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22. Demonstrating complete disdain and contempt for the voice of We The People
Mon May 20, 2024, 09:37 AM
May 20

Of Course! Rethug politicians will come together and illustrate their unity and complicity in lies, corruption, hate and support of fascism. I expect many more of these traitors to refuse the election results. This is quite a spectacular and devastating betrayal of our country.

The GOP rejects American values like the peaceful transfer of power sanatanadharma May 19 #1
Also 2021 was an exception. perfessor May 19 #3
In other news ilovegamers43 May 19 #2
I happen to agree with him. perfessor May 19 #4
Why does the media even ask. 33taw May 19 #5
Need any more proof what their plan is? bluestarone May 19 #6
Their "pledges" and "promises" don't mean anything anyways JoseBalow May 19 #7
I was worried about certifying the 2020 election mountain grammy May 19 #8
Who really gives a shit what Ron Johnson accepts or doesn't accept? hadEnuf May 19 #9
Does Johnson and Trump maggots think LiberalFighter May 19 #10
Ron, if you're expecting a repeat of Jan 6, remember who's in the White House... paleotn May 19 #11
This time The Protectors WILL NOT withhold deadly force. Traurigkeit May 19 #15
Go Back To Moscow Then... GB_RN May 19 #12
Johnson's another Putin puppet. oasis May 20 #24
Yup. GB_RN May 20 #25
I don't give a good goddamn what you accept, Ron. LudwigPastorius May 19 #13
So each if these Republican scumbags LIED when they took their OATH Of Office Traurigkeit May 19 #14
Your bigotry against people who aren't Christian NanaCat May 20 #32
hahahahah interesting writing Traurigkeit May 20 #35
i won't accept anything less than a complete Democratic victory at all levels of government samsingh May 20 #16
Are WE ready to pledge to accept the results if we think there are issues? SomewhereInTheMiddle May 20 #17
Issues? Aussie105 May 20 #18
And not one Republican that was voted in contested their own win Traurigkeit May 20 #36
what issues were there in the 2020 election that has the republicans refusing to accept the results? samsingh May 20 #23
If the USSC is involved EndlessWire May 20 #30
And Johnson explained HOW trump LOST in '20 on video oldsoftie May 20 #19
Anyone who spouts The Wizard May 20 #20
Nice if you can get someone else to do your thinking for you. Aussie105 May 20 #21
Johnson has a reputation for parroting Putin propaganda NanaCat May 20 #33
Demonstrating complete disdain and contempt for the voice of We The People Zilli May 20 #22
And water is wet.............................. Lovie777 May 20 #26
what... myohmy2 May 20 #27
New rule: if an elected representative refuses to accept a vote, that is his resignation. malthaussen May 20 #28
You actually went farther than I did on my thoughts... slightlv May 20 #29
Agreed. NanaCat May 20 #34
Ron John is an idiot Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin May 20 #31
Then he is an enemy of our government. Traitor Emile May 21 #37
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