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Well, well, well. What was hidden, is revealed. marble falls Jul 2021 #1
Somebody smack the US corporate media upside the head and get their attention EYESORE 9001 Jul 2021 #2
The Guardian broke the story. It'll be all over the news PDQ. marble falls Jul 2021 #3
Let's hope so EYESORE 9001 Jul 2021 #4
Yup. And Dems need to keep this in the forefront and pound it every chance they get -that 45 is a onetexan Jul 2021 #74
Today's big story is about Britney Spears. llmart Jul 2021 #107
Her celebrity status aside, Mr.Bill Jul 2021 #109
Business Insider is reporting the story chocolatpi Jul 2021 #77
clicked on link. Says "page not found" n/t BComplex Jul 2021 #90
I've been getting a lot of that on DU orangecrush Jul 2021 #95
Same here, though the Washington Post has a take on the story (link in post). Justice matters. Jul 2021 #101
Here's that Business Insider link in a format that should work. summer_in_TX Jul 2021 #111
they couldn't have done it without limbaugh/rw radio, which continues to evade any certainot Jul 2021 #5
It worked... MiHale Jul 2021 #6
Trump didn't "got [sic] in". He was engineered in by Putin and the Kremlin. Texin Jul 2021 #59
And the republicans are going to finish what he started. Jay25 Jul 2021 #68
This will not be reported in our MSM. gab13by13 Jul 2021 #7
You're correct... Duppers Jul 2021 #11
Want to bet a beer that she doesn't? I bet she does. marble falls Jul 2021 #12
Good bet -- she's kept close tabs on the Russian connection William Seger Jul 2021 #43
Maybe they fear facing their own wnylib Jul 2021 #38
The media is only as liberal as the conservative corporations that own it. bumper sticker -nt CrispyQ Jul 2021 #49
True. Yet Rachel puts her neck out there... Duppers Jul 2021 #69
I agree about Rachel and other MSNBC folks. ShazzieB Jul 2021 #105
No question that Rachel will Hekate Jul 2021 #83
Pretty sure Rachel will have to verify the info. But she seems to have the network to do that. fwvinson Jul 2021 #98
I'm afraid that's true.. mountain grammy Jul 2021 #44
It's on WaPo JustAnotherGen Jul 2021 #91
Seems I owe you a beer. I like to make good on my bets. I hope you're somewhere in Texas! marble falls Jul 2021 #114
Leak, my ass. Vlad is prouder of his puppet president than he is of anything else he's ever done. Scrivener7 Jul 2021 #8
100% Correct! Wuddles440 Jul 2021 #10
Same thing I said when I first read the headline padah513 Jul 2021 #18
AGREE ; SEEMS LIKE GLOATING lookyhereyou Jul 2021 #29
Putin needs to know the meaning of regret. wnylib Jul 2021 #42
Biden? lagomorph777 Jul 2021 #54
Unlike TFG, Biden is more action than talk. wnylib Jul 2021 #55
Not a traitor. lagomorph777 Jul 2021 #56
I'm adjusting quite well and enjoying wnylib Jul 2021 #60
The hard part is wondering what he's up to between visible events. lagomorph777 Jul 2021 #63
I can only speculate, but I know what wnylib Jul 2021 #64
Can someone please tell me what TFG stands for? BComplex Jul 2021 #94
The Former Guy nt intrepidity Jul 2021 #96
Thank you !! BComplex Jul 2021 #97
This message was self-deleted by its author ExTex Jul 2021 #99
A long time ago, I posted that Putin would throw Trump Dan Jul 2021 #103
Putin has determined that the USeful Idiot is no longer useful. OAITW r.2.0 Jul 2021 #33
Exactly! mountain grammy Jul 2021 #45
THIS! 👍 Putin is shoving America's nose in the pile of dog shit they both left behind. TheBlackAdder Jul 2021 #52
Done with Donnie? SallyHemmings Jul 2021 #9
Traitor Trump is used toilet paper in Putin's toilet bowl, with that familiar NCjack Jul 2021 #36
One of the most significant victories ever achieved of a weak nation over a stronger one DFW Jul 2021 #13
+1. dalton99a Jul 2021 #17
Brain? Trump ain't gt no brain! Brawn, sure. Brain...no way! machoneman Jul 2021 #20
I agree with you entirely, except in your questioning about what was behind the Scrivener7 Jul 2021 #25
The tradition and the tendency was always there, agreed DFW Jul 2021 #30
Yes. And technology and the way it makes the world small certainly has magnified it in our age. Scrivener7 Jul 2021 #37
All nations practice espionage. Putin is wnylib Jul 2021 #47
Or he will be ousted by someone he trusts--to the extent that he trusts anybody DFW Jul 2021 #51
