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112. Huh? PP making a tactical loss or gain? What? PP saves lives, they dont do politics other than
Thu Jan 7, 2016, 06:05 PM
Jan 2016

what they have to do to survive.

I certainly disagree with the endorsement but I'll still contribute to PP. Tierra_y_Libertad Jan 2016 #1
Wait a minute, you answered NO in the poll but now say you continue to support PP randys1 Jan 2016 #87
I support PP. Tierra_y_Libertad Jan 2016 #93
And.........if Hillary is the candidate, PP will support her, for reasons I should not have randys1 Jan 2016 #102
Will you please knock it off with the loyalty pledges? It's super fucking condescending. Ed Suspicious Jan 2016 #105
Thank you. eom uppityperson Jan 2016 #109
Stop making such absurd allegations. I am the LEAST loyal person here when it comes to randys1 Jan 2016 #110
Ha! Cary Jan 2016 #129
Terrorist tea party. You got it. n/t pnwmom Jan 2016 #153
Word. beam me up scottie Jan 2016 #111
Thank You! Phlem Jan 2016 #135
thank you so much Duckhunter935 Jan 2016 #176
Interesting, I didn't see the words "loyalty" OR "pledge" in Randy's post. George II Jan 2016 #190
You should check between the lines. Ed Suspicious Jan 2016 #191
I didn't see any lines either. George II Jan 2016 #193
I blame Canada. Ed Suspicious Jan 2016 #195
Why would you do that? George II Jan 2016 #196
oddly, I didn't see the word "obfuscation" in yours... mike_c Jan 2016 #298
True that George II Jan 2016 #305
+1000 % eom Karma13612 Jan 2016 #233
I always vote. Tierra_y_Libertad Jan 2016 #156
So do I and I ALWAYS vote for the candidate that doesnt want to kill Women randys1 Jan 2016 #158
Sanders wants to kill women? Tierra_y_Libertad Jan 2016 #161
Dont you dare randys1 Jan 2016 #162
Don't I dare...what? Tierra_y_Libertad Jan 2016 #165
You know damn well I wasnt talking about Bernie randys1 Jan 2016 #167
Yes. I did. Jill Stein. Tierra_y_Libertad Jan 2016 #168
Keep pretending that a 3rd party vote doesnt actually count as a vote for murderous anti Woman randys1 Jan 2016 #169
Basic math. Tierra_y_Libertad Jan 2016 #172
You said it. You said it as if there is only one candidate who stands up for women's reproductive ri cali Jan 2016 #224
I said only one candidate supports Women, only one of our two? I said that? Prove it or randys1 Jan 2016 #250
Where did I say that? randys1 Jan 2016 #268
when did Bernie Duckhunter935 Jan 2016 #178
GOD DAMNIT i am talking about GOP, for KRIST SAKE randys1 Jan 2016 #180
I notice you only support hillary and do not say Democrats and Duckhunter935 Jan 2016 #184
Cant be clear since my meaning is GOP and that was my meaning the other 2000 times I have randys1 Jan 2016 #288
Then communicate more effectively. DisgustipatedinCA Jan 2016 #281
Everyone who isnt trying to create a non issue knows who I am talking about randys1 Jan 2016 #289
nope, just be Duckhunter935 Jan 2016 #293
You can continue to blame everyone who has pointed this out to you. DisgustipatedinCA Jan 2016 #296
ZOMG BERNIE WANTS TO KILL WOMEN??? beam me up scottie Jan 2016 #183
Why do you people misquote me on purpose? WHen I am talking about the GOP why randys1 Jan 2016 #265
It's called baiting Randy. It's how they roll. MeNMyVolt Jan 2016 #314
So now Bernie wants to kill Women? cui bono Jan 2016 #198
Nah, never said ANYTHING remotely close to that, but your friends are twisting my words randys1 Jan 2016 #266
I don't think anyone is trying to get you banned. Look at the structure of your sentence cui bono Jan 2016 #277
Nonsense, everyone here knows my position. Knows who I am talking about randys1 Jan 2016 #287
