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18. It's crazy how many people have the mindset not to waste food.
Tue Jul 12, 2016, 11:11 AM
Jul 2016

Kids are told to eat what on their plate and they are lucky to have yucky bristle sprouts because there are starving children in Africa who would love a wholesome meal... Yet, they are more than willing to see 40% of supermarket foods go into a dimpster, than for anyone else in Ameeica to get something for free... Mainly because they are jealous they aren't getting something they think someone else "less deserving" is getting over their own selves.

We would probably help close this mind set or punishing people/ families/ children living in poverty, if we actually raised the qualification income across the board for families in America. A working poor family or lower middle class family is struggling heir butts off to put any food on the table and pay the rest of their bills.

Either they need a raise or govt programs need to start helping offset the costs for living in America. As it is, there is no state one can rent an apt and make min wage. In many places even that $15.0/ hr min wage is too low... There would be less grumbling or support for a congress to take away benefits for poorer families of the govt were to increase the people who could gain access to the program.

My family doesn't qualify, however, we could really be helped out big time if we could get just $200/ month in SNAP benefits. Many times I have had to grab a credit card and pay interest on a "pick me up" loan.

You know the back in 2007 - 2008, before the crash, when families were feeling a big pinch and recession was looming, Bush decided everyone needed a cash infusion. Could you imagine in Obama suggested that now?

You know, if everyone in America making less than $50,000/ yr could get a $10,000 govt pay out check, the economy might actually flourish just a bit. Yeah, some people would pay off old debts. A "married" couple may combine their pay outs and place a down payment on a house to own. Students may pay off a student debt. Others would take the money to open up a business (smart young people could actually combine 10 people into a company and have a $100,000 investment to start up a company.

I think it's past the time where govts need to begin thinking outside the box in regards to a "capitalistic society", and collecting taxes as "wealth" of the country. There has got to be a way to begin valuing intrinsic items like human beings, ecosystems, clean water and air, nutritious foods, housing... With out technology and globs working community, no human being needs to even work 40hrs a week any longer. There should be a basic value given to people to live without having a job at all, and with a job adding to that amount as "extra"... So there would still be a class system, but a young mother could choose to take 2 yrs off of work to stay home with their baby and not wonder how to pay the rent/ mortgage. And maybe long term mortgages in homes just doesn't really work any longer... Perhaps we need something in-between renting and owning. Many people have to be able to be mobile to go where their job or a job market for their field may take them.

I don't even know how we begin to equalize human beings globally to ensure every human has a basic right to exist, have access to safe housing, nutritious foods, healthcare, clean water and air, and free education. And a means of easier travel and living and working in other countries... We should have as much opportunity to travel and work as the very goods that are produced and transported all over the globe. Right now, we are seeing a retraction to borders and nationalism as a pushback to the type of globalization the wealthy are fostering on the world... Where everyone else produces their goods, people struggle to purchase those goods, and the wealth is sucked up to the top.

my fridge looks like a dumpster retrowire Jul 2016 #1
*** tosses the dinner invite she got from retrowire into the trash *** LynneSin Jul 2016 #3
that's why god invented crockpots! Gabi Hayes Jul 2016 #11
I guess you and me are a serious minority around here bonemachine Jul 2016 #28
back in the day, my yoga class teacher and I used to make the rounds of the grocery stores Gabi Hayes Jul 2016 #30
Honestly... bonemachine Jul 2016 #34
whereabouts? I have friends/family in Oregon and Wash. Gabi Hayes Jul 2016 #37
Portland bonemachine Jul 2016 #38
We have a small magnetic write on/wipe off board on front of our fridge door to note/date leftovers woodsprite Jul 2016 #19
"Reid said hes never been ticketed or hassled for picking unsold food out of dumpsters." Brickbat Jul 2016 #2
Amazing point LynneSin Jul 2016 #5
The article says he used to reclaim food for Food Not Bombs to give to food shelters; then he Brickbat Jul 2016 #7
He's working on a documentary that is coming out in 2017 LynneSin Jul 2016 #24
^^ This! Democrats Ascendant Jul 2016 #9
A couple years back, there was a story about a woman who had a party closeupready Jul 2016 #4
That is what freaks me out about dumpster diving for food LynneSin Jul 2016 #6
Correct - or items which have been picked over by vermin, insects, birds, closeupready Jul 2016 #8
And she deserved to lose them after that stunt... Blue_Tires Jul 2016 #22
I would perhaps attend a party like this... LynneSin Jul 2016 #25
I will happily eat dumpster dived food bonemachine Jul 2016 #10
Could you add a option for "I've dumpster dived in the past'? Lancero Jul 2016 #12
We used to get boxes of lettuce and cabbage and what ever they had for the farm snooper2 Jul 2016 #13
When I was a kid in the early 70s Lance Bass esquire Jul 2016 #14
You really can eat well. liberalmuse Jul 2016 #15
Everybody has been mentioning dumpsters and food pantries -- watch this librechik Jul 2016 #16
".......these grocery stores waste so much food when it could be donated to charity......." WillowTree Jul 2016 #17
I don't know how it varies from state to state... Initech Jul 2016 #20
Exactly. WillowTree Jul 2016 #29
It's crazy how many people have the mindset not to waste food. glowing Jul 2016 #18
No chance in hell... Blue_Tires Jul 2016 #21
first of all there is no standard for expiration dates on non-dairy items. Javaman Jul 2016 #23
Next thng you need to do is jamzrockz Jul 2016 #26
... Major Nikon Jul 2016 #27
It's amazing some of the things we've thrown away in the past Bradical79 Jul 2016 #31
just think of the savings enid602 Jul 2016 #32
May through September in south Texas: you'll die Ilsa Jul 2016 #33
To all the naysayers who say "you'll get sick" bonemachine Jul 2016 #35
2nd Harvest ... GeorgeGist Jul 2016 #36
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