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Archives: September 1, 2003

Bob Herbert - Home Alone

Why Iraq Needs More U.S. Troops

PROTESTING BUSH in Richfield, OH on Labor Day: When and Where?

Update: Moldy House and Spooks (??) causing Leg Cramps in Kitchen Floor!

Farmers still using banned drugs - UK

Kenya lifts ban on Mau Mau movement

Five Killed, 3 Hurt in Kashmir Shelling

Aznar names his successor

Pro Chavez Venezuelan Rights Activist assassinated

Could we get a teardrop smilie

Nazareth riot report has Arabs questioning Israeli justice

Sidelining Arafat strengthened him

Jewish leaders praise Bush support for Israel

How to Talk About Israel - NY Times Magazine

Does anyone have photos and/or video from the Sleepless Summer Tour

Port of Seattle Commission

On the Road With Howard Dean

Just got my new Almanac of American Politics

Aussie "journalist" Pentagon stooge?

The Hands-Down BEST Economic Program that NO CANDIDATE is proposing

The Media was suspect even in 1880!

when does Chimpy return to the White House?

I really hope this guy runs against DeWine in 2006

Spouse, two children of soldier dead..(sad beyond words)

who still calls Chimpy popular?

Not all Rednecks are Repbulican Zombies

Howard Dean on an airplane on C-span1 right now

How the media continues to do Rove's bidding ...

I can't wait for March 4th, 2004..... when the BIG battle begins

Is it true that Iraq had a democracy for a brief time?

Get this...Freeper humor...

The South Exposed? Or just sour grapes?

Army Times forum... Bush Barbeque

DRUDGE alert on Ahhold

Ha! The Fact That People Are Openly Saying We Can't Leave Iraq

Al Franken will be on Dave Lettermen Tomorrow Night!

Bush Ain't Withdrawing

I must say this now or go mad...I just have to have something to scream!

I'll be meeting Howard Dean again this week....

Live un-noticed... work union

Haley Barbour's son arrested for drunk and disorderly after

Favorite Bush Photo...

Why I'm Supporting Howard Dean

So it's Labor Day. Remember the Wobblies?

Has the American public grown numb over the right's Clinton bashing?

Does anyone have photos and/or video from the Sleepless Summer Tour

Is it just me or is Kerry a pessimist?

Drudge: ABCNews Spikes Schwarzenegger Story!

The Other American Dream

Did they ever issue a final report on the Wellstone crash? And have

How Jeffersonian are You?

Buzzflash or Drudge?

Al-Hakim killing beginning of Iraqi civil war

Is it true that America had a democracy for a short time?

Al Franken has written a great book

Nationalize the bastards!

The tax repeal issue. Who has the better position?

Organizing for the Nominee

To symbolman

ok, im listening to dean and...

Greg Palast on WPR ..has a document

How many "elites" are dying in the quest for imperialism?

Attention Californians: Democratic contenders,

Question for people who have a home-state candidate running for president

"Economic Democracy" means Capital is subservient to Labor.

Is bush* really stumbling around in public drunk?

As a recent defector to the Democratic Party,

Second terror suspect released - Canada

Russian navy sloppy, defence chief says

Myanmar's Suu Kyi on hunger strike

Action star Cherles Bronson dead

Inquiry Is Leaving Britons Unsatisfied

Drudge: ABCNews Spikes Schwarzenegger Story!

Frontline Duty Gives Pause to Potential Guardsmen (Hard sell)

Aznar Names His Successor

Reservists, Guard see deployments drag on

For Kerry, Playing Catch-up

Election strategy shifts from swing voters to partisan turnout

Not Just Warmer: It's the Hottest for 2000 Years

Bush campaign appeal portrays president as fund-raising underdog

For Calif. GOP, It's Principles vs. Potential

French ambassador calls Israel 'paranoid' and Sharon 'a lout'

Floods Kill at Least Four Kids in Kansas

Britons want UK forces out of Iraq

Walgreens, Cingular Wireless ads heard on Hannity last Friday


my single days appear to be all over..

For HeyHey, B.C. Lions suck.

