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In reply to the discussion: Setting human limitations... [View all]
Setting human limitations... [View all] Humanist_Activist Dec 2011 OP
Thanks tama Dec 2011 #1
I view religion as a mental phenomenon... Humanist_Activist Dec 2011 #2
Mental and social phenomena tama Dec 2011 #3
The difference is that science is self correcting, to account for human fallibility... Humanist_Activist Dec 2011 #15
Self correcting tama Dec 2011 #20
And that's why I don't use faith to describe my confidence in those things... Humanist_Activist Dec 2011 #25
Based on previous experience tama Dec 2011 #27
Science can't answer everything... Eliminator Dec 2011 #4
Clearly religion can never replace science. rrneck Dec 2011 #6
I don't think science will replace religion... cleanhippie Dec 2011 #9
Absolutely. rrneck Dec 2011 #13
+1 cleanhippie Dec 2011 #8
which is why it's the God of the gaps deacon_sephiroth Dec 2011 #10
God of the gaps tama Dec 2011 #14
Glad to see the name Henry Drummond mentioned in this forum a quite amazing man. Leontius Dec 2011 #21
In your attempt to discuss human limitations you raise 2 spurious issues: fear and religion. Jim__ Dec 2011 #5
Plato's Sophist tama Dec 2011 #16
Well, apparently, we can understand the world we live in through "other ways of knowing" cleanhippie Dec 2011 #7
and I think that's the point of the day (week? month? century?) deacon_sephiroth Dec 2011 #11
Many examples have been given tama Dec 2011 #18
I am really confused here. cbayer Dec 2011 #19
Since we seem able to design machinery to significantly expand the ability of the brain rrneck Dec 2011 #12
I think the only limits on our capabilities are those imposed on us by the laws of physics... Humanist_Activist Dec 2011 #17
I'd like to join your "cautiously optimistic" view of the world, and MarkCharles Dec 2011 #22
I don't think religion will go away, rather I think its influence on society will steadily... Humanist_Activist Dec 2011 #23
Good thoughts there! I don't object to people getting together on Sundays MarkCharles Dec 2011 #24
I agree wholeheartedly how dare someone think they are right the arrogant bastards Leontius Dec 2011 #26
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