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52. Watch it past the initial response
Mon Jul 25, 2016, 04:21 PM
Jul 2016

"WE want Bernie" repeated loudly is not booing him.

I don't care you if condone their response or not (which was an internal gathering more than a public event) but they were both expressing displeasure with Clinton and the DNC and also support for Bernie.

Sounded like boos. we can do it Jul 2016 #1
Did you hear the actual speech in full? Armstead Jul 2016 #4
Yes. And have really had enough of the spoiled brats ready to throw election to trump. we can do it Jul 2016 #21
I'm 64...I don't need to grow up and I am well aware of the "real world" Armstead Jul 2016 #22
If you are behind what he said- then that does not apply. we can do it Jul 2016 #28
The booing was for Hillary, which is absolutely sickening. CrowCityDem Jul 2016 #2
And they were booing Sanders for his support of her. Maru Kitteh Jul 2016 #9
My takes: They booed his statement. Hortensis Jul 2016 #13
That's what I heard too. And he didn't cut off the boos like Pres. Obama does in a speech nt TeamPooka Jul 2016 #18
Yes, he was calm and tried to calm. Hortensis Jul 2016 #48
Obama cuts off boos right away and says "don't boo, vote." nt TeamPooka Jul 2016 #61
Oh, right. Good advice, imo. Hortensis Jul 2016 #64
Either way they were booing him for his statement. Maru Kitteh Jul 2016 #24
Well, their support has been badly weakened by his endorsing Hillary. Hortensis Jul 2016 #49
I do believe he will follow through with his promises and make a strong case for HRC and Kaine Maru Kitteh Jul 2016 #50
Agree! Problem now are the left-wing extremists he Hortensis Jul 2016 #53
Wait: control and liberal/ progressive in the same line? glowing Jul 2016 #38
Right. It'll be productive of our nominees, Hortensis Jul 2016 #57
is what I saw Go Vols Jul 2016 #3
So did I RonniePudding Jul 2016 #25
Sorry, but they were screaming at him while he was indicting Trump BeyondGeography Jul 2016 #5
They were expressing displeasure with his comments about Clinton, but they.... Armstead Jul 2016 #10
You're right, he had them eating out of his hand BeyondGeography Jul 2016 #14
No one said they booed him. Except Trump, Trump was booing him. Justice Jul 2016 #15
The great care you take in splitting those hairs tells me that you know ... NurseJackie Jul 2016 #23
Off topic, but I love your gif ^^ redStateBlueHeart Jul 2016 #60
I wouldn't say that matters much treestar Jul 2016 #55
not entirely accurate. drray23 Jul 2016 #6
No, it was booing. madamesilverspurs Jul 2016 #7
The "We want Bernies" were AFTER he said to vote for Clinton Armstead Jul 2016 #11
This is my impression, as well. Alex4Martinez Jul 2016 #20
And does that somehow make their behavior less reprehensible? Peigan68 Jul 2016 #8
The booing was for someone else. Seriously? Justice Jul 2016 #12
This message was self-deleted by its author geek tragedy Jul 2016 #16
That's an awful lot of bullshit you're shoveling. John Poet Jul 2016 #70
they booed Bernie Sanders. Booed him. geek tragedy Jul 2016 #71
It certainly sounded like booing....nt LaydeeBug Jul 2016 #17
Watch the whole thing Armstead Jul 2016 #19
Booing is booing and they booed Sanders for his support of the nominee. Maru Kitteh Jul 2016 #26
they were booing against the democratic party nominees, not their lost cause hero nt msongs Jul 2016 #29
Bullsh*t. auntpurl Jul 2016 #27
They even booed him saying bad things about Trump? sarae Jul 2016 #31
Yup -- HIS DELEGATES obamanut2012 Jul 2016 #34
jesus christ sarae Jul 2016 #39
They need to have their credentials revoked & be sent home then. Lord Magus Jul 2016 #67
Good one! eastwestdem Jul 2016 #30
Yes, Bernie was booed -- he was the speaker obamanut2012 Jul 2016 #32
How dare you ask DUers to be truthful about what happened! merrily Jul 2016 #33
But that 100% what happened obamanut2012 Jul 2016 #35
Watch the video. Bernie Sanders is speaking, and the boos are deafening. geek tragedy Jul 2016 #36
Yes, he did get booed. He said "vote for Hillary" and the people booed him. DanTex Jul 2016 #37
A distinction without a difference. Clearly unhappy w Bernie that he endorsed Clinton/Kaine emulatorloo Jul 2016 #40
I watched it live. They were saying we want Bernie. They love him! B Calm Jul 2016 #41
They don't love him enough to listen to him and follow his lead. Justice Jul 2016 #42
Right now they have justifiable anger about the ways things were handled at the DNC. B Calm Jul 2016 #47
No they don't. Lord Magus Jul 2016 #68
There's the problem, eom. B Calm Jul 2016 #72
I heard boos. annavictorious Jul 2016 #43
Here's the clip. They are clearly booing, & hands raised with thumbs down is a visual you can't deny Native Jul 2016 #44
That's Terrible That They Booed Him... Grassy Knoll Jul 2016 #46
Nope cut it too soon Armstead Jul 2016 #58
After they booed him. It was shameful that they booed Bernie like that. Maru Kitteh Jul 2016 #65
That is flat out funny. NCTraveler Jul 2016 #45
Watch it past the initial response Armstead Jul 2016 #52
The old method of "if you don't look at what I say didn't happen....." Nt NCTraveler Jul 2016 #56
Nope you are wrong Armstead Jul 2016 #59
I'm not sure what you are doing here. NCTraveler Jul 2016 #62
Watch the video at the point I mentioned....and turn up the damn sound if you need to Armstead Jul 2016 #63
And that's all fucking irrelevant. Lord Magus Jul 2016 #69
Go watch the kickoff to the last Super Bowl. NCTraveler Jul 2016 #73
Not this crap again. Starry Messenger Jul 2016 #51
That someone else is the our nominee... tallahasseedem Jul 2016 #54
Bernie created a monster and now he can't control it. They obviously don't respect him either. glennward Jul 2016 #66
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