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67. Just voted in the Kansas City area, north of the river
Tue Nov 8, 2016, 10:36 AM
Nov 2016

Polls opened at 6am. I got there about 6:45 and the line was all the way out the door and spilling into the totally full parking lot.

I has to go up two blocks and park on the side of the street. That the first time I ever had to do that. Heavy turnout so far and local radio reports long line in most places in the area.

Unfortunately MO is pretty red but dems are strong in KC and the other metro areas in the state so I hope the long lines are a good sign for Hillary and all the state dems on the ballot.

No armed deplorables scaring women and children either so that was a plus.

Still dark here in SoCal this morning. I can't see a thing! pinboy3niner Nov 2016 #1
Good, then your the first one in line! book_worm Nov 2016 #3
in line right now pstokely Nov 2016 #2
I hope you guys win the Senate Race! book_worm Nov 2016 #4
I just voted. aaaaaa5a Nov 2016 #5
I expect that Dems will make a dent there if it is a highly educated area. book_worm Nov 2016 #6
I will after I vote.. which won't be for about 12 hours.. Cha Nov 2016 #7
Much Thanks, Cha! book_worm Nov 2016 #20
Voted in PA DeminPennswoods Nov 2016 #9
Thanks! book_worm Nov 2016 #16
Dropped by my previous precint DeminPennswoods Nov 2016 #81
Clearwater, FL NCTraveler Nov 2016 #10
Sounds good. Thanks. book_worm Nov 2016 #15
~6:30AM: Lower-ish Manhattan Princess Turandot Nov 2016 #11
Good to hear. book_worm Nov 2016 #14
A lot of people in line at my St. Louis suburb. randome Nov 2016 #19
Is the St. Louis suburbs mainly Dem or Rep or a mix? book_worm Nov 2016 #23
I'm no expert but in the area where I am, I'd say more Democratic. randome Nov 2016 #38
I voted early, but... moose65 Nov 2016 #22
Thanks for your report. book_worm Nov 2016 #24
Southern NJ, near Philly. Heavy turnout. It took less than 5 mins to vote soup to nuts. TheBlackAdder Nov 2016 #27
Tremendous! Thanks for the report. book_worm Nov 2016 #29
We are close in proximity... tallahasseedem Nov 2016 #39
Camden County seems to have it's act together. Not like some of those un-American counties. TheBlackAdder Nov 2016 #45
South Jersey always has their stuff together! tallahasseedem Nov 2016 #114
Busy in my small town! indigovalley Nov 2016 #28
Excellent! I'm sure MN will show Trump how silly his last minute book_worm Nov 2016 #30
N. Indiana Locrian Nov 2016 #34
Good to hear! Thanks. book_worm Nov 2016 #43
Standing in line in Chicago at 7:45 AM. apnu Nov 2016 #35
Good to hear! Let's also win that Senate Seat! book_worm Nov 2016 #40
Voted at 6:30am in a mostly Dem area in South Jersey tallahasseedem Nov 2016 #36
I think we will do very well, Thanks! book_worm Nov 2016 #42
Just voted~ democrank Nov 2016 #37
Excellent! book_worm Nov 2016 #41
Awesome as always Johnny2X2X Nov 2016 #44
Sensational! Go Michigan! book_worm Nov 2016 #50
Did you get the sticker, get the sticker? Fahrenthold451 Nov 2016 #79
I've never seen a line like this before- usually 10-15 this is an hour and ... bettyellen Nov 2016 #46
Great! What state are you in? book_worm Nov 2016 #51
New Jersey but it's five minutes from Manhattan. I got two MAGA hatted assholes bettyellen Nov 2016 #170
I live in a suburb of Pittsburgh Hawaii Hiker Nov 2016 #49
Thanks for the report! book_worm Nov 2016 #54
Voted in Nazareth, PA meow2u3 Nov 2016 #55
Good news! Go PA!! book_worm Nov 2016 #58
Voted yes on judges, too DeminPennswoods Nov 2016 #100
Voted no on that one. GoneOffShore Nov 2016 #110
That's how come I voted yes meow2u3 Nov 2016 #112
Hey neighbor, Easton, PA ronlit1 Nov 2016 #157
Today I stayed home and didn't vote. BobbyDrake Nov 2016 #59
Good job! book_worm Nov 2016 #62
Reporting from Falls Church, VA markbark Nov 2016 #60
Thanks for your report from the home state of the next VP of the USA. book_worm Nov 2016 #63
Proud dad - our son voted with us for the first time. Pendrench Nov 2016 #66
I'm sure your son was very excited! Thank you! book_worm Nov 2016 #69
He was - and it was great, because once they found out that he was a first time voter Pendrench Nov 2016 #77
Just voted in the Kansas City area, north of the river workinclasszero Nov 2016 #67
My hope for a surprise upset is for Blunt to get defeated in MO today. book_worm Nov 2016 #68
If Blunt loses I will be so happy! workinclasszero Nov 2016 #72
