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Archives: September 8, 2003

Salon: Why the N.Y. Times (Krugman) ruins Bush's breakfast

Chicao Tribune editorial: Will the world blink again?

The Temptation of Howard Dean by Joe Klein, Time magazine, 9/05

Two cartoons re: will aliies help save *

$1.7 million worth of beer/wine stolen from military base in South Korea

$1.4 billion for duct tape and plastic

I read this board A LOT

Okay, so are we now allowing

What happened to the abortion poll?

(WP) Ditch the Road Map. Just Get There, Already

Need quote: G.E. executive on 9-11

two good Dean sites

Bush in speech endorses Kerry's plan to win the peace in Iraq

A new chance for the Senate Dems to stand up to Bush...

Dean on CBS, NBC & CBS Morning Shows Tomorrow -response to speech

Dean's got the 'mo,' but can he keep it?

EDWARDS Has an EXCELLENT chance at being the nominee

Edwards is top fundraiser in WNY -- $181,000 (Dean $3,000)

Howard Dean : An Elite 'Outsider' ?

Edwards Will Not Run For Senate Re-Election

What's General Clark Waiting For... And Is It Too Late?

For Bush, dreams of war will turn into a nightmare of peace

Why 8:30?!? Why not the top of the hour?

Michael Parenti on C-SPAN right now!


If you could be assured either candidate running could defeat Bush....?

Will BUsh get any meaningful bump in his approval ratings

thanks, those that watched Bush's speech

Do you think C-Span will have a call-in tonight?

The Chimp Speaks: Terra Terra Terra.

Do you think C-Span will have a call-in tonight?

Halliburton wins Lottery!!!!!!!!

Can anyone tell me why these so-called journalists don't just

Perle, Wolfowitz and Condi wrote that speech

$87 BILLION more


Arabic translation : 87 Billion dollar Iraqi tax cut

Bush's Hangover speech

AWOL being criticized on Larry King right now...

Perpetual fear?

Bush's* base will turn on him

Bush lost the couch potato vote tonight

It's official, Bush is toast

Time for a Regime Change... HERE and NOW

That's my Bush!

Why does Sean Hannity adore Lieberman so much?

Joe Biden

Didn't We Already Hear This Speech When He Asked For Money for Afghanistan

Which Joe is the worse Joe?

Were there rebuttals anywhere?

Central Skull & Bones meme: "The world is a dangerous place."

Peru defends Amazon gas plans

how classy of Grey Davis

Terry Moran "pax-americana"

Why Are You Suprised at the Media Whoring for Bush?

Speech Word Count and complete speech

question: what % would 87 billion be of our total budget?

For FREEDOM from the front lines of FREEDOM fighting those threatening our

FREEP banned me on my second post !

Crotchsock's poll numbers in short time.

Democratic Presidential Candidates Debate (REPLAY) SUN -- 9:30 PM ET

Anymore "kissing girls" shots and I think I post the nude pose


The plot thickens...Iraq is a Do or Die proposition

If we shouldn't bring Viet Nam into the picture about the Iraq invasion

Santa Cruz' city council is looking to ask Congress

Bush Speech Tally - TERRORISM and more TERRORISM

Live Bush Movie in Showtime thread

POST STARTED FOR SPEECH---anybody who's watching

Thread 2 on Bush's speech: analysis

Write your representative tonight about the $87 billion

pResidents Speech 9\7\03 - Used 'Terror' 28 Times - Transcript !!!

Bush Accuses Reagan of running from terrorist in Lebanon.

Osama's name never mentioned in Bush Speech - But new Al-Qaida tape airs

Did anyone notice how "sick" Hannity and the FOX gang looked after

Freepers unhappy with pRESIDENT Evil

George is that on the CREDIT CARD? The interest charges are gonna kill us!

Concerning "DC 9/11" and "The Big Dance" I was meaning to ask this

A little help on Joe Conason...

Jim Marrs on Alan Handleman now!

watch the stock market tomorrow....

WP Reader Comments on Speech

Dem Debate is being shown on CSPAN

FoxNews: "Democrat Presidential Candidate Debate"

Al Queda issues new warnings (Thanks a lot Bush, you asshole)

This will be expensive, it will take time, it will be costly

$87 Billion would be more than enough for universal health care.

How much has Bush spent since Sept. 11?

Gun shy: are Dems finally getting the message?

Like any government estimate, DOUBLE IT. ($87bn???)

The $87 Billion Question

Dems should spin the $87 billion

Biden says"we are beyond WMD's"

Afghan Massacres-US special forces closely involved/11-2001

Clark on Fox soon. Hannity just said it. 9:09 EDT

87 billion dollars...the arrogance of this think

great...iraq s problem was lousy bookkeeping!!!

They're "porno" lighting Bush on CNBC now!

Osama's new terror plan revealed!

Bush's speech reminded me of a great F. Zappa quote:

now that Kucinich parts his hair properly


The Bush Administration's Defence Policy is very dumb and a dangerous

A new chance for the Senate Dems to stand up to Bush...

Why doesn't Bush like Terra? What did she do to us?

How about if we gave EVERY STATE a BILLION DOLLARS to rebuild???

So there was no mention of WMD's?

