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12. words have meanings
Thu Jan 28, 2016, 12:36 AM
Jan 2016

and we should reserve words for when they actually apply

In this case, it does not.

Terrorists [View all] Mendocino Jan 2016 OP
They're toast. C_U_L8R Jan 2016 #1
I think they'll more resemble frozen vegetables once the FBI cuts the power off. Johnyawl Jan 2016 #2
yah, but celery and carrots don't vibrate MisterP Jan 2016 #3
I do not agree with their actions, Snobblevitch Jan 2016 #4
US Code of Federal Regulations Mendocino Jan 2016 #5
And tney will not charge since it is extremely hard to prove nadinbrzezinski Jan 2016 #6
Be that as it may Mendocino Jan 2016 #7
You can call them whatever you want nadinbrzezinski Jan 2016 #8
I never said they should be charged with it. Mendocino Jan 2016 #10
words have meanings nadinbrzezinski Jan 2016 #12
And here you are nadinbrzezinski Jan 2016 #11
What civilian population is being terrorized? Snobblevitch Jan 2016 #9
Families of police and federal employees Mendocino Jan 2016 #13
Hell, I want them out. Snobblevitch Jan 2016 #14
Right... like the repugs call Ferguson rioters "terrorists" for the same reason... TampaAnimusVortex Jan 2016 #15
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