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Moxie jpak Jun 20 #1
My Dad's favorite! To my knowledge he never had a drink of alcohol in his life. But Moxie! There was always a..... usaf-vet Jun 20 #9
Thank you very much, usaf-vet. debm55 Jun 20 #14
What is Moxie? Jeebo Jun 20 #27
I'm not sure, but it was available in New England when I was growing up. It was not available in the South in.... usaf-vet Jun 20 #30
this AllaN01Bear Jun 20 #50
They still sell Moxie in glass bottles at Cracker Barrel MichMan Jun 20 #59
Canada Dry if..fish..had..wings Jun 20 #2
Ty. that is mine too. debm55 Jun 20 #5
No-Sugar Sprite Glorfindel Jun 20 #3
Thank you, Glorifindel. debm55 Jun 20 #15
Root beer. arkielib Jun 20 #4
Thank you arkielib. debm55 Jun 20 #16
none ShepKat Jun 20 #6
Thank you, ShepKat. debm55 Jun 20 #17
I really like snpsmom Jun 20 #7
Sparkling water is great. TY snpsmom. debm55 Jun 20 #18
Also ginger ale keithbvadu2 Jun 20 #8
Thank you keithbvadu2, Ginger ale is the best. Never tried ginger beer. debm55 Jun 20 #19
Super strong ginger ale. keithbvadu2 Jun 20 #25
Regular Classic Coke MichMan Jun 20 #10
Ty MichMan. Here in Southwestern PA, it would not be called Soda----we call it PoP debm55 Jun 20 #20
MichMan.... Upthevibe Jun 20 #42
Baking Soda. multigraincracker Jun 20 #11
HAHAHAHAHHAAHAH. We call it Pop here.---never soda unless you want ice cream in it. ty debm55 Jun 20 #21
Except nearly every restaurant menu I've seen around here calls it "soda." malthaussen Jun 20 #40
That is true. TY mal. debm55 Jun 20 #49
NE Ohio here Diamond_Dog Jun 20 #84
Thanks Diamond_Dog. Enjoy your pop. on a hot, hot day. debm55 Jun 20 #93
My first day as a college student at Kent State Diamond_Dog Jun 20 #94
In Southern Illinois, it is murielm99 Jun 20 #89
"Pop" is also British slang for lemonade. n/t malthaussen Jun 20 #98
Thanks. Mal. I didn't know that debm55 Jun 20 #100
Canada Dry Ginger Ale is very mild House of Roberts Jun 20 #12
Thank you House of Roberts. Sounds very good. debm55 Jun 20 #32
Vernor's Ginger Ale is great. MOMFUDSKI Jun 20 #13
Thank you MOMFUDSKI, Enjoy. debm55 Jun 20 #33
Root beer. brush Jun 20 #22
Good choice, brush. thank you and enjoy. debm55 Jun 20 #34
cream soda stopdiggin Jun 20 #23
TY stopdiggin. I remember the Dad's root beer. I also remember collecting the empty bottles to take bake for refunds at debm55 Jun 20 #36
Mine WAS Coffee Coke...... global1 Jun 20 #24
Sorry, global1, but I never remember Coffee Coke. Hope they bring it back. debm55 Jun 20 #37
Dr Pepper Jeebo Jun 20 #26
Thank you Jeebo. I have always called it pop---regional. I never had Dr. Pepper., Not even as a taste. I think the name debm55 Jun 20 #39
I can't believe you've never tried Dr Pepper! Jeebo Jun 20 #86
Yep, When I was a kid, I thought it was medicine. debm55 Jun 20 #101
Dad's Root Beer Emile Jun 20 #28
Yes, thank you Emile. Did you return the bottles for coins.???? debm55 Jun 20 #48
Virgil's root beer and also cream DaBronx Jun 20 #29
bubutbutbut. around here, root beer and vanilla ice cream is called a float. Thanks DaBronx. debm55 Jun 20 #47
Ginger Ale forever! elleng Jun 20 #31
If it's real ginger, sure. Goodheart Jun 20 #35
Yes! Thank you elleng. debm55 Jun 20 #46
Diet Coke. malthaussen Jun 20 #38
Not Really A Pop Drinker, But Root Beer ProfessorGAC Jun 20 #41
Thank you ProfessorGAC. debm55 Jun 20 #45
debm55....... Upthevibe Jun 20 #43
Great!!! Thanky you, Upthevibe. debm55 Jun 20 #44
old pepsi. classic coke . ginger aile. root beer. cheery coke. AllaN01Bear Jun 20 #51
sparkleing wine. (almost spelt it whine) AllaN01Bear Jun 20 #56
Nice selection. AllaN01Bear. enjoy. debm55 Jun 20 #62
My high school business marketing teacher posited that the only difference in colas was advertising. Harker Jun 20 #52
HAHAHAHAhaha. I did that experiment in my Science class. The student figured it out--no problems. He got a bag of chips debm55 Jun 20 #64
Mr. D was a pretty cool guy, but I had to supply my own mota. Harker Jun 20 #83
Coke RandySF Jun 20 #53
Thank you, RandySF. Enyoy. debm55 Jun 20 #68
Vernor's ginger ale. HEB started carrying it again, the stuff we drank as kids up in Ohio and Michigan ,,, marble falls Jun 20 #54
I remember Vernors!!!!!! Haven't heard it used in a long time. TY. marble falls for the memories. debm55 Jun 20 #69
Dr.Brown's diet cream Danmel Jun 20 #55
Thank you very much Danmel.Funny about the pedialyte. debm55 Jun 20 #122
Stewart's. Root Beer Botany Jun 20 #57