*WARNING......"May contain nuts"

The Family By The Landfill With Hazardous Foam In Their Happy Glowing Home

Marinara done....results?

Arnold , the Amorous Penguin website

Sunday night confessions.

Revenge of the Pure Evil Smileys.........

Whow ants to get drunksh

Whatever happened to Sunday night confessions?

Computer Gurus, need help with my PC

Has anyone connected my dots....

Screw it....I'm going out..getting a bottle of rye and gettin' blitzed

Charles Bronson (1921-2003)

Maybe this should be in LBN:

Favorite "silly porn": Furniture porn, Lego porn, or plush animal porn?

Anyone know what format you use to write a TV script?

Names that seem to be unique to your area (Kirby in MN)

Please, give me a reason that Nancy Wilson is great.

Gamers I Have A Question. Do You Think Playstation One Is Good For

I think it's time for a DU Group Hug!!!

Adult Swim Thread:

first sponsor of the ESPN NFL pregame show with Limpbaugh, Old Spice

Need help with toddler re: crib to toddler bed transistion

Action star Cherles Bronson dead

Favorite Beach Boys song: the final round!

William Pitt...

Bart said I - M - P! He's made of pee! Ralph: I made Bart in my pants.

Welcome to San Francisco

Poke the bunny!

Btw, I got married on Wednesday

Things to do in BC vs. Things to do in Manitoba:

Synchronicity rocks

Milwaukeean has a Harley question...

24 is airing tonight

What's your favorite Woody Allen film?

Allegator Alley

Need a killer chilli recipe!!! HELP!!!

why is real estate cheaper in Red states than Blue States?

Okay people...who else is not a phone person?

Things from the past that you wish were still around.

Political Parties Shift Emphasis to Core Voters

Wars' scandalous aftermath: abandoned veterans

Novak-How Clinton team blew chance to hit bin Laden

Mississippi Editorial on 10 Commandments...

Oliphant supports Kerry's economic poliices

Liberal Oasis: Sunday Talkshow Breakdown

"Labor Day is meaningless." Explanation by the effete, for the effete.

MUST- MUST- MUST- READ!!! Yurica Report

Another Great 10 Idiots!

The loneliness of Noam Chomsky by Arundhati Roy


Why we need strong unions

St Paul...Labor Day...Jim Hightower,,Granny D, Greg Palast....

350 minimum protesting W in Richfield, Ohio

I can prove Brit Hume is a Dumb-ass and a sissy

Bill O'Reilly should take his own advice and SHUT UP

Wolfie's question of the day

Is it just me, or is CNN showing bias towards Bush/Ahnold?

Bill O'Really wants you to Shut-up

Schwarzeneggers Father a Nazi?

astrologer says Arnold won't win

Labor Day Comic fix

Political Symbolism & Omens II

Movies for Democrats 9/1-9/3

culinary club: what does anyone do with eggplant?

Daily U.S. Casualties 9/1/2003

Why would gay pride marchers do this stuff in public??

NARAL Scared About September

Letter To The Editor

Myanmar's Suu Kyi on hunger strike

Zuma must be tried - SA

Shooting guns made me break out!!!

UK: Festival to fight gun crime

Steeler's Porter Is Shot Outside Bar

Welcome to DU, FRrules!

Can you post irrelevant articles in the LBN forum?

Question about marking

Is it possible for you to change the title of a thread?

Looking for an old thread of mine

I can't change my name.

Independence' will topple Abbas

IAEA conference to discuss Israeli nukes for first time

The Road Map of Marquis de Sade or Speaking Dirty for Palestine

Al Jazeera: Israel attacks Gaza City

CNN: Israel 'all-out war' on Hamas; freezing diplomatic relations with PA

Has A Right-Wing Zionist Cabal Hijacked The White House?

The Saudi-Pakistani-bin Laden Triangle: Al Qaeda Terrorist Tells All

Diverse lot of Democrats eyes Graham's seat (FL Senate)

The Next Administration

will have another online primary?

KCCI Poll: Dean Gains Support(IOWA)

Dean coming to Atlanta.