This is something to fear... bush is something to fear

Bob Graham is tha Man!!

Check out the CNN poll on

As a Democrat, I want from my party...

Let Bush* use his re-election money if he feels so strongly.

How about an excess profits tax on Halliburton, Bechtel,

Who saw Bush speech on C-Span2 direct feed?

Larry King on the Speech. This is good (Graham now on)

Where should the $87 billion come from ?

and they Called the Wind Mariah

Joe Biden, you are worse than Bush...

On this day two years ago...

Bush just destroyed himself tonight

Committe for the Liberation of Iraq (CLI) - a PNAC spinoff Org!

What is Judith Miller smoking?

How soon until candidates start dropping out?

holy shit! worldlink is showing

Messages at are very negative

Say what you will: But, When David Gergen Speaks, I Listen....and

For those who got to see "DC 9/11" what did they think of it ?????????????

Freeper admits Bush let 9/11 happen...calls for more!!

How did Bush's speech go

Who heard George Will say this morning:

My dh and I are wondering: Who got to Bush?

Don't forget that needs a lot of posts tonight.

Why is the casualty list for Iraq CLASSIFIED?!

What will Bush spend the 90billion on?


Bringing the war home to hometown America. Ex-Mayor pro tem killed.

What is this Bush's 9/11 memoir or The Wizard of Oz?

DU, You Have Just Witnessed History; GOP Is Choking on Their Spew

What could our Nation do with 87 billion bucks...

CNN Pole on Smirk's speech

Forget the $87 billion--THIS is the money sentence:

Did msnbc confirm that casualty #'s are secret?

Once again...the asshole was DRUGGED!

Why should Europe pay anything for Iraq?

The market will be headed down in the morning.

Dershowitz on Geraldo

Democrats just lost a good Senator!

Someone accused me in a PM of lying about

Fuck you, CNN

Will Clark run?

Al-Qaeda Tape Pledges Fresh Anti-U.S. Attacks


GUT INSTINCT Poll: Who do you PREDICT will be the Dem moninee?

Wow, I gotta share this freeper post

Why Every Woman At DU Should Be Supporting Carol Mosely Braun

pent up energy? Email Biden

Iraq's a bottomless pit. Nobody can fix it. Nobody's available- We're F'd!

Hannity is a whining b*tch!


Black Box Voting: A beginner's summary -- Now you, too can get involved!

Bush's failure in Iraq...OR IS IT REALLY?

Miracle!! MICHAEL PARENTI on w/ Brian Lamb on Booknotes !!!!!


Financial turmoil casts pall on school openings across nation

White House Hosts T-Ball Game

Democrats See Bush Speech Falling Short of Iraq Fix

Bush will seek $87 billion for Iraq


Wash. Candidate for Gov. Has Mastectomy (Gregoire)

Misconduct charges put contractors on defense

Bush Vows to Spend What Is Necessary to Win War

Democrats see Bush speech falling short of Iraq fix

Al-Qaida issues a chilling warning

Monthly costs of Iraq, Afghan wars close to Vietnam's

Ethnic Issues in California Recall Play Out at Latino Parade

Egypt urges world to condemn attack on Hamas head

WP: Bush* to Double Iraq Spending

US Senate panel blocks California emissions plan

Asian debt withdrawal threat to US deficit

Edwards will not seek re-election to the Senate....NBC

Angry Chavez asks US to back off

Colorado GOP chair says U.S. Rep. Scott McInnis plans to retire

I read Al Franken's new book yesterday.

Someone just dropped-off a puppy in my truck. Help!

Why do people treat each other like disposable waste?


How does the date and time work on posts?

Lounge drinking game for Bush's speech

MLBaseball is pissing me off big time.

Oner more Simpsons Poll (I promise):

Crystal Light alternatives?

Hey, where's "Undergroundrailroad" hiding?

Wow, 49ers looked good, Houstom beat Miami, and Detriot?!

Go here:

I had a player who caught for 217 yards and 2 TDs SITTING on my bench

Now that * is done lying for tonight: Favorite RIGHTEOUS BROS. tune?

Where have I been?

Did anyone watch the DC-9/11 thing on showtime?

The Cubs are in first place!!!!!

I have a feeling it went a little like this...

Oh, I "forgot" El Presidente Arbusto was opening the pie hole tonight!

Two fish swim into a French seal...

Suggested 70s parody act: Bob Meager & the Silver Mullet Band

JOYGASM! Listening to new Living Colour CD one month early!!!

Office Space is on!

Does anyone like The Fairly Odd Parents?

Anyone heard from YoungLiberal16 recently?

Oakland - Tennessee: ANyone watching?

Guess who I saw in GD?

Does anyone understand my sig line?

What was Elvis Presley's best recording for Sun Records?

Favorite Radiohead album

American Graffiti was just on, what Character from that film are you?

Favourite MINOR** FEMALE Simpsons Character

Slightly strange question concerning "alternative"or "paralel" universes

S-11 Redux: (Channel) Surfing the Apocalypse (Powerful film)

Favourite MINOR** MALE Simpsons character

Best Spike Lee Joint

Okay, one more...Fave. Simpsons Springfield CHILD character...

Most obnoxious kids' show character?

All-new Aqua Teen is on!!!

