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312. Hey, you're the one who called a banned anti-Semite troll a "great DUer"
Wed Mar 4, 2015, 08:35 PM
Mar 2015

Not me.


Fire Walk With Me was banned for being an anti-Semite. Hardly someone I would call a "great DUer".

Odd that you would refer to him that way well after he was banned.
Why you would do that, i cannot say.
Maybe he liked puppies?

Important DU replies and links to original thread here... Octafish Mar 2015 #1
Pilger HEARTS Fascist Russia. He's a paid liar uhnope Mar 2015 #50
As opposed to Corporate McPravda that helped lie America into illegal wars of aggression? Octafish Mar 2015 #65
Putin demonizes himself.... Adrahil Mar 2015 #329
Out of curiosity which part here in this link proves that this is all CT" Autumn Mar 2015 #74
Pilger claims President Obama spent $5 billion in 2014 to finance a coup in Ukraine. Tommy_Carcetti Mar 2015 #78
Where in the OP is that stated? I'm scrolling through until my eyes cross and I'm not finding it Autumn Mar 2015 #81
First sentence of the section titled "The Ukraine (sic) Coup" nt Tommy_Carcetti Mar 2015 #82
Thank you. Now to bother you again, the article does not say Autumn Mar 2015 #90
Assorted NGOs. Tommy_Carcetti Mar 2015 #92
Thank you. Autumn Mar 2015 #93
Explain the 'democracy building' we are doing in Ukraine for all that money. We did the same thing sabrina 1 Mar 2015 #141
The bottom line here is that Pilger lied regarding the $5 billion figure, and you can't escape that. Tommy_Carcetti Mar 2015 #149
He did not lie, no matter how often you repeat that. Octafish Mar 2015 #163
Okay. I'll ask you again. Tommy_Carcetti Mar 2015 #164
No where. So why base your smears on that? Octafish Mar 2015 #174
So if a so-called "investigative journalist" makes a brash claim.... Tommy_Carcetti Mar 2015 #176
What happened to the Orange Revolution and all that democracy building and how much did we sabrina 1 Mar 2015 #185
I don't know. Tommy_Carcetti Mar 2015 #188
WHY is the US pouring money into that country? Do you support that? sabrina 1 Mar 2015 #302
Foreign investment in a country is a complex issue. Tommy_Carcetti Mar 2015 #304
Pilger didn't need to 'want me' to believe anything. We poured money into Iraq, into Ukraine sabrina 1 Mar 2015 #310
BFEE is no joke. Octafish Mar 2015 #2
no, THIS is fascism: uhnope Mar 2015 #60
Telling me to shut up makes you sound like some kind of nutty authority, uhnope. Octafish Mar 2015 #68
lol. oh yes, play the persecuted victim uhnope Mar 2015 #107
Not me. My country. Learn: The CIA's History Problem is Our History Problem Octafish Mar 2015 #114
That's your opinion. Pilger has enormous credibility around the world. Maybe that is why sabrina 1 Mar 2015 #146
Pilger "personally experienced" Ukraine as much as...... Tommy_Carcetti Mar 2015 #153
Yet another tanfuckingfastic source. NuclearDem Mar 2015 #3
That's what a character assassin would say. Octafish Mar 2015 #5
Why do you despise the LGBT community, Octafish? NuclearDem Mar 2015 #7
Why smear me? Nothing to say about Fascism in the USA? I'd add, 'Huh?' but, you know. Octafish Mar 2015 #10
John Pilger isn't the be-all, end-all to anti-fascism. NuclearDem Mar 2015 #22
Pilger's against the fascists that he wants to be against. But he's okay with the other fascists. Tommy_Carcetti Mar 2015 #27
Just keep telling the truth Octafish. A lot of people hate freedom of the press. sabrina 1 Mar 2015 #38
