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118. I think Clinton is a scandal magnet.
Fri Mar 18, 2016, 10:38 AM
Mar 2016

Because she equivocates on everything. I think most of her support base (not on DU, in real life, the people actually voting for her), think she wants the job and is experienced for it, and they don't want to see the Republicans in the White House and think she can win. I also think they want to take a safe bet, and go with someone that they think will continue Obama's policies. Oh, and I do think they see through the equivocation and hope she'll do the "right thing."

While I don't see the electorate being pumped to vote for her, I cannot imagine any scenario where Trump wins. For the simple fact that Trump's core demographic doesn't ever vote Democrat anyway. Romney (2012, no Obama honeymoon with the youth vote) won a staggering 62% share of that demographic. And still lost. It's because minorities are growing and their voice is increasingly being heard.

What is unfortunate for me is that I went into this thinking Sanders could win, maybe, if he got out the youth vote. But he would have to do it by larger margins than Obama did in 2008. But the turnout rates have been mediocre at best, 10 points lower than 2008. Sanders has tied Clinton in many races, in many cases the youth vote broke for Sanders by 80%. That just tells you how important turnout is, and Sanders himself says it.

If the same youth don't vote or whatever I'm not worried because Trump has a massive millennial problem that he cannot overcome and it will likely get worse as the nastiness of the race heats up. I think if anything the way the race will go (very bigoted, very sexist, very racist), the youth vote will break for Clinton in a surprising way.

That is just stupid. bkkyosemite Mar 2016 #1
Not If Citizens Are Fed Up With The Clintons cantbeserious Mar 2016 #2
I don't care how much anyone is "fed up with the Clintons" Adrahil Mar 2016 #58
Yup. Agschmid Mar 2016 #62
Your Opinion Only - Others See The World Much, Much Differently cantbeserious Mar 2016 #70
Then they are idiots and do not belong here. Disgusting. #Trumphumping NT Adrahil Mar 2016 #73
It is not the people here who will make the difference... Human101948 Mar 2016 #80
You are exactly right. Shadowflash Mar 2016 #141
No one is Trumphumping Politicalboi Mar 2016 #158
Are you actually rationalizing if not quietly endorsing these people? Your posts reads that way. LonePirate Mar 2016 #88
They will no longer settle for the lesser of two evils BeyondGeography Mar 2016 #104
We've been here before and we know WhiteTara Mar 2016 #127
We already had a Clinton in the WH Politicalboi Mar 2016 #159
I agree. But voting for Trump is like voting for Bush again. Now that's insanity brush Mar 2016 #213
Nah, voting for Trump is idiotic. brush Mar 2016 #112
Totally agree. redwitch Mar 2016 #167
Post removed Post removed Mar 2016 #201
Huh? Trump has already said he'd bomb the shit out of them. brush Mar 2016 #205
Yes, they do, or you do? do you prefer Trump over Clinton because you dont care Jackie Wilson Said Mar 2016 #202
An electorate that put Bush Junior in the White House TWICE IdaBriggs Mar 2016 #108
Some feel the same about Clinton revbones Mar 2016 #143
Neither can voting for murderers like HRC Nickel79 Mar 2016 #192
Trump is stupid RobertEarl Mar 2016 #3
think blue collar white guy tk2kewl Mar 2016 #4
Correct. 840high Mar 2016 #17
No, it is not Jenny_92808 Mar 2016 #206
In some ways Trump and Bernie are alike. It would follow that they both attract similar voters. upaloopa Mar 2016 #5
Most of the folks I know who are for Trump griffi94 Mar 2016 #11
So far I haven't wanted to ask my relatives who they support. My guess is that it is Trump. upaloopa Mar 2016 #15
"Herd mentality" describes Hillary supporters 100% revbones Mar 2016 #18
Yeah there's some of that griffi94 Mar 2016 #20
Yep. Pull yourself up by the bootstraps. Armstead Mar 2016 #76
You're insulting a very large group of people. Why are you doing this? DisgustipatedinCA Mar 2016 #116
What group is that. griffi94 Mar 2016 #149
Unlike Hillary supporters k8conant Mar 2016 #166
Rand Paul, Ron Paul, Libertarians. Never felt they had any allegiance to the Democratic Party. nt Fla Dem Mar 2016 #148
Most of the Trump supporters I know griffi94 Mar 2016 #153
