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432. you "own" what you post?
Thu Mar 26, 2015, 01:15 PM
Mar 2015

so you "own" the fact that you continually use hateful, anti-semite and/or homophobic sources?

Here's you using Paul Craig Roberts.

He's done fundraising for racist hate site VDare.

This is from his positive review of Pat Buchanan's book, "Death of the West"...

But the most fearsome fact is that the demonization of white people in the universities today is more extreme than the demonization of the Jews that was a prominent feature of German university life for 60 years prior to the rise of National Socialism.

Demonization of whites is the weapon used by multiculturalists to breakup western civilization. But teaching hatred has other consequences. Demonization has already demoralized some whites, making them ashamed and fearful of their skin color.

By the time whites become political minorities, decades of demonization will have prepared the ground for legislation prohibiting their propagation and, perhaps, assigning them to the gulag as a final solution to “the cancer of human history.”


But enough about him, how about Wayne Madsen, another piece of shit you like to link to, whom the Nation describes as a rightwing journalist?

Here's good ole Wayne telling us Obama leads a secret gay life.
Or right-wing journalist Wayne Madsen, whose eponymous newsletter is the source on Obama’s visits to the bath house and who revealed how Obama used basketball pickup games to pick up men. Obama, Madsen says, had homosexual trysts with Representative Artur Davis, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick and Senate majority leader Bill Frist!


He's also good buddies with Jerome Corsi. Nice, huh?

Like some more examples of you promoting the writings of anti-semites? Ok!
Here you are posting an article that relies n Israel Shamir as a source...

Shamir claims to be a renegade Russian Jew, born in Novosibirsk, but currently adhering to the Greek Orthodox church. He is notorious for Holocaust denial and publishing a string of antisemitic articles. He caused controversy in the UK in 2005, at a parliamentary book launch hosted by Lord Ahmed, by claiming: "Jews … own, control and edit a big share of mass media."


Here's you linking to a banned anti-Semitic troll where you refer to him as "a great DUer"...

I could provide more examples if you'd like.
But in every instance, you were told your sources were "questionable", yet you don't seem to give a shit.