Yes, calling an asshole an asshole is hating freedom of the press. NuclearDem Mar 2015 #45
Thank you, I appreciate the compliment. sabrina 1 Mar 2015 #46
Emoticons. Cool! Octafish Mar 2015 #116
They make up your readership? NuclearDem Mar 2015 #134
No. Readers are literate. Octafish Mar 2015 #135
Seeing as how your OP and one of your replies in this thread contain pictures NuclearDem Mar 2015 #136
First Amendment was put there for a reason. Octafish Mar 2015 #119
Truth cuts like a knife nationalize the fed Mar 2015 #4
Yugoslavia was a model for the future world. Nothing commie about putting people over war profits. Octafish Mar 2015 #6
Good note on the fracking - TBF Mar 2015 #66
For some strange reason bringing up the BFEE or PNAC makes the gatekeepers in GD Rex Mar 2015 #24
I've noticed that also. And wonder why anyone here would be upset about the truth sabrina 1 Mar 2015 #40
The reason goes back asking Poppy Bush: why he was in Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963? Octafish Mar 2015 #73
Why didn't he report that earlier? That's a good question. I can think of a few reasons why sabrina 1 Mar 2015 #101
Pilger: Fascism is bad, m'kay? But while I have you here..... Tommy_Carcetti Mar 2015 #8
If you're proud that I closed the other thread, be proud. Octafish Mar 2015 #11
Um, no, I don't really care. Tommy_Carcetti Mar 2015 #12
That's a smear. Show where I lied. Octafish Mar 2015 #15
You posted Pilger's documentable lies. Tommy_Carcetti Mar 2015 #17
So, you can't find where I lied. That's different, isn't it? That's called a smear. Octafish Mar 2015 #20
I never said you personally lied. Tommy_Carcetti Mar 2015 #21
If they're documentable lies, then by all means DOCUMENT THEM with some links. Maedhros Mar 2015 #35
Ukraines new leader put himself in the role of dictator as soon as he was elected. Rex Mar 2015 #39
I've asked the same question. But still have not received the documentation that supposedly exists. sabrina 1 Mar 2015 #47
Ahem. Post 53. Tommy_Carcetti Mar 2015 #54
You know, I thought you'd never ask. Just a few examples. Tommy_Carcetti Mar 2015 #53
So Virginia Nuland was the one lying then, and Pilger was merely giving her credit for telling the sabrina 1 Mar 2015 #55
Regardless of what "Virginia" Nuland said, the issue has been researched and Pilger's lying. Tommy_Carcetti Mar 2015 #58
So neocon, Virginia Nuland lied? Someone is lying, that's for sure, and generally speaking when a sabrina 1 Mar 2015 #61
As far as I know, "Virginia" Nuland appears to be correct in her assertion. Pilger is lying. Tommy_Carcetti Mar 2015 #63
Virginia Nuland is a neocon, married to a neocon. I despise Neocons. They lie, they lied us into a sabrina 1 Mar 2015 #67
Why are you talking about "Virginia" Nuland? We're talking about John Pilger lying. Read his quote. Tommy_Carcetti Mar 2015 #70
Nuland's Husband is Robert Kagan, an architect of PNAC Octafish Mar 2015 #75
That's lovely. Tommy_Carcetti Mar 2015 #76
It is precisely the point. You argue relentlessly that Pilger is a liar, Tommy_Carcetti. Octafish Mar 2015 #79
Are you admitting that Pilger lied when he claimed Obama spent $5 billion on a "coup" in Ukraine? Tommy_Carcetti Mar 2015 #84
We don't know, do we? It's classified Top Secret. Along with a lot more information we should know. Octafish Mar 2015 #89
Like Area 51 and Tower 7, right? Tommy_Carcetti Mar 2015 #91
No, like in a Democracy, We the People are the government. Octafish Mar 2015 #102