My 76 year old father just asked: "Did you know Joe Biden was an asshole?"

A priest, a rabbi, a midget, a neo-con, a Mexican guy, a Chinese guy...

What is your favorite nickname for Rush Limbaugh?

Suggestions for Dorm Room

Should another "Austin Powers" movie be made?

new Man Show

Here is a scientific explanation for Bush's confusion...

Help Madame Fenris predict the future of Scott McInnis!

CRAP! Shrub visiting Monday!

are gas prices plummeting in your area?

Today, in Takoma Park MD, I heard a whistle...

Holy shit, Batman! It's DemoTex!

Is the NFL liberal?

Did they paint those eyebrows on * 's face?

What ever happened to the friendly beep of the horn?

is your gaydar not what it should be?

Favourite SINGLE APPEARANCE Simpsons Character:

Ten Funniest Movies

Gavin DeGraw

First Person: Military morale at risk, unless changes made

Got to Love Harper's Index!

James C. Moore: I love my country, I hate my President

Great Helen Thomas Interview from Aussie tv - just aired.

USA Today - Dean is a formidable foe

Looking Back, Moving Ahead

Kucinich's Record Shows He's an Antidote to Bush

WP: Tom Shales on Bush*s Speech

Fisk - Don't Say We Were Not Warned About This Mess

From The Forbidden Tree

David Corn: Iraqmire: Bush gets Desperate

The BEST article on the situation in Iraq I've read

Seattle Times: "We can afford" $87 billion

I Love My Country. I Hate My President by author Bush's Brain

Beware of angry, jobless men

A "mind-numbingly boring" propaganda film-Kristin Breitweiser

Cynthia Tucker: As jobs melt, rich just chill

War's Rising Toll

87 Billion??? Aaarrgghh!!!

Top Ten Arnold Schwarzenegger Debate Conditions

Thousands join march for Hawaiian rights

Aux armes, citoyens! Formez vos bataillons!

This war on terrorism is bogus

Polluters Gain, Public Loses

GREAT ANALYSIS of Bush*s 9/7 speech by Stephen Zunes in Common Dreams

Loss of middle class bodes ill for nation

January 26, 1998 PNAC demands Clinton invade Iraq

Folly and Failure, Bush's Speech Undressed

There's Good Reason to Fear US

Denver Post profiles wretched, broken-down, unemployed computer programmer

UK Guardian supplement on international trade

For Boston/Massachusetts Based Activists

October 25 march in DC

Kathy Kelly Northern Illinois University Sept. 25th

this week's proud ESPN Sunday NFL Countdown with Limpbaugh sponsors

RW GOP/Fox media nut Murdoch "Authoritarian Countries Can Work'(China)

DU Action Alert on Media Deregulation Roll Back from Move On! Help!

Washington Post admits it lied trying to blame Clinton for Superfund

US Media - except for MSNBC Web site- ignores WMD=bookkeeping error story

Liberal Oasis: Sunday Talkshow Breakdown

New York Times Editorial Endorsements

O'Reilly poll about Bush/Iraq

A Conversation with a Christian Conservative

For the Spiritually Inclined - some good news maybe?

Book News: "Big Lies" a staff recommendation (20% off) @ NWHouston B&N

European Parliament backs gay marriage

California bill pleases Vermont lawmaker

Marine reservist faces six-month sentence

Texas Rangers gay event targeted for protest

"Homo-Fascist Watch"

Printer Refuses To Print Gay Wedding Invitations

BLS hides true unemployment picture-"2.7m less jobs" may be double

Basic question regarding SS/Medicare and Sen. Kennedy

Henry George and the single tax

Has anybody seen this: National Budget Simulation

  Disco lights lure baby turtles to their doom

Kazakhstan's Glaciers "Melting Fast" - BBC

GAO: Superfund to Run out of Money due to Bush tax cut - and WP lies again

Halliburton supported Energy bill that exempts disputed drilling process

BC's Driest Summer On Record Brings Calls For Conservation

How important are environmental issues in this election?

Disturbing warnings about coming Natural Gas shortages.

Hurricane Isabel May Reach Category 4 Status Tonight

90% Of World's Glaciers Now In Retreat - Guardian UK

Bizarre Mugabe move has ecologists up in arms - Zimbabwe

Sudanese truce in tatters

US's new gamma ray weapons

Wolfowitz Turns into the Iraqi Infomration Minister (per Josh Marshall)

Philippine radio commentator shot dead while walking home

Senior KMT man advises Lien to get rid of Soong

French purists lose chocolate war

AP: Iraq WMD War was a Bookkeeping Glitch & media knew no WMD


Niece, nephews of jailed priest to be tried - Vietnam

Chile's Allende seen as a hero 3 decades after overthrow, death

Menopause? Doc gives pause for thought, guys

No sex please, you're American

Warner Hedges on Virginia Schools' Anti-Gun Policies

Report of Ecstasy Drug's Great Risks Is Retracted- NYT

County aims for gun registry

NY: Canned hunts win key fight

Or we could work over the CCW abuses in New York again

Teens go on shooting spree... Video game manufactuer to blame

The part where the gun industry ought to be subject to the same...

How bout we try the classist/racist thread one more time.

