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Once again, no "I like pie" option (nt) LongtimeAZDem Aug 2016 #1
that's how I see it too Dem2 Aug 2016 #2
any pie you want... yuiyoshida Aug 2016 #3
Never heard of 'em. nt LexVegas Aug 2016 #4
Really?? yuiyoshida Aug 2016 #5
Are they like the Sane Progressive? nt LexVegas Aug 2016 #11
If you want to know their stance yuiyoshida Aug 2016 #13
Are they on Youtube....or Reddit? nt LexVegas Aug 2016 #22
Youtube absolutely. yuiyoshida Aug 2016 #26
Thom Hartmann is a member of DU since 2006 bananas Aug 2016 #137
Go over to Ring of Fire Progressive News Network womanofthehills Aug 2016 #179
I will say this. Demsrule86 Aug 2016 #212
These are the guys who criticized Baby Bush admin while DLCers were busy rubberstamping yurbud Aug 2016 #139
Yep. Sounds as if DU has lost its way... SMC22307 Aug 2016 #235
DU hasn't lost their way. This is a just a slightly worse than average election infection yurbud Aug 2016 #243
Sure ... Ban them all! ... why not? NurseJackie Aug 2016 #6
Or ... anything with that green RT (Russia Today) logo. NurseJackie Aug 2016 #9
I saw you slamming Cenk yuiyoshida Aug 2016 #12
Where are these great majorities clamoring for banning Cenk and Hartmann? emulatorloo Aug 2016 #18
here yuiyoshida Aug 2016 #24
Mountain out of a mole-hill, yoiyoshida emulatorloo Aug 2016 #35
Oh come on...you know there have been yuiyoshida Aug 2016 #39
Now you're complaining that people >>aren't alerting<< on Hartmann and Malloy vids? emulatorloo Aug 2016 #63
I like all of them but yuiyoshida Aug 2016 #69
I like them all too and have been listening to some of them for years womanofthehills Aug 2016 #181
Are you fucking serious mercuryblues Aug 2016 #237
Where does it say "great majorities" in the op? NWCorona Aug 2016 #62
It doesn't yuiyoshida Aug 2016 #73
You don't have to ban them Demsrule86 Aug 2016 #213
Sure, that's fine with me! Why not? :-P Let's do it! NurseJackie Aug 2016 #41
Okay so now on you see their videos yuiyoshida Aug 2016 #51
Uh...because they have a lot of valid things to say? Ken Burch Aug 2016 #245
Uh...if one's goal is to weaken our nominee, and if one is giddy over the idea of a Trump presidency NurseJackie Aug 2016 #246
Easier to ignore the agitators Blue_Adept Aug 2016 #7
They are dead serious...so I am calling them out yuiyoshida Aug 2016 #56
You haven't mercuryblues Aug 2016 #241
Let's trade, y'all want to ban Hartmann, we want to ban Brock. Let's talk turkey. VulgarPoet Aug 2016 #8
.... LexVegas Aug 2016 #23
When Brock has a show... Adrahil Aug 2016 #233
I just looked them up. DURHAM D Aug 2016 #10
Ana Kasparian doesn't look like a white male to me. jalan48 Aug 2016 #27
I love Ana yuiyoshida Aug 2016 #61
Nor does Laura Flanders or Abby Martin womanofthehills Aug 2016 #186
a "progressive network" that insults the name uhnope Aug 2016 #228
Cenk is Turkish nt nadine_mn Aug 2016 #70
He certainly is yuiyoshida Aug 2016 #74
If I'm not mistaken, DU's owners are white males. SMC22307 Aug 2016 #238
"Some on DU" = tiny loud minority on DU emulatorloo Aug 2016 #14
maybe so...all you have to do is read this to jump yuiyoshida Aug 2016 #16
Do you believe Cenk is above criticism? emulatorloo Aug 2016 #29
Sure Cenk should be criticized yuiyoshida Aug 2016 #36
"Some on DU" = tiny loud MINORITY on DU emulatorloo Aug 2016 #40
doesn't it bother you that some who yuiyoshida Aug 2016 #67
I'm actually surprised you're surprised Arazi Aug 2016 #149
I know there are a lot of new DUers yuiyoshida Aug 2016 #150
The 10 names who've voted to ban are not newbies Arazi Aug 2016 #152
I am betting you are correct yuiyoshida Aug 2016 #158
We are in campaign mode at DU.. the primaries are over.. Peacetrain Aug 2016 #15
So whats it going to be yuiyoshida Aug 2016 #17
