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112. yes it IS true.
Thu Jan 8, 2015, 07:44 PM
Jan 2015

or are you saying you agree or like this article?

THIS is why I say your source sucks...

"Men who have reportedly had sexual relations with Barack Obama
§ Donald Young, TUCC Choir director
§ Larry Sinclair, gay escort
§ Reggie Love, White House presidential assistant and Obama’s “body man”
§ Artur Davis, US Representative from Alabama and gubernatorial candidate
§ Bill Frist, former GOP Senate Majority Leader
§ Deval Patrick, Governor of Massachusetts
The Clear and Present Blackmail Threat"


Plenty of more vomit at the link if anyone has the stomach to see the guy you are promoting here.

Just imagine nichomachus Jan 2015 #1
Well we didn't go nuclear, but we did use White Phospherous in Fallujah and sabrina 1 Jan 2015 #27
Depleted Uranium ammo used all over Iraq... Octafish Jan 2015 #105
Our heavy handed use of DU JEB Jan 2015 #130
I disagree QuestionableC Jan 2015 #36
Nowadays we drone. ananda Jan 2015 #43
Wasn't out mass killing spree in Falluja a direct response to that very thing? Bandit Jan 2015 #78
And we believe mass murderers now? Look...some people just like to kill, and like to find msanthrope Jan 2015 #2
That is more like it. still_one Jan 2015 #4
You're right trumad Jan 2015 #5
Thank you--think these psychos gave a shit about a single 9/11 victim? nt msanthrope Jan 2015 #10
Like the US leadership gives a rats ass about the millions of civilians they've killed either. NewDeal_Dem Jan 2015 #117
They hate us for our freeeeedumbs!!!!!!!! Hassin Bin Sober Jan 2015 #101
It's what he said in court. Octafish Jan 2015 #6
Well, shit.....people never lie in court, or come up with excuses for their anti-social behavior! nt msanthrope Jan 2015 #12
I thought it was insight to his mind. Octafish Jan 2015 #25
Agreed. Like how Dennis MILLER and his ilk claim they turned wingnut over 9-11. n/t UTUSN Jan 2015 #7
Yeah---9/11 changed them!! No...9/11 just gave them a good cover story. nt msanthrope Jan 2015 #15
Atrocities breed atrocities breed atrocities... bhikkhu Jan 2015 #205
like this guy. NewDeal_Dem Jan 2015 #21
Damn he looks like Ted Bundy in that picture!!! nt msanthrope Jan 2015 #24
... NewDeal_Dem Jan 2015 #28
Wow! I guess I wasn't the only one who thought that! nt msanthrope Jan 2015 #32
I have a photo of the two, caption is "Separated at birth?" louis-t Jan 2015 #63
LOL. JaneyVee Jan 2015 #48
Perfect malaise Jan 2015 #53
Time for the "Bush & Bundy Show!" KansDem Jan 2015 #57
which man killed more? pansypoo53219 Jan 2015 #67
Shit howdy W looks much like Ted Bundy Long Drive Jan 2015 #31
Close your eyes and listen the Charlie Manson dead_head Jan 2015 #64
Looks like he could use a Depleted Uranium enema. JEB Jan 2015 #131
from your lips to god's ears... NewDeal_Dem Jan 2015 #132
Try thinking outside the box. Without the invasion of Iraq, we would not Rex Jan 2015 #41
Without the invasion of Iraq, those determined to kill would have to find another excuse. msanthrope Jan 2015 #44
Hmmm didn't think of that, yeah I can see that as a defense attorney. Rex Jan 2015 #59
Jeez--I don't remember that--what did we tussle on? nt msanthrope Jan 2015 #71
I swore up and down I knew what hate speech was Rex Jan 2015 #72
Oh, shit!!! The DU Lawyer Division showed up? And you survived? msanthrope Jan 2015 #76
I know, I think you guys felt sorry for me after a while. Rex Jan 2015 #81
So you don't think anyone was motivated by the Abu Ghraib tortures and murders? riderinthestorm Jan 2015 #66
I think plenty of people take tragedy and murder and use it as motivator to do the really msanthrope Jan 2015 #73
That's fine but the State department has specifically said there's been blowback riderinthestorm Jan 2015 #77
Like george bush with 911 you mean? Like our entire government with 911? NewDeal_Dem Jan 2015 #118
I think people willing to do this qazplm Jan 2015 #212
The comment was made in 2008 to explain why he wanted to become a jihadist riderinthestorm Jan 2015 #213
Exactly. cwydro Jan 2015 #133
.... 840high Jan 2015 #60
He said this in 2008 @ the American occupation of Iraq riderinthestorm Jan 2015 #65
this! BlancheSplanchnik Jan 2015 #69
What makes you think he is a mass murderer? Bandit Jan 2015 #80