Freeper Alert: eagle24

The thread in question had a dishonest title

No Star Blues

I am upset

Just a hello

I don't get the Little Richard reference

A "thank you"


BBC Profile: Ahmed Qurei (Palestinian PM-designate)

Israel and India join forces

Amnesty slams Israeli policy

BFEE Relationship with Saudi Arabia

The truth will out

Candidate Reactions

Dean a formidable foe (GOP Admits to underestimating Dean)

Correction to Clark Supporters: When Clinton Started

Good article from ST Louis Post on Dean Meetup

AWD makes his stump speech this Saturday

Rep. Scott McInnis to retire

Dean on CNN Tonight at 8 PM ET

BREAKING NEWS! - General Clark to Address Draft Movement

George W. Bush deserted from the US military

three different articles on Dean's summer tour

The 7 Big House Races of 2004. [6 pickups and 1 Vulnerable Democrat.]

GOP expense spin - Bush "cut" Clinton rate of growth of non-defense

Howard Dean wins 3rd term for Vermont Governor!

Denish drops Dean to throw her weight behind Kerry

Kerry on Hardball tonight at 7pm on MSNBC after he ripped Buchanan at 6pm

John Kerry on Buch & Press

Major Union May Soon Endorse a Democrat

Deansbury is back!

Little-known GOP candidate amassing power (Montana Governor's race)

The Note berates national press for its treatment of Dean

North Carolina Politics...Edwards pulls out of Race

WOW pardon me if this is a dupe but wow

18 Iowa State Legislators Pledge Support for John Kerry

An evening with Howard Dean

John Kerry Statement on Bush's Speech on Iraq

Kucinich Introduces Universal Pre-K Bill

CMB on Crossfire NOW

"Universal" Healthcare & the Dem. candidates

C-Span is playing the speech now.

Lest we forget those who advocated DIPLOMACY!

8 Big House Races in 2004. MUST READ.

Illinois's 17th district

HELP w/answer! What are # of Repub judges approved?

Does Senator Biden need surgery?

Not reported in US media: al-Qaeda denies role in Najaf bombing

Why Edwards not running again is good news

Florida's pollution now being dumped in Tampa Bay, not just Gulf.

Schwarzenneger's fuzzy math (2=1)

A new way to think about the way the gov't spends money:

"Decadence" ???

Another question concerning the "DC 9/11" movie and Bush being

They Are The Shadow Government...

Messed up priorities!!

So, I'm watching "Wide Angle" on PBS...

Trickle-on Bushonomics: The Duh Factor!

Mr big was the lie you told about Iraq?

all info in the speech was vetted twice

Using the rob Peter to pay Paul principle regarding the 87 Billion Dollars

Black copters over Oregon-Bush visit fires conspiracy (Salon)

AOL poll: How would you rate Bush on the economy?

this week's proud ESPN Sunday NFL Countdown with Limpbaugh sponsors

A possible explanation for it all!

Question for Californians, regarding Bustamante

Brian Maloney - The "baloney" zone?

Here is the post where we dissect spin and/or lies in the 9/7/2003 speech.

Don't you love how they blame Iraq's crumbling infrastructure on Saddam.

Questions about Hate Crimes and Hate Crime legislation...

If you listen to Rush on Monday, please inform us...

Is Bush lying about the 87 billion to fix Iraq?

Like father like son, the W has no choice but to RAISE TAXES

The top story on Google News!

Anyone watch Larry King tonight ?

Where is this website located? It's 5 hours different from CST in US.

Video of Bush's speech here:

Dean on Bush speech "Outrageous"

Gitmo detainees willing to spill guts for McDonald's Happy Meals

Condi seems a bit shrill on Today.

CondiSleeza on Today Show right now pissing all over herself

"No return to pre-9/11 America": I. E., Chimp says we lost war on terra

How I built a better coalition than my daddy

"Mysterious" US military linguist may testify in Dr Kelly enquiry

My thoughts on 87 billion for Iraq.

Vote No War.Org's Response to Bush Speech (must read)

(Candidate Here) can't win! Well, so what?

I figured out how * can win in 2004

ABC's Good Morning America says Bush is at 49% in poll taken after speech



Newsday Poll

Twisted Sister Pumps Up Arnold

If the Democrats are the party of the Big Tent then the Republicans

Rant - Opportunity, responsibility, broader, free, democratic and nation

Chimp employs the Chimpbacca Defense Sunday Night (South Lawn)

"Pessimism and Protest"

Anti-Bush commercial idea: $87 Billion

Pop up ads here at DU

Okay, I get it now.....

9/3 polls below sucked for Bush - are the overnights out yet?

Question on "Bring 'Em Home Now"

Laura Bush on c-span morning

The concept of a Repub opponent to Bush* gets more realistic.

Reinforcements for Iraq

if my office is any indication: Bush speech a flop!!

Has anyone asked this question?

Is there anyway we can just tell Bush

msnbc poll: 59% say NO to *'s b.s.

Iraqis' response to * speech (CNN)

Make Bush pay for his war.

Smirk speech: Anyone have info on polls showing general reaction?

Marine Corps "most unwanted American" playing cards

Bush request fires up critics, advisers

Schleprock to appoint a jobs Czar.

