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Joe BidenCongratulations to our presumptive Democratic nominee, Joe Biden!


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31. Nope. I prefer the genuine article. The conditional phrase "as a" tells me all I need to know.
Thu Feb 21, 2019, 01:34 PM
Feb 2019

The same way that buttery-spray toppings are sold "as a" butter substitute... they're not actually butter, are they?

If he were to win the majority of primaries, would that qualify him as a Democrat?
He won't.

Or should we ask, what is a Democrat?
There are many answers to that, but I can start by telling you that it's not someone who accuses the Democratic party of being "corrupt" or "ideologically bankrupt" that's for sure. Nor is it someone who suggests that there's no difference between the GOP and the Democratic party with accusations that the Democrats are "the party of the elite" and "the party of the one-percent".

All I'm saying, in answer to your last question, is that an actual Democrat would be doing everything in his or her power to strengthen and promote the party... not to tear it down, denigrate and divide the party. For those who do such things it's completely fair to call them out on it.

I think every reasonable person can agree that a divided Democratic party, one that's suspicious and distrustful, is a weakened party. Sadly, that only serves to benefit the GOP, and Trump, and Russia. I just don't understand why anyone would do or say things that harm our party, and that benefit the GOP.

If I were to vote in a presidential
primary today, I would vote for:
Joe Biden
No. we can do it Feb 2019 #1
Nope LongtimeAZDem Feb 2019 #2
He caucuses with Democrats. WeekiWater Feb 2019 #3
He must be. The DU Democratic Primaries forum includes him WheelWalker Feb 2019 #4
He Must Know & He Says Not Me. Feb 2019 #6
I agree with that. However, for purposes of this forum... WheelWalker Feb 2019 #18
We'll See Me. Feb 2019 #19
No, no, yes, won't happen, no. George II Feb 2019 #5
Not now.. but will be for the next 2+ years zaj Feb 2019 #7
bernie is NOT A DEMOCRAT, he is an Independent. For that reason, i think he should not be included trueblue2007 Feb 2019 #8
BS will be required to sign a document affirming that he is a member of the Democrat Party lapucelle Feb 2019 #9
Has he ever voted with the republics? No. pwb Feb 2019 #10
No. He says he's not and he's not registered WhiteTara Feb 2019 #11
Bernie is a D if the ballot says that he is. Shemp Howard Feb 2019 #12
This message was self-deleted by its author LongtimeAZDem Feb 2019 #15
Isn't this a moot point? radical noodle Feb 2019 #20
The rules are that the candidate must publicly affirm that they are a Democrat ehrnst Feb 2019 #22
The Democratic Rules include: CrossingTheRubicon Feb 2019 #13
He is not. IluvPitties Feb 2019 #14
Here is the rule that sanders has to comply with Gothmog Feb 2019 #16
If he votes like a Democrat, guillaumeb Feb 2019 #17
Democrats are not necessarily progressive. Honeycombe8 Feb 2019 #24
I have higher standards... NurseJackie Feb 2019 #32
If the party accepts him as a Democrat... Generic Brad Feb 2019 #21
Define "party" and "accept." nt Honeycombe8 Feb 2019 #25
I'm no longer moonlighting as a dictionary Generic Brad Feb 2019 #29
That's easy. The Democratic Party has a written platform that members agree to support. Honeycombe8 Feb 2019 #23
George Bush enid602 Feb 2019 #26
As far as I'm concerned he is... TCJ70 Feb 2019 #27
If he's still a D in Jan 1 2021, then maybe I'll start to believe him...nt SidDithers Feb 2019 #28
Never been one for labels. I care more about what someone stands for. Quixote1818 Feb 2019 #30
Nope. I prefer the genuine article. The conditional phrase "as a" tells me all I need to know. NurseJackie Feb 2019 #31
Message auto-removed Name removed Feb 2019 #33
Is Joe Manchin a democrat? workinclasszero Feb 2019 #34
He's a true Democrat. I have no doubts about it. Do you? NurseJackie Feb 2019 #36
One step above Trump I suppose workinclasszero Feb 2019 #39
I'm very proud to have him as a Democrat. NurseJackie Feb 2019 #40
I think its best to shed titles here, and just think a little first. CTAtheist Feb 2019 #35
No, next question Blue_Tires Feb 2019 #37
Someone who is actually a member of the Democratic party Trumpocalypse Feb 2019 #38
Bernie is not, but Party leadership will welcome him regardless apnu Feb 2019 #41
Not just NO, murielm99 Feb 2019 #42
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