Who are you talking about???? nt msanthrope Jan 2015 #82
Just a guess GummyBearz Jan 2015 #86
george w bush made it to iraq though, with divisions. speaking of mass murderers. NewDeal_Dem Jan 2015 #120
No, but intellectually curious people are interested in motive. DisgustipatedinCA Jan 2015 #89
More "fruits" of our foreign policy dissentient Jan 2015 #3
Blowback. Octafish Jan 2015 #8
I believe it, it seems very plausible dissentient Jan 2015 #14
As do I. Do I need to post that? Octafish Jan 2015 #18
Not at all. I was just making what I thought clear. dissentient Jan 2015 #19
Why yes, you do--over and over again, in fact! MADem Jan 2015 #34
+1. n/t Jefferson23 Jan 2015 #46
Right. It's called blowback. brush Jan 2015 #39
I'm in full agreement with your post. (And with this OP in general as well) dissentient Jan 2015 #40
agree...."Blowback." KoKo Jan 2015 #51
So...kill some Parisians. Makes sense. randome Jan 2015 #9
I totally see how you could mistake French cartoonists for US Army reserves. nt msanthrope Jan 2015 #13
Especially with the way that the French were so gung-ho to join the war cemaphonic Jan 2015 #114
There have been so many recruitment ads paid by us TexasProgresive Jan 2015 #11
I've always believed that those Abu Ghraib photos were intended to be "leaked" arcane1 Jan 2015 #17
+100 There are more things, horatio.... NewDeal_Dem Jan 2015 #26
Profound malaise Jan 2015 #30
"starting with April Glaspie" -- actually, I think you need to go back a bit farther in time, at KingCharlemagne Jan 2015 #38
KingCharlemagne Diclotican Jan 2015 #47
How to I "LOVE" this post? lebkuchen Jan 2015 #56
Thanks (I think). I'm not sure there's any way to 'love' a specific post the way KingCharlemagne Jan 2015 #58
How about the 'Safari Club' that drove CIA around Jimmy Carter? Octafish Jan 2015 #74
We could push the starting point back to 1953 when the CIA and FDR's grandson KingCharlemagne Jan 2015 #83
Absolutely. It was in Reader's Digest. Octafish Jan 2015 #93
prescott's dad sam: war industries board WWI, rockefeller/harriman associate, NewDeal_Dem Jan 2015 #128
He was Kermit Roosevelt, Jr., Teddy Roosevelt's grandson sketchy Jan 2015 #199
Wipes egg off face! Encroaching senility, not a pleasant KingCharlemagne Jan 2015 #223
me too reddread Jan 2015 #16
When Truth Tried to Stop War (Ray McGovern) Octafish Jan 2015 #20
Recommend Read...... KoKo Jan 2015 #50
They don't need an excuse to kill B2G Jan 2015 #22
Killing Hope Octafish Jan 2015 #33
Blowback. AzDar Jan 2015 #23
We need a world media run by people who understand Mahatma Gandhi. Octafish Jan 2015 #103
Because you see only 'we the civilized can torture people' malaise Jan 2015 #29
Remember to Think, Despite the Blood Octafish Jan 2015 #145
The issue here is not to excuse, but to comprehend malaise Jan 2015 #146
Gandhi. H2O Man got me reading Gandhi. Octafish Jan 2015 #149
I've long been of the view that it takes a special kind of insecure malaise Jan 2015 #157
That's why it bothers me when someone bothers you. Octafish Jan 2015 #161
Thanks Octafish malaise Jan 2015 #166
Heartbreaking. Mass murder in service of mineral wealth. Octafish Jan 2015 #173
Got lost on his way to USA. n/t Orsino Jan 2015 #35
Just think if the BFEE would have stuck to the Afghanistan war and left Iraq alone. Rex Jan 2015 #37
Does anyone bring up the CONNECTIONS between the House of Bush and House of Bin Laden anymore? Octafish Jan 2015 #42
What is more, why do progressives get mad when we mention the ties Rex Jan 2015 #49
I suspect they are defending the status quo, meaning the Military Industrial Complex. Octafish Jan 2015 #96
Progressives malaise Jan 2015 #169
I figured I would be nice in 2015. Rex Jan 2015 #174
Too nice malaise Jan 2015 #176
Why do alleged progressives think that right wing homophobes, anti-Semites and racists are credible? SidDithers Jan 2015 #171
Why do alleged progressives laugh about the BFEE and try to pretend it doesn't exist? Rex Jan 2015 #172
You're just going to ignore the promotion of blatant homophobe shitbag Wayne Madsen?... SidDithers Jan 2015 #180
Beside giving your word, you have failed to show where he is any of those things. Octafish Jan 2015 #183
Do your own fucking research... SidDithers Jan 2015 #184
