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23. I understand. Years ago I worked on telephone support for our computer clients. Loved it but it was taxing.
Mon Jun 17, 2024, 11:15 AM
Jun 17

When I got home, the last thing in the world I wanted was a telephone conversation.

I was single then, so some weekends I would go without talking to anyone. That was great decompression.

I would too Blue Owl Jun 16 #1
Home should be our sanctuary. Your job sounds Polly Hennessey Jun 16 #2
I get you! WVGal1963 Jun 16 #3
And having to deal with customers who think they own the world. erronis Jun 16 #4
"And having to deal with customers who think they own the world." A real national problem. Just f'in rude. Evolve Dammit Jun 16 #8
This time of year, House of Roberts Jun 16 #5
I hear you about the A/C noise! slightlv Jun 16 #13
I've worked my fair share of customer service jobs PatSeg Jun 16 #6
"the rudeness of some people still shocks me". I am continuously shocked by our eroding of civility. Daily. Evolve Dammit Jun 16 #10
Yes, they do wear it like a badge of dubious honor PatSeg Jun 16 #17
Just wondering if the family member watched Faux, listened to Rush or other? That is shocking. Evolve Dammit Jun 17 #29
Oh, I'm quite sure he was a Fox viewer PatSeg Jun 17 #34
FOX is great at brainwashing people SomedayKindaLove Jun 17 #37
Yes, Fox has perfected the art of brainwashing PatSeg Jun 17 #39
Mu brother fell victim as well. Changed him. Evolve Dammit Jun 18 #42
Yes, we talk about Fox viewers quite a bit, PatSeg Jun 18 #43
Indeed. Ratings and money. He had two Masters degrees. Not one who you would think, could be easily duped. And yet... Evolve Dammit Jun 18 #44
Sadly, it isn't always the poorly educated PatSeg Jun 18 #45
very good point. The indoctrination/brain-washing feeds on weakness or frustration and tragedy in people's lives. Evolve Dammit Jun 19 #46
One such person had gone through a nasty divorce PatSeg Jun 19 #47
I completely understand. I'm wondering if you've ever taken the Myers Briggs? littlemissmartypants Jun 16 #7
MB is very helpful. Thanks for the link. nt Ilsa Jun 17 #20
Sensory overload Warpy Jun 16 #9
Our brains are not evolved/developed enough to deal with a massive amount of info every day with no Evolve Dammit Jun 16 #11
Thank you for the work you do. LastLiberal in PalmSprings Jun 16 #12
My part-time job is collecting carts in the parking lot . . . John1956PA Jun 16 #14
I doubt I could remember the UPC for that many. LiberalFighter Jun 16 #15
I sympathize. rubbersole Jun 16 #16
I had an agreement with my ex... CaptainTruth Jun 16 #18
Hear ya AKwannabe Jun 16 #19
Bless you for working do hard and putting up Ilsa Jun 17 #21
Those 4 digit produce codes WordsFromOurSponsor Jun 17 #22
In my days as a cashier, we had to remember the weekly sales prices! Trueblue Texan Jun 17 #26
You are correct Lifeafter70 Jun 17 #33
Oh shhhhh WordsFromOurSponsor Jun 18 #40
Close Lifeafter70 Jun 18 #41
No defense needed WordsFromOurSponsor Jun 20 #48
I didn't stick with the job long enough to get codes... Trueblue Texan Jun 20 #49
I understand. Years ago I worked on telephone support for our computer clients. Loved it but it was taxing. SharonAnn Jun 17 #23
Exactly how I felt working in home health... Trueblue Texan Jun 17 #24
Any job where you have to interact with people all day can be mentally taxing. Yavin4 Jun 17 #25
Working with people all day is exhausting, Ocelot II Jun 17 #27
It's the incessant instant recall for no_hypocrisy Jun 17 #28
I get it. I'm a Physical Therapist and due to reductions in reimbursements many companies are insisting on PTs seeing LT Barclay Jun 17 #30
Retired after 39 year 2 months wolfie001 Jun 17 #31
That sounds mind-paralyzing. No wonder you need some downtime after work. Aristus Jun 17 #32
This should help. Worked for me: AZ8theist Jun 17 #35
I can sympathize only too well DFW Jun 17 #36
It takes a lot of energy to deal with people SomedayKindaLove Jun 17 #38
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