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22. I voted early, but...
Tue Nov 8, 2016, 09:17 AM
Nov 2016

I'm in Watauga County, NC, which has more unaffiliated voters than Dem or Rep. Home to a university, fairly progressive area, but a dot of blue in a larger red sea. We had several early voting sites, and I walked right in and didn't have to wait at all. I really can't imagine having to wait for even 30 minutes! Friends of mine who voted early this morning said that the precinct was packed (it's at a local fire department).

As an aside, I don't really understand why there's no push for Early Voting in solid blue states like Pennsylvania and New York. I get the "Election Day Feeling" thing, but it just seems like Early Voting is such a great idea, especially in populated areas like Philly and NYC. It would take the pressure off on Election Day!

I hope everyone has a great day! We've GOT this!!

Still dark here in SoCal this morning. I can't see a thing! pinboy3niner Nov 2016 #1
Good, then your the first one in line! book_worm Nov 2016 #3
in line right now pstokely Nov 2016 #2
I hope you guys win the Senate Race! book_worm Nov 2016 #4
I just voted. aaaaaa5a Nov 2016 #5
I expect that Dems will make a dent there if it is a highly educated area. book_worm Nov 2016 #6
I will after I vote.. which won't be for about 12 hours.. Cha Nov 2016 #7
Much Thanks, Cha! book_worm Nov 2016 #20
Voted in PA DeminPennswoods Nov 2016 #9
Thanks! book_worm Nov 2016 #16
Dropped by my previous precint DeminPennswoods Nov 2016 #81
Clearwater, FL NCTraveler Nov 2016 #10
Sounds good. Thanks. book_worm Nov 2016 #15
~6:30AM: Lower-ish Manhattan Princess Turandot Nov 2016 #11
Good to hear. book_worm Nov 2016 #14
A lot of people in line at my St. Louis suburb. randome Nov 2016 #19
Is the St. Louis suburbs mainly Dem or Rep or a mix? book_worm Nov 2016 #23
I'm no expert but in the area where I am, I'd say more Democratic. randome Nov 2016 #38
I voted early, but... moose65 Nov 2016 #22
Thanks for your report. book_worm Nov 2016 #24
Southern NJ, near Philly. Heavy turnout. It took less than 5 mins to vote soup to nuts. TheBlackAdder Nov 2016 #27
Tremendous! Thanks for the report. book_worm Nov 2016 #29
We are close in proximity... tallahasseedem Nov 2016 #39
Camden County seems to have it's act together. Not like some of those un-American counties. TheBlackAdder Nov 2016 #45
South Jersey always has their stuff together! tallahasseedem Nov 2016 #114
Busy in my small town! indigovalley Nov 2016 #28
Excellent! I'm sure MN will show Trump how silly his last minute book_worm Nov 2016 #30
N. Indiana Locrian Nov 2016 #34
Good to hear! Thanks. book_worm Nov 2016 #43
Standing in line in Chicago at 7:45 AM. apnu Nov 2016 #35
Good to hear! Let's also win that Senate Seat! book_worm Nov 2016 #40
Voted at 6:30am in a mostly Dem area in South Jersey tallahasseedem Nov 2016 #36
I think we will do very well, Thanks! book_worm Nov 2016 #42
Just voted~ democrank Nov 2016 #37
Excellent! book_worm Nov 2016 #41
Awesome as always Johnny2X2X Nov 2016 #44
Sensational! Go Michigan! book_worm Nov 2016 #50
Did you get the sticker, get the sticker? Fahrenthold451 Nov 2016 #79
I've never seen a line like this before- usually 10-15 this is an hour and ... bettyellen Nov 2016 #46
Great! What state are you in? book_worm Nov 2016 #51
New Jersey but it's five minutes from Manhattan. I got two MAGA hatted assholes bettyellen Nov 2016 #170
I live in a suburb of Pittsburgh Hawaii Hiker Nov 2016 #49
Thanks for the report! book_worm Nov 2016 #54
Voted in Nazareth, PA meow2u3 Nov 2016 #55
Good news! Go PA!! book_worm Nov 2016 #58
Voted yes on judges, too DeminPennswoods Nov 2016 #100
Voted no on that one. GoneOffShore Nov 2016 #110
That's how come I voted yes meow2u3 Nov 2016 #112
Hey neighbor, Easton, PA ronlit1 Nov 2016 #157
Today I stayed home and didn't vote. BobbyDrake Nov 2016 #59
Good job! book_worm Nov 2016 #62
Reporting from Falls Church, VA markbark Nov 2016 #60
Thanks for your report from the home state of the next VP of the USA. book_worm Nov 2016 #63
Proud dad - our son voted with us for the first time. Pendrench Nov 2016 #66
I'm sure your son was very excited! Thank you! book_worm Nov 2016 #69
He was - and it was great, because once they found out that he was a first time voter Pendrench Nov 2016 #77
Just voted in the Kansas City area, north of the river workinclasszero Nov 2016 #67
My hope for a surprise upset is for Blunt to get defeated in MO today. book_worm Nov 2016 #68