John Kerry sez....

Switch2Dean (great Dean site, especially for Mac users!)

Campaigning with Daddy: Edwards takes 'the whole gang' on a bus tour

AZ for Kucinich opening office in Tempe- next to Greens!

Can this be? Dems moving left!??!

Poll: Many voters unable to name Democratic candidates

Josh Marshall of Talking Points Memo reviews Kerry on Meet The Press.

Carol Moseley Braun

I've made my campaign announcement to the public

Talkingpointsmemo Josh Marshall: Kerry did well on Meet the Press...

Stop the wishful thinking

There's nothing that can be kept secret in Vermont...

Judy Woodruff on Crossfire...

Candidates' D.C. Primary Strategies Build Slowly

Which Primary Is High Noon?

Kathleen Babineaux Blanco stilll leads in Louisiana...

Will the Democratic Party survive?

Dean - Labor Day Statement.

I sent a reply to the Washington Times....

Dean Crushing Kerry on inside politics now!

Edwards Announces New Legislation To Protect America's Workers

Dean says UN troops should have been used to take out Saddam!!!

List all the anti-Democratic media pundits/reporters

Congressman Ryan (of Ohio) on Howard Dean and Dennis Kucinich

Once And For All, A Plea For Fairness and Positivity From Kerry Supporters

This is one of the many reasons I prefer Dean

Kerry slips to 4th in Meetup numbers...

Tomorrow Kerry will be all over the national news-Details inside

Dean wants to "internationalize" occupation fo Iraq same as Kerry

John Kerry proves once again why he WILL be president in 2004

Why is John Kerry using RNC talking points?

I don't think Dean can win the election

AWD campaign fundraiser is ON!

interesting case for Kucinich


I really enjoyed Kucinich on MSNBC today

Genetic Freedom - Revised Philosophical Concept

The AHnold S Basement Team did a fast one.

Price of Food to go UP as global warming continues

Pathetic: 67% of Dems cannot name a Dem candidate

MSNBC poll: Dems for Prez - Do any have a shot?

When the hell is Clark going to announce?

Who's rebuilding Iraq?

Counting the Bodies

Peter Werbe streaming now. Topic is wages.

Just watched "Bowling for Columbine" and Moses got ridden hard in

Kerry looked like a dead guy on Meet the Press today.

Orange County Democrats

this article relates robotics to job losses . . .

meet the press rerun now on cnbc ( 1:00 AM EST)

Sometimes picture is worth a 1000 words!

What the Law Code of Hammurabi (1780 BCE) has to say about WMD

This says it all!

Bush drops baby on campaign trail! Baby to launch frivalous lawsuit

Sen. John Kerry tops the wealth list in the US Senate...

The Mendacity Index: Which president told the biggest whoppers?

For "Labor Day" -- Working Class Hero

Al Jazeera: US using 40,000 immigrants as front line troops in Iraq

CBS Poll - 38% of those surveyed will probably vote for *............

September 11th And The Bush Administration

Orange County Democrats

C-Span NOW (9:30 a.m. Eastern time)- Cathy Young from Reason Magazine

Mullah Omar surrounded by US troops ?

Question about AL qaida

Please help me understand this Moore comment


My mistake

The new guy at my work is an ex-bush voter!

Should we have made a preemptive war on Iraq?

calling on Wonk and DU's graph specialists


Looks Like a Recovery, Feels Like a Recession

US seeks a tamer version of Saddam

Holland oks medicinal cannabis

where is the billon dollars/week that we are spending on Iraq?

Birth snarls legal debate (Florida)

What is Walmart trying to hide?


Closet door swings open on TV...

E-Mail From a Brazilian Journalism Student (Fox-O'Reilly)

Bush drops his dog & blames Bill Clinton for it!

George W Bush's Biggest Failure

Al Franken vs. Bill O'Reilly

do you see the this as the start ?

Oh thank God! We not only

Haley Barbour's son busted for public drunkeness

Bet you can't beat this...

What Sweet Irony.

Bush on CNN talking up Sept. 11 again

When Bush names legislation, it means the opposite

Why isn't this news a major headline?

