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25. No surprise from the bought and paid for Joe:
Thu Nov 5, 2015, 12:34 AM
Nov 2015

Reid has always been saavy and courageous despite the ignoratti GOP. They derailed momentum when his releases on the Koch agenda came out and was gathering air time. So the media diverted the public with Bundysville. When Reid's disclosure was derailed long enough to make the public forget, they left the story and moved on. It has been played from all sides by the Koch brothers and their shills. Thanks for posting this.
Uh-oh...Meeka will need a helmet tomorrow BeyondGeography Nov 2015 #1
With a plastic face shield. One with a wiper attachment... JHB Nov 2015 #13
I think he took it out on Claire McCaskil this morning. Gidney N Cloyd Nov 2015 #35
Our (overpaid frontrunning) liberal MSM champ strikes again BeyondGeography Nov 2015 #36
The funny thing is, McCaskill had criticized Mika about exactly this, and to her face, at... Gidney N Cloyd Nov 2015 #38
He will be spitting bullets, cutting other people's comments off and manufacturing mfcorey1 Nov 2015 #2
So much for the old "left wing media bias" baloney. Vinca Nov 2015 #3
GOP Jeapordy ThoughtCriminal Nov 2015 #4
I would think that Reagan would be too tough.... daleanime Nov 2015 #11
This is why I should not post just before lunch ThoughtCriminal Nov 2015 #20
No problem, it give me a much needed laugh. daleanime Nov 2015 #21
If the Koch's were actually prodded with probing questions they are likely to explode, and then Fred Sanders Nov 2015 #5
You nailed it! tex-wyo-dem Nov 2015 #9
lol Bubzer Nov 2015 #6
Yeah.. Sometimes Harry really gets a GOOD one in there. . . .n/t annabanana Nov 2015 #10
He expects Killer Joe to ask tough questions?? Angry Dragon Nov 2015 #7
Looks like Joey bought new knee pads... gregcrawford Nov 2015 #8
I watched a few minutes of this debacle. lark Nov 2015 #12
For the Koch Brothers........ Dyedinthewoolliberal Nov 2015 #15
Love this song, and think of them as I sing along! n/t ms liberty Nov 2015 #32
Did Harry Reid monicaangela Nov 2015 #14
It was like watching 2 scientology disciples interview the grand scientology wizard stuffmatters Nov 2015 #16
Last week we were lectured what a bastion of liberalism M$NBC was! ProudToBeBlueInRhody Nov 2015 #17
I think I'll watch tomorrow malaise Nov 2015 #18
My not be. Joe just shouts down any opposition. Even Sam Stein was obeisance... CTyankee Nov 2015 #23
On the one hand they are private citizens under no obligation to be interviewed lostnfound Nov 2015 #19
they just pick and choose. Whenever you have the media in your pocket, all the cries in CTyankee Nov 2015 #22
their “graciousness” in philanthropy AlbertCat Nov 2015 #24
No kidding...'their work is philanthropy..' Volaris Nov 2015 #33
No surprise from the bought and paid for Joe: freshwest Nov 2015 #25
Go Harry!! riversedge Nov 2015 #26
Joe Scum will be crying. We know his lunch. Feeling the Bern Nov 2015 #27
JS takes orders from his leader, Limbaugh. ffr Nov 2015 #28
A very succinct argument for Bernie! n/t Admiral Loinpresser Nov 2015 #34
Down for the count flamingdem Nov 2015 #29
Kicked and recommended. Uncle Joe Nov 2015 #30
This message was self-deleted by its author guyton Nov 2015 #31
Looks like they were auditioning for the next GOP debate moderator gig. nt valerief Nov 2015 #37
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