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10. Every person is a person "of color." Nobody is stark white as a sheet...
Sat Nov 23, 2013, 08:29 AM
Nov 2013

we are all variations of colors. This whole idea of dividing us all up by color is OLD and OBNOXIOUS.

Sounds like her, but the satire sites are awfully subtle these days. Scuba Nov 2013 #1
Yah hey, my thoughts too. riqster Nov 2013 #2
The fact that we don't know... dchill Nov 2013 #3
she may not have said this, but ladywnch Nov 2013 #4
Is she willing to test her theory? Heather MC Nov 2013 #9
(uh, that would be carbon MONoxide.....) lastlib Nov 2013 #13
ha ha ha She doesn't know that Heather MC Nov 2013 #14
(I didn't think about that....! Proceed, Congresswoman!!) lastlib Nov 2013 #15
It doesn't seem unreasonable that she would say this. Half-Century Man Nov 2013 #5
IF she didn't actually say it, you can damn well bet she thinks it. I've heard her say worse IrishAyes Nov 2013 #6
I'll bet she probably is Jamaal510 Nov 2013 #7
Every person is a person "of color." Nobody is stark white as a sheet... CTyankee Nov 2013 #10
Well, except people with albinism anyways. Neoma Nov 2013 #11
Yes, of course. CTyankee Nov 2013 #12
The most generous interpretation of this Cresent City Kid Nov 2013 #8
Yep, this ^^^ Wounded Bear Nov 2013 #18
No. Orangepeel Nov 2013 #16
I couldn't find it with Google either, but that doesn't mean she didn't say it on Fox. AlinPA Nov 2013 #20
It sounds like satire, Beacool Nov 2013 #17
I don't watch Fox, but it sounds exactly like her. Certainly not satire. AlinPA Nov 2013 #19
I have Very Good News for you. Left Coast2020 Nov 2013 #21
Bachmann's statements on "colored Presidents." jokr8790 Dec 2013 #22
No. Brickbat Dec 2013 #23
I can't believe I'm wasting keystokes on this hag. SmittynMo Dec 2013 #24
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