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Jack Rabbit

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65. Pardon my idealism, Tab
Thu Feb 25, 2016, 05:30 PM
Feb 2016

I don't hate Hillary Clinton, but I think she's irrelevant and that if she becomes president she'll still be irrelevant. That's because it is obvious to me and should be obvious to anyone who dwells in a "reality based" community that Hillary takes money from oligarchs to maintain the status quo. By definition, "Hillary Cinton will maintain the status quo" means that there will be no dramatic changes during her administration.

At a time when the income gap is widening and the middle class is growing smaller, maintaining the status quo is not a winning platform. As fall as I can tell, Bernie Sanders is the only candidate for the presidential nomination of a major political party running on a platform other that one. That's why it seems to me that the pragmatic thing to is support him.

If you think Hillary is taking money from the big banks and Big Pharma and the mother frackers today so she can stab them all in the back after January 20, then I'd like to know which of us believes in rainbows and unicorns. Anyone who believes such a thing is terribly naive.

I have said that I will vote for Mrs. Clinton if she is the nominee, although I confess that doing otherwise crosses my mind at least twice a week. I have also said that regardless of who is the next president, I will hit the streets next year railing against the neoliberal policy that Mrs. Clinton and all the Republican candidates embrace. The abandonment of an unjust and unsustainable socioeconomic paradigm that became the predominant policy paradigm with the election of Reagan is long overdue.

How's that for youthful idealism? Frankly, I think I'm a grumpy, cynical old man at age 64.