You can't try and shout down the Democrats right now.. Peacetrain Aug 2016 #25
I agree completely but yuiyoshida Aug 2016 #28
Exactly right...said it better than me. nt Demsrule86 Aug 2016 #214
I'm going to take a wild guess that those posters are asking sufrommich Aug 2016 #19
I agree with that Demsrule86 Aug 2016 #217
Russian propaganda metroins Aug 2016 #20
SO why aren't you alerting on RT VIDEOS... yuiyoshida Aug 2016 #30
This message was self-deleted by its author rjsquirrel Aug 2016 #55
Great did you do my poll? yuiyoshida Aug 2016 #58
I don't have enough time metroins Aug 2016 #147
you don't have enough time to alert? yuiyoshida Aug 2016 #148
Gotta find them metroins Aug 2016 #151
look below yuiyoshida Aug 2016 #156
Yes. Lord Magus Aug 2016 #231
I'm not familiar with any of them. Kaleva Aug 2016 #21
Really? You been on DU for 15,000 postings and you yuiyoshida Aug 2016 #32
I've never watched any of their videos. Kaleva Aug 2016 #43
you are missing out yuiyoshida Aug 2016 #50
You're not missing anything. NurseJackie Aug 2016 #157
Go over to Ring of Fire and watch their videos - new ones every day womanofthehills Aug 2016 #187
my view advocating anything against hillary and democratic party beachbum bob Aug 2016 #31
So whats your call? yuiyoshida Aug 2016 #33
They are bullshit artists making pro Trump arguments. Agnosticsherbet Aug 2016 #34
can not do it that way... yuiyoshida Aug 2016 #46
They are not members. Only members can be banned for making Agnosticsherbet Aug 2016 #144
Nothing "Underground" about this place any more. yodermon Aug 2016 #37
Untrue of a majority of DU posters. emulatorloo Aug 2016 #44
Was it ever "Underground"? Didn't members overwhelmingly oppose the Iraq War? SMC22307 Aug 2016 #240
If they're violating the TOS, they should be treated like anyone else. wyldwolf Aug 2016 #38
Meh, I'll just trash their threads or use the Keyword Trash feature. NYC Liberal Aug 2016 #42
They are DU members? treestar Aug 2016 #45
They are video hosts... yuiyoshida Aug 2016 #48
I've heard of them due to DU treestar Aug 2016 #104
some find video yuiyoshida Aug 2016 #107
MAlloy urges his listeners to not vote for Hillary. So does TYT. MohRokTah Aug 2016 #47
so whats your call? yuiyoshida Aug 2016 #49
For starters, anybody posting a thread promoting MAlloy's show should be banned. MohRokTah Aug 2016 #66
I was Talking about banning videos yuiyoshida Aug 2016 #71
Actually, now that Hillary has won the nomination TYT is voting for her nadine_mn Aug 2016 #75
Hartmann is encouraging sbs supporters to vote for Hillary. NT Ilsa Aug 2016 #129
This message was self-deleted by its author rjsquirrel Aug 2016 #52
did you vote in my poll?? yuiyoshida Aug 2016 #60
This message was self-deleted by its author rjsquirrel Aug 2016 #64
If any of them try use DU to push their bullshit, hell yeah. PeaceNikki Aug 2016 #53
People post their videos yuiyoshida Aug 2016 #79
Oh, then I don't understand the question. PeaceNikki Aug 2016 #91
Meh, I ignore talking heads. Dr Hobbitstein Aug 2016 #54
+1 Jamaal510 Aug 2016 #136
Do they violate the rules? MFM008 Aug 2016 #57
no we would not stand a chance yuiyoshida Aug 2016 #119
I'm a Hillary supporter now, and I was one in 2008 as well. lapucelle Aug 2016 #59
I agree yuiyoshida Aug 2016 #120
STRAW MAN nt BobbyDrake Aug 2016 #65
and yet here you are yuiyoshida Aug 2016 #80
Why bother? DFW Aug 2016 #68
I totally agree and yet there are some yuiyoshida Aug 2016 #81
There must be some nuance to all this DFW Aug 2016 #121
Thanks! yuiyoshida Aug 2016 #122
Do-itashimashite! DFW Aug 2016 #125
Thom is NOT anti-Hillary lillypaddle Aug 2016 #72
I K R?? yuiyoshida Aug 2016 #82
Let's ban the INTERNET nolabels Aug 2016 #76
interesting but yuiyoshida Aug 2016 #84
But, but, but i only watch reruns on netflix, how else would one be able fall asleep? nolabels Aug 2016 #93
