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Yay for you! Rorey Oct 2021 #1
Amen..... secondwind Oct 2021 #2
Yes! Diamond_Dog Oct 2021 #3
I noticed quite a larger percentage of people wearing masks yesterday Rorey Oct 2021 #4
I have read Diamond_Dog Oct 2021 #6
I wish we'd do that here Rorey Oct 2021 #8
I agree. Diamond_Dog Oct 2021 #9
Hah! A county that mine can actually beat at 51%, wnylib Oct 2021 #25
I got mine 2 days ago- but had a slight reaction hauckeye Oct 2021 #5
Awesome Diamond_Dog Oct 2021 #7
I will, soon as Moderna gets FDA approval. wnylib Oct 2021 #26
Congrats! SheltieLover Oct 2021 #10
I had mine yesterday. Feeling tired and achy today. CousinIT Oct 2021 #11
Same here Generic Brad Oct 2021 #17
i had zero side effects as well.. samnsara Oct 2021 #12
Got Pfizer booster on Thurs, no side effects here either. dixiechiken1 Oct 2021 #13
Me too. Mr. Steve Oct 2021 #14
My wife and I papa3times Oct 2021 #15
Me too. My spouse and I got our flu shots and COVID booster shots on Tuesday past. PatrickforB Oct 2021 #16
Zero side effects here too. Grumpy Old Guy Oct 2021 #18
Great! paleotn Oct 2021 #19
Good! I was not so lucky. ananda Oct 2021 #20
Got 3rd Pfizer and a Flu shot. Only a sore arm for two days in the Pfizer arm, no other side effects OverBurn Oct 2021 #21
Woo hoo! catbyte Oct 2021 #22
WTG!!! Glad you had no reaction! Fla Dem Oct 2021 #23
Yeah LetMyPeopleVote Oct 2021 #24
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