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14. Sort of like Paul Ryan
Tue Jul 22, 2014, 10:17 AM
Jul 2014

Taking SS money after his dad died and using it for school (as did I and my mother was very grateful), but we don't need to do that now. He got his so it is not necessary anymore.

Oh, my family was not wealthy.

So typical ... I got mine, fuck the rest of you. n/t RKP5637 Jul 2014 #1
Just like all the Repug women who have had abortions, but ... LisaLynne Jul 2014 #2
I join you in your rage. He is a true Republican. nt kelliekat44 Jul 2014 #3
What a clown. He still thinks he has a shot at a nom. lpbk2713 Jul 2014 #4
Yeah ... 1StrongBlackMan Jul 2014 #11
You're Catching On! jeremyfive Jul 2014 #5
As a Florida resident, Dr Hobbitstein Jul 2014 #6
The Cuban Comb-over... The Waterboy...I haven't settled on a good name TwilightGardener Jul 2014 #7
he's mr wet foot-dry foot in our house. kcass1954 Jul 2014 #32
Rubio's glib hypocrisy seems to be his main trait DirkGently Jul 2014 #8
Those are just his good qualities. Fuddnik Jul 2014 #9
DUzy! BrotherIvan Jul 2014 #28
You could have just said "Marco Rubio is a Republican." tclambert Jul 2014 #10
It's just that typical right-wing, conservative mentality: I've got mine, screw you! n/t glowing Jul 2014 #12
Doesn't that apply to all republicans? Nt abelenkpe Jul 2014 #13
Sort of like Paul Ryan TNNurse Jul 2014 #14
His family came... excringency Jul 2014 #15
So you're saying he's also a LYING POS? Coventina Jul 2014 #18
I demand - DEMAND, do you hear? - that you stop taking it so easy on that POS. IrishAyes Jul 2014 #16
The story of his family Tribalceltic Jul 2014 #17
Navin Rubio lpbk2713 Jul 2014 #21
Sorry, but... polmaven Jul 2014 #19
Another DUzy! BrotherIvan Jul 2014 #29
Rubio is lying about his story. onecaliberal Jul 2014 #20
Rubio is lying - of course he is... liberal N proud Jul 2014 #51
He's racist. lovemydog Jul 2014 #22
You and me, kid! hedgehog Jul 2014 #23
I had to abandon NPR Iwillnevergiveup Jul 2014 #24
NPR stands for, " Nice Polite Republicans " . They are worthless . geretogo Jul 2014 #30
sadly for over-the-air radio it is so much better rurallib Jul 2014 #42
Every Rublican and conservative politician Glaisne Jul 2014 #25
Yes, he is indeed a Republican! He's horrible. nt stillwaiting Jul 2014 #26
Why would you expect any thing different from a member of an evil cult like the GOP ? geretogo Jul 2014 #27
Too bad they're not Cuban FlyByNight Jul 2014 #31
What was the follow up question? tia uponit7771 Jul 2014 #33
Here's the link to the interview. Coventina Jul 2014 #37
Today's Worst. Person. In The World! KamaAina Jul 2014 #34
K&R! Hypocritical is the word. Enthusiast Jul 2014 #35
And those are his good points LondonReign2 Jul 2014 #36
The Rubios came here in 1956, Commie revolution was 1959 IronLionZion Jul 2014 #38
Marco Rubio has his head up his own a$$ so it must be torture just to breathe. Cha Jul 2014 #39
What a selfish, hypocritical pig! smirkymonkey Jul 2014 #40
he's a repuke now Skittles Jul 2014 #41
NPR has given Rubio pretty much unchallenged airtime for at least 2 days rurallib Jul 2014 #43
I shit turds with more compassion than he has. nt valerief Jul 2014 #44
That's why the jackass is in my video: mobeau69 Jul 2014 #45
he is a complete repug samsingh Jul 2014 #46
Um, he's a Republican. Hissyspit Jul 2014 #47
I'd love to host a charity JackInGreen Jul 2014 #48
Calm down vlyons Jul 2014 #49
What amused me about the interview... Nitram Jul 2014 #50
Well, to be fair... freebrew Jul 2014 #54
What makes you think Rubio is a human being? InAbLuEsTaTe Jul 2014 #52
Wow! Nothing like masquerading as a human being! marew Jul 2014 #53
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