They will get in line. nt LexVegas Feb 2016 #1
Yeah, you just keep on believing that. [nt] Jester Messiah Feb 2016 #2
Yeah, statements like that Kelvin Mace Feb 2016 #5
That is not a respectful reply. blm Feb 2016 #7
Get over yourself farleftlib Feb 2016 #12
Nope. Not this time. 840high Feb 2016 #32
What, are you going to "bring us to heel"? n/t VulgarPoet Feb 2016 #35
Ya mean us Bernie folk will be brought to heel? azurnoir Feb 2016 #38
Fuck getting in line. cherokeeprogressive Feb 2016 #40
"In the laaaaaaaaand of the sheeeeeeeeeeeeep VulgarPoet Feb 2016 #50
Wow. I don't think I'll ever be able to hear the National Anthem again without hearing that. cherokeeprogressive Feb 2016 #51
One of my journal entries was on this theme, I nearly had the whole thing re-written VulgarPoet Feb 2016 #52
I won't either. hifiguy Feb 2016 #89
You will be sorry you ever supported Hillary. n/t Avalux Feb 2016 #45
I will getting in line to write in Bernie if I have to. coyote Feb 2016 #47
You think so? Shadowflash Feb 2016 #54
Fear will keep the local systems in line. FEAR OF THIS BATTLE STATION Warren DeMontague Feb 2016 #57
Do you realize that sounds so much like Beowulf Feb 2016 #60
That's the additude that we don't like. Distain and disrespect. Blue State Bandit Feb 2016 #64
Spoken like a true authoritarian. cui bono Feb 2016 #74
Silly post. Dem2 Feb 2016 #75
Pavlovian? Probably. Telling? Absolutely! Bubzer Feb 2016 #81
I don't know whether your arrogance or your condescencion hifiguy Feb 2016 #87
I just donated to Bernie's campaign again. smiley Feb 2016 #90
I have serious reservations about a Sanders Presidency. NCTraveler Feb 2016 #3
and I have serious reservations about a HRC presidency Fast Walker 52 Feb 2016 #68
bravo bravo , berniesandero Feb 2016 #103
It is baffling that someone would throw it all away because their candidate didn't make it liberal N proud Feb 2016 #4
What is being thrown away exactly? artislife Feb 2016 #34
I want a sundae, dammit! nt cherokeeprogressive Feb 2016 #41
Excellent metaphor, Artislife! Nitram Feb 2016 #42
+1000 Shadowflash Feb 2016 #56
Sounds like someone who wont be affected by any of the long list of Jackie Wilson Said Feb 2016 #76
One, I am a woman and two I am brown. artislife Feb 2016 #83
Why is it so important that BS get the nomination for you? liberal N proud Feb 2016 #85
I can handle voting for my platform artislife Feb 2016 #88
Oh but it is! liberal N proud Feb 2016 #91
Ohh but it is not. artislife Feb 2016 #92
In my eyes you will be if you allow the GOP to win the White House liberal N proud Feb 2016 #94
Fortunately, I don't care how you perceive me. artislife Feb 2016 #95
If you don't vote for the Democratic Candidate don't be on DU complaining about your woes liberal N proud Feb 2016 #96
When the time comes artislife Feb 2016 #97
'TUBE WTF? liberal N proud Feb 2016 #98
Playing the anthem and now this artislife Feb 2016 #99
Real mature liberal N proud Feb 2016 #100
You're absolutely right... gregcrawford Feb 2016 #63
I will vote for every other DEM on the ballot bigwillq Feb 2016 #82
Not voting is exactly what the Republicans want you to do liberal N proud Feb 2016 #84
I am voting. bigwillq Feb 2016 #93
Yeah, well, I'm in California so... Shrug. TDale313 Feb 2016 #6
Didn't CA once go for Ronnie? leftofcool Feb 2016 #10
Every state except MN went for Ronnie ... in 1984, IIRC. closeupready Feb 2016 #14
Yavin4 was a mass vendor of Hillary Hate in 2008, this time he's for her and doing attacks on Bernie Bluenorthwest Feb 2016 #8
I didn't know the history, just saw the post Tab Feb 2016 #18
^^^THIS^^^ beam me up scottie Feb 2016 #26
I keep hearing this and folks keep missing the point Kelvin Mace Feb 2016 #9
Yep. Caretaker Dem presidents pushing only modest reforms are a luxury we can ill afford. Orsino Feb 2016 #33
^^^This. artislife Feb 2016 #36
Actually, it is never our last chance". But it could be our last chance for 50 years to... Nitram Feb 2016 #43
Unless we do something about the planet heating up NOW Kelvin Mace Feb 2016 #48
Agreed climate change the most pressing issue, bar none mikimurphy Feb 2016 #67
Exactly my experience Kelvin Mace Feb 2016 #73
Instead of promoting the get in line train, it seems Democrats should start Cleita Feb 2016 #11
Yes. The bluntness of "get in line" is extremely disrespectful and counterproductive for what needs blm Feb 2016 #31
I agree, the "they will get in line" comment was uncalled-for nastiness. nt Nitram Feb 2016 #44
You couldn't post this there? Capt. Obvious Feb 2016 #13
Should we vote for Jeb! if he changes party affiliation because DEMOCRATS! Nuclear Unicorn Feb 2016 #15
Unicorn, it is clear your strength is not inventing credible thought experiments. Nitram Feb 2016 #46
The OP suggests that unless we unconditionally rally around the candidate with a D the GOP Nuclear Unicorn Feb 2016 #101
Is this an attempt to bring the idealists to heel? closeupready Feb 2016 #16
Absolutely not. Tab Feb 2016 #27
The Democratic Party has been headed towards a civil war... HooptieWagon Feb 2016 #17
Your post has a major problem. jeff47 Feb 2016 #19
Same here. So my vote really doesn't matter a tinker's damn. VulgarPoet Feb 2016 #37
As they say- Fall in love in the primary and fall in line in the general. Snarkoleptic Feb 2016 #20
I watched until I found Waldo (6:00 minute mark), couldn't take any more. aidbo Feb 2016 #61
The Idiocracy in full bloom LiberalLovinLug Feb 2016 #62
This is not the time for this. TheFarseer Feb 2016 #21
If Bernie gets the nom, he definitely has my vote obamanut2012 Feb 2016 #22
If you really believe in a revolution, you don't turn tail and run. randome Feb 2016 #23
The only problem is Tab Feb 2016 #29
I pledge to vote down ticket Prism Feb 2016 #24
For myself, you've got it backward: Maedhros Feb 2016 #25
Yes, The Party 'leaders' have made it clear that a Hillary presidency will have nothing to do cui bono Feb 2016 #39
We've been brow-beaten with the same empty argument since 2000: Maedhros Feb 2016 #49
No sale. Tierra_y_Libertad Feb 2016 #28
"Nope we cant" is not pragmatic,it is surrender. libtodeath Feb 2016 #30
Precisely! Kelvin Mace Feb 2016 #53
You're looking at it like it's two flavors of ice cream EdwardBernays Feb 2016 #55
very eloquent - thanks! Merryland Feb 2016 #78
I'll vote my conscience OZi Feb 2016 #58
Fear, fear, fear. I'm voting my conscience and not fear. JDPriestly Feb 2016 #59
Fear is literally their slogan. EdwardBernays Feb 2016 #66
Pardon my idealism, Tab Jack Rabbit Feb 2016 #65
Don't worry, I follow Bernie retrowire Feb 2016 #69
See my avatar in the corner? Armstead Feb 2016 #70
Wow, I'm surprised by the divisiveness even in this thread. Tab Feb 2016 #71
I guess I'm just not the pragmatic type. I have never been much of a risk taker when it comes liberal_at_heart Feb 2016 #86
I am an Independent. I do not pledge loyalty to any party. liberal_at_heart Feb 2016 #72
who the fuck cares...you're going to vote aren't you?... islandmkl Feb 2016 #79
Both parties are in advanced self-destruct mode. The only question is which will destroy us first. leveymg Feb 2016 #80
Clinton's running precisely to keep politics the same and block any reshaping MisterP Feb 2016 #102
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