But all you are doing is pulling stuff out of your ass. Tommy_Carcetti Mar 2015 #125
Post removed Post removed Mar 2015 #86
Supporting Mr. Kagan are Richard Perle and Adnan Khashoggi... Octafish Mar 2015 #94
Yes, and neocons are suddenly popular here, AND 'truthful'! She was caught planning the coup sabrina 1 Mar 2015 #100
It's a strange feeling, we now are supposed to cheer the Big Lie. Octafish Mar 2015 #104
You don't want us to talk about the neocons who were over there plotting for AFTER the Coup sabrina 1 Mar 2015 #96
From 2011: Goldman Sachs Is So Desperate To Get Into Ukraine It's Advising The Government For FREE Octafish Mar 2015 #105
I don't want you to lie and post bullshit. Tommy_Carcetti Mar 2015 #126
I posted FACTS. Not lies. Facts you claim are TRUE. That neocon Victoria Nuland boasted that the US sabrina 1 Mar 2015 #139
Pilger claimed President Obama spent $5 billion in 2014 to overthrow the Ukrainian government. Tommy_Carcetti Mar 2015 #154
"Virginia"... SidDithers Mar 2015 #167
Is for lovers! Tommy_Carcetti Mar 2015 #168
... sabrina 1 Mar 2015 #181
They're not even trying to get basic facts right anymore. NuclearDem Mar 2015 #189
But still promoting anti-Semitic writers. zappaman Mar 2015 #196
Sideshow SidDithers of DU. Octafish Mar 2015 #218
Sad ain't it? They yell about sources then when you finally get one Rex Mar 2015 #77
"Hey that's good. You sure you ain't the smartest guy in the world?" Tommy_Carcetti Mar 2015 #80
Don't you have some RWing leader to apologize for or something? Rex Mar 2015 #83
I'm very sorry for Austro Hungarian Emperor Franz Joseph I. Tommy_Carcetti Mar 2015 #88
I would vote for those muttonchops in an instant, no lie n/t Scootaloo Mar 2015 #95
Her name isn't Virginia, it's Victoria. NuclearDem Mar 2015 #178
I like Virginia better for her which should be for obvious reasons. sabrina 1 Mar 2015 #182
If anyone ever needed this whole argument summed up in a nutshell, there it is. NuclearDem Mar 2015 #186
I agree with that. Virginia, yes there is a Santa Claus, Nuland's involvement in the pre-coup is sabrina 1 Mar 2015 #209
You just keep on making my point for me. NuclearDem Mar 2015 #210
That's a nice thing to do. zappaman Mar 2015 #211
Considering you again have refused to at least acknowledge the facts I just stated, you sabrina 1 Mar 2015 #212
Acknowledge what? That Nuland discussed who the US would want in charge? NuclearDem Mar 2015 #213
And coincidentally, she got what she wanted. And even considered what to do about the Neo Nazis sabrina 1 Mar 2015 #260
sabrina 1 is TOPS! Octafish Mar 2015 #215
And this is who you and sabrina have decided to side with: NuclearDem Mar 2015 #216
I guess some folks don't give a shit about LGBT rights. zappaman Mar 2015 #217
I'm glad you brought that up.. 'Things May Have Gotten Worse in Ukraine for the LGBT Community' sabrina 1 Mar 2015 #258
And you're getting this impression that LGBT allies don't care about the Ukrainian LGBT community... NuclearDem Mar 2015 #263
Stop it! I did not try to use this issue, I responded to Zappaman's attempt to use it. Do NOT sabrina 1 Mar 2015 #269
Oh, you want to play this game? Because I will. NuclearDem Mar 2015 #272
Oops. zappaman Mar 2015 #278
Do you support the US funding Ukraine, where 80% of the population opposes Gay Rights? sabrina 1 Mar 2015 #285
You are defending the use of Gay Rights as a political football? Ignoring Ukraine's 80% opposition sabrina 1 Mar 2015 #280
