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14. What, in your estimation, were the three most important things she got done?
Thu Sep 10, 2015, 09:49 PM
Sep 2015

Anyone else is invited to answer the question, too.

Only positive things, please!

Thank you Bernie. NowSam Sep 2015 #1
'Center' = half Democrat and Half Republican AgingAmerican Sep 2015 #2
That third way shit is only for politicians who don't believe in their party's principles. craigmatic Sep 2015 #4
+1 daleanime Sep 2015 #25
I believe another Kennedy is going to come out for Bernie soon. eom Fawke Em Sep 2015 #32
Given that right-wing nutjobs are routinely called "conservative," I guess it's worse than that. n/t RufusTFirefly Sep 2015 #22
Nobody is inspired by moderates. We live in times that demand action on big issues Obama showed us craigmatic Sep 2015 #3
Sadly, what usually happens when people say they try to bring people together Baitball Blogger Sep 2015 #5
Right, and the intersection where centrist Dems and Republicans... dreamnightwind Sep 2015 #47
You just never realize how far the power of the executive office has on local issues, Baitball Blogger Sep 2015 #53
I can see why DWS wants to keep the debates to six, the more she speaks the worse it gets..n/t monmouth4 Sep 2015 #6
+1,000 LondonReign2 Sep 2015 #49
When you get "people" together, somehow the Democratic people always get screwed. CharlotteVale Sep 2015 #7
I wonder if her supporters will now stop claiming that she's liberal Doctor_J Sep 2015 #8
+1 But, but they've got evidence! RufusTFirefly Sep 2015 #23
We already know Clinton's own statements won't change their mind on other issues. jeff47 Sep 2015 #40
As I noted a few days ago, HRH could have an hour-long televised sit-down hifiguy Sep 2015 #42
Moderate in this country means the same as right-wing Republican 35 years ago jfern Sep 2015 #9
The problem is that moderate these days means 80's Republican. jalan48 Sep 2015 #10
I like Hillary's comment better Gman Sep 2015 #11
What, in your estimation, were the three most important things she got done? MannyGoldstein Sep 2015 #14
Awful quiet here. frylock Sep 2015 #27
It's a magic question. nt MannyGoldstein Sep 2015 #29
Gosh, it's gotta be hard to narrow it down to just the three. frylock Sep 2015 #30
That's almost certainly the problem. nt MannyGoldstein Sep 2015 #31
Well done dreamnightwind Sep 2015 #48
kick. JonLeibowitz Nov 2015 #56
Bringing working class Americans paleotn Sep 2015 #20
No more of this kind of bullshit: hifiguy Sep 2015 #43
Thanks for resurrecting an alltime favorite - eom dreamnightwind Sep 2015 #50
Who cares if they're the wrong things? frylock Sep 2015 #26
Like, the Iraq War? Got done to death. leveymg Sep 2015 #28
Yes but the wrong things. If you haven't noticed we have a 22% of American children living in rhett o rick Sep 2015 #46
To many Democrats 'moderate' can equate to 'wishy washy and unprincipled' tomm2thumbs Sep 2015 #12
Just like the GOP needs Teabaggers to win elections lobodons Sep 2015 #13
Calling yourself moderate may help in the general... thesquanderer Sep 2015 #15
I think she's just realized she can't hold the left flank dreamnightwind Sep 2015 #51
Hillary is the CHAMPION of ???? Cosmic Kitten Sep 2015 #16
Any Clinton is the "champion" of one thing: hifiguy Sep 2015 #44
The mind of a true DCCC'er mdbl Sep 2015 #17
As Jim Hightower has said dflprincess Sep 2015 #18
Yup. Made a great book title, too. SomeGuyInEagan Sep 2015 #19
That says a lot all on its own. Bubzer Sep 2015 #21
We know exactly what happens to "moderate" Dems.... paleotn Sep 2015 #24
K&R Katashi_itto Sep 2015 #33
Hillary, you're not preventing people from standing on opposite sides yelling at each other..... Spitfire of ATJ Sep 2015 #34
It's the whole "Imperial Presidency" thing Hydra Sep 2015 #35
Perhaps because we vote the same 840high Sep 2015 #36
That's certainly been a problem Hydra Sep 2015 #37
Some of her fans are acting like it's a "loyalty to the Party issue".... Spitfire of ATJ Sep 2015 #38
I am so sick and tired of Democrats... CoffeeCat Sep 2015 #39
At least Hillary is honest emsimon33 Sep 2015 #41
Hell I'm a moderte too -- That's why I support Bernie Armstead Sep 2015 #45
This is Tim Russert journalism Buzz cook Sep 2015 #52
Just guessing ...Kim Davis will be voting for Hillary? L0oniX Sep 2015 #54
A display of more awkwardness and lack of self identity Hollingsworth Sep 2015 #55
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