Is Iraq starting to remind anyone of the movie "The Money Pit"?

Al-qaeda "warning" vs Al-qaeda denial

Speech reaction overheard in my gym's locker room today...

Really, Dean on MSNBC any second now.....

John Edwards can talk to dead people...FDR and JFK.

OBL very much alive and well and

BBC News: Bush seeks his Kennedy moment

Here is the deal with 9/11 and Iraq

Great sound bite on NPR this morning - from French paper "Le Figaro"

You know how Bush does beef industry's bidding -- well, NPR...

Businessman Sees Iraq as a Potential Tourist Attraction

Try to Contain Your Surprise

help I need a rebuttal

Does anyone have any scoop...

I think Bush needs to be 'personally' responsible for rebuilding Iraq...

Whatever happened to Vladimir Zhirinovsky?

"W" is a DEFECTIVE Product

Zinni on C-Span now

Is bush the pResident of Iraq?

Pro-war senators and congresspeople should sacrifice their salaries

Bush's timing

What now Karl ?

Orf's 'Carmina Burana' perfect soundtack for Bush's speech


Weekend musings on plummeting polls and the media...

"We lifted up the defeated nations of Japan and Germany, and..."

How many times did AWOL

really interesting report from Kofi Annon

The Kingdom Come Party?

Did you catch Howard Dean's sound bite about Bush's speech?

Ashcroft Visits Boston-MoveOn Announcement

Project for a New American Century -- web site down

Bush, putting America and Americans first.

87 Billion will buy Bush's reelection.

Open phones on bushspeech on Dianne Rehm show now 1-800-433-8850

Iraq and Bush's* 'No Child Left Behind' Act

How well is W doing in the polls? ( a keeper)

How much of the BILLIONS for Iraq are going to Friends of Bush*?

Everything you need to know about Krugman!!!

Watch Bush's poll numbers dip waaay down & here's why


Kerry Cuts Into Dean's Lead in N.H. Poll

Need a link to Executive Order...

Sweet G.I. Jessica...

Iraq oil - the target for years. The history of the oil wars.

English Aljazeera is up!

Anybody know anything about this?


ABC News Poll has Bush at 56% (ABC usually polls him high).

Isn't the graphic on's home page pretty?!

WSJ article about the Dean campaign's Internet savvy

Republicans Might Call for Repeal of Bush Tax Cuts!!

This cartoon ran in Sunday's Chi Trib, surprising!

Snopes apologizes to Michael Moore

John Kerry, Satan Personified.

why did it take Bush 16 minutes to read a 5 minute speech?

How do we get in front of Rummy's remarks?

Did I hear that U.S. casualties in Iraq are classified?

How many homes does John Kerry own?

Has anyone heard anything about the 2nd 9/11 Videotape that just surfaced?

"How dare you be critical of our annointed war leader, Mr. Dean?"

What does the defense budget (100 billion) pay for? * says 66 billion is

Cool Anti-recall office in Santa Monica

CNN: "so far Iraq rebuild has cost each person in US $300"

$87 way! E-mail your senators and rep now!!!

What's the latest on combat pay issue - need for talk radio

How do the Iraqi's take to being liberated?


Harley: Voting machines - THE FIX IS IN!

Question: Wasn't the assisination plot against Bush (41) not for real?

Dem Governor O'Bannon suffers Cerebral Hemorrhage

"Liberal" Hawk/Imperialist Scolds Bushists for Lying, Lacking Clarity

is * our first officially criminally

Halliburton supported Energy bill that exempts disputed drilling process

Clarks Real Time interview is on the web.

ATTN NYC DUers: Excellent 9/11 Forum This Weekend

Editorial: Rumsfeld should resign

Donald Rumsfeld talks to members of the 1st Armor at lunch-transcript

US Govt DOES believe that Iraq destroyed WMDs in '95....

Democratic Underground gets mention in print...

Would you register in NC or VA if you had a choice?

Whoopi calls it as she sees it.. NBC hasn't blinked yet

Bush's poll #'s hit all-time low!!!

I Love My Country. I Hate My President.

harkin on cspan2 now

Report Says Iraqi Nukes Found in Disarray

Let Us Ride.....

Need comments on an LTTE

New nickname for Shrub....

How important are environmental issues in this election?

Deborah Samson Gannett: Identifying Patriotism in America

OK, this is weird - article scrubbing? Help!

Bush's tax cut and the $87 Billion for Iraq

A Point-By-Point Response to Bush's Speech

Field Marshall Rummy tells us all to watch what we say...

Help - what can you buy for $87 billion?

Warren Zevon is Dead

Obvious Dem Strategy: Make them give back the tax cut....

Green Party teen seeks office

A reminder for Mr Rumsfeld

Winning the Presidency in 04 isn't Going to be Enough...

Should Gephardt and Edwards resign?

Is it now safe to say emphatically that THERE ARE NO WMD'S!

So, will congressional Dems vote for bu$h's 87 billion?

Wilson-Rove Affair: Conservative Disinformation Begins

Clark Meetup Tonight, Clark to Address the Draft Movement! radio ad in Texas is on the air!

PREDICTION: CNN/USAToday-Gallup has Bush at 55% by week's end.