I stand with the Russian, Ukrainian, Ugandan, and Saudi NuclearDem Mar 2015 #283
Now you are simply rambling. You support the US funding of Ukraine. You jumped in on the sabrina 1 Mar 2015 #286
"You support the US funding of Ukraine." NuclearDem Mar 2015 #287
You supported someone who used the despicable tactic of using the rights of persecuted minorities sabrina 1 Mar 2015 #288
Wow, you must be incapable of reading. NuclearDem Mar 2015 #294
RT doesn't run ads. Nice try, and proof again that you have sabrina 1 Mar 2015 #295
Back off RT zappaman Mar 2015 #296
Putin is a piece of shit who is doing his best to zappaman Mar 2015 #289
Do you support the funding of an almost totally anti-Gay rights Ukraine by the US? sabrina 1 Mar 2015 #291
Yes, I see you don't care about Putins oppression of the LGBT community. zappaman Mar 2015 #290
You support Ukraine, a nation where 80% of the population opposes Gay Rights. sabrina 1 Mar 2015 #292
Why the constant need to smear fellow DUers, NuclearDem? Octafish Mar 2015 #219
Why the constant need to stab the LGBT community in the back? NuclearDem Mar 2015 #220
Show where I've done that, otherwise it's another smear, NuclearDem. Octafish Mar 2015 #221
How about continually posting the writings of homophobic, anti-Semites? zappaman Mar 2015 #224
When all you have are insults, you've got nothing zappaman. Octafish Mar 2015 #227
When all you have it deflection, we can figure out the truth. zappaman Mar 2015 #261
No, I posted what Pilger wrote about Fascism. Octafish Mar 2015 #264
Now you're pretending not to know you posted an anti-Semite AGAIN on DU? zappaman Mar 2015 #267
I thought I told you what I told SidDithers of DU, zappaman? Octafish Mar 2015 #271
I like how you pretend Madsen and Roberts aren't homophobic anti-Semites. zappaman Mar 2015 #276
I find it telling how when I ask you to provide proof, you don't. Octafish Mar 2015 #315
Lol! zappaman Mar 2015 #318
Every single time you make excuses for that fascist fuck in the Kremlin. NuclearDem Mar 2015 #226
Whether by accident or design, you do the work of a disinformationist. Octafish Mar 2015 #228
And whether by accident or design, you do the work of a Putin puppet. NuclearDem Mar 2015 #231
Tag Team is so you, NuclearDem. Octafish Mar 2015 #232
Same with you and homophobic bullshit. NuclearDem Mar 2015 #234
Criticizing a professional debunker is not homophobic. Amazing Randi is undemocratic. Octafish Mar 2015 #235
Science and reality aren't democratic. You don't get to vote on what's true or not. NuclearDem Mar 2015 #236
Amazing Randi smeared Rupert Sheldrake. Amazing Randi broke US immigration law. Octafish Mar 2015 #238
Once again, you are treading on some thin fucking ice. NuclearDem Mar 2015 #240
Nice smear. Show where I supported any of that. Octafish Mar 2015 #246
You shamed Randi for lying to immigration about Alvarez. NuclearDem Mar 2015 #248
No shaming, other than the facts in the articles. Octafish Mar 2015 #250
I'm done here. NuclearDem Mar 2015 #251
Good riddance. Octafish Mar 2015 #253
Well, the OP wasn't worth reading either. Tommy_Carcetti Mar 2015 #255
Speaking of never adding anything. Octafish Mar 2015 #256
Post 174. Tommy_Carcetti Mar 2015 #257
See this post. Octafish Mar 2015 #262
I literally have no idea where you are going with this or how it's relevant to our discussion. nt Tommy_Carcetti Mar 2015 #281
Not this first time this DUer has used a homophobic author to make a point. zappaman Mar 2015 #265