pssst. I know a website yuiyoshida Aug 2016 #96
Remind anybody of 1984? Unbelievable. George Eliot Aug 2016 #77
absolutely! yuiyoshida Aug 2016 #86
"newspeak" & privileged inner party - from Wiki George Eliot Aug 2016 #162
Not so much banning them but banning anything supporting the other side. LiberalFighter Aug 2016 #78
But some here say these guys are with yuiyoshida Aug 2016 #89
Who said anything about banning? betsuni Aug 2016 #83
it follows right? yuiyoshida Aug 2016 #92
No, in that post there was no mention at all of banning anything. betsuni Aug 2016 #95
THEY THINK Cenk is anti Hillary yuiyoshida Aug 2016 #97
This is a site for Democrats. Clinton is the Democratic nominee. betsuni Aug 2016 #112
I do love that video but also I have not asked for any videos to be banned yuiyoshida Aug 2016 #114
The only person talking about banning in that thread is you. tammywammy Aug 2016 #224
now buy some... stonecutter357 Aug 2016 #85
Well, I personally can't stand TYT show DemonGoddess Aug 2016 #87
did you vote? yuiyoshida Aug 2016 #99
yes I did DemonGoddess Aug 2016 #102
I agree yuiyoshida Aug 2016 #106
far too many of them DemonGoddess Aug 2016 #108
CT? yuiyoshida Aug 2016 #109
conspiracy theory crap DemonGoddess Aug 2016 #111
aw yes thanks... yuiyoshida Aug 2016 #113
Pretty slanted wording SirBrockington Aug 2016 #88
What is slanted... yuiyoshida Aug 2016 #94
Wannabee hall monitors and wardens. Tierra_y_Libertad Aug 2016 #90
spot on yuiyoshida Aug 2016 #98
Yep. That's what DU has been reduced to... SMC22307 Aug 2016 #242
That was amusing: I just voted in this poll while serving on a jury for it. Ron Obvious Aug 2016 #100
how is this poll against ToS? yuiyoshida Aug 2016 #101
I voted to keep Ron Obvious Aug 2016 #103
No, it's not our call. Orsino Aug 2016 #105
If people are upset with the videos yuiyoshida Aug 2016 #110
I have no idea who Mike Malloy is. KMOD Aug 2016 #115
amazing. yuiyoshida Aug 2016 #118
It explains a lot imo. nt Rex Aug 2016 #145
Exactly what does it explain Rex? KMOD Aug 2016 #155
I know two of the three. KMOD Aug 2016 #163
I am amazed too - they are all progressive voices who have been around for years womanofthehills Aug 2016 #190
There must be a lot here who are yuiyoshida Aug 2016 #191
How about a group or forum for them? Sugarcoated Aug 2016 #116
Whats wrong with the Video & Multimedia section yuiyoshida Aug 2016 #117
Hide what? Sugarcoated Aug 2016 #141
Glad you had a perfect option for me. nt. NCTraveler Aug 2016 #123
Already have the rules in place for this. Don't need new ones. Amimnoch Aug 2016 #124
common sense yuiyoshida Aug 2016 #128
You beat me to it. nt stevenleser Aug 2016 #134
Ban? Where the hell would I get my comedic relief from? MyNameGoesHere Aug 2016 #126
The videos can certainly be yuiyoshida Aug 2016 #131
In fact, before the primaries were over he OldHippieChick Aug 2016 #143
Thank you for backing mre up and augmenting Ilsa Aug 2016 #146
Pundits get a little crazy sometimes Bradical79 Aug 2016 #130
and yet we have all seen the yuiyoshida Aug 2016 #132
Yeah Bradical79 Aug 2016 #133
some people need them. yuiyoshida Aug 2016 #135
anyone calling for a ban doesn't seem to understand the "discussion" part of a discussion board yurbud Aug 2016 #138
I had a post hidden for repeating a Facebook post by Reich and an NYT article Armstead Aug 2016 #140
agreed G_j Aug 2016 #142
Quelle surprise. nt riderinthestorm Aug 2016 #153
Just NO... happydaze Aug 2016 #154
He would agree... yuiyoshida Aug 2016 #159
At least 2 of them that I listen to are saying Clinton happydaze Aug 2016 #160
I cannot STAND Cenk with his fake self bravenak Aug 2016 #161
He says Hillary's racism is worse than Trump's? Then ban him. He's promoting Trump. n/t pnwmom Aug 2016 #166