So, will you "own" this?
Wonder what the radiation level of the ocean is over there? peacebird Mar 2015 #1
Could that be why my Akami burned my tongue recently? Helen Borg Mar 2015 #4
Was the tuna caught in those waters? Scootaloo Mar 2015 #10
I haven't eaten fish Joe Chi Minh Mar 2015 #19
Your decision not to eat is based on what? Buzz Clik Mar 2015 #108
I won't quote the official figure for the spike of radiation Joe Chi Minh Mar 2015 #182
Fish breathe from the atmosphere? Buzz Clik Mar 2015 #184
See the addenda in my post above. eom. Joe Chi Minh Mar 2015 #185
I read it. It makes no sense to me. Buzz Clik Mar 2015 #189
From 2014: More radiation in some Oregon tuna following Fukushima Octafish Mar 2015 #337
Plutonium and cesium are not the same thing. NuclearDem Mar 2015 #339
Feel free to enjoy the sea's bounty. Octafish Mar 2015 #341
I had sushi last night! zappaman Mar 2015 #343
Live Long and Prosper. Octafish Mar 2015 #354
Back at ya! zappaman Mar 2015 #356
"Just going by history, that's the smart thing to do." NuclearDem Mar 2015 #344
Glad you understand, then. Octafish Mar 2015 #355
Understand what exactly? That Helen Caldicott is utterly untrustworthy? NuclearDem Mar 2015 #357
No, you are wrong on that. Caldicott has dedicated her life to healing. Octafish Mar 2015 #358
Her MD didn't stop her from falsely attributing a bogus study to the NYAS. NuclearDem Mar 2015 #360
There are more than 1,000 articles concerning Fukushima radiation in the scientific literature. Buzz Clik Mar 2015 #342
Please do. News coverage of Fukushima disaster has minimized health risks to general population. Octafish Mar 2015 #346
I'm not posting 1200 articles. Buzz Clik Mar 2015 #347
Content Analysis helps us understand the news coverage. Octafish Mar 2015 #351
If you encountered enough radioactive material in your food to burn your tongue on contact, AtheistCrusader Mar 2015 #137
It's probably the wasabi FBaggins Mar 2015 #191
There was some greenish paste on the side... Helen Borg Mar 2015 #353
Might have bitten into a spent fuel rod. They can be warmish. Buzz Clik Mar 2015 #349
and let us remember - hopemountain Mar 2015 #61
Depending what you mean by "over there" a few hundred miles away its pretty low stevenleser Mar 2015 #216
Kick.... daleanime Mar 2015 #2
They still don't know where the core went bananas Mar 2015 #3
It's in the containment. Because unless it teleported away, it sure hasn't been found AtheistCrusader Mar 2015 #138
It is not contained...Duh! RobertEarl Mar 2015 #139
I said the Core. Which is now corium. AtheistCrusader Mar 2015 #145
Intact? RobertEarl Mar 2015 #152
I said the catchment. AtheistCrusader Mar 2015 #154
There have been a number of steam events RobertEarl Mar 2015 #155
There was a plan, not too long back, to possibly dispose of radioactive waste by glomming it into a AtheistCrusader Mar 2015 #159
That sounds like a fabulous plan! I hope they try it! delrem Mar 2015 #171
In all seriousness, France should decommission that ancient piece of crap. AtheistCrusader Mar 2015 #174
right on time LOL snooper2 Mar 2015 #192
Oh good, I've got a follower! delrem Mar 2015 #289
AUTOMATED MESSAGE: Results of your Jury Service Capt. Obvious Mar 2015 #250
Alert results Veilex Mar 2015 #251
Thanks to both of you RobertEarl Mar 2015 #255
So you conclude that since "they can't find it" it's has to be still in the containment? rhett o rick Mar 2015 #472
If it melted into the ground under the plant, even 20 feet, the radioactive steam plume would AtheistCrusader Mar 2015 #475
I agree there is no proof that it's left the containment. I would like to find rhett o rick Mar 2015 #476
It is being cooled, actively. AtheistCrusader Mar 2015 #477
Some things to consider FBaggins Mar 2015 #478
A ridiculously disingenuous post FBaggins Mar 2015 #194
Another one for the reviled "conspiracy theorists"--IT's a Conspiracy (fact), not a theory! Demeter Mar 2015 #5
YEP. The gatekeepers have DU just the way they like it. Rex Mar 2015 #106
Snark and mockery are how you help transform an "underground" into a site.... villager Mar 2015 #115
It isn't even "one"... let alone "another one" FBaggins Mar 2015 #197
She also said half a million would die. Bonobo Mar 2015 #6
More than half a million if you count starfish. Orrex Mar 2015 #7
Immediately? n/t malaise Mar 2015 #8
Well, around 56 million people die every year... snooper2 Mar 2015 #195
That depends on how long you wait. uberblonde Mar 2015 #13
exactly mercuryblues Mar 2015 #21
Eventually. Cancer doesn't kill overnight. Hekate Mar 2015 #84
But half a million is still a ridiculous overestimate. NuclearDem Mar 2015 #128
You have a ridiculous underestimate RobertEarl Mar 2015 #144
On top of all that, Chernobyl turned me into a newt. NuclearDem Mar 2015 #149
It certainly ruined Xmas for the residents of a rather large region... Hekate Mar 2015 #156
