens pintobean Jan 2014 #237
A crummy commercial? Sonuvabitch! MineralMan Jan 2014 #240
Crop circle: No, it wasn't aliens, it was marketers SidDithers Jan 2014 #234
Obviously, modern processor technology comes from space aliens. arcane1 Jan 2014 #239
The only mystery about crop circles is why do people believe aliens did it? hobbit709 Jan 2014 #236
lol! Yup. HappyMe Jan 2014 #238
So to get a million smart ass replies, all I have to do is type 'Scientific Materialist claque'? Rex Jan 2014 #259
Condescension makes a certain class of mind feel superior. Octafish Jan 2014 #273
I knew from the first days in 2001, a very special type of DUer Rex Jan 2014 #277
Wow. Just wow. This thread is just a study in how fucking mean DU has become. ScreamingMeemie Jan 2014 #283
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