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Judi Lynn

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7. He must hate Pinochet for having been able to torture people to death, kill anyone in his road,
Fri Jul 3, 2020, 10:59 PM
Jul 2020

for having been someone who terrorized everyone who was considered "leftist" even have one of his own diplomats slaughtered on the streets of Washington, D.C., after having tortured him wildly earlier.

Pinochet most surely COULD murder anyone and get by with it, which he did.

Despicable shame he was never brought to justice, seemingly giving up the ghost before he could be sent to prison.

His most infamous torturer was Osvaldo Romo, whose name sickened far too many people:

Young Osvaldo Romo

Richard M. Nixon, with the help of Henry Kissinger, and the CIA worked together with Pinochet to overthrow the elected socialist President Salvador Allende, bomb the Presidential offices with Chilean military bombers, and they continued to work together to make sure he stayed in power, controlling all the news media in Chile, before the election, during, and long, long after, to make sure everyone saw Chilean events the way Washington and Pinochet wanted. Nixon and the CIA and Pinochet dictated what was printed by El Mercurio, owned by Augustin Edwards, who was only too happy to profit from the arrangement, having hated Allende in the first place.

The interview with Univision and Osvaldo Romo, while he discusses his career as Pinochet's monster torturer (the most well known of them) who enjoyed his work:

Most definitely evil, graphic language from Osvaldo Romo:

Confessing Evil
A Performative Approach to Perpetrators: Confessions and Chilean Memory Politics


Clearly, Pinochet, the dictator who said, "Not a blade of grass moves in Chile without my permission" was a little more maniacally engaged in evil actions than even Trurmp.

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