Deleted message

What union is Whistle-ass speaking to in Ohio?


top 10 Conservative Idiots #6 , ha ha ha...Ah-nold

What 'incidents' have you experienced in the name of Homeland Security?

Besides "JOBS", what else does the USA export?

What does it mean when the head of a voting machine company vows to get ..

Does the Democratic Party serve...

CSPAN 9:25 a.m. Monday: Who's meaner: Liberals or conservatives?

I like the new Kucinich picture people are using!

Acts Of Hope

why are men more pro-choice than women?

I've received lots of hate e-mail for my opinions about the Najef bombing

Whistle Ass???

Maybe we should drive home this point:

The Najaf bombing: U.S. occupation yields catastrophe...

Supporting America's Workers - Howard Dean

So the majority of Dems can't name a candidate? So what?

Campaign handout idea - plastic baggies with "The Constitution

MSNBC propaganda minister in Iraq Bob Arnot had better be careful I think?

No letters on Arnold's Oui interview in LA Times

Edwards rally on c-Span now 1:45 EDT.

Edwards on MSNBC now 2:10 EDT

Labor secretary Choa

will Bush be on the ballot in Illinois?

Will Bush get a bounce out of the 9/11 anniversary?

Squire, Sanders & Dempsey are hired to rewrite Iraqi laws - (for real)

Arnold’s Connection to Racist Hate Groups

HEADS UP: Special 2-hour Crossfire/Inside Politics on now 3pm ET

OMG - Franken's book

Truman mean vs. McCarthy mean.

Is George Bush the next, um, George Bush?

Question about Arnold

Kerry Wows New Hampshire Crowd

hahahaha -- CNN showing * dropping Barney

The media panders to the lowest common demoninator when...

Do you all think its OK that elected officials have Dual-Citizenship?

A brief education...for no reason

The Argument that We Can't leave Iraq Now is Really

Do we really think that Muslims are that dumb?

Daily U.S. Casualties 9/1/2003

Visit the National Constitution Center in Philly

Dean on CNN NOW ... n/t

Are we all aware of the location of the Republican Convention?

Just returned from the Bush protest in Richfield, Ohio...

Question. What did Dean say about the Cuban issue today on CNN?

Need help! Who originated "The Doctor is In?" slogan that's on

Bush buzz word for the campaign...."Patience".............................

What would it take to get * to can Ashcroft

Art Torres is so damn funny!

What is compassion in governance?

"Isn't it surprising that September 11 didn't happen earlier?" - POLL

More proof that the Tibetans are the good guys and the Chicoms are evil...

Now I am very angry--Freepers going after Judith Steinberg Dean

Boycott Northcoast Signworks of Richfield

How do you feel about the Earth Liberation Front?

Crossfire on at 3:00 EST Today - Dean Interviewed

working class republicans

"Lieberman wants to take your violent video games away"

The #1 thing I want (or found) in my Democratic nominee is...

What % of Congressional Dems "fight for progressive values?" IOW -

When US won't put money and troops where its mouth is...

Why should rebuilding Iraq be bankrupting the US when it's our own

Celebrate! The White House is getting slapped in the face.

George W Bush Resume

Child stun gun for parental use - for real

Why would the union in OH ask Bush to speak to them?

Dean fans! Help me enlighten ignorant reporter!

A Jobless recovery is like a foodless meal.......

The lead up to the war was "a sham and a hustle"

"The Trials of Henry Kissinger" - sundance channel Labor Day 7 pm edt/4pm

New England DUers, Mitt Romney sitting in for whacko Jay Severin

Does it matter when someone opposed the war. Or why?

Clark... a war criminal?

That's it. I am officially sick of the Dean vs. Kerry flame wars.

Taking The Country Forward

Clark’s path similar to another Arkansan who ran for president

Which candidate's campaign would you want to manage, and why?

Alaska state court: some pot is legal in home...

Homemade Political Sign Makers - Share your best tips.

Bush on CNN today....has morphed into a mopaul creation.

Do you think Saddam Hussein(if alive)is still in Iraq?