no we do do not Duckhunter935 Jan 2016 #294
Could be that the other poster is not a goddamned simpleton, and realizes life is nuanced. DisgustipatedinCA Jan 2016 #280
As a woman I stand with PP and Bernie Sanders. But I get it: beam me up scottie Jan 2016 #2
My poll is largely innocuous, friend. DemocratSinceBirth Jan 2016 #5
Anyone who exploits women's causes to score points on the internet isn't my friend. beam me up scottie Jan 2016 #6
+1 fleur-de-lisa Jan 2016 #8
Strong women rock. DemocratSinceBirth Jan 2016 #10
I prefer the candidate who was always 100% pro-choice - Bernie trusts women. beam me up scottie Jan 2016 #17
Her position strikes me as reasonable DemocratSinceBirth Jan 2016 #19
Of course it does. beam me up scottie Jan 2016 #22
So, you, me, and Hillary are sympatico DemocratSinceBirth Jan 2016 #28
No, we're not. I trust women not politicians to make our own decisions. beam me up scottie Jan 2016 #29
She said she supports late term abortions where the mother's life is in jeopardy. DemocratSinceBirth Jan 2016 #40
You can stop lecturing me about abortions now. beam me up scottie Jan 2016 #44
I am not lecturing you. DemocratSinceBirth Jan 2016 #52
You just said this was "fun". beam me up scottie Jan 2016 #57
It is fun to tout HRC's endorsements from other progressives. DemocratSinceBirth Jan 2016 #64
It's fun for you, for women it's life and death. beam me up scottie Jan 2016 #66
And all the threads that denigrate Hillary Clinton and her supporters... DemocratSinceBirth Jan 2016 #76
So you admit you're using my rights to score points for past slights. beam me up scottie Jan 2016 #79
I am applauding an endorsement from a progressive group DemocratSinceBirth Jan 2016 #82
Downthread one of your associates is accusing Douglas Carpenter of not supporting PP. beam me up scottie Jan 2016 #83
I am going to correct him or her now. DemocratSinceBirth Jan 2016 #88
This is a teachable moment Lordquinton Jan 2016 #245
I didn't lecture anybody. DemocratSinceBirth Jan 2016 #247
That has to be one of the most blatantly misogynist posts I have seen on DU this primary. ieoeja Jan 2016 #257
I support late term abortions where the mother's life is NOT in jeopardy also. uppityperson Jan 2016 #114
I will defer to you. I prefer to give folks as much autonomy over their own bodies as possible./nt DemocratSinceBirth Jan 2016 #130
As a man, Glamrock Jan 2016 #132
And I thank you for your support - you get it. beam me up scottie Jan 2016 #133
Thank me mum Glamrock Jan 2016 #141
Ha!! :-D NurseJackie Jan 2016 #34
Didn't you once say you trusted Trump more than Bernie? beam me up scottie Jan 2016 #36
Ha!! :-D (Sarcasm tags are lame. Either you get it, or you don't.) NurseJackie Jan 2016 #59
Sure it was sarcasm, that's why you deleted almost all of your posts instead of editing them. beam me up scottie Jan 2016 #61
This message was self-deleted by its author DisgustipatedinCA Jan 2016 #282
Holy crap. Somebody is working way too hard at Hill-turf Inc. I can't think of any other reasonable Ed Suspicious Jan 2016 #145
She praised Trump for being "honest". beam me up scottie Jan 2016 #146
LOL. You were asking me for links yesterday, yet here R B Garr Jan 2016 #273
Wow, that's quite a story. Do you write other fan fiction too? beam me up scottie Jan 2016 #276
So only you can spam links everywhere and not call R B Garr Jan 2016 #278
It's disturbing how you follow me from thread to thread. beam me up scottie Jan 2016 #279
Explain why you were asking me for the very links R B Garr Jan 2016 #284