There are some wonderful families in Scotland who Joe Chi Minh Mar 2015 #183
No doubt. Chernobyl too, was simply a minor error... LanternWaste Mar 2015 #270
Chernobyl was no minor error FBaggins Mar 2015 #274
Not what I said at all. NuclearDem Mar 2015 #275
Your math is off FBaggins Mar 2015 #277
Point taken. NuclearDem Mar 2015 #278
"Chernobyl was one reactor, Fukushima was at least three and numerous old fuel pools." AtheistCrusader Mar 2015 #177
Horlicks! Absolute rubbish. Joe Chi Minh Mar 2015 #186
I'm trying to figure out what this is supposed to be an objection to. AtheistCrusader Mar 2015 #190
No. Joe Chi Minh Mar 2015 #335
Keep in mind that there's more to it than that... FBaggins Mar 2015 #211
This OP sure looks like it could be hers. pintobean Mar 2015 #9
Whut? lonestarnot Mar 2015 #29
! pintobean Mar 2015 #32
Heh. WilliamPitt Mar 2015 #50
Original Post pintobean Mar 2015 #56
pintobean... Rex Mar 2015 #95
Good catch, now he is backtracking like mad. Rex Mar 2015 #94
So nice of you to grace us with your brilliant observations. pintobean Mar 2015 #97
pintobean... Rex Mar 2015 #100
Why? Because she turned out to be right after all? PS: Not the same person. nt Hekate Mar 2015 #80
There is a jury out on this reply. PeaceNikki Mar 2015 #83
Jury is back. PeaceNikki Mar 2015 #85
Thanks. pintobean Mar 2015 #86
I was #2. Shitty alert. PeaceNikki Mar 2015 #88
I thought it was funny. pintobean Mar 2015 #89
He/she knows full well that sometimes juries are vindictive assholes and will hide because they PeaceNikki Mar 2015 #91
Oh yeah, the shot in the dark alert. pintobean Mar 2015 #92
I'm the alerter. You're a grave-dancing bully. truebrit71 Mar 2015 #122
Looks like we were spot on. pintobean Mar 2015 #124
Can you explain what you're going on about here? AtheistCrusader Mar 2015 #147
Sincerely, are you talking about Nadin? She is still active, her last post was March 6th. freshwest Mar 2015 #173
It isn't grave dancing if she wasn't canned LOL...words mean stuff snooper2 Mar 2015 #202
Perhaps ''Bullying'' is a better word for what you are thinking of. Octafish Mar 2015 #394
As opposed to the stupid and spiteful post? truebrit71 Mar 2015 #120
Um, let's review: PeaceNikki Mar 2015 #127
This message was self-deleted by its author ChisolmTrailDem Mar 2015 #196
The suspension came because you kept attacking DUers pintobean Mar 2015 #205
Indeed I did. Bully DUers, who apparently can't take what they dish out. Oh, and btw, I ChisolmTrailDem Mar 2015 #206
I don't see anyone else whining pintobean Mar 2015 #208
It's clear you're my #1 fan. I wasn't back from suspension for 2 seconds before you ChisolmTrailDem Mar 2015 #209
Ha. Bullshit pintobean Mar 2015 #210
Where did I say I was trying to bully you? Are you part of the crew I was referring to? Also, ChisolmTrailDem Mar 2015 #213
Lol. Maybe you should re-read this sub-thread. pintobean Mar 2015 #214
There seem to be a LOT of people who think it's cool to cry bully while bullying themselves. PeaceNikki Mar 2015 #217
Yes the rationalization to blame the victim. Even if you are right and I don't rhett o rick Mar 2015 #294
Stupidest thing I've read all day...so far. nt ChisolmTrailDem Mar 2015 #193
These pathetic TEPCO minions chervilant Mar 2015 #11
LOL! I think they know it will be hard.... Buzz Clik Mar 2015 #109
Um, no. Not in the slightest. AtheistCrusader Mar 2015 #150
Oh, goodie. chervilant Mar 2015 #175
Yeah, because your post 11 had none of that. Later. AtheistCrusader Mar 2015 #176
Well, which is it? NuclearDem Mar 2015 #187
Which is it?!? chervilant Mar 2015 #222
Woosh. NuclearDem Mar 2015 #266
Woosh? chervilant Mar 2015 #269
That was a bit unnecessary. NuclearDem Mar 2015 #272
nonsense G_j Mar 2015 #298
Bring nonsense to a discussion about real issues and science, NuclearDem Mar 2015 #300
I'll call it what is G_j Mar 2015 #303
I'm not claiming any authority. NuclearDem Mar 2015 #304
I"m betting Tepco will drag its feet until 2 generations later wordpix Mar 2015 #281
Have you seen the naysayers herein? chervilant Mar 2015 #292
Your posts are being "belittled" not because you're an anti-nuclear poster NuclearDem Mar 2015 #301
And do these supposed "clean up robots" currently exist? paleotn Mar 2015 #12
Well lets see, the article said "most likely by robots" so I lean towards "not yet". cstanleytech Mar 2015 #16
I might be wrong.... paleotn Mar 2015 #20
No idea on the time period it could be a year or it could be ten years from now cstanleytech Mar 2015 #55
A good robot alfredo Mar 2015 #51
Ha! Hey, kamichi...whatever your name is...We've got a job for you. (nt) paleotn Mar 2015 #77
Retirement package? alfredo Mar 2015 #111
An 'octopus' robot with eight limbs developed to clear rubble in Fukushima, Japan herding cats Mar 2015 #90