Did Asscroft do Fanuel Hall?

the rich and the military

((DEAN FOLKS)) check it out

Zogby has * at 45

How will Bush campaign for "re-election?"

Just Think If The Clinton White House Asked For $87Billion.

Clark on Radio NOW 11:09

Clark domain names

Thread for Dean Supporters Who Don't Hate Kerry

LIMBOsevic, Complementing Deanies

does anyone else see the hypocrisy

I didn't think Bush's speach was exceptionally bad

On stocks, can we simply (and politely) agree:

After watching Hannity last night

FreepWatch - I feel good.

I gotta hand it to Will Pitt and others

DNA tests sought for every Briton

Bush not responsible for Iraq/9-11 link belief, huh??

New Currency for the US!

9/11 and Gore...

Thread for Edwards supporters who laugh at all the Dean and Kerry haters

Tie Boy Tucker attacking Clinton on Crossfire

Dear U.N. friends and allies (helpful advice from an American)

Dean...the next hurdle!

To the PILOTS at DU: Where is NTSB rept on Diebold plane crash

Democratic campaign soundbite

There were still inherent lies in Bush's speech--not coming clean......

Thoughts on Bush's Presentation: It looked taped, He didn't have enough

Will we get our social security cola this year? or will Iraq eat it

Max Cleland for VP, Good idea?

Great stuff! "Presidential Confession" by Jay Marvin at WLS Chicago

Do you vote in polls?

Supreme Court Oral Argument on Campaign Finance Law

Libertarian Money?

Billmon explains it all - (Iraq speech)

Iraq Diaries - Taxicab Diaries

Voices in the Wilderness on Democracy Now about Bush Budget for Iraq...

Forget about the candidates. Is Financial Disclosure fair game?

A "mind-numbingly boring" propaganda film (must read!)

AP claims no U.S. combat death for 7 days.

TBTM Radio #9: 'From 9/11 To 87 (Billion)'

Postmortem on the Bush Speech...slide stalled?

Was Arafat Elected?

re:DC 9-11, We need Oliver Stone to make a film using real facts...

Crawling to the UN is a victory for terrorists......

Boycott Starbucks! (sponsoring seattle tax revolt!)

Campaign finance reform before the Supremes

2 US soldiers wounded in Baghdad attack on US Humvees Mon Sept 8

Two US soldiers wounded in Afghanistan in past weekend

Which Democratic Candidate Will Wesley Clark Hurt the Most?

Ritter: Weapons of Mass Destruction in Our Midst


Poppy "Talks Dirty" about Saddam with Paula Zahn tonight CNN 8:p.m. (est)

Distraction time! Now we're close to finding Osama

Why the F**k is the Stock Market Going Up?

The candidates

Why I like all the Dem candidates, every last one of them.

This is what we're up against, fellow DUers...major ignorance, gullibility

CNN - Paula Zahn has Poppy, Blix and Dean tonight

CNN Wolf daily poll

Can you believe Condi Rice said this?

I just have to rant about "fighting terrorists on the streets of Baghdad..

Saboteurs Attack N. Iraqi Oil Pipeline - Mon Sept 8

Don't say: "It's the Economy AGAIN, STUPID," .....

Another good news poll.


Photos of Wounded American Soldiers

*** Stop the Media Monopoly *** Latest MoveOn target, please sign petition

Bush protest in Broward on 9/9?

ARGH!! Spank Lou Dobbs!!

When should the U.S. intervene in situations of global conflict?

Slave wages?

Ah the good old days when the war was gonna cost $50 billion.

has smirk been to any wounded in milty hospital ?

If you buy your books from Amazon - go there through

A question about Alaska

5:30 CDT update on Gov. O'Bannon

Write to your senators tonight to thwart W's war on overtime for workers.

Will Kerry vote to give the chimp the money?

Would Carol-Moseley Braun make a good VP nominee?

Should BCRA be upheld?

brilliant description of bush

The 2004 Election Has Already Been Rigged

Should the Democrats Fight to End the US Occupation of Iraq?

Did President Bush make the case for greater funding and

Ashcroft comes to Buffalo, Buffalonians apparently think he sucks.

British official charges US “stood down” on 9/11

Whats the story on this bomb collar guy?

Why is the youngest generation the least homophobic?

What do you think of George W. Bush as president?

Wes Clark will be on MSNBC in a few minutes.

Kofi Annan in tears

The fallacy of the so-called flypaper theory.

ABC News crucifying Bush

that soldier that wrote the letter to Bush: am I the only one...

Who Killed Daniel Pearl?

Camp Wellstone - an AMAZING experience

The PNAC website is gone - it was there yesterday

Ghosts? Maybe it's just infrasound....

Democrats to debate tomorrow night

LIHOP and the Iraq War vote.

Cast a vote against Jeb on

The Truth About The DC Voucher Trap

Crossfire: Tucker must be worried

Iraq debacle has more conservatives going against Bush

White House Lawyer before Supreme Court today

Bush's 87 billion for war game in Iraq

This thread has convinced me to go back to ABB

America now an Atheist nation

Hate-monger Fred Phelps protests gay high school in NYC...

