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Joe BidenCongratulations to our presumptive Democratic nominee, Joe Biden!


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26. I am very much against the Ds using Christianity as an arrow in their political quiver.
Fri Apr 12, 2019, 11:33 AM
Apr 2019

BTW - you say we should go on the religious offensive, but then you indicate that must be a Christian-exclusive offensive. “The NT and teachings of Jesus?” Can you be any more noninclusive? No teachings from The Prophet? No holy (sic) books outside the NT?

See, this is the problem with Xianity. It it has so infected American society that we don’t even realize when we are spouting its biases and elitist stature.

If I were to vote in a presidential
primary today, I would vote for:
Joe Biden
Or, maybe we just all grow up and stop arguing over legendary figures? LongtimeAZDem Apr 2019 #1
Not likely to happen now, is it? mobeau69 Apr 2019 #3
I so agree with you. bitterross Apr 2019 #4
Well that,s fair. You don't have to believe what they believe. marylandblue Apr 2019 #5
Good luck with that TexasBushwhacker Apr 2019 #7
Actually, homosexuality is negatively addressed in Romans. stopbush Apr 2019 #10
And arguably, Corinthians and Timothy LongtimeAZDem Apr 2019 #12
Indeed. When will we as a species stop our annoying habit of giving stopbush Apr 2019 #15
Yes, by that bigot Paul NastyRiffraff Apr 2019 #28
Sure, but he's also the founder of Christianity. stopbush Apr 2019 #29
True. NastyRiffraff Apr 2019 #30
Bingo! And while we're at it, let's stop referring to mythical figures stopbush Apr 2019 #9
I disagree that Jesus can be definitively categorized as mythical; like Robin Hood, it is LongtimeAZDem Apr 2019 #11
The best arguments against Jesus being a real person are: stopbush Apr 2019 #18
Agreed, but none of that explicitly refutes the possibility of a preacher or preachers whose stories LongtimeAZDem Apr 2019 #22
Sure. I give it a less than 1% chance that it's true, but that's still a chance, no? stopbush Apr 2019 #25
Not much on history? WeekiWater Apr 2019 #31
Very big on history; before I studied, I took Jesus' historicity for granted. It wasn't until LongtimeAZDem Apr 2019 #33
That, combined with societal historical trends,.. WeekiWater Apr 2019 #34
Societal historical trends are not proof of legendary figures LongtimeAZDem Apr 2019 #35
I'm not looking for proof. WeekiWater Apr 2019 #36
OK, fair point LongtimeAZDem Apr 2019 #37
This used to be called the Social Gospel, and it was big more than 100 years ago. marylandblue Apr 2019 #2
democrats have tended to shy away from god and religion talk and that enabled the rightwing to beachbum bob Apr 2019 #6
I am very much against the Ds using Christianity as an arrow in their political quiver. stopbush Apr 2019 #26
Sounds like a way to re-brand the term "Democratic Socialism" It won't go anywhere. bitterross Apr 2019 #8
If only we could engineer tightly moderated public debates between Prosperity and Social Gospel folk JudyM Apr 2019 #13
Historically, people move surprisingly fast under certain conditions. marylandblue Apr 2019 #20
This is a futile battle. The religious right doesn't give a shit about their hypocrisy. progressoid Apr 2019 #14
True, but I'd like to see the agnostic middle educated to the... LAS14 Apr 2019 #16
I suspect that the agnostic middle is, well, agnostic on the subject. progressoid Apr 2019 #21
I suspect that many people sitting in the pews are less enamored of their right wing preachers marylandblue Apr 2019 #24
I'm so glad that this is happening. LAS14 Apr 2019 #17
It happens in spite of religion. stopbush Apr 2019 #19
There is much more complex interplay between philosophical and religious thought marylandblue Apr 2019 #23
As my pastor is doing, he's preaching what Jesus Taught JustFiveMoreMinutes Apr 2019 #27
John Pavlovitz is particularly good at confronting the hypocrisy of the religious right: highplainsdem Apr 2019 #32
Thanks. These look good! Will read them all later. mobeau69 Apr 2019 #40
Yep. Christian democrats must hit the religious right head on. Blue_true Apr 2019 #38
I'd prefer that religion, all religion, Skidmore Apr 2019 #39
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