"stashed away"? Wow you are really out there and more than a little obsessed with me. beam me up scottie Jan 2016 #286
Explain why you using links to attack people R B Garr Jan 2016 #290
... beam me up scottie Jan 2016 #292
So you admit you have no explanation for R B Garr Jan 2016 #300
Yikes! I hope you're not going to charge me rent for taking up space in your head. beam me up scottie Jan 2016 #301
It's all in the post count, though. R B Garr Jan 2016 #307
It's the least I can do for my Number One Fan. Anything to keep you placated. beam me up scottie Jan 2016 #309
Anything to not explain why you asked me for R B Garr Jan 2016 #311
Beat piece of unintentional humor today nt arely staircase Jan 2016 #128
For once we agree on something. William769 Jan 2016 #187
You mean the essay about gender stereotypes? Thanks for proving my point! beam me up scottie Jan 2016 #188
And I'm the Pope. (nt) jeff47 Jan 2016 #37
No it isn't. The title implies that you have to be an HRC supporter to "stand with PP". Ken Burch Jan 2016 #74
All kinds of calumnies are perpetuated on Hillary Clinton and my friends here. DemocratSinceBirth Jan 2016 #159
It's not a "calumny" to point out that ALL Democratic candidates are just as pro-choice as HRC. Ken Burch Jan 2016 #175
I wasn't referring to that... DemocratSinceBirth Jan 2016 #182
That has nothing to do with making the false equation of support for PP equalling support for HRC. Ken Burch Jan 2016 #192
This is interesting. DemocratSinceBirth Jan 2016 #194
Given Hillary's support for some restrictions on abortion versus Bernie's "none of our business"... ieoeja Jan 2016 #258
Bull. It's ugly. And I don't cotton to anyone with a penis insinuating cali Jan 2016 #154
Poor Hillary, lol. morningfog Jan 2016 #210
You can mock me all you want. I am used to it here... DemocratSinceBirth Jan 2016 #213
Thanks for your permission. morningfog Jan 2016 #214
I don't want a hide and be put on a time out like so many of my friends. DemocratSinceBirth Jan 2016 #217
Step up. Speak your mind. Quit pussy footing around like you have shit to say. morningfog Jan 2016 #218
I have to be so careful here because I don't want a hide. DemocratSinceBirth Jan 2016 #220
Oh you poor thing. A victim now. morningfog Jan 2016 #221
On this board, yes, but not in real life. DemocratSinceBirth Jan 2016 #223
In real life, no one is enough of an asshole to morningfog Jan 2016 #227
I asked an innocuous question... DemocratSinceBirth Jan 2016 #228
A bunch of silly board war nonsense. So petty, so trite. morningfog Jan 2016 #235
Would you like being accused of something you are not? DemocratSinceBirth Jan 2016 #237
You got hurt feelings so you put the chum on the hooks. morningfog Jan 2016 #253
"When in Greece, do like the Greeks." DemocratSinceBirth Jan 2016 #254
That isn't a hard one to understand. And the inverse is true. morningfog Jan 2016 #255
What do you call people who decry the behavior... DemocratSinceBirth Jan 2016 #256
Typical tribal DUers. morningfog Jan 2016 #261
I respect your candor./nt DemocratSinceBirth Jan 2016 #269
yep Kali Jan 2016 #89
Me, as well. I want Bernie but I think PP's announcement is great. CTyankee Jan 2016 #131
Ditto n/t Bjornsdotter Jan 2016 #181
This is a deeply foolish endorsement, and I'd think the same if it had come for Sanders. Kentonio Jan 2016 #3
agreed, and I'd have felt that way if they had endorsed Sanders n/t zazen Jan 2016 #26
They might be among those who think Bernie doesn't have as good a chance in the general. pnwmom Jan 2016 #155
PP need the unwavering backing of every liberally minded person Kentonio Jan 2016 #164