If Blunt loses I will be so happy! workinclasszero Nov 2016 #72
St Peters,MO (suburb of St Louis) bcool Nov 2016 #75
Thanks for your report! book_worm Nov 2016 #78
what kind of Repub district isn't? pstokely Nov 2016 #82
Central CT took about 10 minutes. First time in this town so I'm not sure how it compares to years WhollyHeretic Nov 2016 #76
Thank you! book_worm Nov 2016 #80
Already voted several weeks ago, Northern California. Straight Democratic ticket of course still_one Nov 2016 #83
Me too, but in Wisconsin. book_worm Nov 2016 #84
Go Russ!!! Excellent book_worm still_one Nov 2016 #85
I believe he will be back in the Senate. book_worm Nov 2016 #88
South Jersey, across river from Philly Squaredeal Nov 2016 #86
OK--Good to hear. book_worm Nov 2016 #89
Wilmington, Delaware Mad_Dem_X Nov 2016 #87
Go Delaware! Hope of our great VP--Joe Biden! book_worm Nov 2016 #90
You can see from my sig where I live. Tracer Nov 2016 #91
Thanks for the report. book_worm Nov 2016 #98
Eden Prairie, MN bluegopher Nov 2016 #93
Thanks for the update. Fingers crossed. book_worm Nov 2016 #96
A friend in Lancaster, PA caught a break after Hortensis Nov 2016 #94
Interesting. Thanks! book_worm Nov 2016 #95
South Hills - Pittsburgh kwolf68 Nov 2016 #99
Well let's hope that many of them are enlightened old white people. book_worm Nov 2016 #102
I'm in Virginia and ohheckyeah Nov 2016 #136
Voted in Northern Liberties in Philadelphia GoneOffShore Nov 2016 #104
Great news! book_worm Nov 2016 #108
Bronx, New York BklnDem75 Nov 2016 #106
NY will elect it's hometown girl the first woman president. book_worm Nov 2016 #109
Nashville, TN TheLibIn615 Nov 2016 #107
Glad to hear that in a blue area of TN that turnout is good. book_worm Nov 2016 #111
I had to tell a poll worker and Mr White trash they couldn't talk about rigged elections.. nini Nov 2016 #115
Damn deplorables workinclasszero Nov 2016 #117
Good job! book_worm Nov 2016 #119
Very busy, but line was still fast. Silent3 Nov 2016 #125
San Francisco, CA (the Inner Richmond neighborhood) displacedtexan Nov 2016 #126
Nearby middle school treestar Nov 2016 #127
Columbus, Ohio went at 9:20am took 40 minutes IamTheNoodle Nov 2016 #129
I think we'll win Ohio. book_worm Nov 2016 #147
I'm in Massachusetts shopgirl Nov 2016 #130
Southern Illinois - It's a fairly purple county The Polack MSgt Nov 2016 #131
I just voted in St. Louis City STLDEM Nov 2016 #134
Raining here in Central Illinois. prarie deem Nov 2016 #135
East Washington borough, PA spinbaby Nov 2016 #137
Tulsa OK Runningdawg Nov 2016 #138
Chesterfield, NH. Good turnout, no lines. Beautiful weather. Vinca Nov 2016 #139
Good to hear. book_worm Nov 2016 #146
voted by mail in the comfort of our own home renate Nov 2016 #140
Fairfax County in Northern (blue) VA, voted at noon, very few voters. :( JudyM Nov 2016 #141
Okay... Blue_Tires Nov 2016 #142
Thanks! book_worm Nov 2016 #143
I voted! Southwestern IN Bobbie Jo Nov 2016 #144
I voted!!! SW PA femmocrat Nov 2016 #149
50 minutes in line in Center City Philly. July Nov 2016 #152
Whoo-wee!! book_worm Nov 2016 #159
Flint Township, MI Siwsan Nov 2016 #154
New York, NY IrishEyes Nov 2016 #156
12:30 pm, schoolhouse. conservative milw south side. pansypoo53219 Nov 2016 #162
Great! book_worm Nov 2016 #175
I had a good experience! CaliforniaPeggy Nov 2016 #164
Mine was great (2 weeks ago in a very blue state), but a friend just reported in Kentucky that Neema Nov 2016 #165
I voted in Lansing, MI. I live about 2 miles from MSU, so there were a lot of young people catbyte Nov 2016 #167
Excellent! book_worm Nov 2016 #173
Update from Beaver County PA DeminPennswoods Nov 2016 #168
Thank you for the update. book_worm Nov 2016 #172
My wife, son and I voted in Dover, Ohio nightwing1240 Nov 2016 #169
Thanks for the report. book_worm Nov 2016 #171
Minneapolis, about 10:00 a.m. The Velveteen Ocelot Nov 2016 #177
Voted today in Williamsburg,VA with two of my helpisontheway Nov 2016 #178
Suburban Chicago (purple area) LSK Nov 2016 #183
Great! book_worm Nov 2016 #186
Missouriís 2nd Congressional District Moostache Nov 2016 #188
So sad that Geppy's district has turned red and esp about the loss of the Chrystler plant book_worm Nov 2016 #195
Sleepy community that wavers, but trending red Tsiyu Nov 2016 #190
Thanks for the update book_worm Nov 2016 #193
I was in and out faster than on a date with your mom Bucky Nov 2016 #197
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