Hey New England DUers: I'm gonna be on NE Cable News @8pm

Pictures Dubya Doesn't Want the American People to See (GRAPHIC Pictures)

"Very simple" No Saddam, no WMD problem: Rice

ABC Reporti!newly released numbers from Bush.$800MIL to pay Polish Troops

Check out this new show on CNN: Anderson Cooper......7:00 est!

Bush just wandering deeper into an Iraqi quagmire? Poll

Kerry on Hardball, 7PM, NOW!

Unemployment: It depends on how you define it...

Didja catch this chilling bit in The Speech?

Wesley Clark On Hardball Tonight (Mon) on * Speech

OK, team: Let's email Krugman, & beg him to mention Meacher's article

Wally O'Dell on Political Moneyline front page

$79 Billion + $87 Billion = $166 Billion so far for Iraq and counting

Houston DUers: "Big Lies" a staff recommendation (20% off) @ NWHouston B&N

Poll: Should UN and "Old Europe" Demand Saddam's Return to Power

The Ten Commandments in Cajun...(keeps it real simple)

What is more important, winning the White House or the House of Reps?

Paul Krugman on Charlie Rose tonight on PBS

Bush's Speech was a TERROR TRAP! Correction

I am just pisssed at Biden. Here's my email to him.

Four 9/11 moms battle bush

Kerry Just Kicked Serious Ass on MSNBC

John Kerry is not a Wal Mart investor. That is a lie.

9-11 Looks just like PNAC cabal's plan - Operation Northwoods

Thread For Democratic Supporters Who Don't Hate Anyone

Poll: How was Bill Clinton as President?

Elle Magazine: The Cult of Coulter

Poll: Clark Already Poised to Take Over Third in NH, Before Announcing

Suggested strategies for bringing democracy to Iraq

So Edwards' decision just...isn't newsworthy, huh? Hmmm...

If Bush goes down, will FOX News go down, too?

Is Don Luskin Really This Idiotic and Shameful?

The "Reich Wing" has succeeded in gutting our Treasury. IMPEACH NOW!

That's Your Bush!

So let's talk about owning stock

Thread for Kerry Supporters Who Don't Hate Dean

Rumsfeld: critics are helping the enemy - shades of Ashcroft

Sen. Clinton to Start Earning Royalties on "Living History"

$100 Billion dollars would pay for 2 million $50,000 dollar jobs per year

Question(s) for Dean supporters - when did you start supporting him?

What was the triggering mechanism for the Mother of all Unravels??

Is this true about Kucinich: One of my Conservative friends informed me...

Why doesn't Iraqi oil pay for war?

Meanwhile back in California.........

E-mail from my sister on Dean

Howard Dean will on MSNBC at 10:00am EST

OK, possible flamebait here, but I gotta growl a bit about Clark

Lot of ignorance about taxation here.

From the Deck

BBV question/solution? IrDA ports for printing paper reciepts.

John Kerry, (man for the people), Wal Mart investor.

Jacques Chirac and Grey Davis


Okay, here's my new theory. BFEE are working for Saudi Arabia and

This may be controversial

NJ DU'ers, please check in!

"Young Conservatives of Texas" embarass themselves again

BBV: AZ awards HAVA contract to Diebold; call to action

Say something you like about a candidate who's not your favorite

Open voting: Our Democracy Rests Upon This Question

US should reinstate Saddam and leave Iraq

Master of events or at their mercy?

South Africa to Open Rugby Racism Probe

Trace levels of contamination found in central Florida aquifer

2 GIs Hurt; Forces Raid Saddam Loyalists

DNA Tests Sought 'For Every Britain'

Allies Slow on Bush Call for Iraq Funds

Hong Kong suicides up 50% under Chinese rule

Secrecy masks Patriot Act’s conduct

Blair's popularity plummets to lowest ever

SENATE WATCH-9/8/2003 (#1)

Pol: Fed Owes $1.2B to Schools [all children left behind act, another lie.

Bone, organs found near Bush Family Maine home

U.N. report describes expansive nuclear facility

Monthly costs of Iraq, Afghan wars approach that of Vietnam

Recall Makes Extra Work for Pollsters

U.N.: Iraq Unable to Support Nuke Program

Baghdad's children still suffering in post-Saddam Iraq

Americans React to Bush Speech

A Blunt Bow to Postwar Realities (Wash Post)

Bush's target funds for Iraq will swell US budget deficit

KNIVES OUT FOR MANDY - Blairs new right leg humping poodle

WTC rescuers suffer ill health

Stars not shining kindly on Arnie

Ndungane breaks ranks over gay issue - SA

Ashcroft in NYC tomorrow!