and who will clean up robots & where will the radioactive materials go? wordpix Mar 2015 #282
We could just toss it into the ocean and forget it like we used to do Brother Buzz Mar 2015 #285
I think we're a long way from knowing... NaturalHigh Mar 2015 #14
once again we had the story here first. mopinko Mar 2015 #15
Ditto malaise Mar 2015 #18
Yes, and a great DUer elleng Mar 2015 #35
K&R! marym625 Mar 2015 #17
Yep. Thanks for this n/t Holly_Hobby Mar 2015 #22
As I recall, the debate was whether or not the core melted THROUGH the containment vessel NickB79 Mar 2015 #23
No, the idiot pro-nukes kept claiming a meltdown was impossible, even after it already happened. bananas Mar 2015 #28
I was referring to the debates here on DU, between DU posters NickB79 Mar 2015 #54
HYDROVOLCANIC EXPLOSIONS! AtheistCrusader Mar 2015 #133
Can you back that up? FBaggins Mar 2015 #215
That member can't reply due to a hidden post. /nt pintobean Mar 2015 #218
Hadn't gotten down to that... oh well. FBaggins Mar 2015 #224
That excerpt sounds like a hopeful guess to me. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Mar 2015 #53
TEPCO admitted there was a meltdown as early as May 2011 FLPanhandle Mar 2015 #24
Minor detail. pintobean Mar 2015 #25
In other words, no cover up, and Nadin was repeating readily available information stevenleser Mar 2015 #198
It was long before that FBaggins Mar 2015 #221
Unfortunately, those that really need to take this in and internalize it will not do so. stevenleser Mar 2015 #241
Many now conflate facts with official propaganda from industry and the state entities TheKentuckian Mar 2015 #26
Propaganda is the only thing the nuclear energy industry has and it's very Cleita Mar 2015 #27
I'm astonished at the reckless propaganda and spin. bananas Mar 2015 #31
Couldn't say it better malaise Mar 2015 #180
Right. The denier's try to bully discussions but screeming conspiracy theory rhett o rick Mar 2015 #474
That will be great for her ego treestar Mar 2015 #30
Why are you so into her ego? lonestarnot Mar 2015 #33
lol treestar Mar 2015 #36
And you are dissatisfied that the possibility that she may have been correct may create a large ego? lonestarnot Mar 2015 #39
She had that already. treestar Mar 2015 #76
See #24. She was repeating readily available information that was not covered up. nt stevenleser Mar 2015 #199
So for that she was banned or whatthefuckever? lonestarnot Mar 2015 #309
She was in no sense banned FBaggins Mar 2015 #316
So in your response you refer to a ball, she had 1 ball, but it wasn't hers, so what the fuck is lonestarnot Mar 2015 #364
Was the analogy really that difficult to understand? FBaggins Mar 2015 #369
She's not banned. She posted as recently as a few weeks ago. stevenleser Mar 2015 #329
As a yellow fucking dog democratic, some refer to me as my way or the highway here, and lock or mock lonestarnot Mar 2015 #365
It will be awful for the turdblossoms who attacked her! bananas Mar 2015 #34
I don't think she was bullied. treestar Mar 2015 #37
I was not close to her, and I have no allegiances to anyone in this ridiculous battle... ScreamingMeemie Mar 2015 #38
I agree, maybe with the exceptions pintobean Mar 2015 #47
And yet you befriend him on DI. Lol. darkangel218 Mar 2015 #58
That's total bullshit. pintobean Mar 2015 #62
Is it?? darkangel218 Mar 2015 #64
And lets forget for a moment about how other posters treated her. darkangel218 Mar 2015 #67
Oh shit! Tell me you are being sarcastic. Rex Mar 2015 #101
This message was self-deleted by its author darkangel218 Mar 2015 #107
LOL! And you were soooo nice to her too! Rex Mar 2015 #98
! pintobean Mar 2015 #102
So you are skinner now!?! Rex Mar 2015 #103
Somebody had a little boo-boo pintobean Mar 2015 #132
agreed G_j Mar 2015 #57
She could be pretty acidic herself treestar Mar 2015 #73
"So her crying bully seemed to be a bit of a posture"?? darkangel218 Mar 2015 #78
I agree. bravenak Mar 2015 #87
The notebook keepers are really creepy, keeping tabs on posters and then pulling out links ChisolmTrailDem Mar 2015 #461
Post removed Post removed Mar 2015 #41
I agree with you . nt cwydro Mar 2015 #46
She was mercilessly bullied. Cleita Mar 2015 #49
+1 darkangel218 Mar 2015 #59
Most, if not all, of the bullies are right here in this thread, doing their thang and ChisolmTrailDem Mar 2015 #463
Now they are all in one place. Cleita Mar 2015 #465
She absolutely was bullied. cui bono Mar 2015 #140
There was way more than "push-back". Ridicule and mockery rhett o rick Mar 2015 #161
She was a bully herself treestar Mar 2015 #170
Exactly. We live in a bully culture. It's everywhere and there is always the justification rhett o rick Mar 2015 #231
She did earn some mockery treestar Mar 2015 #324
The is a message board for "politically liberal" posters. "Wild claims", IMO, are not only rhett o rick Mar 2015 #330
