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Warren DeMontague

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79. deflect, insult, and try and make the conversation into something it isnt.
Wed Mar 2, 2016, 08:35 AM
Mar 2016

rinse, repeat.

Its not only condescending, its intelligence insulting to try and pretend, here, that somehow millennials not wanting to be condescended to has jack diddly shit to do with cops shooting minorities.

millennials not wanting to be codescended to doesnt have anything to do with cops shooting minorities. "Berniebros" dont have anything to do with cops shooting minorities.

Know what has to do with cops shooting minorities? The DRUG WAR. That Hillary helped escalate. That Bernie Sanders, at least, has had the guts to call a "failure".

Anyway, These lame tactics have permeated hillary's campaign, substituting for issues and policy based conversation, all the way to the top.

One hopes that smart people - and Hillary is smart- can do better.

One hopes.

K&R! stonecutter357 Mar 2016 #1
KnR Hekate Mar 2016 #2
Rec JustAnotherGen Mar 2016 #3
And who has benefitted from the past 8 months of nonstop insults thrown at Sanders supporters? Warren DeMontague Mar 2016 #4
Downthread, the point was made that Sanders won the white male msanthrope Mar 2016 #9
Yeah, that's what I thought. Warren DeMontague Mar 2016 #11
Honestly, Warren, this thread is about something serious....a deliberate msanthrope Mar 2016 #13
Come on, tell me how my opinion doesn't matter because I'm a, you know.. Warren DeMontague Mar 2016 #16
You're still pissed at me for that? Jesus, Warren....nt. msanthrope Mar 2016 #18
Nah, I don't stay pissed. Warren DeMontague Mar 2016 #19
You know what's interesting to me, Warren.....your personalization msanthrope Mar 2016 #21
I merely asked a question, which was who exactly benefits from the shit what has been flung at Warren DeMontague Mar 2016 #25
HRC will get her millenials. First and formost, her campaign is smart enough to msanthrope Mar 2016 #27
"her" Millennials. Warren DeMontague Mar 2016 #30
Poor dears.The demographic I am talking about worry about getting msanthrope Mar 2016 #33
The people shooting African Americans are the people guarding the gated communities of the Nuclear Unicorn Mar 2016 #39
Indeed. So, then Gwen Carr is what? Not seeing how HRC is responsible msanthrope Mar 2016 #58
deflect, insult, and try and make the conversation into something it isnt. Warren DeMontague Mar 2016 #79
Sorry Warren, but black lives are more important in this campaign msanthrope Mar 2016 #89
+1 fleur-de-lisa Mar 2016 #108
You insult them, "how is this helping?"- that's your question. Warren DeMontague Mar 2016 #186
Message auto-removed Name removed Mar 2016 #135
Welcome to DU. MIRT!!!!! Cleanup in aisle three!!!!! nt msanthrope Mar 2016 #136
Message auto-removed Name removed Mar 2016 #137
I'm white, and you say "bitch" like it's a bad thing. I welcome your hatred. nt msanthrope Mar 2016 #138
How do people get banned these days? auntpurl Mar 2016 #142
You can alert on a post, but MIRT, a committee of troll zappers, keeps a pretty tight rein msanthrope Mar 2016 #144
Cool, thanks for info nt auntpurl Mar 2016 #145
Good lord. auntpurl Mar 2016 #139
He's dead, Jim. nt msanthrope Mar 2016 #141
They may, on a daily basis, worry about getting raped and whathehell Mar 2016 #202
Hillary's only chance of getting a significant number of millennials if she wins the nomination is.. nikto Mar 2016 #34
Um. No. Either Castro or Warren will draw the millenials. msanthrope Mar 2016 #35
That's a sad indictment of millennials, isn't it? onenote Mar 2016 #46
"HRC didn't need millenials primary votes" so she ignored them azurnoir Mar 2016 #166
No....she allocated her resources to people who would show up to the primary. nt msanthrope Mar 2016 #169
hmmm Bernie won by 20+ points in my state so millenials here must have shown up azurnoir Mar 2016 #172
Hillary getting the Millennials is not guaranteed nikto Mar 2016 #203
No words could be uttered, typed, or written by me or anyone else here... cherokeeprogressive Mar 2016 #72
