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5. Einsatzgruppen? OMG, they are insane!
Thu Jun 28, 2012, 06:37 PM
Jun 2012

(Edited to remove duplicate material from above post.)

That nut is calling for the extermination of ALL liberals.

The Einsatzgruppen? Fawke Em Jun 2012 #1
The ones who aren't fundies mzteris Jun 2012 #3
That pretty much sums it up! JustAnotherGen Jun 2012 #73
Freepers staying classy as usual. yellowcanine Jun 2012 #82
Nazi SS murders = Einsatzgruppen warrior1 Jun 2012 #2
Actually the Einsatzgruppen were the mobile units of SS officers who coalition_unwilling Jun 2012 #20
'Einsatz' isn't all that easily translated RZM Jun 2012 #51
Technical note: I believe the Einsatzgruppen got their start in 1939 in Poland (which was coalition_unwilling Jun 2012 #65
Not exactly sure RZM Jun 2012 #69
I had to look that up abelenkpe Jun 2012 #4
Einsatzgruppen? OMG, they are insane! femmocrat Jun 2012 #5
My thought, too Aerows Jun 2012 #56
Roberts (and his family and friends) needs to be treated like the grotesque walking abortion he is. sufrommich Jun 2012 #6
I think the subsequent comment amplified it. Faygo Kid Jun 2012 #43
One thought I had today is that Roberts will now become aware rurallib Jun 2012 #44
Is it possible he wasn't aware? If so. . annabanana Jun 2012 #95
Love the one that brings in the Muslims treestar Jun 2012 #7
"The New World Order socialists" BumRushDaShow Jun 2012 #8
Uttered the first time on 9/11/91. Fawke Em Jun 2012 #37
To the "I would rather DIE than accept Obamacare" guy. Fine, kill yourself ... asshole. 11 Bravo Jun 2012 #9
+1,000,000! Walk away Jun 2012 #27
The fun part about this is that they don't have a fucking clue what "Obamacare" means. HopeHoops Jun 2012 #10
They know Obamacare is... Blanks Jun 2012 #28
Just like they "know" the earth is only 6000 years old...... kestrel91316 Jun 2012 #32
They "know" that trickle-down economics works, too deutsey Jun 2012 #81
Hermetically sealed ideology. Blanks Jun 2012 #86
That's the really sad part too... so much hate and anger, based on ignorance of basic facts arcane1 Jun 2012 #29
Wow... M0rpheus Jun 2012 #11
Wow,indeed. The freeper mask slips. nt sufrommich Jun 2012 #12
Reminds me of my previous job... M0rpheus Jun 2012 #17
lol.nt sufrommich Jun 2012 #24
I'd love to see you post an OP on those experiences. Laelth Jun 2012 #90
If I were a writer and I could make it interesting, I would. M0rpheus Jul 2012 #100
Among other things, it's a grammatical atrocity and a stunning coalition_unwilling Jun 2012 #23
LOL! M0rpheus Jun 2012 #49
They do have sources for these ideas that to them are mainstream such as Limbaugh see qoute: gordianot Jun 2012 #84
Tee Hee Hee ... 1StrongBlackMan Jun 2012 #13
What are they smoking: health care for everybody should absolutely be a right. Initech Jun 2012 #14
Indeed, and Haiti and Somalia are thattaway.......... kestrel91316 Jun 2012 #35
Anyone who has ever gotten sick or died -- IT'S ALL YOUR OWN FAULT Arugula Latte Jun 2012 #15
we need new words to describe their ignorance of the health care law: Evergreen Emerald Jun 2012 #16
Has the Impeach Roberts campaign begun yet? nt NoGOPZone Jun 2012 #18
I bet Roberts is getting an unexpected earful. Know he knows how those fools think Auntie Bush Jun 2012 #57
I'm glad you saved the pro nazi post for posterity, sufrommich Jun 2012 #19
Roberts need to lay low for awhile till these maniacs calm down. DCBob Jun 2012 #21
Einsatzgruppen? GarroHorus Jun 2012 #22
Fucking Batshit Insane and willfully so. SammyWinstonJack Jun 2012 #25
These people are fucking NUTS. liberalmuse Jun 2012 #26
LOL! EFerrari Jun 2012 #30