I will give the same thumbs up cheer wnylib Jul 2021 #58
Nearly half of Americans were effectively brainwashed. JohnnyRingo Jul 2021 #71
What really pisses me off is why these people want... Duppers Jul 2021 #75
No part of the Steele dossier has been disproved including the pee pee tapes. Botany Jul 2021 #14
So true... But personally never heard many Laura PourMeADrink Jul 2021 #23
Not one thing in the Steele has been disproved including Michael Cohen's meeting with Russian .... Botany Jul 2021 #41
Cohen continues to deny this intrepidity Jul 2021 #100
We know his phone was there (Prague). And we know that Ivanka and Jared were in Europe at the .... Botany Jul 2021 #104
Remember all those burner phones Cohen was holding? FakeNoose Jul 2021 #106
I wonder what motivated Trump to run in the 1st place. OAITW r.2.0 Jul 2021 #40
Russia had been grooming as a useful idiot since the 1990s. Putin's KBG let him see that Trump's Botany Jul 2021 #48
Same here re: Melania as handler... often wondered that. liberalla Jul 2021 #86
Just remember the flap over W's National Guard service. Ramsey Barner Jul 2021 #15
This message was self-deleted by its author melm00se Jul 2021 #26
shhhhhhhhh melm00se Jul 2021 #27
National emergency Python boot Jul 2021 #16
So now there are docs that show what we've known all along.. sarchasm Jul 2021 #19
K&R UCmeNdc Jul 2021 #21
I feel this bit Putin in the butt onlyadream Jul 2021 #22
Stunning. Should be too story on every news organization. Pepsidog Jul 2021 #24
This is chapter one. Chapter two is Brexit and the other blond menace. Ford_Prefect Jul 2021 #28
You know, every time I see some new 'smoking gun' like this, PatrickforB Jul 2021 #31
MSM: But her emails. kairos12 Jul 2021 #32
Making a rare visit to Faux "News" to see their reaction. Yonnie3 Jul 2021 #34
I always said Vlad would turn on him when he thought it would create most chaos. lark Jul 2021 #35
You might be right. Either he 'leaked' them and the info is more or less true...or...he leaked wiggs Jul 2021 #57
Great, I hadn't even thought of the 2nd part of your sentence. lark Jul 2021 #61
The report may explain Trump and 2016 but doesn't explain behavior of the GOP and wiggs Jul 2021 #67
or sacrifice Trump ... DBoon Jul 2021 #85
Hmmmm. Grasswire2 Jul 2021 #112
I'm SOOO glad that Joe is President right now! jmbar2 Jul 2021 #39
My immediate thought on reading the OP Fortinbras Armstrong Jul 2021 #46
Fake News - Liberal press tries another smear packman Jul 2021 #50
I said it once, I'll say it again Vogon_Glory Jul 2021 #53
Kremlin papers appear to show Putin's plot to put Trump in White House FelineOverlord Jul 2021 #62
Hillary talked about this in 2016. What's news is MSM suddenly giving a shit. Demnation Jul 2021 #65
Anyone with half a brain could see that this was Putin's strategy. Galraedia Jul 2021 #66
Sure, but this appears to be documentary evidence. n/t malthaussen Jul 2021 #70
This could be the biggest story of the decade... Stuart G Jul 2021 #72
And Moscow Mitch as well as all the other Senate and House Republicans made it even easier for them. cstanleytech Jul 2021 #73
an "impulsive, mentally unstable and unbalanced individual who suffers from an inferiority complex" ffr Jul 2021 #76
Recommended. H2O Man Jul 2021 #78
So you're telling me there WAS collusion? Mr. Ected Jul 2021 #79
Gee, whoda thunkit? mdbl Jul 2021 #80
I love that he called him "mentally unstable" Sogo Jul 2021 #81
He can try to counter it by reminding people that he "aced" his cognition test! Judi Lynn Jul 2021 #84
Remember, Paul Manafort who worked on the trump campaign gave state polling data to the Russians yaesu Jul 2021 #82
If they're telling us about it, bucolic_frolic Jul 2021 #87
could the compromising info be the infamous peewee tapes?? riversedge Jul 2021 #88
"a serious and highly unusual leak from within the Kremlin." Warpy Jul 2021 #89
Kicked and recommended. Uncle Joe Jul 2021 #92
K&R Bayard Jul 2021 #93
I always thought that Yassir Arafat Turbineguy Jul 2021 #102
Very interesting stuff. llmart Jul 2021 #108
When TASS has to give you the news, obvious. Kid Berwyn Jul 2021 #110
K&R ck4829 Jul 2021 #113
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