You've said that a lot over the years, too, siddithers of DU. Octafish Jan 2015 #186
Nice to see someone else has noticed. zappaman Jan 2015 #188
Blah blah Denmark? Rex Jan 2015 #221
Of course you do, you hate Octa that is not anything that is a surprise to anyone Rex Jan 2015 #218
That's a "yes", then?... SidDithers Jan 2015 #220
I wouldn't do it after what I read in your link. Rex Jan 2015 #222
I wouldn't promote Wayne Madsen at DU either. zappaman Jan 2015 #224
Wayne fucking Madsen... SidDithers Jan 2015 #75
Wow! Rex Jan 2015 #84
On Thu Jan 8, 2015, 12:27 PM an alert was sent on the following post: Vincardog Jan 2015 #90
Thanks for posting the results... SidDithers Jan 2015 #91
Thanks for speaking truth to BS Vincardog Jan 2015 #92
So the Bush family and bin Laden family weren't in business together? Octafish Jan 2015 #94
Interesting, that same asshole was instrumental if fucking up the BOG when it first started Rex Jan 2015 #98
WOW. polly7 Jan 2015 #99
The source was ''In These Times.'' You really don't contribute a thing, do you, SidDithers? Octafish Jan 2015 #95
Do you agree with Wayne Madsen that Obama is gay? zappaman Jan 2015 #106
Don't know. Don't care. Octafish Jan 2015 #109
Yeah, he's not, but why would Wayne smear him like that? zappaman Jan 2015 #111
Why am I not shocked??? zappaman Jan 2015 #104
Because you have an agenda? What do you think about Bush, Bin Laden and HARKEN? Octafish Jan 2015 #107
No. I was not shocked because you never give a shit how loony or disgusting your source is. zappaman Jan 2015 #108
That's not true. Octafish Jan 2015 #110
yes it IS true. zappaman Jan 2015 #112
Vomit all you want. It doesn't change the OP or my posts. Octafish Jan 2015 #125
Why would you link to a deranged, homophobic, anti-Semite? zappaman Jan 2015 #126
Foreign Policy. Octafish Jan 2015 #134
Wayne Madsen is a homophobic, anti-Semite who writes for a Holocaust denial site. zappaman Jan 2015 #136
Not as far as I know. Octafish Jan 2015 #139
No, I don't know why you link to articles by homophobic, anti-Semites. zappaman Jan 2015 #141
Why do you call ''In These Times'' a ''Holocaust denial site,'' zappaman? Octafish Jan 2015 #143
He writes for Rense as well, Octafish of DU. zappaman Jan 2015 #147
Is that the same rense your Tag Team buddy SidDithers of DU quoted in post 75? Octafish Jan 2015 #148
Why are you deflecting from your support of a writer who is a homophobic, anti-semite? zappaman Jan 2015 #150
You are acting desperate, zappaman. As the facts aren't on your side, understandable. Octafish Jan 2015 #154
The fact is Wayne Madsen is a homophobic, anti-Semite. zappaman Jan 2015 #155
Ties Between the Bush Family and Osama bin Laden Octafish Jan 2015 #160
Holocaust deniers are turds, wouldn't you agree? n/t zappaman Jan 2015 #185
Please explain how Madsen's been "smeared". tammywammy Jan 2015 #164
Because what you and they have written is not true. Octafish Jan 2015 #168
I know you know how to google: tammywammy Jan 2015 #177
Good info! zappaman Jan 2015 #192
Not sure why you would defend a homophobic, anti-Semite. zappaman Jan 2015 #187
Smearing is your speciality. That guy seems like a friend of Karl Rove. Octafish Jan 2015 #189
So you really are defending this homophobic, anti-Semitic turd? zappaman Jan 2015 #191
Never. That's why I post on the BFEE and the crimes of the national security state. Octafish Jan 2015 #193
So why are you defending Wayne Madsen? zappaman Jan 2015 #194
Overlook your bullshit, you mean. Octafish Jan 2015 #195
I have no idea why you promote homophobic, anti-Semites zappaman Jan 2015 #196
No. Our difference is that I don't give legitimacy to homophobes, racists and anti-Semites... SidDithers Jan 2015 #203
Nice smear. Octafish Jan 2015 #204
It's the truth, octafish of DU... SidDithers Jan 2015 #206
No, that's a smear. Octafish Jan 2015 #208
Are you being intentionlly obtuse?... SidDithers Jan 2015 #200
You are all over the place, siddithers. Octafish Jan 2015 #202
I've never, ever, said rense is OK... SidDithers Jan 2015 #209
Nothing disgusting about character assassination, either. Octafish Jan 2015 #214
I choose not to use racists and homophobes to support my positions... SidDithers Jan 2015 #215
Never-ending war. polly7 Jan 2015 #217
Thank you so much for this YoungDemCA Jan 2015 #158
