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Wow, she would have been wiser to say nothing. Guess the Kool-Aid is still the #1 drink in the WH. machoneman May 2020 #1
Shut up First Nipples LakeArenal May 2020 #2
She really needs to just Shut Up ashredux May 2020 #3
Look at your husband, Twit..... ProudMNDemocrat May 2020 #4
I'm so glad leftieNanner May 2020 #7
Yes.... ProudMNDemocrat May 2020 #9
No reason for your house mate to Kaiserguy May 2020 #52
hey Melanoma: shut the fuck up gopiscrap May 2020 #5
So How's Your Be Best Campaign Working Out? leftieNanner May 2020 #6
Fuck off you brainless evil person. SamKnause May 2020 #8
Sometimes I think she's more of an idiot than her husband. Vinca May 2020 #10
Quite a pair of boobs, though - TheCowsCameHome May 2020 #12
Kidneys BigMin28 May 2020 #34
Be Best IronLionZion May 2020 #11
Be best if she spoke out about police violence against citizens, but bullwinkle428 May 2020 #42
At hypocrisy! Nt alp227 May 2020 #71
Let a cop kneel on your son's neck for 9 minutes --- packman May 2020 #13
Exactly Ohiogal May 2020 #19
I would prefer BigMin28 May 2020 #36
Or that pig of a 'husband' that Putin assigned you to. olddad65 May 2020 #60
Who cares what you have to say? BillyBobBrilliant May 2020 #14
She should quit trying to pretend to be anything other than a hate filled golddigger. lark May 2020 #15
Third lady words don't carry much weight. pwb May 2020 #16
Murder is a pretty good reason C_U_L8R May 2020 #17
Still waiting for this mail order escort to explain her immigration process. AKing May 2020 #18
meanwhile her spouse is #1 offender of her anti-cyberbully "cause" and on THAT she's silent flibbitygiblets May 2020 #20
The First Escort should simply BlueMTexpat May 2020 #21
Hotus said what now? gibraltar72 May 2020 #22
Was she wearing her dobleremolque May 2020 #23
You don't say... Canoe52 May 2020 #24
I think someone asked her to make this statement. It is unlike Melania to get involved in this kind Stuart G May 2020 #25
I'm guessing someone paid her. ZenDem May 2020 #28
She stays around because of one hell of a prenup is my guess. JmAln May 2020 #59
one word: empty IcyPeas May 2020 #26
Shoo. Shoo. Go away. Shoo. Shoo. Solly Mack May 2020 #27
I'll let Ferris say it for all of us. 11 Bravo May 2020 #58
Be best geardaddy May 2020 #29
She should shut her Slovenian pie hole and focus on Pussy-Grabber's antics. BigDemVoter May 2020 #30
F.O. Melania and go back to staring at yourself in the mirror. hadEnuf May 2020 #31
Are her eyes getting narrower? (But just look at the size of those kidneys!) NurseJackie May 2020 #32
Look up useless in the dictionary and this is the image you see. Putin needs to recall this one. n/t TheFourthMind May 2020 #33
Oh, just shut up already PatSeg May 2020 #35
Go away. You and your vile POS husband disgrace the White House. kairos12 May 2020 #37
Yes please move Rebl2 May 2020 #63
You don't care, Miguelito Loveless May 2020 #38
BE BEST do nothing 1st lady needs to STFU vapor2 May 2020 #39
Hey malaria, we already know you don't care so Javaman May 2020 #40
The First Prostitute needs to STFU. roamer65 May 2020 #41
Oh fer crying out loud. You can understand the reasons for something without condoning it WHY Kashkakat v.2.0 May 2020 #43
Ex-stripper trophy wife liberalhistorian May 2020 #44
Vapid and delusional. Go back to Slovenia. Isn't that how we treat immigrants? Evolve Dammit May 2020 #45
Tell your john to stop tweeting. That would help matters. nt SunSeeker May 2020 #46
Looking forward to Biden winning on Nov. 3, which is the day that Malaria's escort contract NCjack May 2020 #47
Okay with whatever is between your ears...............did your husband say anything about turbinetree May 2020 #48
Despicable, deplorable woman. gademocrat7 May 2020 #49
Shameless first ho sez what? n/t area51 May 2020 #50
she's a disgusting evil thing samsingh May 2020 #51
Through the Looking Glass, Darkly maxrandb May 2020 #53
Thanks for posting, demmiblue.. K&R Permanut May 2020 #54
I guess the vapid fool would like PoC to be polite and calm during their airmid May 2020 #55
When anyone with the name tRump Scarsdale May 2020 #56
If rich white politicians were being killed like innocent African Americans, things would change qui Firestorm49 May 2020 #57
I don't feel Rebl2 May 2020 #65
Lady, you and that racist piece of shit who purchased you are THE reason for violence. NNadir May 2020 #61
Jeezus Dios Mio May 2020 #62
Didn't know she cared Blue Owl May 2020 #64
That's rich, coming from the wife of a Dotard who ENCOURAGES violence. Nt raccoon May 2020 #66
I don't give a damn... Skid Rogue May 2020 #67
Maybe "escorts" just simply never learn the following wisdom??? MFGsunny May 2020 #68
Escorts are like that, huh? nt Skid Rogue May 2020 #69
Does anybody listen to her? agalisgv May 2020 #70
She can shut the fuck up Marrah_Goodman May 2020 #72
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