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10. Does Johnson and Trump maggots think
Sun May 19, 2024, 08:15 PM
May 19

Federal law enforcement won't be ready this time?

Snipers nearby. Metal barriers that are set up to shock anyone touching them.

Bank type due paks thrown into the crowd to mark them to help round them up.

Drop water bags on them.

Consider anyone with their face covered an enemy.

The GOP rejects American values like the peaceful transfer of power sanatanadharma May 19 #1
Also 2021 was an exception. perfessor May 19 #3
In other news ilovegamers43 May 19 #2
I happen to agree with him. perfessor May 19 #4
Why does the media even ask. 33taw May 19 #5
Need any more proof what their plan is? bluestarone May 19 #6
Their "pledges" and "promises" don't mean anything anyways JoseBalow May 19 #7
I was worried about certifying the 2020 election mountain grammy May 19 #8
Who really gives a shit what Ron Johnson accepts or doesn't accept? hadEnuf May 19 #9
Does Johnson and Trump maggots think LiberalFighter May 19 #10
Ron, if you're expecting a repeat of Jan 6, remember who's in the White House... paleotn May 19 #11
This time The Protectors WILL NOT withhold deadly force. Traurigkeit May 19 #15
Go Back To Moscow Then... GB_RN May 19 #12
Johnson's another Putin puppet. oasis May 20 #24
Yup. GB_RN May 20 #25
I don't give a good goddamn what you accept, Ron. LudwigPastorius May 19 #13
So each if these Republican scumbags LIED when they took their OATH Of Office Traurigkeit May 19 #14
Your bigotry against people who aren't Christian NanaCat May 20 #32
hahahahah interesting writing Traurigkeit May 20 #35
i won't accept anything less than a complete Democratic victory at all levels of government samsingh May 20 #16
Are WE ready to pledge to accept the results if we think there are issues? SomewhereInTheMiddle May 20 #17
Issues? Aussie105 May 20 #18
And not one Republican that was voted in contested their own win Traurigkeit May 20 #36
what issues were there in the 2020 election that has the republicans refusing to accept the results? samsingh May 20 #23
If the USSC is involved EndlessWire May 20 #30
And Johnson explained HOW trump LOST in '20 on video oldsoftie May 20 #19
Anyone who spouts The Wizard May 20 #20
Nice if you can get someone else to do your thinking for you. Aussie105 May 20 #21
Johnson has a reputation for parroting Putin propaganda NanaCat May 20 #33
Demonstrating complete disdain and contempt for the voice of We The People Zilli May 20 #22
And water is wet.............................. Lovie777 May 20 #26
what... myohmy2 May 20 #27
New rule: if an elected representative refuses to accept a vote, that is his resignation. malthaussen May 20 #28
You actually went farther than I did on my thoughts... slightlv May 20 #29
Agreed. NanaCat May 20 #34
Ron John is an idiot Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin May 20 #31
Then he is an enemy of our government. Traitor Emile May 21 #37
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