256 men & women in House & Senate voted against the war resolution

Deleted message

James Carville an actor on "K Street"?

BBV: David Dill has posted a lengthy comment

Who else knew that Drudge was a Libertarian?

My reply to the NY Post reporter who e-mailed me (Dean smear)

Happy Labor Day from Michael Moore!

"They have a sense of humor," he said.

HAPPY LABOR DAY! (get ready to get p.o.'ed!)

President Bush promises his tax-cut plan will create 1.4 million new jobs

Is anyone watching Dick Gebhardt at a "meet up" on C-Span right now?

Brit Hume makes a "Monkey's Ass" out of himself again

Hey, I was just on (local) Fox News!

WHOA! Action 19 news nails Bush!

I support the right-wing homophobe agenda!

Our "Liberal Historian" Doris Kearns Goodwin turns on us because of Son

Any London + Gamer DUers here...

rove's new product about to begin?

A desperate Kerry attacks Dean with bush lite math...

ok, I know everyone likely weighed in on this earlier, but...

NCCU students have to use hotel's back door

Did anyone see the BBC World News tonight - kids dying in Iraq

About Kerry's vote for war...

Deleted message

CNN Poll Online - Bush Unemployment Efforts

Ten reasons why Arnold will never be Governor of California

Does this piss anyone off?

AWOL say's that overseas labor laws are more "lenient"....

If Saddam were still in power, would you support continued sanctions?

Luckovich cartoon on Dean

Prediction: Kerry's unfavorables are going to go through the roof.

Why Do Dean's People Think He's Going to Lose?--Why Then Vote??

Who was the condecending Dean campaign worker who...

If Bush loses in 2004, what will he do 11/3/04-1/20/05?

Question, What is Dean's military Record?

Is Ohio in play?

Art Torres eating up Drier on Tweety


Jean Kirkpatrick is coming to town.

See the 'Willie Horton' ad here:

Which candidate support marijuana decriminalization?

Seems to be a big whiff of desperation to the Dean bashing

The question few ask.

Ralph Nadar for President?

AWD's campaign fundraiser begins!

Labor Day + BuzzFlash Postcards= Purrrrrrrfect Together!

The simple reason why John Kerry CANNOT win a national election-

Calling all Clark supporters!

Do Photogenic Candidates Do Better Than "Plain" Ones?

Whatever happened to the anthrax attack investigation???

when are they going to try to exclude Kucinich from debates?

The Guardian...."The Ayatollah: Iraq's Archduke?"

If Kerry is elected what happens to his Senate seat?

When will someone stand up to Coulter


Direct Democracy... saw this on FSTV... input ?

Matthews is not gay. He's doing his job.

211 posts nibbling at bait. Anyone want to have a real conversation?

My favorite RW "zinger" from the Richfield Bush-a-thon

US Militarism, the Clark candidacy, & the Stupidification of the Public

BBV-- We Must Stop Bush From Stealing the 2004 Election

I met Dennis Kucinich again tonight for the third time… (a 16yo's take!!)

I'm tired of everybody assuming all Californians are into group orgies

Next Regnery Rough Beast Slouches to Amazon #4

What we can look forward to with four more years of Bush -- VERY SCARY!

U.S. position on North Korea is the biggest obstacle to progress

Schwarzenegger Planning to Attend a Single Debate

Fresh Questions Raised About Boeing Lease

Son of Republican gubernatorial candidate arrested

US still interested in democratic facade for Pak govt

Pentagon wants Iraqi soldiers to police cities (Saddams former army)

Activists demand to be on WTO surveillance list

Taliban Ambush Patrols, Killing 8 Afghans

Schroeder, Putin want joint strategy for Iraq

France's health minister predicts heat toll will rise

'Saddam' denies Najaf attack

Officer Cleared of War Crimes

Rumor Mill Is Abuzz With Saddam Sightings


Bush Policy Sparks `Revolt' By Ex-Park Officers

Iran loses ally in Iraq's Hakim, hard to replace

Cash woes slow efforts in Iraq

Mosque bombing delays handover to Polish-led force

AFGHANISTAN: Attack on road construction team kills six

Dutch back prescription cannabis (CNN)

AWOL talking to a few dozen people about the economy on a gloomy day

Colorado Gov. Owens and wife to separate.