"Other than that... please fucking stop lecturing me. It ain't fucking workin'." JTFrog Mar 2016 #76
Indeed. One wonders what would, actually, work. nt msanthrope Mar 2016 #124
I agree with that. John Poet Mar 2016 #146
Warren, I'm sure you've seen the OPs yardwork Mar 2016 #36
+1 n/t JTFrog Mar 2016 #70
Of course not. But I didnt bring up "white males" Warren DeMontague Mar 2016 #83
As a Hillary supporter I'm here to tell you that there's been a lot of mean stuff thrown our way too yardwork Mar 2016 #101
And likewise. Warren DeMontague Mar 2016 #188
Oh look, black people and white people are throwing shit at each other on the Internet again. Jester Messiah Mar 2016 #90
Actually, we're not. This white person is proud to stand with people of color. yardwork Mar 2016 #105
This white person is proud and happy of her OP. nt msanthrope Mar 2016 #185
The Clinton campaign has been treating Sanders with kid gloves Gothmog Mar 2016 #177
that wasn't my question, was it. Warren DeMontague Mar 2016 #187
Your post 4 referenced eight months poor treatment of Sanders supporters Gothmog Mar 2016 #191
people made the same argument about Obama, in '08. Warren DeMontague Mar 2016 #192
But for Sanders, the attack ads write themselves Gothmog Mar 2016 #194
I think we do better when we inspire people and are perceived as actually standing for something Warren DeMontague Mar 2016 #196
I have the template for a button similar to your vote for theme Gothmog Mar 2016 #205
Anyone who has to live there has my sincerest sympathy. Warren DeMontague Mar 2016 #206
"nonstop insults thrown at Sanders supporters'? anigbrowl Mar 2016 #207
Only one side has tried frantically to make "the supporters" & associated memes an actual issue Warren DeMontague Mar 2016 #208
KNR Lucinda Mar 2016 #5
My pleasure to kick and rec leftynyc Mar 2016 #6
Very well put. Nt NCTraveler Mar 2016 #7
Especially puzzling since she's winning every demo Starry Messenger Mar 2016 #8
The Republicans need depressed Democratic turnout to win the GE and keep msanthrope Mar 2016 #10
Well thank God hillary is doing such a bang up job with Millennials, right? Warren DeMontague Mar 2016 #12
Warren, step back a second. The downballot....the Senate msanthrope Mar 2016 #14
I know she's gonna be our nominee, in all likelihood. Warren DeMontague Mar 2016 #17
She's doing great with young black and Hispanic Millennials YCHDT Mar 2016 #100
Some have even suggested that we 'discount' or 'ignore' lovemydog Mar 2016 #15
+1. VulgarPoet Mar 2016 #143
Yes, 3/5th has been institutionalized BumRushDaShow Mar 2016 #20
I think this post should be it's own OP..... msanthrope Mar 2016 #24
I wish I had time BumRushDaShow Mar 2016 #32
Great post. nt sufrommich Mar 2016 #40
Excellent post. nt auntpurl Mar 2016 #80
Dr. Frantz Fanon, M.D. wrote about that very subject. Octafish Mar 2016 #87
Had his books in my household growing up BumRushDaShow Mar 2016 #95
War Hero. Psychiatrist. Anti-Colonialist. Revolutionary. Octafish Mar 2016 #97
"Wretched of the Earth" BumRushDaShow Mar 2016 #98
Outstanding analysis. More than relevant, it is basic for human progress. Octafish Mar 2016 #106
Institutionalized; hook line and sinker. VulgarPoet Mar 2016 #147
^ This is an outstanding explanation lovemydog Mar 2016 #160
K&R betsuni Mar 2016 #22
There have been other black people who have said the same thing. nc4bo Mar 2016 #23
Do you belive Bernie Sanders directly insulted black voters in the South? That Guy 888 Mar 2016 #26
What are you referring to? nt msanthrope Mar 2016 #28
I wouldn't say directly 72DejaVu Mar 2016 #31
Yes, and the tone deafness of "Killer Mike" speaks volumes. He is a rare known and is being YCHDT Mar 2016 #104
The quick reply of the person in the audience about the average donation being $27? That Guy 888 Mar 2016 #130
K&R liberal N proud Mar 2016 #29
Indeed, it's appalling treestar Mar 2016 #37
I keep seeing 2 kinds of posts appear to predominate among Hillary supporters. Nuclear Unicorn Mar 2016 #38
Why do folks continue to insist that it is "Hillary supporters" BumRushDaShow Mar 2016 #45
