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4. To paraphrase the never great Condi Rice
Sat Mar 31, 2012, 08:40 AM
Mar 2012

If he killed somebody else, then maybe we could do something?

This drama is a reworked Police Squad episode.

My always changing and revising opinion based on the dribbles and smatters of evidential slime oozing out of our video is:

The killer grew up in a life of upper class privilege. This literally gave him a wallet full of get out of jail free passes, due to his daddy-the-judge.

Normalization of deviance* is one point of view about how this came to be. It's commonsensical, in this case. The kid got away with crime his entire life. He was trained to be above the law his entire life. Secondly, this kid escaped any societal quality control because anybody that shoots to kill another human being is almost automatically one utterly lacking in empathy and rational thought. A healthier society would have hopefully have found a way to prevent this man from killing people by the most humane means possible.

It's also galling that our two tiered justice system is running blown and on fuel for this guy by the local POWERS THAT BE obviously exploiting some cockamamie "run out the clock" law on a time limit to be charged with murder. 180 fucking days or something? I hope there's enough non-corrupt means left in American Justice to do what's right for this race based lynching.

-90% Jimmy

I'm shopping this vid on DU because I think it can be used as a tool to better understand the entire cluster fuck of all our institutions being infested with corrupt sociopaths.

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