My sentiments exactly. hay rick Jan 2016 #226
100%. MeNMyVolt Jan 2016 #4
Please clarify what you mean. Do you mean, "do we stand with Planned Douglas Carpenter Jan 2016 #7
110%. Always stand with Planned Parenthood. When my daughter didn't have insirance, they were BlueCaliDem Jan 2016 #9
I think ensuring every child is wanted and planned for is a goal we can all get behind./nt DemocratSinceBirth Jan 2016 #12
My apologies for my horribly written post (so many typos!) but yes, ensuring that every child is BlueCaliDem Jan 2016 #20
Dumb move, Cecile. immoderate Jan 2016 #11
I agree. mnhtnbb Jan 2016 #14
And yet she isnt dumb, at all. None of her moves are dumb, but this one and ONLY this one, right? randys1 Jan 2016 #103
I see no strategic or tactical gain. Do you? immoderate Jan 2016 #106
Huh? PP making a tactical loss or gain? What? PP saves lives, they dont do politics other than randys1 Jan 2016 #112
How does this facilitate their survival? immoderate Jan 2016 #122
Surely you jest. So you think Women are in danger with terrorist teapartiers and Hillary randys1 Jan 2016 #123
I think you are not making sense. immoderate Jan 2016 #126
Cool story, but if they "don't do politics", then why are you responding in a thread about them DisgustipatedinCA Jan 2016 #283
Why do you go out of your way to attack liberals who support the Democratic Party? randys1 Jan 2016 #291
I don't, but last I checked, there was a question to you pending, not to me. DisgustipatedinCA Jan 2016 #295
What was the question? randys1 Jan 2016 #297
Your question is not sincere. DisgustipatedinCA Jan 2016 #299
No, yours is not sincere, I have NO idea what the question was. But if you are purposely randys1 Jan 2016 #302
Yes, I've been a terrible person for a long time. DisgustipatedinCA Jan 2016 #304
It is a ridiculous question. Makes no sense at all randys1 Jan 2016 #306
Actually, I was trying to get an answer from you. I'll stop doing that--it's not productive. DisgustipatedinCA Jan 2016 #308
AGain, you are making a ridiculous statement. I copy and pasted what I said, randys1 Jan 2016 #310
Can we please get to your question--the one I'm avoiding? DisgustipatedinCA Jan 2016 #312
Hillary famously keeps lists of supporters, opponents and neutrals. ieoeja Jan 2016 #259
Yes. Planned Parenthood should stay politically neutral sarge43 Jan 2016 #147
Not sure any Republican needs an excuse to gut PP Sheepshank Jan 2016 #225
interesting play on words restorefreedom Jan 2016 #13
This message was self-deleted by its author 1000words Jan 2016 #16
i just hate to see smart and passionate people restorefreedom Jan 2016 #21
Yes, it's all a game to some folks. beam me up scottie Jan 2016 #25
It is an innocuous poll. DemocratSinceBirth Jan 2016 #24
polls are fine. but the wording is unfairly suggestive restorefreedom Jan 2016 #31
I will eschew the highfalutin language and just use colloquialisms. DemocratSinceBirth Jan 2016 #47
"why begrudge me some fun" beam me up scottie Jan 2016 #63
ouch. on point, though. nt restorefreedom Jan 2016 #204
The op is pitting women against each other for "fun". beam me up scottie Jan 2016 #207
irony certainly has its place, restorefreedom Jan 2016 #208
Yeah it's disappointing. beam me up scottie Jan 2016 #209
we have to remember, as bernie said on larry wilmore last night restorefreedom Jan 2016 #215
hey, no highfalutin stuff from me, just a regular poliwonk here restorefreedom Jan 2016 #78
How male. Having fun over abortion. SHAME cali Jan 2016 #157
