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53. Through the Looking Glass, Darkly
Fri May 29, 2020, 03:06 PM
May 2020

This is evidence that America...and possibly the entire fucking world has not only crashed through the Looking Glass, but we are now using the broken shards to slit our fucking wrists.

Every fiber of my being, from the deepest depths of my soul, to the tips of my male nipples in the frozen-food section at Harris Teeter, knows with a crystalline, pure spar certainty, that I should NOT BE REQUIRED to give ONE-FUCK what this soulless, hell spawn "Netherworld Barbie" has to say about fucking anything

My intellect, my psyche, my conscience, my decency and grace...all tell me that I shouldn't even be required to know who in the fuck these people are.

I know that these lifeless, grifting, vapid, empty vessels deserve NOT ONE NANO-SECOND of my serious thoughts.

These spray-on-tan, Loreal of Bakersfield, plastic, Axe-Body Spray wearing morons SHOULD BE THE MOST FUCKING INSIGNIFICANT PEOPLE WE EVER ENCOUNTER

Their impact on our lives should have the same effect of a fucking gnat blocking the path of a charging rhino.

I will NEVER forgive fucking Donnie Shit for Brains voting morons for requiring me to take seriously, A FUCKING BUNCH OF IGNORANT FUCKSTICKS that should NEVER be taken seriously

This fucking family and their supporters, are like dog-shit stuck in the grooves of your tennis shoes.

Wow, she would have been wiser to say nothing. Guess the Kool-Aid is still the #1 drink in the WH. machoneman May 2020 #1
Shut up First Nipples LakeArenal May 2020 #2
She really needs to just Shut Up ashredux May 2020 #3
Look at your husband, Twit..... ProudMNDemocrat May 2020 #4
I'm so glad leftieNanner May 2020 #7
Yes.... ProudMNDemocrat May 2020 #9
No reason for your house mate to Kaiserguy May 2020 #52
hey Melanoma: shut the fuck up gopiscrap May 2020 #5
So How's Your Be Best Campaign Working Out? leftieNanner May 2020 #6
Fuck off you brainless evil person. SamKnause May 2020 #8
Sometimes I think she's more of an idiot than her husband. Vinca May 2020 #10
Quite a pair of boobs, though - TheCowsCameHome May 2020 #12
Kidneys BigMin28 May 2020 #34
Be Best IronLionZion May 2020 #11
Be best if she spoke out about police violence against citizens, but bullwinkle428 May 2020 #42
At hypocrisy! Nt alp227 May 2020 #71
Let a cop kneel on your son's neck for 9 minutes --- packman May 2020 #13
Exactly Ohiogal May 2020 #19
I would prefer BigMin28 May 2020 #36
Or that pig of a 'husband' that Putin assigned you to. olddad65 May 2020 #60
Who cares what you have to say? BillyBobBrilliant May 2020 #14
She should quit trying to pretend to be anything other than a hate filled golddigger. lark May 2020 #15
Third lady words don't carry much weight. pwb May 2020 #16
Murder is a pretty good reason C_U_L8R May 2020 #17
Still waiting for this mail order escort to explain her immigration process. AKing May 2020 #18
meanwhile her spouse is #1 offender of her anti-cyberbully "cause" and on THAT she's silent flibbitygiblets May 2020 #20
The First Escort should simply BlueMTexpat May 2020 #21
Hotus said what now? gibraltar72 May 2020 #22
Was she wearing her dobleremolque May 2020 #23
You don't say... Canoe52 May 2020 #24
I think someone asked her to make this statement. It is unlike Melania to get involved in this kind Stuart G May 2020 #25
I'm guessing someone paid her. ZenDem May 2020 #28
She stays around because of one hell of a prenup is my guess. JmAln May 2020 #59
one word: empty IcyPeas May 2020 #26
Shoo. Shoo. Go away. Shoo. Shoo. Solly Mack May 2020 #27
I'll let Ferris say it for all of us. 11 Bravo May 2020 #58
Be best geardaddy May 2020 #29
She should shut her Slovenian pie hole and focus on Pussy-Grabber's antics. BigDemVoter May 2020 #30
F.O. Melania and go back to staring at yourself in the mirror. hadEnuf May 2020 #31
Are her eyes getting narrower? (But just look at the size of those kidneys!) NurseJackie May 2020 #32
Look up useless in the dictionary and this is the image you see. Putin needs to recall this one. n/t TheFourthMind May 2020 #33
Oh, just shut up already PatSeg May 2020 #35
Go away. You and your vile POS husband disgrace the White House. kairos12 May 2020 #37
Yes please move Rebl2 May 2020 #63
You don't care, Miguelito Loveless May 2020 #38
BE BEST do nothing 1st lady needs to STFU vapor2 May 2020 #39
Hey malaria, we already know you don't care so Javaman May 2020 #40
The First Prostitute needs to STFU. roamer65 May 2020 #41
Oh fer crying out loud. You can understand the reasons for something without condoning it WHY Kashkakat v.2.0 May 2020 #43
Ex-stripper trophy wife liberalhistorian May 2020 #44
Vapid and delusional. Go back to Slovenia. Isn't that how we treat immigrants? Evolve Dammit May 2020 #45
Tell your john to stop tweeting. That would help matters. nt SunSeeker May 2020 #46
Looking forward to Biden winning on Nov. 3, which is the day that Malaria's escort contract NCjack May 2020 #47
Okay with whatever is between your ears...............did your husband say anything about turbinetree May 2020 #48
Despicable, deplorable woman. gademocrat7 May 2020 #49
Shameless first ho sez what? n/t area51 May 2020 #50
she's a disgusting evil thing samsingh May 2020 #51
Through the Looking Glass, Darkly maxrandb May 2020 #53
Thanks for posting, demmiblue.. K&R Permanut May 2020 #54
I guess the vapid fool would like PoC to be polite and calm during their airmid May 2020 #55
When anyone with the name tRump Scarsdale May 2020 #56
If rich white politicians were being killed like innocent African Americans, things would change qui Firestorm49 May 2020 #57
I don't feel Rebl2 May 2020 #65
Lady, you and that racist piece of shit who purchased you are THE reason for violence. NNadir May 2020 #61
Jeezus Dios Mio May 2020 #62
Didn't know she cared Blue Owl May 2020 #64
That's rich, coming from the wife of a Dotard who ENCOURAGES violence. Nt raccoon May 2020 #66
I don't give a damn... Skid Rogue May 2020 #67
Maybe "escorts" just simply never learn the following wisdom??? MFGsunny May 2020 #68
Escorts are like that, huh? nt Skid Rogue May 2020 #69
Does anybody listen to her? agalisgv May 2020 #70
She can shut the fuck up Marrah_Goodman May 2020 #72
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