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23. And the gods of comedy keep on giving
Wed Jun 17, 2015, 03:25 PM
Jun 2015

On Fox News he insulted a disabled commentator. That won't go overlooked. And now he's using paid actors as supporters.

lol RandiFan1290 Jun 2015 #1
Almost looks like they're blocking the "T" on purpose GreatGazoo Jun 2015 #13
He should have hired one to give the speech jberryhill Jun 2015 #2
Thread winner here, JB Blus4u Jun 2015 #3
Welcome to DU, Blus4u! calimary Jun 2015 #20
Has anyone found a photo of the crowd? Frustratedlady Jun 2015 #4
Here's one Aerows Jun 2015 #5
Certainly not 'grass roots'. louis-t Jun 2015 #6
I can agree they are probably hired. He'd have to pay for cheering, as well. Frustratedlady Jun 2015 #32
Of course he'll say there were thousands but huge area? Not so much - LiberalElite Jun 2015 #35
Love it! Thanks! Frustratedlady Jun 2015 #36
Business Insider re: that "crowd" LiberalElite Jun 2015 #37
Well, he's probably right in saying, "There's been no crowd like this." Frustratedlady Jun 2015 #38
Nope. nt LiberalElite Jun 2015 #39
Those "home made" signs look like they were LiberalElite Jun 2015 #34
Here's another: pinboy3niner Jun 2015 #9
That photo has sure gotten a lot of mileage. Love it! eom Frustratedlady Jun 2015 #33
He's very rich, ya know! Initech Jun 2015 #7
Somebody should have re-thought those t-shirts. Atman Jun 2015 #8
It'll get mentioned in his first White House Correspondents' Dinner JustABozoOnThisBus Jun 2015 #11
I think I'll order the veggie platter if I'm invited. erronis Jun 2015 #17
Maybe he hired a paid actor squirrel for the top of his head. longship Jun 2015 #10
Yeah, I was wondering who would actually cheer when he declared... Left coast liberal Jun 2015 #12
"I'm all for ... ah ... Wutzizname." lpbk2713 Jun 2015 #14
That guy is all class SaranchaIsWaiting Jun 2015 #15
McCain did the same thing once… MrScorpio Jun 2015 #16
This makes perfect sense, who in their yuiyoshida Jun 2015 #18
Looks more like Rump mania to me! calimary Jun 2015 #19
I myself welcome his entry into the race.... burfman Jun 2015 #21
This is possibly one of the most surreal campaign rollouts I ever saw...and I've CTyankee Jun 2015 #22
And the gods of comedy keep on giving Jimvanhise Jun 2015 #23
It'll probably be part of a scripted reality show BumRushDaShow Jun 2015 #24
This message was self-deleted by its author BumRushDaShow Jun 2015 #25
Makes sense. progressoid Jun 2015 #26
Why I love the idea of a Trump run alboe Jun 2015 #27
Take that, you libruls! gratuitous Jun 2015 #28
he's REALLY rich spanone Jun 2015 #29
It's all theatre. Like hiring a small venue, and leaking to the media that you had to hire a bigger Tarheel_Dem Jun 2015 #30
That was really obvious. lostnfound Jun 2015 #31
Guessed it immediately moondust Jun 2015 #40
It looks like the woman in the pic left the tag on Mnpaul Jun 2015 #41
(with enthusiasm): "Say, that Donald Trump seems like a fine fellow!" Blue Owl Jun 2015 #42
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