Given the facts and link of post #24 above, criticism seems warranted. nt stevenleser Mar 2015 #200
Of course disagreements are appropriate, and maybe criticism of someone's stand on an issue, rhett o rick Mar 2015 #232
"It's never appropriate to gang up on someone and ridicule them" - Define that for me... stevenleser Mar 2015 #240
"Is it OK to gang up on and ridicule someone if they post racism or homophobia or sexism? " rhett o rick Mar 2015 #259
Oh she was bullied. Every damn post of hers was sent to the hosts forum Warren Stupidity Mar 2015 #179
And they're all right here in this thread, attracted no doubt by the sweet ChisolmTrailDem Mar 2015 #464
She ruined their fun when she stopped posting. rhett o rick Mar 2015 #473
What exactly was she right about anyway? FLPanhandle Mar 2015 #44
It's not bullying to say 'you're wrong' when you're wrong, or 'you're blowing this out of proportion AtheistCrusader Mar 2015 #134
This. Brickbat Mar 2015 #136
Well of course not. No one said it was. Typical strawman argument. rhett o rick Mar 2015 #295
It's not a strawman. That is what happened. People disagreed with her and her interpretations. stevenleser Mar 2015 #296
I guess you think that rationalization is the key to happiness. Many of us saw what happened. rhett o rick Mar 2015 #299
Nope. My opinion is backed up by the person who can see all posts/alerts/etc. stevenleser Mar 2015 #302
Good grief. "My opinion is backed up by the person who can see all posts/alerts/etc." rhett o rick Mar 2015 #306
"God or Skinner" Lol. FBaggins Mar 2015 #312
Yep. You didn't read all the posts under this OP, did ya? stevenleser Mar 2015 #328
And you see that as vindication for her treatment. You missed the point by a mile. rhett o rick Mar 2015 #331
See posts #305, #310 and my #332 below nt stevenleser Mar 2015 #333
I've never seen you defend anyone else. pintobean Mar 2015 #336
Your post insinuates that you've been in all the threads that include rhett o rick Mar 2015 #359
That is my "thing" with these things. Like the continuation of "used car salesman" stuff. ScreamingMeemie Mar 2015 #297
If a female wears a mini-skirt and goes into a bar in a bad neighborhood and gets harassed, rhett o rick Mar 2015 #307
That's a nonsensical and false analogy FBaggins Mar 2015 #314
Post removed Post removed Mar 2015 #96
To be fair it was rouge wind turbines LordGlenconner Mar 2015 #220
That one was pretty strange. treestar Mar 2015 #325
nadin said lots of things about Fukushima... SidDithers Mar 2015 #40
Bully apologists defend their bullying. bananas Mar 2015 #42
horsehockey... ProdigalJunkMail Mar 2015 #113
Thanks for bringing honest, evidence based perspective to this topic and to DU. HuckleB Mar 2015 #43
+1 n/t tammywammy Mar 2015 #48
You can't say that unless you are an expert on how the nuclear energy Cleita Mar 2015 #68
I doubt "Nadin of Arc" is an expert either LordGlenconner Mar 2015 #219
Nadin lives close to the Onofre nuclear plant which fortunately has been Cleita Mar 2015 #223
And I live close to an area with many earthquakes LordGlenconner Mar 2015 #225
How on earth did that make sense to you? FBaggins Mar 2015 #228
Excuse me, but... Cleita Mar 2015 #230
Sorry... I can't do that. FBaggins Mar 2015 #234
I don't bother to address people who have their minds already made up and that Cleita Mar 2015 #239
How ironic FBaggins Mar 2015 #256
I don't have to be a seismologist because there are seismologists already on the Cleita Mar 2015 #261
What an incredibly deceptive hatchet job of a video. FBaggins Mar 2015 #264
Sure. Cleita Mar 2015 #265
Thank you for proving my point FBaggins Mar 2015 #271
No. Thank you for proving my point that none of you Nuke jocks are interested in Cleita Mar 2015 #273
Sorry... we may never know FBaggins Mar 2015 #276
"Nuje jocks" LordGlenconner Mar 2015 #290
Never mind. Mobile device changes the spelling of words, but you know what I mean. Cleita Mar 2015 #293
you should educate yourself - start here with Nuclear Roulette wordpix Mar 2015 #284
What an interesting spelling error FBaggins Mar 2015 #286
I know, FB, reading is such a chore, especially when it comes with footnotes wordpix Mar 2015 #457
The footnotes are actually the funniest part FBaggins Mar 2015 #459
+1000 wordpix Mar 2015 #283
I live near a Ford automotive manufacturing facility... SidDithers Mar 2015 #235
I live within 30 miles of San Onofre! zappaman Mar 2015 #242
Of course not because you don't care to learn about it. Cleita Mar 2015 #243
Oh noes! zappaman Mar 2015 #246
If you're such an authority on San Onofre, perhaps you can refute this: Brother Buzz Mar 2015 #248
Yes it was all removed and placed into starfish breeding grounds. zappaman Mar 2015 #252
I live relatively close to Three Mile Island treestar Mar 2015 #326
Then you should be concerned. Cleita Mar 2015 #345
Sid... Rex Mar 2015 #105