That is a smear, zappaman. Octafish Mar 2015 #266
Would you like links to all the homophobes and anti-Semites you promote on DU? zappaman Mar 2015 #268
Are you on a Tag Team mission? Go ahead. Octafish Mar 2015 #270
Just because more than one DUer has noticed zappaman Mar 2015 #274
Why smear me over what Mearsheimer wrote? Take it out on him. That's the Fascist thing to do. Octafish Mar 2015 #277
Yes, it's democratic to defend anti-semitism according to you. zappaman Mar 2015 #279
Repeatedly misstating what I write is a propagandist's technique. Octafish Mar 2015 #311
Hey, you're the one who called a banned anti-Semite troll a "great DUer" zappaman Mar 2015 #312
Misrepresentation is the mark of a propagandist. Octafish Mar 2015 #313
What do you call someone who denies their own words, Octafish of DU? zappaman Mar 2015 #316
Why can't you prove what you say? You say I'm a horrible person, zappaman. Octafish Mar 2015 #317
No I didn't say you were a horrible person. zappaman Mar 2015 #320
Thank you for supplying links. Maedhros Mar 2015 #71
You're very welcome. nt Tommy_Carcetti Mar 2015 #72
What lies did Pilger tell? Could you link to them with documentation? You did say they sabrina 1 Mar 2015 #41
Again, Post 53. nt Tommy_Carcetti Mar 2015 #59
Which don't address the issue, does it? USA overthrew democracy in Ukraine. Octafish Mar 2015 #123
If you paste together a narrative of lies, such as the one I've pointed out on the Pilger piece... Tommy_Carcetti Mar 2015 #124
You don't know who John Mearsheimer is, do you? Octafish Mar 2015 #129
Posting writings from anti-semites again, Octafish of DU? zappaman Mar 2015 #133
Except you don't show he's any of that. So, all you got is a smear, zappaman. Octafish Mar 2015 #137
I have no idea why you like to post anti-Semites on DU, Octafish. zappaman Mar 2015 #138
When you got nothing, resort to insult. Octafish Mar 2015 #157
Its not an insult to point out how you like posting articles from anti-Semites and homophobes. zappaman Mar 2015 #170
Someone you conveniently use in an attempt to change the conversation? Tommy_Carcetti Mar 2015 #147
No, you waste time posting a $5 Billion straw man again and again. Octafish Mar 2015 #158
You're claiming Pilger's own quote on the $5 billion is a strawman? Tommy_Carcetti Mar 2015 #159
Know your BFEE: Nazis couldn’t win WWII, so they backed Bushes. Octafish Mar 2015 #161
Oh dear Lord. Tommy_Carcetti Mar 2015 #162
Know your BFEE: Spawn of Wall Street and the Third Reich Octafish Mar 2015 #165
You know, at this point I'm thinking you are some Andy Kauffman-esqe caricature.... Tommy_Carcetti Mar 2015 #166
Know your BFEE: War and Oil are just two longtime Main Lines of Business Octafish Mar 2015 #171
Okay, we've narrowed the gap to six years now. Tommy_Carcetti Mar 2015 #173
Do I have to spell it out for you? The people who tried to overthrow FDR in 1933 had kids. Octafish Mar 2015 #183
Don't you see? He was only doing it to fool Lloyd Braun! Tommy_Carcetti Mar 2015 #187
No, it just shows what you know, Tommy_Carcetti. Octafish Mar 2015 #190
Dude, you are the unsexiest Ygritte I've ever seen. Tommy_Carcetti Mar 2015 #191
"Mearsheimer is an expert in the field of international relations." And an anti-Semite. zappaman Mar 2015 #172
You sound so scary, zappaman. Show where Mearsheimer is an anti-Semite. Octafish Mar 2015 #175
Reply #133 zappaman Mar 2015 #177
So you have no evidence. Then why call me an anti-Semite, zappaman? Octafish Mar 2015 #184
