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5. I would support an amendment adding term limits...
Mon Oct 10, 2016, 12:19 PM
Oct 2016

Two terms maximum, for both representatives and senators. But the terms should stay two and six years, respectively. I would not support any change of the term length.

IMO, 2 years is too long to be able to get rid of a candidate who got your vote through napi21 Oct 2016 #1
Give them four years, but establish a one- or two-term limit Orrex Oct 2016 #2
I might support it IF they were also term-limited to two terms... MANative Oct 2016 #3
public financing of elections edhopper Oct 2016 #4
I would support an amendment adding term limits... neeksgeek Oct 2016 #5
I say term limits of 12 years total meow2u3 Oct 2016 #14
Yeah, I think changing fundraising rules would be more effective. Brickbat Oct 2016 #7
Only when progressives hold a substantial majority Fluke a Snooker Oct 2016 #8
First, welcome to DU Algernon Moncrieff Oct 2016 #17
Yes, in conjunction with a requirement for nonpartisan Boundary Commissions, Nye Bevan Oct 2016 #9
I support 4 year Rep terms ProudToBeBlueInRhody Oct 2016 #10
no - but I would sure go for changing the senate to 4 years rurallib Oct 2016 #11
How about this? atreides1 Oct 2016 #12
term limIts suck. california did it JI7 Oct 2016 #15
i'd like everyone to be on the same 4 year presidential cycle. all these off year elections are just La Lioness Priyanka Oct 2016 #13
Nope and no damned term limits either. If Americans won't take responsibility for elections CBGLuthier Oct 2016 #16
I'd make all primary elections open to all voters. Skink Oct 2016 #18
I would support an amendment that increased the size of the house ChairmanAgnostic Oct 2016 #19
No End Gerrymandering and Make More District Competitive is What Needs to Be Done Stallion Oct 2016 #20
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