Sid said lots of things about Fukushima RobertEarl Mar 2015 #114
Speaking of being wrong on Fukushima. NuclearDem Mar 2015 #126
Yes, you too, wrong RobertEarl Mar 2015 #130
this coming from somebody who said the ocean is "dead" snooper2 Mar 2015 #204
Now he's claiming to be an auto mechanic in mocking me. Cleita Mar 2015 #244
And some people say lots of nothing in a vast majority of their posts. n/t cui bono Mar 2015 #168
And if you see post #24 above, crediting her with getting this "right" is laughable. nt stevenleser Mar 2015 #201
Yes she was, mostly RobertEarl Mar 2015 #45
+1 darkangel218 Mar 2015 #60
Everybody RELAX! bvar22 Mar 2015 #52
Same people now pat themselves on the back saying that she was not bullied, or only one certain darkangel218 Mar 2015 #63
I noticed. bvar22 Mar 2015 #66
That's how it works here now... PCIntern Mar 2015 #69
Couldnt agree with you more. thank you. nt darkangel218 Mar 2015 #70
The DU RW corporate strawman motto: "To Deflect and Pretend". nt Zorra Mar 2015 #74
The empirical evidence will silence them all eventually malaise Mar 2015 #79
"well, they admitted it, therefore there can be no coverups because they inevitably fail" MisterP Mar 2015 #65
But they are trying. It is illegal to report anything related to it without government approval. newthinking Mar 2015 #71
I am glad to see others express their observations that Nadin was bullied G_j Mar 2015 #72
She was bullied malaise Mar 2015 #75
such a shame G_j Mar 2015 #82
+1,000 malaise Mar 2015 #93
Really, ok, link to the WORST example of someone bullying her. nt Logical Mar 2015 #116
Nope, thats not our job. Agschmid Mar 2015 #160
Thanks, Malaise. Hekate Mar 2015 #81
Hear Hear!!! PCIntern Mar 2015 #112
Cheers libodem Mar 2015 #279
K&R!! SixString Mar 2015 #99
I see her fan club is hard at work, seems some are missing. Rex Mar 2015 #104
Indeed malaise Mar 2015 #118
Everone knew they melted in march 2011. AtheistCrusader Mar 2015 #135
I never doubted nadinbrzezinski blackspade Mar 2015 #110
And yet, here we are in Dec 2011, talking about how TEPCO stated all the fuel melted from AtheistCrusader Mar 2015 #142
Not sure why you are replying to me. blackspade Mar 2015 #237
Where's the coverup? AtheistCrusader Mar 2015 #247
And that is were we differ on this particular issue, a narrow focus. blackspade Mar 2015 #253
The cost is the primary problem. AtheistCrusader Mar 2015 #257
I don't have any dogs in this fight... mike_c Mar 2015 #117
wild supposition? RobertEarl Mar 2015 #129
It's not as if nadin was the only one saying it. All you had to do was read/listen to some real cui bono Mar 2015 #148
You mean like CNN? AtheistCrusader Mar 2015 #163
Well there you go. Even better. n/t cui bono Mar 2015 #167
This is what I have been arguing regarding Iraq and WMD as it pertains to Democrats who voted stevenleser Mar 2015 #207
There was even doubt within the Bush administration about WMDs G_j Mar 2015 #263
as for Iraq G_j Mar 2015 #254
I am fortunate to have a back-channel to Nadin. DemoTex Mar 2015 #119
Stay safe and remember to post some more of your magnificent photos malaise Mar 2015 #121
Could you ask her for her blog contact for Phlem? Phlem Mar 2015 #125
. Agschmid Mar 2015 #158
yea Phlem Mar 2015 #172
Thank You. Phlem Mar 2015 #141
She's still around isn't she? Phlem Mar 2015 #123
yet again. n/t wildbilln864 Mar 2015 #131
K & R !!! WillyT Mar 2015 #143
I HATE that she was FORCED to go away and NEVER posts any more! OilemFirchen Mar 2015 #146
Hehe... SidDithers Mar 2015 #151
SID, don't ever leave DU, please! RobertEarl Mar 2015 #153
LOL, a global coverup... PosterChild Mar 2015 #157
You did well RobertEarl Mar 2015 #164
Well, they have time machines, so, how are you going to fight that? AtheistCrusader Mar 2015 #169
Then again.... PosterChild Apr 2015 #480
And here's TEPCO admitting that in June 2011. AtheistCrusader Mar 2015 #162
Strangest strategy for a coverup ever. NuclearDem Mar 2015 #165
It's like they hid it in plain sight. AtheistCrusader Mar 2015 #166
This story is so important marym625 Mar 2015 #178
See post #24. It was reported right away. Nadin didn't reveal any new info. nt stevenleser Mar 2015 #203
For once I see some sense in Joe Chi Minh Mar 2015 #181
Two points, first, see #24. No cover up in terms of melt down. Second, there is an answer to stevenleser Mar 2015 #212
On balance, I would prefer people to believe you. But it's a terrible dilemma. Joe Chi Minh Mar 2015 #334
Nothing to see here. Move on. I mean, ''Muon.'' Octafish Mar 2015 #188
nadinbrzezinski CountAllVotes Mar 2015 #226
I miss her too. calimary Mar 2015 #308
Some of them ("folks who don't want you to know") chervilant Mar 2015 #227
You really can't tell the difference between a reactor and a nuclear bomb? FBaggins Mar 2015 #229
Wow... chervilant Mar 2015 #233