Are you kidding! burrowowl Mar 2016 #27
In many ways, Hillary is more conservative than the republicans Nickel79 Mar 2016 #135
Hillary has won the red states primarily because of the African American vote Nonhlanhla Mar 2016 #193
Oh, you think she's a "progressive?" Nickel79 Mar 2016 #198
I need to put a lid on racism?! WTF? Nonhlanhla Mar 2016 #200
You referred to us as "the African American vote" Nickel79 Mar 2016 #203
Nonsense Nonhlanhla Mar 2016 #207
You're confused about red state demographics Nickel79 Mar 2016 #211
You seem a little confused. brush Mar 2016 #214
I'm "confused?" Nickel79 Mar 2016 #215
Wasn't the topic of the OP dems opting to vote for Trump instead of Clinton? brush Mar 2016 #218
Trump and Clinton are alike Politicalboi Mar 2016 #160
Could you name some of those ways, please? Octafish Mar 2016 #208
TPP and Trade is going to be a huge issue DemocracyDirect Mar 2016 #6
Also the Iraq war jfern Mar 2016 #26
Which Trump supported in the past. n/t PoliticAverse Mar 2016 #102
LOL! Politicalboi Mar 2016 #163
Also social security. /nt RiverLover Mar 2016 #48
Anyone who votes for Trump is neither a Democrat or liberal still_one Mar 2016 #7
Or someone that just can't stand Hillary if she wins the nomination, and revbones Mar 2016 #19
NO. That is a false flag. Any person who votes for a racist, says everything about that person. still_one Mar 2016 #22
That's funny. Hillary supporters have been revbones Mar 2016 #29
I believe Hillary is a racist notadmblnd Mar 2016 #60
What racist did she vote for? all american girl Mar 2016 #74
I did not say she voted for racists. I said I believe she is racist notadmblnd Mar 2016 #162
Totally misread that....I thought it meant that she voted for a racist all american girl Mar 2016 #164
The woman with overwhelming black support is a racist? Ok. nt hack89 Mar 2016 #81
Yes. notadmblnd Mar 2016 #161
Let me guess - you are white. hack89 Mar 2016 #165
Stockholm syndrome? How the hell did you get that out of what I wrote? notadmblnd Mar 2016 #188
Don't you think those that suffer daily from racism hack89 Mar 2016 #189
As a matter of fact, yes I have experienced bigotry. notadmblnd Mar 2016 #190
Message auto-removed Name removed Mar 2016 #204
That's insane. Starry Messenger Mar 2016 #92
Please, enlighten me Nickel79 Mar 2016 #34
Here. Now do yourself a favor and educate yourself. Tanuki Mar 2016 #46
Educate? You're kidding, right? Nickel79 Mar 2016 #120
I guess you are unfamiliar with ontheissues.org, and didn't bother to look at it, Tanuki Mar 2016 #144
I'm well aware of that website Nickel79 Mar 2016 #175
Bull. You obviously weren't familiar with it when you dismissed it as Tanuki Mar 2016 #179
No more claims Nickel79 Mar 2016 #181
I'm guessing because her and Bernie agree, and voted (I think) 93% of the time all american girl Mar 2016 #75
Its that 7% that makes the difference SwampG8r Mar 2016 #94
Seriously? all american girl Mar 2016 #114
It depends on how the evaluation items are weighted Art_from_Ark Mar 2016 #126
The Iraq war was in that 7%. So, no. djean111 Mar 2016 #131
Could you please cite me some evidence of that....turning away from being a liberal. all american girl Mar 2016 #134
TPP, war, cluster bombs, fracking - to name just a few things that Hillary is fond of, and that are djean111 Mar 2016 #139
Its easy to minimize the differences SwampG8r Mar 2016 #142
Exactly, she admits it in her book monicaangela Mar 2016 #86
She also had the paperback edition edited Nickel79 Mar 2016 #128
Yet another despicable thing to add monicaangela Mar 2016 #168
I can't believe it either, Monicaangela. Nickel79 Mar 2016 #173
I watched this on Democracy now this morning monicaangela Mar 2016 #183
Unbelievable. Made me cry. Nickel79 Mar 2016 #186
That makes two of us monicaangela Mar 2016 #187
I don't even know what to say anymore. Nickel79 Mar 2016 #191
I understand how you feel monicaangela Mar 2016 #197
You've truly highlighted the positives Nickel79 Mar 2016 #199
We cannot win an election with only the votes of Democrats and Liberals. surrealAmerican Mar 2016 #65
A lot of people do not vote according to neat political labels like 'Democrat' and 'liberal.' 21st Century Poet Mar 2016 #91
The same could be said of Hillary. ozone_man Mar 2016 #140
That is not something I would ever do. Kalidurga Mar 2016 #8