Upthread explains to a woman why restrictions on abortion is good then calls it "a teachable moment" ieoeja Jan 2016 #260
Truly. cali Jan 2016 #263
Innocuous and fun. That's how you see this? progressoid Jan 2016 #270
There was nothing innocuous and fun about... DemocratSinceBirth Jan 2016 #271
+1 cui bono Jan 2016 #201
and seeing how bernie has been a CHAMPION of women's issues of health and fairness, restorefreedom Jan 2016 #206
It frames the problem, perfectly. If she is the nominee, you either stand with PP or you dont randys1 Jan 2016 #108
She is not currently the nominee; that is why everyone here has a problem with the poll. JonLeibowitz Jan 2016 #134
The poll is obnoxious and meant to cause this reaction, for sure. randys1 Jan 2016 #137
Sure, no question. Since we're in primary season that hardly seems the point now though. JonLeibowitz Jan 2016 #139
She's not the nominee. It doesn't frame anything perfectly at all. cui bono Jan 2016 #203
I almost agree with you, therefore, IF Bernie is NOT the nominee, do you STAND with PP? randys1 Jan 2016 #267
I'll always stand with PP and I will keep donating to them. And... cui bono Jan 2016 #275
Planned Parenthood's own reasons okasha Jan 2016 #166
its not unreasonable restorefreedom Jan 2016 #179
Absolutely, positively 150% or so. eom BlueMTexpat Jan 2016 #15
That is absolutely massive. Absolutely huge Number23 Jan 2016 #18
Message auto-removed Name removed Jan 2016 #23
Oh darn, Clinton will be beholden to Planned Parenthood for their support. Hoyt Jan 2016 #27
Well they are Oligarchs after all.../s comradebillyboy Jan 2016 #91
Geez I know we all want all the endorsements for our candidates msrizzo Jan 2016 #30
This is a major endorsement Gothmog Jan 2016 #32
Again, please clarify what you mean. Do you mean, "Do we stand with Planned Douglas Carpenter Jan 2016 #33
Stop trying to wiggle out of the question. Do you stand with Planned Parenthood? nt ProudToBeLiberal Jan 2016 #38
Again, please clarify what you mean. Do you mean, "Do we stand with Planned Douglas Carpenter Jan 2016 #41
Planned Parenthood does a lot of good work. Do you stand with them? nt ProudToBeLiberal Jan 2016 #45
I stand with Planned Parenthood. Douglas Carpenter Jan 2016 #50
So, how did you vote? nt ProudToBeLiberal Jan 2016 #60
I voted pass. Because, it was unclear to me what was the question? Douglas Carpenter Jan 2016 #73
You passed on supporting Planned Parenthood? Are we on a Democratic site? nt ProudToBeLiberal Jan 2016 #81
What is the question and please stop playing dumb? Douglas Carpenter Jan 2016 #84
Let us join in saying Mr. Carpenter should be free to answer any way he wants. DemocratSinceBirth Jan 2016 #95
Thank you and that is correct in what you said. Douglas Carpenter Jan 2016 #99
Folks are free to answer my poll any way they want. DemocratSinceBirth Jan 2016 #100
It is an obnoxious question, I will give you that. But it does frame an issue in a way I randys1 Jan 2016 #127
Are you seriously harassing him for not voting as you want on an unclear poll which you refuse to uppityperson Jan 2016 #120
Alright, enough is enough. Maedhros Jan 2016 #152
What do you mean, "stand with"? Where are they standing? They aren't in my livingroom uppityperson Jan 2016 #119
Getting clarification on what one is answering is now "trying to wiggle out"? cui bono Jan 2016 #200
He's been playing passive aggressive with these endorsment polls all week. m-lekktor Jan 2016 #49
^^^THIS^^^ beam me up scottie Jan 2016 #58
+ a whole bunch cali Jan 2016 #160
That's his tro-- schtick. morningfog Jan 2016 #211