HAHAHAHAHAHA that's funny. Thank you, Botany. debm55 Jun 20 #79
Real Coke (not the diet stuff & no "flavors") Freddie Jun 20 #58
Oh Freddie, I hope you are okay. Yes, you owe yourself a Coke. Take care. Love ya, and take care. debm55 Jun 20 #80
Trader Joe's Villa Italia grapefruit soda. 3catwoman3 Jun 20 #60
OHHHHHHHH, That sounds good. I think I will bookmark and try to make. TY 3catwoman3 debm55 Jun 20 #81
Fever Tree tonic water KT2000 Jun 20 #61
Thank you KT2000. debm55 Jun 20 #66
We like vanilla coke! bedazzled Jun 20 #63
It has been better. Just the understand and the talking about it others helps, Thank you bedazzled. debm55 Jun 20 #65
Times is hard bedazzled Jun 20 #70
Thank you, Love Debbie debm55 Jun 20 #73
Thank you bedazzled for your kind words . Enjoy your vanilla coke. debm55 Jun 20 #78
Lemon-lime Sprite -- also great to mix with gin or vodka Jrose Jun 20 #67
Oh i forgot 7 up! bedazzled Jun 20 #71
Thank you Jrose and enjoy. debm55 Jun 20 #75
Thanks. debm55... and you enjoy your favorite drink... Cheers! Jrose Jun 20 #76
Root Beer dhol82 Jun 20 #72
Thank you dhol82, Enjoy debm55 Jun 20 #74
I used to like Tab. pandr32 Jun 20 #77
Thank you pandr32. Do they still make Tab? debm55 Jun 20 #120
I haven't seen any in years. pandr32 Jun 21 #132
Coca Cola Lunabell Jun 20 #82
TY Lunabell. Enjoy debm55 Jun 21 #135
Henry Weinhardt root beer FuzzyRabbit Jun 20 #85
Ty, FuzzyRabbit. debm55 Jun 20 #117
My favorite is Canada Dry Ginger Ale in the mini cans. Polly Hennessey Jun 20 #87
Thank you Polly Hennessey. I like the small cans of Ginger Ale too. Then you don't drink as much. debm55 Jun 20 #115
Dr. Zevia Delarage Jun 20 #88
I'm going to check this brand out Niagara Jun 20 #95
Ginger Ale is my favorite pop, Ice tea is my favorite summer drink. debm55 Jun 20 #111
Cherry Coke Zero. Dulcinea Jun 20 #90
Thank you, Dulcinea. I always like cherry coke as a kid. Will have to give it a try. debm55 Jun 20 #110
A&W or Mug Root Beer and A&W Cream Soda! Niagara Jun 20 #91
+1 Shermann Jun 20 #102
I'm feeling generous tonight. Everyone in this thread gets a root beer, cream soda or a float Niagara Jun 20 #116
Yes to floats!!!!! Thank you my friend. Enjoy. Did your electiricity come back on????? debm55 Jun 20 #106
Everyone needs a float on occasion! Yes, the electricity was out for about an hour. Niagara Jun 20 #112
TY and I would like strawberry. debm55 Jun 20 #118
Coming right up, Debbie! Niagara Jun 20 #119
I agree jrandom421 Jun 20 #125
Great minds think alike! Niagara Jun 21 #134
RC Cola no_hypocrisy Jun 20 #92
TY, no-hypocrisy. I only used RC Cola to make floats. debm55 Jun 20 #109
The one with the mad, mad taste? Different Drummer Jun 21 #139
Thank you different Drummer. Haven't seen that in a loooooong time. debm55 Jun 21 #141
Ginger Ale fan here too. lpbk2713 Jun 20 #96
Thank you, lbl2713. Vernors and Canda Dry are my favorites. debm55 Jun 20 #108
Black cherry cream soda WestMichRad Jun 20 #97
Thanks WestMichRad. Enjoy! debm55 Jun 20 #104
Coke zero Luciferous Jun 20 #99
Thank you Luciferous. ENJOY debm55 Jun 20 #103
Original Coke in a glass bottle. Murphyb849 Jun 20 #105
Thank you Murphyb849, Use to collect on the sides of the street. Got a refund of 2 cents for each bottle. debm55 Jun 20 #107
With peanuts in the glass bottle? Niagara Jun 20 #113
When I was in elementary school-- Different Drummer Jun 21 #140
Ginger ale #1 Rebl2 Jun 20 #114
Agree. Thank you Rebl2 debm55 Jun 21 #136
Peach Nehi.... kenisgod1 Jun 20 #121
Welcome kenisgod1 sit back and enjoy your drink. debm55 Jun 20 #123
Ice cold Pepsi. SamKnause Jun 20 #124
Thank you SamKnause. Enjoy your Pepsi! debm55 Jun 20 #127
Diet Dr. Pepper and Canada Dry Zero BlueKota Jun 20 #126
Thank you BlueKota. I am going to look for the Canada Dry Zero, debm55 Jun 20 #128
It's good. No aftertaste like most diet drinks BlueKota Jun 20 #129
The Real Thing, vintage 1894 WheelWalker Jun 20 #130
ty WheelWalker debm55 Jun 21 #137
I'm with you. MLAA Jun 20 #131
DR PEPPER !!!!!!!!!!!1111111110!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Wandering Harper Jun 21 #133
ty The Wandering Harper debm55 Jun 21 #138
I've had very little soda/pop recently due to kidney disease. Different Drummer Jun 21 #142
Thank you Different Drummer. I will send you good vibes. Love, Debbie. debm55 Jun 22 #144
Diet ginger ale, if I can find it. area51 Jun 22 #143
Ty area51 for the map. Yes, Diet ginger ale is hard to find. debm55 Jun 22 #145
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