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Exactly!! Tennessee Gal May 2012 #1
This point ProSense May 2012 #2
Love it! goclark May 2012 #3
to Mr Reich... handmade34 May 2012 #4
Served, pwn*d and owned, all in a single coalition_unwilling May 2012 #5
might as well tell Romney because Obama just ignored him nt msongs May 2012 #6
Yeah, Romney ProSense May 2012 #8
+ hay rick May 2012 #9
Which one of the two has been talking up and trying to raise taxes on the wealthy? bhikkhu May 2012 #10
Talk is cheap. progressoid May 2012 #27
A "president romney" may do exactly what he says he will do, if given the chance bhikkhu May 2012 #28
I don't doubt he would. progressoid May 2012 #39
At least Obama show some respect for us Blecht May 2012 #42
Isn't raising taxes on the wealthy what Obama's been trying to do all this time Jamaal510 May 2012 #12
True dat gratuitous May 2012 #13
Bullshit. Reich doesn't understand how real governing happens MannyGoldstein May 2012 #14
Actually, he ProSense May 2012 #15
Your snarkometer needs to go to the shop.. Fumesucker May 2012 #19
Yeah, your snarkometer is busted, please see a mechanic. FogerRox May 2012 #20
Wow, ProSense May 2012 #22
LOL. Thanks, ProSense. You seem to be a lonely voice of reason today. SunSeeker May 2012 #36
Manny knows Reich was a member of the Clinton Administration - TBF May 2012 #43
Cabinet Post? tommyshi May 2012 #49
Since they both ignore him, doesn't that mean it is a wash? Dragonfli May 2012 #16
Reich would have been a great choice to head Obama's jobs council. pa28 May 2012 #18
Thank You! You Speak for Me, Too Demeter May 2012 #37
Romney's setting sail on the Ship of Fail. n/t Bolo Boffin May 2012 #7
The word. geckosfeet May 2012 #11
but that's soshilizm! NoMoreWarNow May 2012 #21
See? Socialism WORKS! MNBrewer May 2012 #30
Unfortunately in this country socialism TBF May 2012 #44
Quaint idea. Sounds like it may work. n/t davidwparker May 2012 #23
Aw yeah! Give 'em hell, Robert Reich! KeepItReal May 2012 #24
So there! AlbertCat May 2012 #25
Ha... Aviation Pro May 2012 #26
Yes, simple, and THEY say, simply, NO!!! elleng May 2012 #29
When I see a graph of unemployment, I see it go down in times of bubbles dkf May 2012 #31
We need a space bubble. RevStPatrick May 2012 #32
Yes, that is/was the Alan Greenspan model for the economy in a nutshell. Ruby the Liberal May 2012 #33
+1 cyberswede May 2012 #45
K & R Scurrilous May 2012 #34
Addendum ... scribble May 2012 #35
I love that sawed off little bastard.... n/t IamK May 2012 #38
!! Richardo May 2012 #41
I miss those days. caveat_imperator May 2012 #40
investment in your people and infrastructure and the U.S. will be rewarded big time for a long time infrared May 2012 #46
Don't forget the cousin of MIC: PIC Capn Sunshine May 2012 #47
I though Obama was president? montanto May 2012 #48
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