St Peters,MO (suburb of St Louis) bcool Nov 2016 #75
Thanks for your report! book_worm Nov 2016 #78
what kind of Repub district isn't? pstokely Nov 2016 #82
Central CT took about 10 minutes. First time in this town so I'm not sure how it compares to years WhollyHeretic Nov 2016 #76
Thank you! book_worm Nov 2016 #80
Already voted several weeks ago, Northern California. Straight Democratic ticket of course still_one Nov 2016 #83
Me too, but in Wisconsin. book_worm Nov 2016 #84
Go Russ!!! Excellent book_worm still_one Nov 2016 #85
I believe he will be back in the Senate. book_worm Nov 2016 #88
South Jersey, across river from Philly Squaredeal Nov 2016 #86
OK--Good to hear. book_worm Nov 2016 #89
Wilmington, Delaware Mad_Dem_X Nov 2016 #87
Go Delaware! Hope of our great VP--Joe Biden! book_worm Nov 2016 #90
You can see from my sig where I live. Tracer Nov 2016 #91
Thanks for the report. book_worm Nov 2016 #98
Eden Prairie, MN bluegopher Nov 2016 #93
Thanks for the update. Fingers crossed. book_worm Nov 2016 #96
A friend in Lancaster, PA caught a break after Hortensis Nov 2016 #94
Interesting. Thanks! book_worm Nov 2016 #95
South Hills - Pittsburgh kwolf68 Nov 2016 #99
Well let's hope that many of them are enlightened old white people. book_worm Nov 2016 #102
I'm in Virginia and ohheckyeah Nov 2016 #136
Voted in Northern Liberties in Philadelphia GoneOffShore Nov 2016 #104
Great news! book_worm Nov 2016 #108
Bronx, New York BklnDem75 Nov 2016 #106
NY will elect it's hometown girl the first woman president. book_worm Nov 2016 #109
Nashville, TN TheLibIn615 Nov 2016 #107
Glad to hear that in a blue area of TN that turnout is good. book_worm Nov 2016 #111
I had to tell a poll worker and Mr White trash they couldn't talk about rigged elections.. nini Nov 2016 #115
Damn deplorables workinclasszero Nov 2016 #117
Good job! book_worm Nov 2016 #119
Very busy, but line was still fast. Silent3 Nov 2016 #125
San Francisco, CA (the Inner Richmond neighborhood) displacedtexan Nov 2016 #126
Nearby middle school treestar Nov 2016 #127
Columbus, Ohio went at 9:20am took 40 minutes IamTheNoodle Nov 2016 #129
I think we'll win Ohio. book_worm Nov 2016 #147
I'm in Massachusetts shopgirl Nov 2016 #130
Southern Illinois - It's a fairly purple county The Polack MSgt Nov 2016 #131
I just voted in St. Louis City STLDEM Nov 2016 #134
Raining here in Central Illinois. prarie deem Nov 2016 #135
East Washington borough, PA spinbaby Nov 2016 #137
Tulsa OK Runningdawg Nov 2016 #138
Chesterfield, NH. Good turnout, no lines. Beautiful weather. Vinca Nov 2016 #139
Good to hear. book_worm Nov 2016 #146
voted by mail in the comfort of our own home renate Nov 2016 #140
Fairfax County in Northern (blue) VA, voted at noon, very few voters. :( JudyM Nov 2016 #141
Okay... Blue_Tires Nov 2016 #142
Thanks! book_worm Nov 2016 #143
I voted! Southwestern IN Bobbie Jo Nov 2016 #144
I voted!!! SW PA femmocrat Nov 2016 #149
50 minutes in line in Center City Philly. July Nov 2016 #152
Whoo-wee!! book_worm Nov 2016 #159
Flint Township, MI Siwsan Nov 2016 #154
New York, NY IrishEyes Nov 2016 #156
12:30 pm, schoolhouse. conservative milw south side. pansypoo53219 Nov 2016 #162
Great! book_worm Nov 2016 #175
I had a good experience! CaliforniaPeggy Nov 2016 #164
Mine was great (2 weeks ago in a very blue state), but a friend just reported in Kentucky that Neema Nov 2016 #165
I voted in Lansing, MI. I live about 2 miles from MSU, so there were a lot of young people catbyte Nov 2016 #167
Excellent! book_worm Nov 2016 #173
Update from Beaver County PA DeminPennswoods Nov 2016 #168
Thank you for the update. book_worm Nov 2016 #172
My wife, son and I voted in Dover, Ohio nightwing1240 Nov 2016 #169
Thanks for the report. book_worm Nov 2016 #171
Minneapolis, about 10:00 a.m. The Velveteen Ocelot Nov 2016 #177
Voted today in Williamsburg,VA with two of my helpisontheway Nov 2016 #178
Suburban Chicago (purple area) LSK Nov 2016 #183
Great! book_worm Nov 2016 #186
Missouriís 2nd Congressional District Moostache Nov 2016 #188
So sad that Geppy's district has turned red and esp about the loss of the Chrystler plant book_worm Nov 2016 #195
Sleepy community that wavers, but trending red Tsiyu Nov 2016 #190
Thanks for the update book_worm Nov 2016 #193
I was in and out faster than on a date with your mom Bucky Nov 2016 #197
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