I could break the internet pulling up posts on DU complaining that rural and lower class whites Nuclear Unicorn Mar 2016 #53
The difference is BumRushDaShow Mar 2016 #59
I think you've made an assumption. msanthrope Mar 2016 #47
Whatever. You blast Sanders supporters without the slightest hint of discretion then Nuclear Unicorn Mar 2016 #51
I am surprised you have taken my OP so personally. Why? nt msanthrope Mar 2016 #54
Whatever. Call people racist one minute, want to know why they don't want Nuclear Unicorn Mar 2016 #57
I called no one a racist. But are you denying that the terms "Stockholm Syndrome" or msanthrope Mar 2016 #61
You're not calling anyone a racist, you're just claiming they're being racist. Nuclear Unicorn Mar 2016 #65
ok....what about "Confederacy." nt msanthrope Mar 2016 #69
What about the fact you're looking for any excuse to call people racists? Nuclear Unicorn Mar 2016 #75
Pointing out the use of racist terminolgy and talking points BumRushDaShow Mar 2016 #81
Maybe you're just mad the parrots have been trained to repeat "super predators." Nuclear Unicorn Mar 2016 #110
There's no being "mad" at anything BumRushDaShow Mar 2016 #112
"'Parrots' repeat what they hear and are often rewarded for the 'repeating'." Nuclear Unicorn Mar 2016 #113
Yet you miss the point of the analogy BumRushDaShow Mar 2016 #115
Racist crap should be denounced but it's not racist crap you're denouncing. Nuclear Unicorn Mar 2016 #118
Ahh there it is... BumRushDaShow Mar 2016 #129
I think you illustrate the problem in your post...... msanthrope Mar 2016 #92
What racism have I failed to address? Nuclear Unicorn Mar 2016 #109
You really don't think using "Stockholm Syndrome" to describe Black voting choices isn't problematic msanthrope Mar 2016 #116
"Stockholm Syndrome" has no racial connatation. You're fabricating that out of wholecloth. Nuclear Unicorn Mar 2016 #117
Again....do you really think suggesting that Black people have a psychological problem msanthrope Mar 2016 #119
I will not address something with no context. Care to address "super predators?" Nuclear Unicorn Mar 2016 #200
Yes it does. Tons of it and boatloads. Bluenorthwest Mar 2016 #128
I don't identify as straight. Thanks. mt msanthrope Mar 2016 #133
Message auto-removed Name removed Mar 2016 #148
Back for another round? How sweet. nt msanthrope Mar 2016 #149
Message auto-removed Name removed Mar 2016 #150
I'll tell you what I've told the other 2 -- Nuclear Unicorn Mar 2016 #201
Excellent response nikto Mar 2016 #204
I have struggled to understand RunInCircles Mar 2016 #41
And here we have an example of BumRushDaShow Mar 2016 #50
Yep My bad! RunInCircles Mar 2016 #52
And once again BumRushDaShow Mar 2016 #62
Well...he gave you three choices! What are you complaining about? nt msanthrope Mar 2016 #73
Which is it? RunInCircles Mar 2016 #74
You still don't get BumRushDaShow Mar 2016 #77
Yes auntpurl Mar 2016 #82
This is it exactly BumRushDaShow Mar 2016 #93
K&R. Enough of minimizing black voters! NT Adrahil Mar 2016 #42
What a stupid original post. Okay, give us a round number.... Herman4747 Mar 2016 #43
One can start with BumRushDaShow Mar 2016 #55
And just how is this denigrating specifically black VOTERS? n/t Herman4747 Mar 2016 #60
Really? BumRushDaShow Mar 2016 #63
For real? You don't see how that OP would be offensive to Black people? nt msanthrope Mar 2016 #64
It would be offensive to ALL the voters who elected the President Herman4747 Mar 2016 #67
Ok....but we are talking about Black people. So let's stick to them. Can you msanthrope Mar 2016 #71
Given that our President is half-white, Herman4747 Mar 2016 #122
Because Black voters is my OP subject. And you aren't answering my question. Why? nt msanthrope Mar 2016 #123
Do you answer mine? n/t Herman4747 Mar 2016 #151
Yes. nt msanthrope Mar 2016 #152
NO, YOU DON'T! Herman4747 Mar 2016 #154
You were given an answer. My OP also detailed several other threads. And of course, you've msanthrope Mar 2016 #156
Ok then....nt msanthrope Mar 2016 #164
"Given that our President is half-white" BumRushDaShow Mar 2016 #134
