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185. Where I live, getting a gun is a tedious, drawn-out process including mental evaluation
Wed Aug 24, 2016, 03:28 AM
Aug 2016

You go through rigorous testing, a psychological evaluation, and must keep firearms under strict lock and key (permits usually only issued in conjunction with hunting or P.I. licenses, and private security firms). Carrying these guns in public is almost never permitted, and security measures at home are not only frequently checked by the police, but result in confiscation and revocation of the permit if the security measures are not followed. Other than one guy who owns a lot of land out in a rural area and hunts on it, another guy who works as a guard at a valuable cargo storage area of an airport, plus one guy who is an ex-cop (federal) who runs a security protection agency, I don't know anyone in the whole country who owns a gun. The fear of being hurt by one is, as a consequence, negligible.

This message was self-deleted by its author [View all] TheMastersNemesis Aug 2016 OP
Why do you hate America? jpak Aug 2016 #1
If I were a Professor at UT malaise Aug 2016 #2
Do you know how hard it is to get tenure at a major institution like that? Calista241 Aug 2016 #13
Hehehehehe of course I know malaise Aug 2016 #27
Well if they really believed it Duckhunter935 Aug 2016 #59
Well tenure will not do any good pennylane100 Aug 2016 #85
How many college professors have been shot by anyone at random? Calista241 Aug 2016 #124
How long have rules like this been in place? 24 days? Maraya1969 Aug 2016 #178
One of my wife's collaborators was murdered by a student less than a year ago. Act_of_Reparation Aug 2016 #209
Wouldn't forcing the professors to allow guns in their cllassroom be the epitome of a hostile work Maraya1969 Aug 2016 #179
Someone could claim a 'phobia' of Blacks, Jews or women showing ankle... TipTok Aug 2016 #188
How would those professors Duckhunter935 Aug 2016 #193
i dont think you know how it is in academia. drray23 Aug 2016 #206
I'd look for new work if I couldn't keep guns out Divine Discontent Aug 2016 #47
Precisely malaise Aug 2016 #62
That took care of that! LoL n/t Divine Discontent Aug 2016 #148
Here at Kansas University, guns will be allowed on campus starting in January. tblue37 Aug 2016 #60
Perfect timing for me greymattermom Aug 2016 #78
+1,000 malaise Aug 2016 #83
biggest cowards on the planet Skittles Aug 2016 #3
They probably drive Hummers AwakeAtLast Aug 2016 #39
....and have "Trump sized hands".... alittlelark Aug 2016 #121
This message was self-deleted by its author LongtimeAZDem Aug 2016 #161
Does that include police officers too? Oh wait, I forget - when are we supposed to trust the cops? jonno99 Aug 2016 #4
You Have A Point On That Too. Certainly Have To Wonder These Days. TheMastersNemesis Aug 2016 #6
I'm extra cautious around cops too. Buckeye_Democrat Aug 2016 #16
They are trained to shoot to kill... dubyadiprecession Aug 2016 #33
I know, I saw that on..... Fla_Democrat Aug 2016 #64
Sure they can, lol. Quit watching TV and movies Duckhunter935 Aug 2016 #65
What utter nonsense. cwydro Aug 2016 #110
I saw that happen. sarisataka Aug 2016 #126
Then you read newspaper stories like: Binkie The Clown Aug 2016 #183
You must get pulled over a lot. cwydro Aug 2016 #109
Not in the last 15 years or so. Buckeye_Democrat Aug 2016 #114
I was pulled over in 1962, but not once since then. n/t Binkie The Clown Aug 2016 #184
It's a job requirement SecularMotion Aug 2016 #40
A job requirement? JonathanRackham Aug 2016 #99
Well ok then sarisataka Aug 2016 #134
Police are the only ones trustworthy enough sarisataka Aug 2016 #81
I don't blame cops, but any encounter with an armed person can become deadly bhikkhu Aug 2016 #123
I feel the same way. Buckeye_Democrat Aug 2016 #5
Then this is a 2 for 1. TheCowsCameHome Aug 2016 #8
I'd rather encounter a rabid dog than hlthe2b Aug 2016 #19
The gun can certainly do more damage. Buckeye_Democrat Aug 2016 #23
If I see it, I leave. Period. JoePhilly Aug 2016 #7
EXACTLY!! relayerbob Aug 2016 #25
Yep. Good advice. Thumbs up to your comment. Divine Discontent Aug 2016 #41
Exactly .... that is how I have raised my children and despite my old age (54) .... etherealtruth Aug 2016 #43
thank you. nt G_j Aug 2016 #173
Hear, hear! smirkymonkey Aug 2016 #9
"And as a group we have a right to ask you to leave." beevul Aug 2016 #10