I didn't call you an anti-Semite, Octafish. zappaman Mar 2015 #195
Neo-liberal Fascism masks itself with the trappings of Democracy. Tierra_y_Libertad Mar 2015 #9
Yup. Empire over community, always. nt truebluegreen Mar 2015 #13
People are waking up to the undemocratic nature of US politics. Octafish Mar 2015 #14
If they are waking up, we can expect a lot more flagwaving and scary bogeymen to appear Tierra_y_Libertad Mar 2015 #18
Yeah one in here, poor little fella is trying as hard as he can. Rex Mar 2015 #37
I read this article last year and was wondering what it was about, thanks for the info. Rex Mar 2015 #16
Amazing cast of nefarious characters. Octafish Mar 2015 #19
Well I did not know what to believe, neo-nazis in charge of Ukraine? Yikes! Rex Mar 2015 #23
Little problem there. Tommy_Carcetti Mar 2015 #25
Yes now they are on their 5th president in Ukraine. Another RWing crook it appears. Rex Mar 2015 #28
What are you talking about? Tommy_Carcetti Mar 2015 #30
What are you talking about? Rex Mar 2015 #31
You claimed Svoboda was "in charge" of Ukraine, I called you on it.... Tommy_Carcetti Mar 2015 #33
So you are okay with the 5th president being a RWing criminal, thanks that was what i wanted to know Rex Mar 2015 #36
I'm not a Ukrainian citizen so obviously I didn't vote for Poroshenko. Tommy_Carcetti Mar 2015 #56
"Is the US backing Neo-Nazis in Ukraine" sabrina 1 Mar 2015 #51
Ukraine War: A Reverse Cuban Missile Crisis Octafish Mar 2015 #29
It is amusing, just to defend their pony people here will defend RWing leaders in other countries. Rex Mar 2015 #32
yes.... KoKo Mar 2015 #42
There really is no way to deny the neo-Nazi elements in the Ukraine government. So the default sabrina 1 Mar 2015 #44
bookmarked daleanime Mar 2015 #26
The Post-9/11 Homeland Security Industrial Complex Profiteers and Endless War Octafish Mar 2015 #97
Trust me, don't worry about adding to my list..... daleanime Mar 2015 #98
Recommend... KoKo Mar 2015 #160
as I have been saying for a quite a few years now... Javaman Mar 2015 #34
Smile. Don't believe what your eyes and ears tell you. Octafish Mar 2015 #229
Pilger certainly lays his cards on the table... Blue_Tires Mar 2015 #43
He's been a war correspondent and documentary film maker for decades KoKo Mar 2015 #48
I'm just saying... Blue_Tires Mar 2015 #52
Would you like to see the photos of all the world leaders who were posing with and making deals with sabrina 1 Mar 2015 #57
thank you G_j Mar 2015 #62
He also supported the IRA Blue_Tires Mar 2015 #85
Oh it wasn't WE who 'white-washed all these Dictators, it was our LEADERS. So go talk to THEM. sabrina 1 Mar 2015 #99
HRW not "reliable" enough for you? Blue_Tires Mar 2015 #117
Who liked Gadaffi? Bishop Tutu for one, and Mandela. Both referred to him as a 'brother' for the sabrina 1 Mar 2015 #143
Indeed. KoKo Mar 2015 #242
Plenty of 'evilness' out there. We get to choose? elias49 Mar 2015 #64
Hey, if Gaddafi was a "good guy" then everybody is a "good guy" Blue_Tires Mar 2015 #87
Good and Evil....Its often in the eye of the beholder and people are complicated.... KoKo Mar 2015 #244
Which of course totally justifies turning Libya into a shithole full of squabbling warlords n/t eridani Mar 2015 #225
Parenti calls it fascism in a pin-striped suit Doctor_J Mar 2015 #49
From 1996! Octafish Mar 2015 #103
His best book IMO Doctor_J Mar 2015 #111
TUC Radio has an archive of Michael Parenti lectures... Octafish Mar 2015 #113