I would never vote for Trump, but I understand their reasoning. They want to send a message. liberal_at_heart Mar 2016 #9
That's how I feel Nickel79 Mar 2016 #35
people are still underestimating the antiestablishment rage people are feeling. restorefreedom Mar 2016 #10
Glenn Beck said he would support Sanders over Trump. NCTraveler Mar 2016 #12
I have a friend who is this voter nevergiveup Mar 2016 #13
If your friend votes for a racist, then that speaks volumes about him still_one Mar 2016 #23
You keep making blanket generalizations Nickel79 Mar 2016 #37
"Exercise a little thought. Think critically. Try being persuasive" salinsky Mar 2016 #111
You say "infantile" out of pure cowardice or ignorance Nickel79 Mar 2016 #122
Yes, infantile ... salinsky Mar 2016 #133
Your intellectual failures are fairly numerous on this topic, further supporting... Nickel79 Mar 2016 #174
Lol BlindTiresias Mar 2016 #117
Great reply Nickel79 Mar 2016 #124
That a steaming pile of poop. It's astounding in 2016 anonymous people snagglepuss Mar 2016 #14
This message was self-deleted by its author PonyUp Mar 2016 #30
In this instance, anonymous posters making Bernie supporters look smells too snagglepuss Mar 2016 #89
No doubt, you have objective evidence to support your allegation, yes? LanternWaste Mar 2016 #132
Just to make it clear, I am NOT defending these people, but... Odin2005 Mar 2016 #16
I'm one of these "idiots" Nickel79 Mar 2016 #38
Oh, I agree with you. Odin2005 Mar 2016 #50
I completely understand Nickel79 Mar 2016 #137
I urge people to look up the C-SPAN PATRICK Mar 2016 #42
The democratic party has ignored the anger out there. They could have easily capitalized on it Autumn Mar 2016 #21
hey, if they vote for Trump who is a racist, then they are racists. They don't have to vote for still_one Mar 2016 #24
hey, if they vote for Hillary who is a liar revbones Mar 2016 #32
Here's the flaw in your argument ... NanceGreggs Mar 2016 #36
Did I say the majority did? No. revbones Mar 2016 #40
Actually Hillary's negatives are almost as bad as Trump's Human101948 Mar 2016 #106
Championed equality? Nickel79 Mar 2016 #41
She's kinda sorta supported in since 2013.... revbones Mar 2016 #110
Agreed, and it makes me think back to 2003 - 2008 Nickel79 Mar 2016 #177
And if they don't vote Buzz cook Mar 2016 #45
Huh? Trump as a lesser evil compared to Hillary? joshcryer Mar 2016 #63
I didn't say anything about why Trump was winning the nomination. revbones Mar 2016 #96
I'm saying they're more likely to not vote... joshcryer Mar 2016 #98
While I appreciate your insightful analysis revbones Mar 2016 #109
I think Clinton is a scandal magnet. joshcryer Mar 2016 #118
Well... revbones Mar 2016 #121
I don't think it's fear. joshcryer Mar 2016 #125
I think being shut out they way they have been during this election revbones Mar 2016 #136
The great thing is we'll know in 8 months. joshcryer Mar 2016 #138
They don't care what you think. djean111 Mar 2016 #39
Sorry, that's just nonsense. A vote is just that, a vote. Autumn Mar 2016 #84
I'd think a lot would vote 3rd party or not bother to vote jfern Mar 2016 #25
Anyone who would vote for for Donald Trump is a racist Chitown Kev Mar 2016 #28
By that logic, anyone that would vote for Hillary is a liar. It doesn't work does it? revbones Mar 2016 #31
Excuse his racism? Full stop. Gormy Cuss Mar 2016 #130
Equally strange, but may provide some insights eggman67 Mar 2016 #33
It's not really that big a deal Onlooker Mar 2016 #43
Old news Buzz cook Mar 2016 #44
"far fetched"? hardly. Over-the-top-Hillary-hate is not limited to RWers DrDan Mar 2016 #47
I hope not Demsrule86 Mar 2016 #66
It was flooded. OK? delrem Mar 2016 #49
Maybe some of these Sanders-Trump switchers don't know Trump is a racist. raging moderate Mar 2016 #67
any sander supporter that would vote for trump is truly NOT a sander supporter beachbum bob Mar 2016 #51
You don't say? joshcryer Mar 2016 #54
Lets see how well Trump will do with Independents when ads like this are on the air workinclasszero Mar 2016 #52
R's can never take responsibility for anything! peace13 Mar 2016 #53
(sigh!) The "Nothing-But-The-Best-For-The-Oppressed" attitude DinahMoeHum Mar 2016 #55
So some Sanders supporters are OK with a racist,sexist bigot sufrommich Mar 2016 #56
"to our detriment they have closed their eyes to it" joshcryer Mar 2016 #57