Exactly. bravenak Aug 2016 #167
Everyone has their own alert button yuiyoshida Aug 2016 #173
The problem is having to sit through watching the videos. It's easy with a written post pnwmom Aug 2016 #183
I have been told on DU that if a yuiyoshida Aug 2016 #185
Because without knowing what was in a Thom Hartmann video, I couldn't know whether pnwmom Aug 2016 #192
if you fully believe that a video blogger is as bad as yuiyoshida Aug 2016 #193
I never said that. n/t pnwmom Aug 2016 #194
so you think that sometimes their video bloggs are yuiyoshida Aug 2016 #195
I haven't watched any of their videos since the primaries, and even then I watched very few. pnwmom Aug 2016 #196
but now knowing this information about yuiyoshida Aug 2016 #197
I'm not going to alert on videos I haven't listened to unless I have some other reason pnwmom Aug 2016 #198
Thom annoyed me during the primary Demsrule86 Aug 2016 #234
Than I guess you will have to start yuiyoshida Aug 2016 #170
I will alert if he says crazy stuff like Hillary is worse than Trump bravenak Aug 2016 #172
why are you putting an "if" on it? yuiyoshida Aug 2016 #174
Honestly? You have actually convinced me to alert all of them. Sound logic is sound. bravenak Aug 2016 #175
You alert often yuiyoshida Aug 2016 #176
And is that a problem? bravenak Aug 2016 #177
everyone is given an alert button yuiyoshida Aug 2016 #178
Good. The system is much better now. bravenak Aug 2016 #180
Alert on specific material that is anti-Hillary. pnwmom Aug 2016 #164
I agree Andy823 Aug 2016 #168
That's why everyone has their own yuiyoshida Aug 2016 #171
Where's the option for I don't give a fuck? BainsBane Aug 2016 #165
oh that's simple ... yuiyoshida Aug 2016 #169
Really? Because the only reason DU exists? BainsBane Aug 2016 #182
They are to some respected bloggers who people yuiyoshida Aug 2016 #184
No one who cares about progressive politics should be Demsrule86 Aug 2016 #216
You wouldn't alert on the video? yuiyoshida Aug 2016 #220
What video ? nt Demsrule86 Aug 2016 #225
I don't think this is stupid tawadi Aug 2016 #188
The TOS say differently. yuiyoshida Aug 2016 #189
To be fair to TYT anamnua Aug 2016 #199
I didn't know Ana yuiyoshida Aug 2016 #200
She didn't. I just invented it! anamnua Aug 2016 #219
maybe yuiyoshida Aug 2016 #221
Mike Malloy is an extremely anti Hillary liberalnarb Aug 2016 #201
Wait so because he is posted yuiyoshida Aug 2016 #202
What? liberalnarb Aug 2016 #203
okay so you will be yuiyoshida Aug 2016 #205
Uh, no. I'll alert only on vids that break the tos. liberalnarb Aug 2016 #206
good! yuiyoshida Aug 2016 #207
No one is saying that. liberalnarb Aug 2016 #209
Didn't Hartmann endorse Hillary? RandySF Aug 2016 #204
Yes. HarmonyRockets Aug 2016 #208
If they bash Democrats, or advocate not voting for them - sure. baldguy Aug 2016 #210
When does wearing pink underwear become a crime? Lottie5 Aug 2016 #211
didn't I read some where on DU that yuiyoshida Aug 2016 #222
None of those should be banned (nt) bigwillq Aug 2016 #215
It would seem yuiyoshida Aug 2016 #218
Interesting Poll chknltl Aug 2016 #223
Ugh. People are still falling for this strawman bullshit? Squinch Aug 2016 #226
Strawman bullshit remains quite popular for some reason. betsuni Aug 2016 #229
Anyone calling for any of them to be banned malaise Aug 2016 #227
It must be nice to surround yourself with voices who always agree with you... brooklynite Aug 2016 #244
This is a riot! I went and looked at the thread you referenced in post 24 where people Squinch Aug 2016 #230
This is not AT ALL surprising. betsuni Aug 2016 #232
OMG!! SERIOUSLY?? THAT'S A RIOT!! :-D NurseJackie Aug 2016 #236
Heh. "DU ITS YOUR CALL" Heh heh heh. betsuni Aug 2016 #239
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