Israel Inquiry Finds Pattern of Prejudice Toward Arab Citizens

Taliban Raids Widen in Parts of Afghanistan

Just returned from the Bush protest in Richfield, Ohio...

Study: Saving Forests Best Way to Cheap, Clean Water (Reuters)

Hurricane Fabian Packing 140 Mph Winds

CNN Poll Online - Bush Unemployment Efforts

No date set for Japan fact-finding team for Iraq (Getting cold feet)

The lead up to the war was "a sham and a hustle"

US cancels handover of Najaf to Polish troops

Canadian (BC) aid worker remembered as hero to Iraq's children

North Korea Rejects Anti-Nuke Demands

Saudi Crown Prince to Visit Moscow

Democrats Stumping in S.C. Shift Rhetoric

Union leaders prepare motion to condemn war in Iraq (UK)

Dean brings message of hope to Walpole

'Saddam' Tape Urges Attacks on Iraq's Occupiers

Iraqi Council Names Cabinet to Take Over From Americans......

Blair's euro hopes dwindle as support fails

Bush Braves Rain To Speak Before Ohio Union

Young Close to Entering Senate Race in Georgia

Evidence reveals Iraq attacks more sophisticated

Taliban Targets U.S. Firm; New Operation Launched

Police find two cars packed with bombs in Iraqi holy city

Bush assigning a new government official to address vanishing factory jobs

Al-Jazeera starts full english language online service Sept 1st

Osama's top aide reveals leader's ties to S Arabia, Pakistan

U.S., Israel Stood to Gain from Najaf Bomb -Hizbollah

Jesse Jackson arrested in Yale Protest

US losing control as Iraqi grief turns to revenge

Newspaper Apologizes For Madonna-Spears Kiss Photo

China's Jiang: Army to Trim 200,000 Men

U.S. Raid Herds Iraqi Old and Young in Barbed Wire

Trade deal with Cuba a boon for state

Extreme radiation levels reported in Baghdad

BBC: Giant lizard terrorises Beirut

US attacked over green card soldiers

One Killed by Israeli Missiles in Gaza

Keep Cuba sanctions, Democratic presidential candidate Kerry says

EIN made me think of something

Hard choices....Godzilla Vs. Mechagodzilla or Network?

Any help here for an emergency b-day gift for my mom?

Did anyone see the Cagney movie Saturday night on TCM?

So when is Queer Eye going to do one of our candidates?

Bush drops baby on campaign trail! Baby to launch frivalous lawsuit

Although it's cool

cool picture Kucinich and Al Gore

What the hell, I'm curious

The Onion: Funny site is no joke

BOSOX fans show some class

Straight men of DU

considering the cold/wet spring, and the wet summer

Riding the storm again -- without Morrison

Lampasas Labor Day BBQ a Go!

Who'll stop the rain?

OMG!! Woke Up This AM To NINE (9) NEW Baby Fishies in my tank!

Welcome to our newest member, FRrules.

Am I wrong to refuse to "help" the Department Idiot?

I'm sick of on-line newpapers' registration processes

Man steals computerized tracking device, which police use to find him

Woman wins national rifle championship

new Hannity sponsors, Colace, Healthy Choice, Nebraska Furniture Mart

Bill Maher's hatred & misrepresentation of rap music...

Anyone for The Darkness?

Night swimming anyone???

A dream realized as part of a good Sunday

Mods: Where is my star? I sent in my contribution.

Oh, what a problem...

Attention HyVee shoppers!

Elton John is not American, Harley or Rock & Roll

Oneeighty...I wanted to reply to your PM, but it won't let me :(

its Christmas at Wal-mart already..



HEY RAVEN!! Will Arrived Safe and Sound

What are you eatin' for Labor Day 2003?

Any auto mechanics ?

Am I the only one who hates going to big weddings?

Favorite song by Little Richard?

