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Well, for months and months I've been begging Greenwald to get to the GOOD stuff... Blue_Tires Jan 2014 #1
Alerting L0oniX Jan 2014 #22
I've suspected reptilians rule the US and thee world, but if the NSA documents are there... Agnosticsherbet Jan 2014 #2
Quick! Triple the Pentagon and NSA budgets to protect us from...somebody or something! Tierra_y_Libertad Jan 2014 #3
UFO's discussed in Cablegate docs. OnyxCollie Jan 2014 #4
. dionysus Jan 2014 #5
Round up the usual suspects treestar Jan 2014 #16
Oh my... SidDithers Jan 2014 #6
'Oh my indeed. Those Wikileaks cables were fascinating to read. We got a lot of confirmation on what sabrina 1 Jan 2014 #9
... SidDithers Jan 2014 #11
Didn't read them, did you? You seem flummoxed! The cure for flummox is education, information sabrina 1 Jan 2014 #14
You would think understanding the nature of these cables was the important thing... MrMickeysMom Jan 2014 #19
Are you talking about the Wikileaks cables in this thread? muriel_volestrangler Jan 2014 #20
That first paragraph was worthy of Sarah Palin. treestar Jan 2014 #17
In what respect, treestar? sabrina 1 Jan 2014 #23
NAZIs are America's real immigration problem. Octafish Jan 2014 #7
If America gets the same kind of aid the NAZIs got we could be in trouble Bandit Jan 2014 #8
Unfortunately a bit too late for millions of human beings. sabrina 1 Jan 2014 #10
Are people looking over my shoulder and reading my notes? (for fiction that is) nadinbrzezinski Jan 2014 #12
I thought you were gonna talk about Operation Paperclip hootinholler Jan 2014 #13
It's true. zappaman Jan 2014 #15
Al Lien treestar Jan 2014 #18
Still waiting for Snowden docs to tell us about things that are happening in Russia. grantcart Jan 2014 #21
First they would have to be provided with factual information. That is how it works sabrina 1 Jan 2014 #24
Here are the facts grantcart Jan 2014 #27
+ 1000 Sand Wind Jan 2014 #30
That didn't answer my question at all. You implied that Greenwald was in sabrina 1 Jan 2014 #31
I ask this question several time to Assange : Sand Wind Jan 2014 #32
Except he did. And about China too. Really, you too appear to be grossly sabrina 1 Jan 2014 #34
No he did not, he publish stuff that come from US about Russia, but nothing that come from Sand Wind Jan 2014 #36
Let's see if I get your logic. If they published only stuff about US war crimes and not Russian war rhett o rick Mar 2015 #50
Then you need a CIA whistleblower instead of an NSA one. Coyotl Jan 2014 #41
Logical fallacy - suggesting guilt by insinuation. Plez. nm rhett o rick Jan 2014 #44
This message was self-deleted by its author uhnope Mar 2015 #49
And it's every bit as believable as America's top cable news netork. Ganja Ninja Jan 2014 #25
I thought historically they were called The Illuminati and Cleita Jan 2014 #26
Annunaki - some say Berlum Jan 2014 #28
check out "Nephilim" mainer Jan 2014 #29
Yoiks ! Berlum Jan 2014 #38
Iranian government is describing n/t Aerows Jan 2014 #47
If they were helping Hitler, they did a piss-poor job of it. Warren DeMontague Jan 2014 #33
Ask Hitler's victims if they 'did a piss poor job of it'. sabrina 1 Jan 2014 #35
Excuse me? Did you misread the thread? Uh, I had family members in Buchenwald, thanks. Warren DeMontague Jan 2014 #37
Last time you looked wasn't enough. Germany rules the EU, for one thing. Nazis built NASA. WinkyDink Jan 2014 #40
Okay, i'm wrong. Warren DeMontague Jan 2014 #42
I hope you have learned your lesson. zappaman Jan 2014 #45
That's exactly the sort of thing a soulless scientific materialist Illuminati lizard moon bomber Warren DeMontague Jan 2014 #48
The "Nazi" part isn't so far off. (See: Bush and Descendants, Prescott). WinkyDink Jan 2014 #39
YES!!!!! I was right, HURRAH. whistler162 Jan 2014 #43
Please, proceed Aerows Jan 2014 #46
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