This is huge news. If Bernie got this endorsement, his supporters would be crowing and ecstatic. ProudToBeLiberal Jan 2016 #35
I wouldn't be crowing or ecstatic, I'd be just as angry as I am right now. Kentonio Jan 2016 #70
Yes, and No DFW Jan 2016 #39
Your heart is with Hillary, but you just don't want to disappoint Jim Dean. I get it. nt ProudToBeLiberal Jan 2016 #43
That's not Fair. MeNMyVolt Jan 2016 #54
Ok, maybe it's unfair, but I just wish he finally choose a side. ProudToBeLiberal Jan 2016 #62
I strongly support HRC, but I get that some people like them both equally, more or less. MeNMyVolt Jan 2016 #68
I understand your sentiments, but request my neutrality be respected DFW Jan 2016 #313
I forgot to thank you for this DFW Jan 2016 #315
My heart is still with Howard. Get that. DFW Jan 2016 #69
Dr. Dean must be a great man to have earned such loyalty from you./nt DemocratSinceBirth Jan 2016 #104
Howard is a personal friend. It's not my place to tell anyone else to call him great just for that. DFW Jan 2016 #222
I stand with Planned Parenthood on everything except their Hillary endorsement.nt m-lekktor Jan 2016 #42
+1000 -- Exactly!! Douglas Carpenter Jan 2016 #46
It's a simple pool. There is no need to qualify your answer. How did you vote? nt ProudToBeLiberal Jan 2016 #48
I'm surprised you didn't know you can check for yourself uppityperson Jan 2016 #125
Wow, Thank you. I never knew this. Thanks again :). nt ProudToBeLiberal Jan 2016 #136
Of course there is a need to qualify your answer. Unless you want to make Bernie supporters look bad cui bono Jan 2016 #205
Me too. NT Eric J in MN Jan 2016 #138
+100 to the 10th power!. Eom Karma13612 Jan 2016 #234
I support the mission and purpose of Planned Parenthood, but you are simply being disingenuous here tularetom Jan 2016 #51
I support the mission and purpose of Planned Parenthood. Period. yallerdawg Jan 2016 #75
Why do you ask? n/t fredamae Jan 2016 #53
This is BIG!! That really says a LOT!! ~ Congratulations to Hillary! She's got MY vote!! NurseJackie Jan 2016 #55
Bad plan. nt mhatrw Jan 2016 #56
Super News! Gamecock Lefty Jan 2016 #65
You don't have to support PP's endorsement of the conservative candidate to stand with PP. Ken Burch Jan 2016 #67
wtf do u mean do I stand with them? 2pooped2pop Jan 2016 #71
You are free to start your own poll. DemocratSinceBirth Jan 2016 #86
Bernie says ypu shouldn't drown kittens. Do you stand with him 2pooped2pop Jan 2016 #92
I stand with him in that instance, without reservation. DemocratSinceBirth Jan 2016 #96
yet you still can't see why this type of post is silly? 2pooped2pop Jan 2016 #98
This post is another attempt to badger people into supporting Hillary mindwalker_i Jan 2016 #72
You nailed it, exactly. djean111 Jan 2016 #77
And this adds fuel to the argument that people are only voting for Hillary mindwalker_i Jan 2016 #85
+1000000 azmom Jan 2016 #144
This is a Huge Endorsement sheshe2 Jan 2016 #80
This is huge for me. NCTraveler Jan 2016 #90
This is a fantastic endorsement for Hillary! leftofcool Jan 2016 #94
First endorsement ever shows the importance of having a Democrat in the WH. oasis Jan 2016 #97
That's a big deal for Planned Parenthood to endorse. tammywammy Jan 2016 #101
Yes! Donated $300 to PP and $750 to Bernie Sanders central scrutinizer Jan 2016 #107
Nope. n/t MeNMyVolt Jan 2016 #118
More bullying mansplaining from you. Ugh. cali Jan 2016 #113
I do not. el_bryanto Jan 2016 #115
I don't think you are a bad Democrat! MoonRiver Jan 2016 #121
Wow! mcar Jan 2016 #116
Hell yeah! arely staircase Jan 2016 #117
Wow! That's awesome! Starry Messenger Jan 2016 #124