Favorite song by The Coasters?

Braces and their unexpected positive side-effects...

How do porn spammers find out your real name?

SURELY I wasn't the only person to hear W say this

IT'S MOTOWN TIME! Favorite song by Martha & The Vandellas?

I sent my first alert to the moderators - ask me anything about yaks

Jesus, look what was linked on the Opera banner just now

Favorite song by Bow Wow Wow

GAY men of DU

Wow, there's something to be said for daytime American TV (semi-sarcasm)

CAPTION Dog Dropping

:) Anyone interested in joining an established simulation of the Senate?

Anyone ever use colloidal silver?

Labor Day parade in Des Moines

I am such a doofus.

THAT excerpt from O'Reilly's novel (adult, EXTREME vomit alert)

Puddle swallows bicyclist

My neighbour wants to mow my grass....

Will, if you see Matcom, remind him I'm not a Phillies fan??

Posted to honor CO_Liberal

Happy Labor Day DU'ers...


Poll about towel usage.

Here's my Directv question

Any Kevin Gilbert fans here?

Welcome to my new FOX News talk show... who will be my first guest?

If you liked the pop princesses' kisses, you'll LOVE this

Howlin' Wolf Day in West Point, Mississippi

Man, it kills me to see my unemployed wife so depressed.....

The "Troggs" - More than just "Wild Thing" - vote

Old Time Soda Pop website.. you can order it for a special treat

Put... The Candle.... BACK!

AWD hits 500 posts!

Okay Seattlites - How Was Bumbershoot this year???????


I Am Cooking Will Pitt Dinner..... Ask HIM Anything Whilst I Cook!

Perfect song for the next Bush Terra Lert!

Post your mole control stories here!

Caption the Union Man!!!

Cthulhu fhtagnizzle for shizzle!

I am cooking CatWoman for dinner. Asparagus or broccoli on the side?

I'm Back! I'm Broke! and I'm Not Bummed!

Sorry, Duers

Gas to go down?

I just took a tour of the White House!

Oh man

Anyone watching the 91 Conners/Krickstein match?

Excuse me for the next few days....


Canuckamok had a good idea

Favorite Roy Orbison song?

Are you a REAL man?

anybody remember Brother Theodore?

Best Charles Bronson Flick!

*******MILESTONES******* 9/1

Wanna know what a moron I am?

With the Sucess of "Freddie vs. Jason" who should fight Freddy next

What kind of Union has scum like * speak at their rallies?

Musical interlude for Labor Day

I should be banned from watching "The Laramie Project" ever again

My yard is infested with horny toads

What is your favorite nickname for the Bush Administration

POLL: Should Judge Roy Moore challenge George Bush...

My Real-Life Seinfeld Moment: I Expect A "Thank-You-Wave" Dammit!!

REAL men aren't Anti-Gay, and let me tell you why...

On this date in 1923: one of the worst earthquake disasters of all time

Oh My Gay Stars!! Thank You, THANK YOU... Whoever You Are!!

Okay, Lounge Lizards, your assignment if you choose to accept it


What a nice day I had? Anyone else?

I'm at work for the next 8 hours: I'M ASKING THE QUESTIONS

The Euro MUST go!

My tumor might be growing back.

A question for COLDPLAY fans..

what do you do with a drunken sailor?

The Scab-Munching Churchgoer of all CAPTIONS!!!!

all-time favorite piano bar?

When I go to sleep, I usually tell anyone within listening distance

Nieghbors house burnt down!


I'm cooking breakfast for you in the morning, how do U like your eggs done

a friend of mine saw a real ghost this week....

De-criminalize pot, prostitution, lower drinking age. Where do you stand?

I Don't Bite My Nails... BUT.... I *CONSTANTLY* Bounce My Knee and Foot...

Happy Jimenez> My prayers are answered, I am God's agent on Earth

Comic strip Bloom County to return?

Is Your Karen Carpenter Favorite Listed Here?

The Florida Keys.


Did The Big Storm Get The Opihi?

Do you have FAUX News blocked in your home?

I just reached 800 posts

International DUers please check in