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Mon Nov 7, 2016, 08:02 PM
Nov 2016

Kurt Eichenwald ‏@kurteichenwald 34m34 minutes ago
129. NATO allies have begun assembling intel files, including from Russian informants, about Trump out of fear he is compromised.

128. By Oct., “buyer’s remorse” set in at Kremlin, which saw Trump as 2 unpredictable/unbalanced; feared could not anticipate his actions.

127. When Trump attacked Gold Star family, Kremlin halted hack campaign. Believed he was psychologically unbalanced and would withdraw.

126. Kremlin has file of compromising information on Trump, with surveillance videos taken while he was in Moscow, including in his hotel.

125. In August, a Trump associate met secretly at a school in Eastern Europe with a member of the pro-Putin faction in parliament.

124. Several of Trump associates currently under FBI investigation on allegations of illicit connections to Russia/Ukraine.

123, At least three of Trump’s campaign advisors have been linked to financial connections to Russia, or have aided Russian propaganda.

122. Shortly after publication of bogus article on Russian propaganda site, Trump campaign emailed it 2 reporters urging them to pursue it

121. Trump’s refusal to accept findings in intel briefings has terrified NATO allies, who fear he'll make policy decisions based on impulse

120. Trump had no information to dispute the US intel briefings about Russian hacking/disinformation campaign other than Putin’s denial.

119. Trump publicly stated, without explanation,that the information he received about Russian hacking in intelligence briefings was false.

118. NATO allies believe that Putin is using Donald Trump’s naiveté or collusion to damage the US alliance with Western Europe.

117. Trump sued an author for correctly writing that Trump was worth far less than he said; Trump said he did it just to hurt the guy.

116. Although Trump folk stopped indepdent expert from doing his job, he was able to discover many relevant documents had been destroyed.

115. Confounded by Trump refusal 2 produce records, the court appointed an independent expert 2 find them. He was obstructed from his work.

114. Not only did Trump company destroy emails sought in litigation under court order, they erased the backup tapes.

113. Trump execs filed sworn statement that no email server existed before 2001. It was a lie, which they admitted after emails destroyed.

112. In lawsuit, critical question was what did Trump know before Jan 2001. All emails be4 that date destroyed be4 plaintiffs culd get them

111. In 2009 case, ppl suing Trump 4 fraud asked if he had insurance. Said no. Years later, when insurance worthless, admitted he'd had it.

110. Trump’s refusal to abide by settlement in housing discrimination case required government to sue him again to force compliance.

109. After finally settling housing discrimination case, Trump immediately returned to refusing to rent to African Americans.

108. After Trump confronted some employees in discrimination case, they changed their sworn testimony. Others told govt they feared 4 lives

107. Trump refused to allow prosecutors to search office when they arrived as scheduled in discrimination case, despite court order.

106. Because of refusal to abide by court orders and document destruction, court ordered that Trump had to let prosecutors search office.

105. After 6 mos. of refusing to turn over documents in discrimination case, Trump testified company had been destroying them whole time.

104. For months after prosecutors filed discrimination case against Trump, refused to produce documents in violation of court orders.

103. Trump filed complaint gainst prosecutors saying they did not formally tell him of discrimination case. A lie; phone records proved it.

102. When Trump sued 4 refusing 2 rent to minorities, falsely said govnt demanding he lease 2 welfare recipients who couldnt pay their rent

101. Trump’s companies destroyed or hid 1000s of emails and documents demanded in official proceedings in defiance of court orders.

I am now resuming with the findings from my six months investigation into Trump as reported in @Newsweek. We are up to number 101.
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