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94. It's normal, from my perspective.
Thu Dec 15, 2022, 05:35 AM
Dec 2022

Finding joy in the moment is a life strategy born from the experience of overcoming loss and grief, at least for me. At 71, I've had my share of life altering experiences and I've learned to appreciate the sunrises, sunsets, and all the beauty nature has to offer in between them. Then there is the night sky, which holds such marvel.

And yes, I talk to not only myself, but to souls which have passed from the land of the living as well. Call me crazy if you want, but it works for me. You are not alone, Atticus.

Atticus, no you are not a headcase. What you wrote was beautiful and a reminder that life can take a debm55 Dec 2022 #1
Thank you for those kind words. nt Atticus Dec 2022 #36
if you are a head case, atticus rampartc Dec 2022 #2
Feel like you yankee87 Dec 2022 #3
Thank you. nt Atticus Dec 2022 #39
That sounds like a lot of my morning walks. I'm equipped for all weather in Idaho. I just got brewens Dec 2022 #4
One of life's most beautiful experiences in my humble opinion, is LISTENING to heavy Atticus Dec 2022 #5
You can still hear? Mr.Bill Dec 2022 #37
Nothing like the muted sound Marthe48 Dec 2022 #56
Yes. Long ago I remember walking across a snow covered field as the day turned to dusk. patphil Dec 2022 #61
I always try to get outside during a heavy snow Marthe48 Dec 2022 #67
As a friend would say, "when you have eyes that see, and ears that hear" there is much to experience patphil Dec 2022 #83
You are alive and human. CousinIT Dec 2022 #6
Thanks. nt Atticus Dec 2022 #40
Repeat: Maybe it takes some age to appreciate life on that level but definitely not a head case. Stuart G Dec 2022 #73
I call it "Counting my blessings ". LakeArenal Dec 2022 #7
I'm having similar thoughts cyclonefence Dec 2022 #8
As we get older, we appreciate wnylib Dec 2022 #58
i'm old too, 67, barbtries Dec 2022 #9
This message was self-deleted by its author GenXer47 Dec 2022 #17
Same age! cilla4progress Dec 2022 #113
In a good way! Joinfortmill Dec 2022 #10
Thank you. nt Atticus Dec 2022 #42
I'm also in my 70s and regularly find myself marveling at things around me, especially nature. Lonestarblue Dec 2022 #11
Beauty is... JMCKUSICK Dec 2022 #12
As good an explanation as I have heard. Thanks. nt Atticus Dec 2022 #35
No, its the realization that many aren't able to enjoy even the simplest things. oldsoftie Dec 2022 #13
This happens to me all the time. It's normal. secondwind Dec 2022 #14
Embrace the power of both whistler162 Dec 2022 #15
So what if you are? Sucha NastyWoman Dec 2022 #16
's called "maturity". Overtakes people at many different ages. Some, alas, never. n/t TygrBright Dec 2022 #18
My Dad used to say... TigressDem Dec 2022 #19
Good ENO in 2024 Dec 2022 #30
Thank you for that. nt Atticus Dec 2022 #43
You're welcome TigressDem Dec 2022 #82
What's that saying about stopping to smell the roses? Or the one about japple Dec 2022 #20
I'll just go out on a limb here and say GenXer47 Dec 2022 #21
Thank u ENO in 2024 Dec 2022 #26
I think its great and I do the same doctorzuma Dec 2022 #22
Nice ENO in 2024 Dec 2022 #24
Great post Atticus phoenix75 Dec 2022 #23
Thank you for the compliment. nt Atticus Dec 2022 #44
Normal for wisdom obtained from experience. Plus, in Canada we say Bernardo de La Paz Dec 2022 #25
Ah, Interesting! I had on line Canadian friends, and acquaintences. One in the Thunder Bay area! electric_blue68 Dec 2022 #74
Not a head case. stage left Dec 2022 #27
Thank you. nt Atticus Dec 2022 #45
I'm in my 70's too Dyedinthewoolliberal Dec 2022 #28
👍 nt Atticus Dec 2022 #46
Pretty normal ENO in 2024 Dec 2022 #29
Thank you for your kind words. nt Atticus Dec 2022 #47
Fall guy Ways Dec 2022 #31
Do it all the time. MOMFUDSKI Dec 2022 #32
Not at all mgardener Dec 2022 #33
Sonetimes talking to oneself is the only way to ensure an intelligent niyad Dec 2022 #34