Actually It Could Be Dicey To Ask An Armed Person To Leave. TheMastersNemesis Aug 2016 #15
So you mean public places. beevul Aug 2016 #21
You can look it up with a google search. yallerdawg Aug 2016 #32
A google search doesn't tell me if what I find is what that poster refers to. beevul Aug 2016 #52
Ran Into An Article In Passing. Looked Like The GOP Was Considering Right To Sue. TheMastersNemesis Aug 2016 #94
The 2nd Amendment folk... yallerdawg Aug 2016 #101
Well, if the gun nuts don't feel safe awoke_in_2003 Aug 2016 #125
This message was self-deleted by its author Duckhunter935 Aug 2016 #66
There is a kind of innate mental illness that's clearly "tipped" when someone "needs" open carry... villager Aug 2016 #11
The Cowboy Syndrome. nt TeamPooka Aug 2016 #138
They are either expecting trouble or possibly going to cause trouble. justhanginon Aug 2016 #12
I agree katmondoo Aug 2016 #14
Technically police are open carry? JonathanRackham Aug 2016 #17
See post #40 SecularMotion Aug 2016 #42
Sorry, buddy….. You ain't got that right in 'murika world wide wally Aug 2016 #18
Ditto for me as well. sinkingfeeling Aug 2016 #20
here here - my visit to the grocery store last week - asiliveandbreathe Aug 2016 #22
Just signed. narnian60 Aug 2016 #36
I saw my first open carry in AZ back in '82 when a boyfriend and I took Purveyor Aug 2016 #37
All 4 I frequent are listed under gun sense stores . Thanks Person 2713 Aug 2016 #55
meh Go Vols Aug 2016 #24
It happens in Ohio. Buckeye_Democrat Aug 2016 #26
Gunfights in bars are a common occurrence SecularMotion Aug 2016 #44
Now you're moving the goalposts? SecularMotion Aug 2016 #199
Toters are crazy mwrguy Aug 2016 #28
The number of legal "toters" who commit crime shadowrider Aug 2016 #49
Chicago has a high crime rate due to ease of access in Indiana. Exilednight Aug 2016 #229
It's already illegal to buy a gun in Indiana and sell it in Illinois Lee-Lee Aug 2016 #235
Open carry doesn't bother me bigwillq Aug 2016 #29
I live in Toronto ... NanceGreggs Aug 2016 #30
I feel the same as you do. upaloopa Aug 2016 #31
Heller can be reversed mwrguy Aug 2016 #133
Ditto colsohlibgal Aug 2016 #34
Do you know of any Harry and old Aug 2016 #35
Gunman kills 3 strangers ‘like he was having a stroll in the park’ SecularMotion Aug 2016 #48
No wasy thats open carry Harry and old Aug 2016 #91
Did you miss this? SecularMotion Aug 2016 #100
So happy you came to join us. phylny Aug 2016 #50
oh yes Skittles Aug 2016 #73
I predict a short visit. johnp3907 Aug 2016 #102
Ask any person of color how that ends up... madinmaryland Aug 2016 #116
It' not the shoot outs Pakid Aug 2016 #152
If they're concealed, how do you know? MicaelS Aug 2016 #38
That is my question too Duckhunter935 Aug 2016 #69
Some concealed guns are obvious even if you're not an expert Buzz cook Aug 2016 #105
Huh? I do not want to be around someone who is carrying a gun openly or even concealed. shadowrider Aug 2016 #45
Best. Post. Ever. bigwillq Aug 2016 #46
Ban public carry SecularMotion Aug 2016 #54
Irrelevant to the discussion shadowrider Aug 2016 #57
You asked the question SecularMotion Aug 2016 #58
The statement was shadowrider Aug 2016 #67
LOL. Try carrying a gun into the courthouse or on the plane. ErikJ Aug 2016 #167
I am waiting for the answer to the great question Duckhunter935 Aug 2016 #70
I won't wait long. I have to work in the morning. n/t shadowrider Aug 2016 #71
Good night Duckhunter935 Aug 2016 #72
How do I stop that? I openly mock gun love. hunter Aug 2016 #86
Who ya going to call ? Harry and old Aug 2016 #95
I'd call a member of... yallerdawg Aug 2016 #103
Who is the bad guy living in your head? hunter Aug 2016 #104
If I'm surrounded by guns everywhere I go in St. Louis, those ccw permit holders are violating the.. Humanist_Activist Aug 2016 #113
"Tell me, how do you stop that?" < May I carry a weapon on my person in Idaho? jtuck004 Aug 2016 #118
First quaker bill Aug 2016 #131
The thing is ... Straw Man Aug 2016 #181
I am pretty sure quaker bill Aug 2016 #192
Not exactly true at the Pulse HockeyMom Aug 2016 #200
Tell me OldArtilleryMan Aug 2016 #132
That's a strawman argument. shadowrider Aug 2016 #190
Yes your firearms are concealed and couldn't hurt anyone. Jerry442 Aug 2016 #143
Why the fuck would you need to carry three guns? Orrex Aug 2016 #194
Which right are you referring to? TipTok Aug 2016 #51