I've seen talk about the Internet generation doing it "for the lulz" shawn703 Mar 2016 #59
Trumps "candidacy" is a pure meme driven thing online. joshcryer Mar 2016 #68
Highly stupid. JaneyVee Mar 2016 #61
I don't think their analysis supports this statement. Skwmom Mar 2016 #64
I expect Bernie to earn the nom, but if not I will write in Bernie Sanders in the general peacebird Mar 2016 #69
This message was self-deleted by its author PonyUp Mar 2016 #71
Makes sense CincyDem Mar 2016 #72
People Are Mad... They Want ACTUAL Change This Time... WillyT Mar 2016 #77
Results of your Jury Service FBaggins Mar 2016 #101
Any St. Bernard supporter who would do this is an asshole. beaglelover Mar 2016 #78
... SidDithers Mar 2016 #79
From a reply I posted elsewhere hellofromreddit Mar 2016 #82
So let me get this staight, all american girl Mar 2016 #83
Not this Bernie supporter and Clinton disliker ghostsinthemachine Mar 2016 #85
There's one right here in this thread who says its Bernie or Donald. yardwork Mar 2016 #97
"In every situation there's going to be more dumb people than smart people" ghostsinthemachine Mar 2016 #100
Your lack of imagination is shared nadinbrzezinski Mar 2016 #87
I certainly hope not. hrmjustin Mar 2016 #90
Not a chance I would vote for Trump. timmymoff Mar 2016 #93
This has been obvious right here on DU for months. yardwork Mar 2016 #95
Yes, Trump supporters and Bernie supporters who would switch to Trump are cut from the same cloth .. salinsky Mar 2016 #115
While I could never mark my ballot for Trump... Lizzie Poppet Mar 2016 #99
Few may vote for Trump tazkcmo Mar 2016 #103
Destructive junk. nt ladjf Mar 2016 #105
Message auto-removed Name removed Mar 2016 #107
Anyone who votes for Trump is a fucking idiot. Zorra Mar 2016 #113
+ 1 JoePhilly Mar 2016 #119
Maybe some independents whatchamacallit Mar 2016 #123
Because the Donald is saying things that the Democratic Party ignores at their peril. alarimer Mar 2016 #129
Was the kind of thing I feared. Disgruntled white blue collar workers fed up with trade policies EndElectoral Mar 2016 #145
mainly because half the people I was with believed it until I explained the situation to them JTFrog Mar 2016 #146
I think Trump would start less wars than Clinton would. CanadaexPat Mar 2016 #147
He has already said he would use the military to threaten MEXICO for crissakes. Skinner Mar 2016 #152
I could never vote for Trump. bigwillq Mar 2016 #150
A lot of undecided and non voting Americans randr Mar 2016 #151
apparently, some angry progressives will also be going with Trump. MuttLikeMe Mar 2016 #156
It is too bad as the case may be randr Mar 2016 #169
Either emoprogs get their way or it's watch the world burn. MuttLikeMe Mar 2016 #154
The Queen is a terrible terrible terrible candidate Politicalboi Mar 2016 #155
I know a few of these types in real life Bjornsdotter Mar 2016 #157
I doubt there are many, if any, Bernie supporters ThePhilosopher04 Mar 2016 #170
right--Clinton will start off by saying "the Republicans are the party of war, deportation, Social- MisterP Mar 2016 #171
Voting for Trump Because SDJay Mar 2016 #172
Any sanders supporter who votes trump will SHAME Bernie.... beachbumbob Mar 2016 #176
According to the article. TheFarseer Mar 2016 #178
It's all about who is easier to get rid of in 4 years if you take a longer view on things.. LonelyLiberalOhio Mar 2016 #180
Wow Turin_C3PO Mar 2016 #182
They talk a lot about this on MSNBC, they have interviewed many that say if not Bernie then Trump krawhitham Mar 2016 #184
In retrospect, this election is going to be considered a turning point in american history. lumberjack_jeff Mar 2016 #185
Hill had better try to make people like her. senz Mar 2016 #194
I know several people who say they would vote for Sanders over Trump, but Trump over Clinton democrattotheend Mar 2016 #195
I do too n/t Jenny_92808 Mar 2016 #210
That must have just overwhelmed them kcr Mar 2016 #196
If You Are Voting For The Lesser Of Two Evils, You Are STILL Voting For EVIL... AzDar Mar 2016 #209
Not me - Not EVER !!!!! LyndaG Mar 2016 #212
The right hates Hillary. The fringe left hates Hillary... SidDithers Mar 2016 #216
No, the fringe left does not like Trump. raging moderate Mar 2016 #217
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