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47. The author does go on to talk about the difference between nutrient dense...
Mon Feb 17, 2014, 12:16 PM
Feb 2014

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...foods and low calorie food, differences in activities and goals, saying "A healthy highly trained endurance athlete or bodybuilder exercising several hours per day is going to have very different needs and tolerances than a sedentary diabetic overweight office worker.", etc.

Keeping in mind that "Fat loss is ultimately about calories in versus calories out" is important because, while it may not be a good guide to specific food choices and exercise plans, it is useful for setting boundaries that people are all too likely to ignore when they get tempted by hype about "fat-burning foods" and infomercial exercise programs that supposedly burn away pounds and pounds of fat "in only twenty minutes per day!" Too many people are either causing themselves unnecessary grief by avoiding foods that have been unnecessarily demonized, or are failing to lose weight because they consume too many calories while expecting some "superfood" that they're eating to "melt" their fat away.

As long as you're getting the nutrients you need, the most important thing about food choices for people with weight problems is managing hunger. That doesn't change the essential truth about "calories in, calories out", however, it just changes how much will power is needed to prevent excess calories from coming in.

To the extent that food choices may actually change your metabolism, change the rate at which you burn calories, if such effects exist I don't know how well proven these effects are, and I doubt that these effects ever amount to much more than tinkering around the edges of the calories in/out balance sheet.

As for red meat...

I looked at many of the studies that your search brings up, and what I see is a lot of "could", "may", "is associated with", etc. Some of the studies are about particular metabolic reactions, but not looking at the big picture of what's actually going on when people eat red meat. Other stuff is bigger picture, but so "big picture" that it's talking about comparing diets that are greatly different not only in the consumption of red meat, but many other ways at the same time.

No, I certainly didn't go through pages and pages of matches from the search you suggested, but if the OP article's author's point was that there isn't a solid body of research that shows a clear, causal link between typical levels of red meat consumption and specific health problems, that seems to be the case from what I've seen.

Perhaps some people want to "play it safe", avoiding certain foods even when there's only one or a few reported "could", "may", and "is associated with" problems, but I suspect if you take that route, pretty soon you'll be afraid to eat anything -- or, more likely, in order to avoid starvation, you'll start to rationalize believing the research that fits your preconceived notions of healthy eating, and dismiss the studies that would attack whatever is left that you like eating until there's more evidence.

We are addicted to food. Slaves to our cravings. randome Feb 2014 #1
Thanks for your response! HuckleB Feb 2014 #2
It's really been a strange trip for me. randome Feb 2014 #4
Good luck! HuckleB Feb 2014 #6
In a sense, yes. Donald Ian Rankin Feb 2014 #3
I think of it in the same sense that morphine is necessary sometimes. randome Feb 2014 #5
I for one welcome our popcorn overlords yuiyoshida Feb 2014 #7
That's probably where Pucca gets all her energy from! randome Feb 2014 #8
Yup... yuiyoshida Feb 2014 #9
So long as you don't end up like Orville, I'm sure you'll be fine! randome Feb 2014 #14
Well ya know, they say yuiyoshida Feb 2014 #15
Mmmmm, popcorn Art_from_Ark Feb 2014 #38
do what i do.. yuiyoshida Feb 2014 #40
I'd like to try your method Art_from_Ark Feb 2014 #44
seriously, no paper bags? yuiyoshida Feb 2014 #49
There are lots of paper bags in Japan, of course, Art_from_Ark Feb 2014 #50
Well, I tried that method, and guess what? Art_from_Ark Mar 2014 #62
Thats amazing... yuiyoshida Mar 2014 #63
I didn't put any oil in the paper bag Art_from_Ark Mar 2014 #64
Outstanding! Yes... yuiyoshida Mar 2014 #65
My microwave wasn't quite that bad Art_from_Ark Mar 2014 #66
You could be right, Wilbur sure to keep a eye on the poster. whistler162 Feb 2014 #16
"addicted to food"? Is that like being addicted to air and water? WinkyDink Feb 2014 #21
Some people eat to feel better. Archae Feb 2014 #39
I've lost 85 lbs, and without a puritanical approach. Silent3 Feb 2014 #30
This generally matches my approach FreeJoe Feb 2014 #45
I'll admit to being a multiple substance abuser eridani Feb 2014 #41
People need to get past eating like a bird JJChambers Feb 2014 #10
Past a certain age, it's not necessarily that easy to lose weight, but... HuckleB Feb 2014 #11
Ha! Last time I heard that my mother's wisecrack was, "I eat like a bird. A vulture." WinkyDink Feb 2014 #22
That's the way I was. Never was overwait 'till I was, about 30. demosincebirth Feb 2014 #53
I was an early achiever. ;-) WinkyDink Feb 2014 #57
Respectfully disagree. H2O Man Feb 2014 #12
I don't know what that means, but it sounds like you had a good time. HuckleB Feb 2014 #13
Thats an interesting site flying rabbit Feb 2014 #17
It's not my favorite site, but this piece seemed worthy. HuckleB Feb 2014 #18
In this country there's this weird inclination SheilaT Feb 2014 #19
I'm afraid that distinction you're making between "fake" and "real"... Silent3 Feb 2014 #31
I'm defining real food as that SheilaT Feb 2014 #35
What's automatically, intrinsically bad about a mix? Silent3 Feb 2014 #36
I have found I can taste the artificial stuff in the mixes SheilaT Feb 2014 #37
What's wrong with preservatives? sendero Feb 2014 #43
If you did a chemical analysis of what's in an apple... Silent3 Feb 2014 #48
Yes.. sendero Feb 2014 #51
And for centuries and centuries average human lifespan... Silent3 Feb 2014 #54
As I was saying, for centuries and centuries average human lifespan... Silent3 Feb 2014 #56
For a 7th graders term paper, this was a great read. flvegan Feb 2014 #20
You're so cool! HuckleB Feb 2014 #27
So...nothing else, then? flvegan Feb 2014 #32
DUmb whatchamacallit Feb 2014 #23
If it keeps pushing anti-science, you might be right. HuckleB Feb 2014 #24
Shouldn't you be doing your thing in this post? whatchamacallit Feb 2014 #25
Name that logical fallacy. HuckleB Feb 2014 #26
Lol whatchamacallit Feb 2014 #28
Derpity. Derp. Derp. Derp. HuckleB Feb 2014 #29
This is very true-- the whole "clean eating" thing isn't necessary. Marr Feb 2014 #33
Take out more calories than you put in. TheMathieu Feb 2014 #34
Not possible. Take out calories and your body adjusts itself to need even fewer eridani Feb 2014 #42
Spot on. n/t Laelth Feb 2014 #55
While I agree with the anti-anti science thing, this is not a good article. DanTex Feb 2014 #46
The author does go on to talk about the difference between nutrient dense... Silent3 Feb 2014 #47
... DanTex Feb 2014 #58
Eating is a must, over eating is an addiction. For years, since I was a kid, the more you ate the demosincebirth Feb 2014 #52
I just know what works for me madville Feb 2014 #59
Absolutely! Also, climate change is a librul myth, and smoking 2 packs a day is good for kids! Zorra Feb 2014 #60
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