Then what on earth was the point of your story about nuclear testing? NuclearDem Mar 2015 #236
My guess is the poster didn't know the difference LordGlenconner Mar 2015 #291
Paranoia much? FBaggins Mar 2015 #238
I'm old enough to remember that. They told lies at the expense of Cleita Mar 2015 #245
Top Secret Turds Octafish Mar 2015 #249
Thanks for that link. chervilant Mar 2015 #262
Absolutely, that is Top Secret Turds II Octafish Mar 2015 #268
Yep malaise Mar 2015 #267
I miss Nadine Gothmog Mar 2015 #258
In other news, Android3.14 Mar 2015 #260
"previous asumptions of a meltdown"---really???? Tepco was proclaiming no meltdown wordpix Mar 2015 #280
Nope... they most certainly were not. FBaggins Mar 2015 #288
TEPCO didn't admit any meltdowns until May, two months after the fact. Octafish Mar 2015 #321
TEPCO and the Japanese government said a meltdown was likely two days after the event. stevenleser Mar 2015 #338
Don't worry. By then, TEPCO's credibility was already shot. Octafish Mar 2015 #340
No, it wasn't. nt stevenleser Mar 2015 #366
Fukushima: They Knew Octafish Mar 2015 #374
Sorry Octa, it's your credibility that is "shot" in this case. FBaggins Mar 2015 #370
It's what TEPCO said, FBaggins. ''It is not a health risk to humans.'' Octafish Mar 2015 #375
It most certainly is NOT what they said. FBaggins Mar 2015 #433
It's what TEPCO said, FBaggins. ''It is not a health risk to humans.'' Octafish Mar 2015 #435
"Just because you say so, even if you use CAPS, doesn't change what TEPCO said." FBaggins Mar 2015 #437
What did I make up? It's what TEPCO said. I even gave you a link to CNN. Octafish Mar 2015 #441
The link you provided refutes your story. FBaggins Mar 2015 #445
Let's see how others read that pronoun FBaggins Mar 2015 #447
Others? That's what I posted. Octafish Mar 2015 #452
Yep. We've got posts with links with proof. Doesn't matter. That person will never admit they are stevenleser Mar 2015 #379
Show where 'that person' is wrong, stevenleser. Octafish Mar 2015 #381
"and show where I'm wrong. I'll admit it." NuclearDem Mar 2015 #382
Absolutely nailed it... SidDithers Mar 2015 #383
''Be ready for the inevitable alert.'' That's the mark of a shitheel, SidDithers of DU. Octafish Mar 2015 #386
I didn't say that you'd alert, octafish of DU... SidDithers Mar 2015 #389
Show where I've done that, otherwise it's just a smear, SidDithers of DU. Octafish Mar 2015 #390
You don't know half as much as you think you do. pintobean Mar 2015 #391
So what? What do you know, pintobean? Octafish Mar 2015 #393
So what if I write about things you don't like? Show where I'm wrong. Octafish Mar 2015 #384
You've had those examples presented to you constantly. NuclearDem Mar 2015 #385
Seeing how you fail to actually show any of that, I want this to be in the record... Octafish Mar 2015 #387
"nothing but a smear." NuclearDem Mar 2015 #388
So you can't show where I'm a racist or an anti-Semite. Octafish Mar 2015 #392
So you're saying you've never linked to Roberts' or Bollyn's own websites? NuclearDem Mar 2015 #399
So, you don't have a case, NuclearDem. Octafish Mar 2015 #403
So, you can't show where I wrote any of that, NuclearDem. Octafish Mar 2015 #397
Just to be fucking clear, here... SidDithers Mar 2015 #395
Don't get mad, SidDithers. Octafish Mar 2015 #396
Answer my questions, and I'll show you... SidDithers Mar 2015 #398
Here you go, SidDithers of DU. Octafish Mar 2015 #401
Figures... SidDithers Mar 2015 #409
I notice you're goading me on by repeating the same falsehoods, SidDithers of DU. Octafish Mar 2015 #410
What's the falsehood, octafish of DU?... SidDithers Mar 2015 #412
Keep repeating that, SidDithers of DU. It doesn't change your smear. Octafish Mar 2015 #415
Keep dodging, Octafish of DU... SidDithers Mar 2015 #417
Show where I ''promote anti-Semitic, or homophobic, or racist writers at DU.'' Octafish Mar 2015 #419
Oh FFS... SidDithers Mar 2015 #420
Roll your eyes, too, for added effect. Octafish Mar 2015 #421
Still dodging... SidDithers Mar 2015 #423
You wrote I promoted them, which is not true, SidDithers of DU. Octafish Mar 2015 #424
You're absolutely promoting and legitimizing them... SidDithers Mar 2015 #425
That is not true, SidDithers of DU. Why do you continue to repeat it? Octafish Mar 2015 #426
It is true, octafish. Why do you continue to deny it?... SidDithers Mar 2015 #427
Poor you. I own what I post. What do you own? Octafish Mar 2015 #431
you "own" what you post? zappaman Mar 2015 #432
Tag Team is so second banana, zappaman. Octafish Mar 2015 #434
Yes, I knew you would not own your use of anti-Semites and homophobes. zappaman Mar 2015 #458
It's absolutely amazing that he denies promoting these writers... SidDithers Mar 2015 #438
He's okay with posting them as long as they back up whatever theory he's promoting. tammywammy Mar 2015 #442
How'd you find this subthread? Octafish Mar 2015 #453