Apparently, the 'right' to be free of some nebulous "moral harm" friendly_iconoclast Aug 2016 #175
agreed, 100 percent.... mike_c Aug 2016 #53
Exactly. Chemisse Aug 2016 #202
Don't be so dramatic! Here's a handy guide to help make split-second life/death decisions. Snarkoleptic Aug 2016 #222
No shit Warren Stupidity Aug 2016 #56
I'm not afraid. The probability of being shot by a permitted or otherwise legal carrier is very low. aikoaiko Aug 2016 #61
And zero probability of being shot if they weren't carrying any guns, yeah? nt procon Aug 2016 #75
Yep same for car crashes. If no one drove cars, not one would be hurt in car crashes. aikoaiko Aug 2016 #76
Significant differences apply. procon Aug 2016 #93
Do they? beevul Aug 2016 #98
Yeah, those 18th Century rights. yallerdawg Aug 2016 #107
Put your money where your mouth is and give up your 18th century speech rights then. beevul Aug 2016 #147
The laws are changing in favor of public safety. procon Aug 2016 #115
Yes, they are. beevul Aug 2016 #149
Why would you think that only gun rights people will ask the high court to rule? procon Aug 2016 #154
Why would the gun controllers appeal a ruling in their favor? pipoman Aug 2016 #162
Its not yet a uniform law across the country. procon Aug 2016 #163
Not until an actual contested ruling is accepted for consideration by scotus.... pipoman Aug 2016 #174
First, how do you propose that an anti-gunner take to court, that which is legal? beevul Aug 2016 #164
similar standards do apply to those who carry a lethal weapon. aikoaiko Aug 2016 #127
I can't verify your claims. procon Aug 2016 #137
As I said, not identical,but similar standards. I don't think any state requires liability insurance aikoaiko Aug 2016 #139
True. procon Aug 2016 #144
I suppose caring about others depends on your sense of kindness, benevolence, and ethics. aikoaiko Aug 2016 #146
Now I've heard everything; man with gun begging for sympathy procon Aug 2016 #150
No one is begging you for anything. I thought we were just conversing about a topic. aikoaiko Aug 2016 #153
Have you read the responses in this thread? procon Aug 2016 #156
People don't like alot of things in their public spaces. beevul Aug 2016 #166
Yes, some people are fearful. aikoaiko Aug 2016 #195
Maybe you should talk to the kids...while a bit of fear can be a good thing, heart-pounding anxiety jmg257 Aug 2016 #221
This message was self-deleted by its author LongtimeAZDem Aug 2016 #160
Oh the gunners come out with their plaintive whines about their precious flamin lib Aug 2016 #63
If I were to see one of those guys in my grocery store who's not wearing a police uniform... Hekate Aug 2016 #68
Yeah, I hate flashers, too. Iggo Aug 2016 #74
Where is all of this sarisataka Aug 2016 #77
I live in gun crazy Texas, have a concealed carry permit but only carry concealed (I don't care for Waldorf Aug 2016 #171
I left a grocery store on Sunday, with my empty bags under my arms, BallardWA Aug 2016 #79
When the police or another armed individual finds a gun on you... yallerdawg Aug 2016 #80
Murder is now legal sarisataka Aug 2016 #82
Murder is unlawful. yallerdawg Aug 2016 #88
So should I choose sarisataka Aug 2016 #90
That is exactly how it works. yallerdawg Aug 2016 #97
The sad thing is sarisataka Aug 2016 #106
Let's see where we are right now. yallerdawg Aug 2016 #108
I though we were talking sarisataka Aug 2016 #112
We're talking about why we don't want to be around people with guns. yallerdawg Aug 2016 #119
YOU said sarisataka Aug 2016 #122
Are you unaware of what has been happening recently and forever? yallerdawg Aug 2016 #128
I see those acts sarisataka Aug 2016 #129
So legal?... sarisataka Aug 2016 #135
What? TipTok Aug 2016 #117
"What?" yallerdawg Aug 2016 #120
I feel the same way Hayduke Bomgarte Aug 2016 #84
+ 1,000,000 wysi Aug 2016 #87
Same here shenmue Aug 2016 #89
SAME here. BigDemVoter Aug 2016 #92
For people who have to have a gun for their job, OK, but... MarianJack Aug 2016 #96
Open Carry? jimmil Aug 2016 #111
i saw a guy open carrying while jogging down the road in the rain bravenak Aug 2016 #130
Agree. Why should I have to trust that an open carry person won't suddenly start shooting? Chemisse Aug 2016 #136
You can't, and that's what bothers me the most, too. procon Aug 2016 #142
Why are some so paranoid they can't be around a gun? FXSTD Aug 2016 #140