Almost 70 and if you feel like all of that makes you a head case, calimary Dec 2022 #38
Being in the moment and appreciating everything you can appreciate is both highplainsdem Dec 2022 #41
You're not a headcase. I was single and lived alone into my late 30s and I talked to myself all of iluvtennis Dec 2022 #48
That was beautiful Atticus. You love and appreciate life.❤️ lucca18 Dec 2022 #49
Thank you. nt Atticus Dec 2022 #51
I think of it as awe walking deRien Dec 2022 #50
Over time, people learn to savor the small details that others overlook usonian Dec 2022 #52
I'll tell you what--if you're a head case, then I'm a basket case DFW Dec 2022 #53
After 70, living in the moment is a privilege earned after many years of practice. jaxexpat Dec 2022 #54
Every morning I observe the sky and revel homegirl Dec 2022 #55
You are most welcome. nt Atticus Dec 2022 #57
What a lovely image! electric_blue68 Dec 2022 #75
Maybe Corgigal Dec 2022 #59
You would appreciate Jane Kenyon NorCalBlue Dec 2022 #60
Noooo Rebl2 Dec 2022 #62
Yes you are. EmeraldCoaster Dec 2022 #63
What you've experienced is the gift of wonder nuxvomica Dec 2022 #64
You have more time to enjoy it. You are not rushed trying to get other things done. LiberalFighter Dec 2022 #65
Nah. We just getting old enough not to be so inhibited and proper. Life is good. Enjoy it. marble falls Dec 2022 #66
Why can't it be both? Beastly Boy Dec 2022 #68
Soup. JohnnyRingo Dec 2022 #69
The first sip of the first cup of coffee in the morning... Xipe Totec Dec 2022 #95
While I, my good friend, mountain grammy Dec 2022 #70
Well that means I'm 4 steps away from an institution... MiHale Dec 2022 #71
Didn't know that about Robin's! How wonderful! I think th Corvids do, too. electric_blue68 Dec 2022 #76
You're not. I do it too...in my early 60's. paleotn Dec 2022 #72
pic I took yesterday Skittles Dec 2022 #77
Just totally cool. I'd guess those came from some type of ornamental tree---crabapple Atticus Dec 2022 #96
This message was self-deleted by its author Atticus Dec 2022 #97
72 here and we're on the same page! I like Emile Dec 2022 #78
Atticus, you are such a delight! JustinBulletin Dec 2022 #79
Thank you for those kind words. I am honored to receive one of your rare posts! nt Atticus Dec 2022 #85
So many very good replies to an excellent op. IMO Prairie_Seagull Dec 2022 #80
You're doing fine. 👍 As an Artist, and a Photographer I was always drawn to Beauty, and .. electric_blue68 Dec 2022 #81
No it is normal. Texaswitchy Dec 2022 #84
Youre a heart case. A-Schwarzenegger Dec 2022 #86
As long as you aren't tying onions to your belt and arguing with clouds,... LudwigPastorius Dec 2022 #87
If you are a headcase then... dai13sy Dec 2022 #88
Nicely written, Atticus. Permanut Dec 2022 #89
Just enjoy it caraher Dec 2022 #90
Nope. You just have learned how to appreciate life. Enjoy. SunSeeker Dec 2022 #91
I'm trying to practice 'living in the moment/'present'. sprinkleeninow Dec 2022 #92
If that makes you a headcase, all I can say is: Aussie105 Dec 2022 #93
It's normal, from my perspective. mnhtnbb Dec 2022 #94
Being retired is wonderful because you have time. The Jungle 1 Dec 2022 #98
At 59 I feel the same. Woodwizard Dec 2022 #99
I turned 70 this year and find myself more in tune with life around me too. lark Dec 2022 #100
Bill told Hillary that they had murielm99 Dec 2022 #101
Thanks. nt Atticus Dec 2022 #102
Sounds totally normal to me! Evolve Dammit Dec 2022 #103
I talk to myselves all the time... malthaussen Dec 2022 #104
Just beautiful! I feel likewise. bronxiteforever Dec 2022 #105
Thanks. nt Atticus Dec 2022 #109
At 70, be sure to see the world as a nine year old. alfredo Dec 2022 #106
these day llashram Dec 2022 #107
Thank you. nt Atticus Dec 2022 #110
Talking to yourself becomes a necessity when you can't find any other good listeners. nt eppur_se_muova Dec 2022 #108
I think you are cilla4progress Dec 2022 #111
You are very kind. Thank you. nt Atticus Dec 2022 #112
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