It's an open public discussion board. tammywammy Mar 2015 #460
Thanks! That's logical. Octafish Mar 2015 #462
''Link after link,'' as in your link saying the same thing. Octafish Mar 2015 #479
You misunderstand what "own" means in this context FBaggins Mar 2015 #439
Obviously, you don't own it... SidDithers Mar 2015 #436
It seems at least three other people beat me to it. nt stevenleser Mar 2015 #402
So what? Tag Team. Octafish Mar 2015 #404
I've three out of the four. NuclearDem Mar 2015 #405
Remind me where you've contributed anything on this thread about Fukushima. Octafish Mar 2015 #407
Neither have you. NuclearDem Mar 2015 #411
Disagree. While I've spent a lot of time defending myself from your baseless accusations... Octafish Mar 2015 #413
Tag team? I'm not allowed to sleep, and if I do, and someone else answers, it's a "tag team"? stevenleser Mar 2015 #406
Right...''imaginary bullying.'' Octafish Mar 2015 #408
I'm losing track of the discussion you have changed the subject and moved the goalposts so many stevenleser Mar 2015 #414
You accused me, ''that person'' as one who never admits being wrong. Octafish Mar 2015 #416
Correct. You don't admit it. You fall back to accusations of bullying/tag teaming or you change the stevenleser Mar 2015 #418
If that were true, there'd be no need to get personal. Octafish Mar 2015 #422
Why don't you instead show us where you HAVE admitted to being wrong? FBaggins Mar 2015 #440
Do you have an example? Octafish Mar 2015 #444
I've given you several. FBaggins Mar 2015 #446
Where you failed to comprehend TEPCO said PLUTONIUM ''is not a health risk to humans''? Octafish Mar 2015 #448
That one proves you wrong as well. FBaggins Mar 2015 #450
No need to be insulting. You forgot the link. Octafish Mar 2015 #454
That wasn't insulting, it was giving you the benefit of the doubt FBaggins Mar 2015 #455
Here's an easy one FBaggins Mar 2015 #449
Another easy one FBaggins Mar 2015 #466
I miss Nadine and hear from her from time to time. hrmjustin Mar 2015 #287
This thread, and it's 186 recs, is the saddest thing I've ever seen on DU tkmorris Mar 2015 #305
Jay Polk, Michelle's dress, Maddow's reporting pintobean Mar 2015 #310
Jury results: joshcryer Mar 2015 #313
What an odd alert FBaggins Mar 2015 #315
I guess the alerter was hoping for pintobean Mar 2015 #317
I got called a "motherfucker" in the alert on my post... SidDithers Mar 2015 #320
I'd rather be a "motherfucker" pintobean Mar 2015 #322
Jay Polk. A classic. Brickbat Mar 2015 #319
I didn't have a problem with them. joshcryer Mar 2015 #311
+1. LOL n/t FSogol Mar 2015 #318
+1 thank you treestar Mar 2015 #323
I got put on the "iggy" list during the 60cm = 1 meter kerfuffle. tammywammy Mar 2015 #327
I wish it were more uncommon that nonsense is celebrated here by a certain group. stevenleser Mar 2015 #332
You are trying to prove she deserved being bullied. Really? Granted a large number rhett o rick Mar 2015 #348
No, that is your strawman. nt stevenleser Mar 2015 #350
Strawman? Let's look at what you said. rhett o rick Mar 2015 #361
I know what I said. And it is not what you said that I said. nt stevenleser Mar 2015 #363
This message was self-deleted by its author pintobean Mar 2015 #352
Precisely malaise Mar 2015 #368
Ah... I think I "get it" now FBaggins Mar 2015 #371
I am fully aware of what "bullying" is and a number of other posters have commented on the rhett o rick Mar 2015 #373
Correct. "Bullying" to them means a lot of people disagreeing with them or one of their friends. stevenleser Mar 2015 #378
Talk about the thread that never ends. hrmjustin Mar 2015 #362
I opened this thread hoping to see a response by Nadine Gothmog Mar 2015 #380
I talked to Nadine the other day. hrmjustin Mar 2015 #400
Thanks Gothmog Mar 2015 #428
I don't see her coming back. hrmjustin Mar 2015 #429
I am in touch with her too and I agree. nt ChisolmTrailDem Mar 2015 #467
I am glad she is doing well and pursuing her career and hobbies with vivigor. hrmjustin Mar 2015 #468
Me too, hrmjustin :) nt ChisolmTrailDem Mar 2015 #469
Mega Thread and I still don't see what she was so right about...? Bonobo Mar 2015 #367
Nor will you FBaggins Mar 2015 #372
You were never worth the trouble to research, Baggins. leveymg Mar 2015 #376
Some people apparently don't think that their credibility is worth it either FBaggins Mar 2015 #443
It appears I was mostly right about what was happening, Baggins, and you got it wrong. leveymg Mar 2015 #470
Your memory is lousy FBaggins Mar 2015 #471
You can't see it, and you can't smell it either JEB Mar 2015 #377
. randome Mar 2015 #430
nadinbrzezinski has been right about a lot of things. Jamastiene Mar 2015 #451
True... and some of them were even about Fukushima FBaggins Mar 2015 #456
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