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54. The issue is explained in this video:
Thu Sep 3, 2015, 10:44 PM
Sep 2015

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Clergy Rebukes Media for Asking Wrong Questions About Amendment One

Uploaded by Eric Preston - May 6, 2012

In a press conference held in Greensboro, North Carolina, Clergy from around the state gathered together to pray for the wisdom of its citizens regarding the May 8th vote on Amendment One.

In that conference, Rev. Dr. William J. Barber took the time to rebuke the media for asking the wrong questions regarding the amendment. Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, II is the President of the North Carolina State Conference of the NAACP.

Sadly, the frightwingers, who were shown to be like the miscengenation fears of the past, won the day. I hope that state is obeying the law now. One of the clear wrongs here is that she is elected to follow the law, just as Kerry was given grief for respecting. Also Democrats do believe in law to prevent a return to Rex Lex. When the articles claim she is a Democratic Party supporter, she doesn't support the platform.

Increasingly, the attack on women and minorities is being done through the private sphere. That is easier when it includes privatization. The Hobby Lobby has been buying up hospitals and schools to convert them into RW religious enforcers. They funded anti-same sex laws in the various states that passed them and fund movements to stop women from not just abortion, but getting birth control.

Our governors got involved to stop pharmacists from denying women morning after pills based on their 'beliefs.' The governor had to intervene against the attempted buy out of a rural hospital by a religious group that would have been able to deny women legal healthcare for lack of alternatives in the private hospital.

The RWNJs are increasing and so are the churches. They swallow all the lies from media and pastors. This battle is going to go on for a long time, these folks are doubling down. I suspect they're being paid for it, too.

Well, color me surprised! beac Sep 2015 #1
Color me surprised also but, then too, DonViejo Sep 2015 #2
I will agree - on this issue. Elmer S. E. Dump Sep 2015 #16
And I will agree on your entire post. Raster Sep 2015 #41
No GOP or Teaparty elected official can take a position in favor of the clerk unless they randys1 Sep 2015 #26
I agree, also colored surprise. However, ONLY LOGICAL RESPONSE. Raster Sep 2015 #3
This nation would cease to be otherwise. Ikonoklast Sep 2015 #40
good one Angry Dragon Sep 2015 #45
Next question.... Geronimoe Sep 2015 #4
IF she continues to refuse then let her sit in jail for avebury Sep 2015 #10
The only thing the court will care about is whether she did her job. Elmer S. E. Dump Sep 2015 #17
"stand their ground" - reportedly, one of her supporters called that out to her, closeupready Sep 2015 #12
She has no ground to stand on. Remember Wiley Coyote any one? Elmer S. E. Dump Sep 2015 #18
I don't think middle ground is inconceivable. Jim Lane Sep 2015 #28
No, I don't think she'd agree to that. hamsterjill Sep 2015 #50
Update: You and I were both right about what this whacko would do. Jim Lane Sep 2015 #53
We are both smart cookies!!! LOL hamsterjill Sep 2015 #55
Lets charge this clerk, put her in Prison for LIFE. She is just a stupid conservative. rladdi Sep 2015 #5
Charge with hate crime Geronimoe Sep 2015 #7
Make an example out of the ass. Elmer S. E. Dump Sep 2015 #19
For life? I thought we were trying to lower the population in Prison yeoman6987 Sep 2015 #27
She is a registered Democrat, and holds office as one. n/t Psephos Sep 2015 #46
she must have taken an oath of office KT2000 Sep 2015 #6
The Kentucky Constitution has specific language she should read csziggy Sep 2015 #21
found her oath of office: KT2000 Sep 2015 #38
Yeah, I posted it in another thread - she's in violation for sure csziggy Sep 2015 #39
stopped clock, good for you Sen. Graham nt steve2470 Sep 2015 #8
Okay, so she won't resign and won't comply. Who gets rid of her? nt valerief Sep 2015 #9
Then she gets terminated for not performing her job still_one Sep 2015 #11
She's an elected official. Can't be fired riderinthestorm Sep 2015 #13
Additionally, the state attorney general may investigate... LanternWaste Sep 2015 #29
Yup, there's options out there to make it painful for Davis for non-compliance riderinthestorm Sep 2015 #32
They cannot fire her... KarenS Sep 2015 #14
Judge can definitely jail or fine her SCantiGOP Sep 2015 #22
they should jail her until she either complies or is removed by impeachment drray23 Sep 2015 #35
Putting Amotion in Motion: Removal of an Elected Official by a Municipal Governing Body for Just Cau jtuck004 Sep 2015 #15
reduce her salary kiri Sep 2015 #30
She has thousands of supporters who would pay her far more than she is getting on her job. n/t jtuck004 Sep 2015 #33
It's amazing that it is newsworthy SCantiGOP Sep 2015 #20
You know you've gone so far out on a limb that it's broken off... 47of74 Sep 2015 #23
Knives on the edge of a downward slope ... NotHardly Sep 2015 #24
I commend Graham for his appreciation of the rule of law... MrScorpio Sep 2015 #25
Well, Lindsay is a confirmed bachelor and may not be up on all the nuances of ... well, nuances. Hekate Sep 2015 #37
I do not have any trouble with his use of the term 'traditional' Angry Dragon Sep 2015 #44
At that point, we will just call it "marriage" Hekate Sep 2015 #47
YES Angry Dragon Sep 2015 #51
We live in a free country PatSeg Sep 2015 #31
yes, she did know that when she took office Skittles Sep 2015 #48
Its funny PatSeg Sep 2015 #52
look what i found... SummerSnow Sep 2015 #34
good find Angry Dragon Sep 2015 #43
...And the world moves on.... We have won, and it's all over but the shouting. Hekate Sep 2015 #36
he should sit down with Rand Paul and explain how things work Angry Dragon Sep 2015 #42
Can't be done. Major Hogwash Sep 2015 #49
The issue is explained in this video: freshwest Sep 2015 #54
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