George Herbert Walker Bush told the FBI he was in Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963. Octafish Jan 2015 #167
He said this in 2008 when the US was occupying Iraq. riderinthestorm Jan 2015 #45
You could wipe out my entire state and I still wouldn't travel to another country and kill people. randome Jan 2015 #55
...^ that 840high Jan 2015 #61
Me neither... I also wouldn't shoot an unarmed black kid, SomethingFishy Jan 2015 #68
So all those people joining ISIS are being coerced? riderinthestorm Jan 2015 #70
Sure, those hundreds or even thousands of fools out of ten billion. randome Jan 2015 #138
So how are these people innocent if they wipe out your entire state? Rex Jan 2015 #100
Not a great working definition of innocence, is it? DisgustipatedinCA Jan 2015 #102
The folks working at Charlie Hebdo had nothing to do with Abu Ghraib Kaleva Jan 2015 #122
And they made easy targets for terrorists who were on the No-Fly List for Years. Octafish Jan 2015 #129
Exactly. randome Jan 2015 #135
Wow, that has nothing to do with what I posted! But you knew that already. Rex Jan 2015 #175
thanks, US Army mwrguy Jan 2015 #52
thanks, GWB lebkuchen Jan 2015 #54
Thank you CIA, all you NAZIs thereabouts, and your puppet, George W Bush. Octafish Jan 2015 #97
So it isn't Obama's fault? louis-t Jan 2015 #62
Who can say? Octafish Jan 2015 #113
I believe that ann--- Jan 2015 #79
The images are a record of evil perpetuated for profit. Octafish Jan 2015 #144
Way to go pnac! Dont call me Shirley Jan 2015 #85
BINGO! Octafish Jan 2015 #121
So the years of the little bush were a massive give-away to the... Dont call me Shirley Jan 2015 #181
And here we get into something very interesting CJCRANE Jan 2015 #87
We the People are Public Enemy Number 1. Octafish Jan 2015 #116
Spin alert! It wasn't the pics, it was the torture. Scuba Jan 2015 #88
Fundamentally, the Golden Rule isn't 'He who controls the gold rules.' Octafish Jan 2015 #115
Wayne Madsen is a dangerous, homophobic, deluded, anti-Semite. zappaman Jan 2015 #119
At one point I thought the OP was simply oblivious to the fact... SidDithers Jan 2015 #123
If it was me, I would have self deleted when shown I was using turds as sources. zappaman Jan 2015 #124
The poster in question is (in)famous for this kind of thing YoungDemCA Jan 2015 #159
That's not true and you know it, YoungDemCA. Octafish Jan 2015 #162
... napkinz Jan 2015 #127
I had been against cruel and unusual punishment until 2003. Octafish Jan 2015 #151
"All right. You've covered your ass now." napkinz Jan 2015 #165
Sure it did cwydro Jan 2015 #137
My personal guess is MK/ULTRA with a hint of ARTICHOKE. Octafish Jan 2015 #153
they should have let him go to Iraq and stay there. Sunlei Jan 2015 #140
Well, there's always Gitmo. Octafish Jan 2015 #142
Sure. Turbineguy Jan 2015 #152
We have been stuck in Bushdiditstan since Poppy Bush grew global terrorism blm Jan 2015 #156
Poppy Bush was Vice President Waiting-in-the-Wings just waiting and waiting. Octafish Jan 2015 #170
I've run into a number of busted links on this subject - we used to post them blm Jan 2015 #178
It's the price of doing journalism. Octafish Jan 2015 #179
Everything is unfolding like a huge drama CJCRANE Jan 2015 #182
That certainly explains murdering French cartoonists. WinkyDink Jan 2015 #163
I never knew the staff at Charlie Hebdo worked at Abut Ghraib... N.T. Donald Ian Rankin Jan 2015 #190
Poor sociopath needs a map of the world. He's got the 2 sides of the Atlantic ocean mixed up Pooka Fey Jan 2015 #197
Couldn't if they wanted to as both were on US No-Fly List ''for Years.'' Octafish Jan 2015 #198
So the "no-fly" list actually serves a purpose, Pooka Fey Jan 2015 #201
We have and still are the driving force behind their recruitment efforts in the ME. We are still jwirr Jan 2015 #207
Quite profitably. Octafish Jan 2015 #210
Yes, out corporations and their stockholders are making bundles off of endless war and they finally jwirr Jan 2015 #211
In 2009, Gen. Jones reported Al Qaeda was down to less than 100 members in Afghanistan. Octafish Jan 2015 #216
Bugsplat, signature strikes, double-tapping of family members and rescuers, polly7 Jan 2015 #219
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