The Dunning-Kruger is strong with these freepers. sadbear Jun 2012 #31
What did Jefferon say? malaise Jun 2012 #33
I was wondering about the Jefferon as well Bettie Jun 2012 #39
LOL malaise Jun 2012 #46
"Tizzy"? I beg to differ Canuckistanian Jun 2012 #34
The "vapors?" Anyway, they remind me of Aunt Pittypat. Faygo Kid Jun 2012 #41
"Your health is not my problem" ProudToBeBlueInRhody Jun 2012 #36
I think I detect 4nic8em Jun 2012 #38
They always in some tizzy. Have been longs I remember. struggle4progress Jun 2012 #40
It always scares me to read the Freeper stuff - frightful that such people are walking around lose. patricia92243 Jun 2012 #42
Not to worry teenagebambam Jun 2012 #53
I would rather DIE than accept Obamacare rurallib Jun 2012 #45
I have been laughing.. butterfly77 Jun 2012 #47
I would bet that 99% of them are male bhikkhu Jun 2012 #48
LOL... That's why I've been so busy on DMN today- a wet REM. w8liftinglady Jun 2012 #50
They must really hate the Patriot Act. Puregonzo1188 Jun 2012 #52
Wow! Well, hello, Cain! calimary Jun 2012 #54
Einsatzgruppen? Aerows Jun 2012 #55
It's all talk Blue_Tires Jun 2012 #89
There's talk and there's talk, though. (nt) Posteritatis Jun 2012 #98
OMG-- it's like being in an insane asylum!! ailsagirl Jun 2012 #58
That first post sounds like a liberal troll fucking with those fools! nt MADem Jun 2012 #59
Who dare impose health upon the Freeper and his ilk? Blue Owl Jun 2012 #60
God and country realizes of course he is already paying for somebody nadinbrzezinski Jun 2012 #61
Einsatzgruppen? MiddleFingerMom Jun 2012 #62
They had their day of joy a few weeks ago - Wisconsin election Liberal_in_LA Jun 2012 #63
"The time has come for Einsatzgruppen against ALL liberals" sakabatou Jun 2012 #64
And on a us supreme court justice nadinbrzezinski Jun 2012 #66
**Baka ni tsukeru kusuri nashi~ AsahinaKimi Jun 2012 #67
There are sayings like that in almost every language nadinbrzezinski Jun 2012 #68
Zettai ni sakabatou Jun 2012 #70
Tadashii desu. AsahinaKimi Jun 2012 #74
Arigatou sakabatou Jun 2012 #91
dou itashimashite! AsahinaKimi Jun 2012 #99
Hey....Nazi death squad guy in MA.... rppper Jun 2012 #71
So, die then. XanaDUer Jun 2012 #72
And from this morning: Roberts' children threatened Faygo Kid Jun 2012 #75
I actually think that one is implying sufrommich Jun 2012 #83
"Your health IS NOT MY PROBLEM. Can't afford to pay for care?Then STAY HEALTHY! It's not that hard!" Tommy_Carcetti Jun 2012 #76
Of course they're for real. trotsky Jun 2012 #78
If anyone is begging the universe to kick him in the 'nads with a serious accident or disease Arugula Latte Jun 2012 #96
For the bloke who scolded me... How do you reach these people? Rambis Jun 2012 #77
As a kid I used to wonder how countries could become so horrible to the RKP5637 Jun 2012 #79
I love the smell of freeper head melt demwing Jun 2012 #80
"stay healthy. It's not that hard"????? There is someone who should volunteer at a chelsea0011 Jun 2012 #85
"I would rather DIE than accept Obamacare" Blue_Tires Jun 2012 #87
i had to look up barbtries Jun 2012 #88
Jesus paraphrase: "Forgive them, for they know not what they are talking about." Sparkly Jun 2012 #92
To That First Post on the Freeper Thread: My Sister Was A Devout Christian. Yavin4 Jun 2012 #93
The psychotic, the deranged, the wannabe bullyboys hifiguy Jun 2012 #94
Nice job, Socialists! Phase one has been completed. Next up: Muslims take over South-Central USA. Arugula Latte Jun 2012 #97
End of Times HockeyMom Jul 2012 #101
It's that time of year. Turbineguy Jul 2012 #102
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