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Never kimbutgar Jun 21 #1
HAHAHAHAHH Thank you, kimbutgar. debm55 Jun 21 #2
No! Never! joshdawg Jun 21 #3
Thank you joshdawg. debm55 Jun 21 #7
Only in the house when there's no company, of course Blue Owl Jun 21 #4
Thank you Blue Owl. debm55 Jun 21 #50
only in the Winter,,, KarenS Jun 21 #5
Thank you KarenS. debm55 Jun 21 #52
Not in the summer... MiHale Jun 21 #6
I wear socks with my classic crocs in MOMFUDSKI Jun 21 #11
Only problem in winter is snow... MiHale Jun 21 #13
MiHale, thank you. didn't know they had those kind. will have to look Crocs up on the web. debm55 Jun 21 #20
Look more on the professional side... MiHale Jun 21 #36
Thank you , I have the slides. debm55 Jun 21 #53
Yes, when outside. Raven123 Jun 21 #8
Ding, ding , ding. We have a person who agrees with me. Thank you Raven123 debm55 Jun 21 #19
No socks with sandals. onecaliberal Jun 21 #9
/Thank you, onecaliberal. debm55 Jun 21 #17
No. MOMFUDSKI Jun 21 #10
Why? I have these crocs and they have all these bumps on the inside that hurt my feet. What's a woman to do??????? debm55 Jun 21 #15
Ewwww no gay texan Jun 21 #12
Thank you gay texan, debm55 Jun 21 #14
Sometimes Yes, Sometimes No unweird Jun 21 #16
Off subject---you are going to the Byham? you live in Pittsburgh? debm55 Jun 21 #22
Yes ma'am unweird Jun 21 #24
I don't wear socks with sandals. arkielib Jun 21 #18
ty arkielib. It's those little bumps in the bottom. MUST wear socks with crocs. debm55 Jun 21 #23
socks and Birks in the winter - Florida Fashion Native Jun 21 #21
I don't wear sandals or flip-flops Niagara Jun 21 #25
People are so interesting and varied. lark Jun 22 #64
We're like cats... different personalities, with different likes and dislikes Niagara Jun 22 #67
Im with you. Srkdqltr Jun 22 #81
Never. Aristus Jun 21 #26
Hell no. Emile Jun 21 #27
I just started to Easterncedar Jun 21 #28
I hate sandals PJMcK Jun 21 #29
thank you. PJMcK. I edited it --it was supposed to be a joke. I'm sorry if it didn't come across that way debm55 Jun 21 #44
I pretty much answered the same way as PJMcK, Debbie! Niagara Jun 22 #68
I edited it. It was supposed to be a joke. but I don't think it came across that way. debm55 Jun 22 #69
Of Course! beemerphill Jun 21 #30
HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH personally I wear them as a sigh of honor. Ty beemerphill. debm55 Jun 21 #45
Sometimes in cooler weather Onthefly Jun 21 #31
I say to each their own! Hope22 Jun 21 #32
I wish I didn't have to... surrealAmerican Jun 21 #33
Foot blisters are the worst! Easterncedar Jun 21 #38
flip flops and stripey socks crud Jun 21 #34
Too cute! That should set the fashion Easterncedar Jun 21 #39
I agree. But the stripes got to go. debm55 Jun 21 #49
Thank you , crud. I am into plain socks. Too many stripes for me. But I do like the sandals on both ends. debm55 Jun 21 #47
NEVER! Jilly_in_VA Jun 21 #35
Jim Gaffigan would ask Frasier Balzov Jun 21 #37
Very useful for identifying fellow tribesmen Bobstandard Jun 21 #40
Never. :) beaglelover Jun 21 #41
Mostly no socks, but I make an exception for these in cooler weather. tanyev Jun 21 #42
Thank you tanyev. Great idea. debm55 Jun 21 #48
No. Never 👎 Not ever. Sandals and socks makes no sense. Polly Hennessey Jun 21 #43
Thank you Polly Hennessey. On my crocs, I have to wear as there are these little bubbles on the inside of the shoe. debm55 Jun 21 #46
i haven't worn shoes since 2000. in WI. pansypoo53219 Jun 21 #51
Thank you pansypoo53219, I love that idea debm55 Jun 21 #54
my seet are happy. pansypoo53219 Jun 22 #66
Yes, but only at night time and outside... canuckledragger Jun 21 #55
Thank you canuckledragger. I agree. debm55 Jun 21 #56
I wear socks with flip flops in the winter. It's a Florida thing... ms liberty Jun 21 #57
Great post, Ty, ms liberty. debm55 Jun 21 #58
Socks and Sandals TheJillMill Jun 21 #59
I wear socks from Ortho too. debm55 Jun 22 #75
Never wear sandals. Always wear socks. WheelWalker Jun 21 #60
Thank you, WheelWalker, I agree debm55 Jun 22 #63
I'm always in sandals or open toe shoes unless I'm barefoot. It's too hot here for socks Deuxcents Jun 21 #61
Ty, Deuxcents. I agree. debm55 Jun 22 #74
Sometimes, it depends wendyb-NC Jun 22 #62
Agree. Thank you wendyb-NC. debm55 Jun 22 #71
Hmmmmm ProfessorGAC Jun 22 #65
Sorry, ProfessorGAC. I know what you mean. debm55 Jun 22 #70
Yes and no Hikerchick57 Jun 22 #72
Thank you Hikerchick57 debm55 Jun 22 #73
Well, I don't own a pair of sandals. Lunabell Jun 22 #76
Thank you Lunabell. Doesn't those little dots on the in sole bother you.? debm55 Jun 22 #78
Oh no! Lunabell Jun 23 #83
Only when I'm mowing the lawn in plaid shorts and v-neck tee-shirt. ret5hd Jun 22 #77
OH, is that true? I never know somestimes. debm55 Jun 22 #79
i'll let your imagination work its magic. ret5hd Jun 22 #80
HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHA. You didn't answer my question debm55 Jun 22 #82
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