Guy, Don't be giving me Plessy v. Ferguson nonsense. Herman4747 Mar 2016 #153
"Plessy v. Ferguson has been repudiated by the U.S. Supreme Court." BumRushDaShow Mar 2016 #180
Just wanted to insert here that I think your posts are great. auntpurl Mar 2016 #197
I bow down to others here on DU BumRushDaShow Mar 2016 #198
Yes it will. auntpurl Mar 2016 #199
I suggest DU-searching the term "low information voters" auntpurl Mar 2016 #84
A 'round number'? Don't be ridiculous. randome Mar 2016 #88
K AND R! JaneyVee Mar 2016 #44
K/r. VulgarPoet Mar 2016 #48
It is the same petulant mentality that is not getting what it wants. AgadorSparticus Mar 2016 #49
+1. VulgarPoet Mar 2016 #161
Posted to for later. eom. 1StrongBlackMan Mar 2016 #56
k&r bigtree Mar 2016 #66
Excellent post. NurseJackie Mar 2016 #68
Cosigning and could not agree more! consciouslocs Mar 2016 #78
Actually, when blacks are this denigrated and trashed, as voters, they just get more determined. Jitter65 Mar 2016 #85
Nails it. BumRushDaShow Mar 2016 #99
Pow! nt Quayblue Mar 2016 #111
Here's one for ya how many more times will the South see Hillary before the convention? azurnoir Mar 2016 #140
"ya know all those churches she was singing hallelujah with?" msanthrope Mar 2016 #163
really or you just avoided my question - I'll take that as what you can't say azurnoir Mar 2016 #165
I think your implication that Black voters were somehow hoodwinked by a candidate who will msanthrope Mar 2016 #167
Blacks being hoodwinked is your apparent projection I said the South and churches azurnoir Mar 2016 #170
This is a thread about the Black vote. nt msanthrope Mar 2016 #171
well you seemed okay when threw millennials into the thread azurnoir Mar 2016 #173
Oh....I thought it rather proved my point. On a thread about the Black vote, it msanthrope Mar 2016 #174
the only demographic in Texas that is - in my state he won across the board at least according to azurnoir Mar 2016 #176
Message auto-removed Name removed Mar 2016 #175
Hey, I try to point this out and get ignored Blue_Tires Mar 2016 #86
Well said! mcar Mar 2016 #91
K&R fleur-de-lisa Mar 2016 #94
You don't have to apologize BumRushDaShow Mar 2016 #103
Great post -- k & r obamanut2012 Mar 2016 #96
Great strawman. Octafish Mar 2016 #102
I don't answer your questions. nt msanthrope Mar 2016 #120
I can see why. Octafish Mar 2016 #125
K&R ismnotwasm Mar 2016 #107
Never mind the 1/4ing, of course. Orsino Mar 2016 #114
K&R Gothmog Mar 2016 #121
You know, I'm personally bothered that the infamous Stockholm post is constantly mentioned sans Bluenorthwest Mar 2016 #126
I identify as Bi. Been a long journey. But thanks for asking. msanthrope Mar 2016 #131
People must take that care when suffering the bitterness of a loss Agnosticsherbet Mar 2016 #127
FACT DemocratSinceBirth Mar 2016 #132
Which is why McConnell's stupidity on the SCOTUS vacancy is so stupid Gothmog Mar 2016 #178
Wow silenttigersong Mar 2016 #155
Yes. The opinion of one Black person does not negate the postings on this board. They are there, msanthrope Mar 2016 #157
Nina Turner silenttigersong Mar 2016 #159
Well said! Spazito Mar 2016 #162
are we back to race because Hillary is pandering for NRA $$$ so gunz are off the table for now? azurnoir Mar 2016 #168
"Back to race?" nt msanthrope Mar 2016 #184
seemes last week or week before it was all guns azurnoir Mar 2016 #189
The fact that a former First Lady of Arkansas does better in Dixie than a Jewish civil right leader Attorney in Texas Mar 2016 #179
I thank you for providing an example of what I was saying in my OP. nt msanthrope Mar 2016 #181
Why do you hold African American voters and not white voters responsible for the vote in the South? Attorney in Texas Mar 2016 #182
Again, Thanks for your views on the "Confederacy." nt msanthrope Mar 2016 #183
I feel free to criticize the vote of ANYONE I think is voting for a bad candidate. Lizzie Poppet Mar 2016 #190
If anyone is specifically denigrating the worth of even a single Democratic vote RiverNoord Mar 2016 #193
I don't buy your premise AgingAmerican Mar 2016 #195
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