Thanks. I will check that out. The most under-referenced liberal intellectual of my lifetime Doctor_J Mar 2015 #131
The surface appearances of "democracy" with the results of fascism hifiguy Mar 2015 #69
''Friendly Fascism'' is how Bertram Gross put it in 1980... Octafish Mar 2015 #108
Pilger's worldview: USA=fascists. anti-US countries= good guys. Yorktown Mar 2015 #106
He's entitled to his opinion. Do you think the United States is entitled to kill innocent people? Octafish Mar 2015 #109
True, Pilger is entitled to be wrong Yorktown Mar 2015 #115
Russia never attacked anybody for their oil. Octafish Mar 2015 #121
LOL Putin's Russia has attacked Georgia and Ukraine for land (twice each) Yorktown Mar 2015 #122
Excellent posts. Thanks. All of these conspiracy theories R B Garr Mar 2015 #127
LOL I love the comment at the end of the quote Yorktown Mar 2015 #132
Why would they? NuclearDem Mar 2015 #142
Please stop with the facts. zappaman Mar 2015 #144
International Law? Octafish Mar 2015 #148
International law didn't stop Russia from invading Ukraine either. NuclearDem Mar 2015 #152
Why waste my time trying to teach you what you don't want to know? Octafish Mar 2015 #155
So to sum up your "lesson"... NuclearDem Mar 2015 #156
Glad you got something out of it. Here's some of what you missed: Octafish Mar 2015 #192
I'm sorry, Prescott Bush has something to do with Putin's war of aggression...how? NuclearDem Mar 2015 #193
It's because he's trying to fool Lloyd Braun! nt Tommy_Carcetti Mar 2015 #194
Prescott's ancestors are still on the Bridge of the Ship of State, making Big Bucks off War. Octafish Mar 2015 #197
I'll ask again: NuclearDem Mar 2015 #198
His son, George Herbert Walker Bush, and grandson, George Walker Bush, both lied America into war. Octafish Mar 2015 #199
So, of course then President Obama paid $5 billlion in 2014 for a "coup" in Ukraine! Tommy_Carcetti Mar 2015 #200
Focusing on $5 billion diverts attention from the point: Wars for Profit. Octafish Mar 2015 #205
The $5 billion figure was important enough for Pilger to lie about. Tommy_Carcetti Mar 2015 #206
Pilger is accurate, which is why you have to smear him. Octafish Mar 2015 #207
But you yourself admit he's not accurate. See Post 174. Tommy_Carcetti Mar 2015 #233
Because secret government is secret? Ask PNAC Robert Kagan's wife, Victoria Nuland. Octafish Mar 2015 #273
You've got her name wrong. Tommy_Carcetti Mar 2015 #293
Why do you spread disinformation, Tommy_Carcetti? Is it some sort of sick game for you? Octafish Mar 2015 #298
Someone clearly hasn't been reading all the responses to his own posts here. nt Tommy_Carcetti Mar 2015 #299
You want to make me out as some kind of asshole, Tommy_Carcetti of DU? Octafish Mar 2015 #300
What I can hang on you, Octafish, is that you posted a piece with blatant misinformation. Tommy_Carcetti Mar 2015 #301
What disinformation did I post? Where I said you posted her name wrong when you didn't? Octafish Mar 2015 #303
See post 53. nt Tommy_Carcetti Mar 2015 #305
Time Waster. Octafish Mar 2015 #307
I believe.... Tommy_Carcetti Mar 2015 #308
And I'll ask yet again: NuclearDem Mar 2015 #201
And I'll answer again: Three Generations of Bush and Counting. Octafish Mar 2015 #202
They don't make me angry. NuclearDem Mar 2015 #203
Have you tried asking a chair? zappaman Mar 2015 #208
That's what they said about me on Conservative Cave, zappaman. Octafish Mar 2015 #230