Miss Ann's daughter. okasha Jan 2016 #171
And she kicked all the ass in the PP hearings this year. Starry Messenger Jan 2016 #177
I stand with Planned Parenthood but I am a Bernie supporter. Whatever. jillan Jan 2016 #140
I Stand With Planned Parenthood. I don't stand with this decision. liberalnarb Jan 2016 #142
I stand with Planned Parenthood and Bernie Sanders. Blue_In_AK Jan 2016 #143
K&R one_voice Jan 2016 #148
another Rovian push poll. Yes to PP. Yes to Bernie. Yes to Hillary if she is the eventual nominee NRaleighLiberal Jan 2016 #149
what an insulting question stupidicus Jan 2016 #150
I hope there is a feed where we can watch on Sunday. Nt NCTraveler Jan 2016 #151
Great endorsement treestar Jan 2016 #163
I voted yes because I support Planned Parenthood lovemydog Jan 2016 #170
I am amazed at some of the comments in this thread, such as Planned Parenthood should remain still_one Jan 2016 #173
Very telling and somehing we already knew. nt William769 Jan 2016 #174
The right thing to do Gloria Jan 2016 #185
I stand with Planned Parenthood, always have, But not with this endorsement of Hillary. Autumn Jan 2016 #186
Unbelievable that on DU there are 57 who voted "No", no doubt because PP endorsed Clinton. George II Jan 2016 #189
Fail. I voted because of the twisted way the question was asked. I don't stand with her. Ever. cali Jan 2016 #219
Depends what is meant by "no". progressoid Jan 2016 #272
Unbelievable that some people can't understand the difference between standing with an organization cui bono Jan 2016 #197
After perusing comments in this thread, I've come to see how far DU has fallen cui bono Jan 2016 #199
I like you ProudToBeLiberal Jan 2016 #212
I stand with Planned Parenthood's endorsement and underthematrix Jan 2016 #202
I stand with planned parenthood...and Hillary Sheepshank Jan 2016 #216
I'll stand by them but I feel like somebody I've liked just killed somebody and drank a glass... BlueJazz Jan 2016 #229
In fact, I'm changing my monthly donation to NARAL williesgirl Jan 2016 #230
K & R SunSeeker Jan 2016 #231
Women's rights are under assault...maybe having a *woman* as President is more urgent than ever? YoungDemCA Jan 2016 #232
I will ALWAYS stand with Planned Parenthood. Hekate Jan 2016 #236
Wonder if PP will stand w/Bernie Karma13612 Jan 2016 #238
I support Planned Parenthood in the services they provide, but will vote Bernie in primaries. KentuckyWoman Jan 2016 #239
Yes! DesertRat Jan 2016 #240
An historic endorsement ismnotwasm Jan 2016 #241
Its not like you're either with HRC or against Planned Parenthood. aikoaiko Jan 2016 #242
But you have to choose, just like Dubya said: you're either with the terrists or agin em. beam me up scottie Jan 2016 #243
No TSIAS Jan 2016 #244
Went to bed happy about this. NCTraveler Jan 2016 #246
Hell no! She found the fake videos "disturbing" eridani Jan 2016 #248
I support Planned Parenthood, even if they endorse a corporatist TransitJohn Jan 2016 #249
Cure the 'Bern' 2016 Amimnoch Jan 2016 #251
Silly stuff. Bernie doesn't use weasel words on abortion rights, unlike Hill. cali Jan 2016 #252
Well that is one dumb ass meme. Embarrassing really in its ignorance. morningfog Jan 2016 #262
Why do these non-profit orgs think they have to endorse a candidate? Uben Jan 2016 #264
K&R, great thread! R B Garr Jan 2016 #274
I just sent another contribution to PP Gothmog Jan 2016 #285
IMHO, they had no business making any kind of pledge of support before a primary chosen candidate Proserpina Jan 2016 #303
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