Guns' rights are more important than human rights. baldguy Aug 2016 #141
Projection your honor. beevul Aug 2016 #169
I live in a rural town in NM - we have an open carry loon walking around... alittlelark Aug 2016 #145
Why aren't you calling the police? beevul Aug 2016 #170
I have been in contact w/Harry Betz-our Police Chief alittlelark Aug 2016 #176
If hes spent stints in prison, hes been caught doing something, which most likely makes him a PP. beevul Aug 2016 #177
I don't either. Dem2 Aug 2016 #151
There was a time and place when I open-carried pinboy3niner Aug 2016 #155
You may want to refer to this map to determine where you want to live: MohRokTah Aug 2016 #157
If I'm in a store and there's a guy with a loaded AK47 on his back, I do not shop there. Initech Aug 2016 #158
Clinton needs to pack the SCOTUS with judges hostile to the 2nd Amendment Grey Lemercier Aug 2016 #159
A tax to designed restrict a Constitutionally protected right? It's been tried, and failed: friendly_iconoclast Aug 2016 #172
put the right judges on the SCOTUS and it would pass constitutional muster Grey Lemercier Aug 2016 #215
Why focus on removing the 90% of legal owners - and have to fight the Constitution to do so? jmg257 Aug 2016 #224
Rational response to open carry- Snarkoleptic Aug 2016 #165
A friend from work before I retired duncang Aug 2016 #168
They are not paranoid they are agreesive anti social misfits They live to get in people's faces and Monk06 Aug 2016 #180
I hear that second hand bullets are even worse than second hand smoke. Binkie The Clown Aug 2016 #182
You Certainly Have That Right. TheMastersNemesis Aug 2016 #186
Where I live, getting a gun is a tedious, drawn-out process including mental evaluation DFW Aug 2016 #185
This message was self-deleted by its author mark67 Aug 2016 #187
When I lived in Texas Loki Aug 2016 #189
They should be made to wear a bright yellow hat. pwb Aug 2016 #191
Have you ever seen someone open carrying? ileus Aug 2016 #196
They are cowards who cannot face the world without having the threat of violence handy at their side baldguy Aug 2016 #198
So all those people who report violent crimes are just lying? Nuclear Unicorn Aug 2016 #204
So because of the exceedingly rare violent crime baldguy Aug 2016 #207
It's not rare for the victims. But since you're going to fixate on what is rare -- Nuclear Unicorn Aug 2016 #220
The rarest of all is actually the threat of getting shot by someone who has no gun. baldguy Aug 2016 #236
You need to accept the chance of being a victim to prove you're not a coward. ileus Aug 2016 #213
If you truly cared about your wife and children, you wouldn't own a gun SecularMotion Aug 2016 #223
Me either, and that includes security guards and police. marble falls Aug 2016 #197
Just get the anti-smokers to go after them, that will shut them down. Dustlawyer Aug 2016 #201
You should consult this map to see where you need to live Lee-Lee Aug 2016 #203
Jesus fin Christ Cosmocat Aug 2016 #219
Can you show one of those states that has "devolved" back to Wild West days? Lee-Lee Aug 2016 #234
Oh look, it's the daily DU 2-minute hate against gun owners. Odin2005 Aug 2016 #205
People do not hate gun owners nor do they want to take their guns away randr Aug 2016 #211
OP is accusing all concealed-carry people of being crazed violent RW loons. Odin2005 Aug 2016 #214
That is not what I read randr Aug 2016 #216
OP said they didn't even want to be around concealed carry people. Odin2005 Aug 2016 #217
I thought "gun issues" weren't allowed in GD. NaturalHigh Aug 2016 #212
Apparently an open-carry person REALLY upset the OP a while back. jmg257 Aug 2016 #218
Wow - people who are so paranoid of other people who are so paranoid of other people jmg257 Aug 2016 #208
Cool story bro. NaturalHigh Aug 2016 #210
The ones with the hero complex get me.... Spitfire of ATJ Aug 2016 #225
"I'm sick of hearing about their god damned rights" cleanhippie Aug 2016 #226
I Don't Give A Damn What You Think. TheMastersNemesis Aug 2016 #228
That's obvious, and the problem. cleanhippie Aug 2016 #230
K&R demmiblue Aug 2016 #227
As strong of a defender of the 2A as I am, OC rubs me the wrong way. Marengo Aug 2016 #231
Too Bad. Most Of The Public Is Against Open Carry. TheMastersNemesis Aug 2016 #233
If I Had Children Would Not Allow Them To Play With Avid Gun Owner's Kids. TheMastersNemesis Aug 2016 #232
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