Have you recently checked Jonathan Chait's BIO? KoKo Mar 2015 #112
No idea about Chait, but I trust Hitchens and The Economist Yorktown Mar 2015 #118
Mayhem has no party preference seveneyes Mar 2015 #110
Think the world of that album and those knuckleheads and their friends. Octafish Mar 2015 #120
Thanks for posting Octafish. Pleased to see the number of 'recs' your OP is receiving. Purveyor Mar 2015 #128
Hiya, Purveyor! Octafish Mar 2015 #130
K&R for the original post and subsequent informative posts and links. JEB Mar 2015 #140
Remember who Uncle Sam hired for the secret government: the Mafia and the NAZIs. Octafish Mar 2015 #222
I think all the U.S. government / Obama apologists here prove that America is indeed a fascist state AZ Progressive Mar 2015 #145
Thank you, AZ Progressive. Octafish Mar 2015 #150
K/R marmar Mar 2015 #151
Democrats believe in Democracy for everyone. It's genetic. Same for Fascism. You can just tell. Octafish Mar 2015 #204
That post is longer than all the rest of DU combined. Orrex Mar 2015 #169
You're exposed, Orrex! Tommy_Carcetti Mar 2015 #179
What a bastard I am! Orrex Mar 2015 #180
Big K&R nt Zorra Mar 2015 #214
Goldman Sachs is in the Money Trumps Peace Loop Octafish Mar 2015 #223
As an example of Pilger's dishonesty, here's Garton-Ash's piece muriel_volestrangler Mar 2015 #237
The PNAC guy? Octafish Mar 2015 #239
No, not a PNAC guy muriel_volestrangler Mar 2015 #241
Which makes him out to be PNAC chums with Robert Kagan, husband, coincidentally, of Victoria Nuland. Octafish Mar 2015 #243
No, it doesn't make him a 'chum' muriel_volestrangler Mar 2015 #245
PNAC is attempting to force US into arming Ukraine in a hoped-for war with Russia. Octafish Mar 2015 #247
I pointed out you made up that he is a 'chum' of Kagan muriel_volestrangler Mar 2015 #249
PNAC ''Chums'' is a bad word on my part. Sorry. PNAC "Co-conspirators" would be more accurate. Octafish Mar 2015 #252
A "Liberal Interventionist" who believes in Global Stability? KoKo Mar 2015 #254
PNAC, like Banksters, are Buy Partisan...co-incidentally, of course. Octafish Mar 2015 #259
Not in favour of intervention in all cases muriel_volestrangler Mar 2015 #282
No...I'll give that to him in your first link to his article about Iraq.... KoKo Mar 2015 #319
Must have touched a sensitive spot. LOL. JEB Mar 2015 #275
Meanwhile, I mention what Rahm said...I get a post locked. Octafish Mar 2015 #297
Post removed Post removed Mar 2015 #322
Wow. I know you guys think you're being clever and all NuclearDem Mar 2015 #324
As compared to Rahm? Octafish Mar 2015 #325
Rahm saying it doesn't justify you using it too. NuclearDem Mar 2015 #326
Post removed Post removed Mar 2015 #327
No, I'm hoping you'd maybe realize how hurtful and derogatory a word like r******* is. NuclearDem Mar 2015 #330
Good luck. zappaman Mar 2015 #331
CIA manual Urged Rebels to Assassinate Their Own In Order to Create “Martyrs” Ichingcarpenter Mar 2015 #284
Thank you for reminding DU, Ichingcarpenter. Octafish Mar 2015 #306
I saw that Ichingcarpenter Mar 2015 #309
Russia's actions in Ukraine conflict an 'invasion', says US official Victoria Nuland Octafish Mar 2015 #314
The author from the Guardian nationalize the fed Mar 2015 #321
K&R woo me with science Mar 2015 #323
THE WELL OILED MEDIA Octafish Mar 2015 #328
kick woo me with science Mar 2015 #332
Kick and recommend! nt. polly7 Apr 2015 #333
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