Bush to visit Jackson, MS (Fundraiser for Haley Barbour)

Supreme Court to Hear Campaign Finance Law Case (McCain-Feingold)

Singapore man tests positive for SARS | S F Chronicle

At Fresno Rally, Bustamante Switches Spotlight to Himself | L A Times

Supreme Court to Hear Campaign Finance Law Case

AP: 'Unaccounted For' Iraqi Weapons May Be Bookkeeping Glitches

Protesters (including Sharpton) rally as (St Louis) schools open

Indiana governor (O'Bannon) reportedly collapses | Kansas City Star

Rumsfeld Strikes Back at Critics of U.S. Effort on Terror

Ottawa to pitch same-sex bill | Globe and Mail

Archaeologists find Indian massacre site (Maya uprising against Spanish)

In sign of possible split, congregations cut Episcopal funds

8,000 Aids experts to meet in Nairobi | Daily Nation (Nairobi)

Australia exempt as Bush seeks more help in Iraq | Sydney Morning Herald

Yellowstone snowmobile opponents worry about pollution standards

Tribe longs for home (Wenatchi) | Spokane Spokesman-Review

Patriot Act resolution is protest, not policy | Bozeman MT Chronicle

Two U.S. Soldiers Wounded in Iraqi Attack, Britain to Send 1,200 More Troo

U.S. unemployment falls a bit to 6.1 percent

Reactor safety system questioned

Bush brings little cheer to Iraqis, U.S. troops

Fierce Fight Over Secrecy, Scope of Law

Monthly costs of Iraq, Afghan wars approach that of Vietnam

Redistricting goes before Colorado Supreme Court

'Killer' Ecstasy claim was false | BBC

N.Korea says no point in more nuclear talks-report

For Bush, Rosy Scenarios Meet Reality in Iraq

Fears linger two years after 9/11

Former US envoy challenges Bush approach on NKorea

Cspan 2 right now - Harkin takes on the 87B!


BREAKING NEWS! - General Clark to Address Draft Movement

Iraq-Turkey Oil Pipeline Down Another 5 Weeks - Army

Bush Shifts War Rationale From Iraqi Weapons Of Mass Destruction

Congressman: Some Republicans must drop out

12 Marines in Liberia Contract Malaria....

It's time for Obama to define his role in Senate drama (Illinois)

Bustamante's recall drive leaves 2 Dems fuming ('06 candidates) | SF Chron

Iraq's unaccounted for' weapons may have been accounting errors

Oil pipeline attacked again; No U.S. combat deaths in seven days

Indiana Governor Hospitalized After Collapse In Chicago

Davis says he was 'just joking' about Schwarzenegger's pronunciation

Singapore SARS case tests positive..(It's Baaaaack)

High gas costs seen through fall (Above $1.50 till Nov)

Democrats (Presidential Hopefuls) Nervously Eye Clark, Candidacy

I just heard that Indiana state employees were told O"'Bannon has died.

Release of student data to military protested

N Korea 'could hit Guam' - LOL

Indiana Governor O'Bannon OK For Now

ABC: Bush's Speech on Iraq Gets Mixed Reaction

Doctor: Next Two Days Critical For O'Bannon (WRTV-Indianapolis)

CNN Reporting: Bush's Tax Cuts Need to be Repealed to Pay for Iraq!

Hunt for Osama Bin Laden Narrowed to 40 Square Miles

Germany stays firm on Iraq troops 'no'

Was It Worth It? Poll: More..Think Iraq War Raises Risk of Anti-US Terror

Vice president's visit generates $150,000 for Kentucky candidate

Was It Worth It? (ABC News)

Rents Up Over 1/3 Since '99, Study Says

Bush speech receives criticism from some in his administration

Phelps Clan Protests As NYC Gay High Opens

Iran Helped Bin Laden’s Lieutenant al-Zawahiri Escape

Europe balks at Iraq bailout

U.S. administration says would veto end to Cuba ban

Feds to OK merger of Univision, Hispanic Broadcasting

Rumsfeld: Criticism of Bush Strengthens U.S. Foes

Bush Administration Warns Israel Not to Expel Arafat

Rice: Saddam was the problem

Lawsuit Vs. Cheney and Halliburton Dismissed

Bush team considers Dean formidable Republicans admit they underestimated…

White House issues new threat to veto aviation bill

Far-Right Launches Attack on UNICEF

Senior Democrat Calls For Resignations At Pentagon

No U.S. Casualties in Iraq for 7 Days

Singer/songwriter Warren Zevon dies

Recording companies sue hundreds of music swappers

Sen Kerry Won't Support White House Iraq Funding Request

General Wesley Clark Broadcasting Special Message Tonight

Al Gore Is Still Tennessee's Favorite Son

Math scores on ACT, SAT diverge

For Bush, Rosy Scenarios Meet Reality in Iraq

Bush's Absence At Soldier's Wake Insults the District

Laura Bush unveils plans to beautify Pennsylvania Avenue ($26 Million)

Campaign finance law goes too far, Starr says

Anybody else misinterpret this photo? Maybe I'm sex mad but....

I've got 30 posts to 2,000, and it just became my birthday...

I met Diane Bish (Joy of Music)

Does anyone dress worse than that poll-taker Lutz?

In *ahem* honor of Bush's speech last night...

Having screws taken out of my knee on 9-11. Freaky, huh?

Was I a good friend to do this?

If bush did not have money and a name, he would not even be allowed

You know what really is dissapointing

I'm bleeding like a stuck pig

Yahoo Politics cracks me up!

What a load off my mind!

It's 5:30 A.M. ....

OMG, I just dreamed that Trash Limpball ATE BUSH!

Good (Monday) Morning DU!

Didn't 87 Billion School Children Already Send In Their Dollars?

If anyone wants proof that most Freepers are stupid...

this week's proud ESPN Sunday NFL Countdown with Limpbaugh sponsors

Looking for BBQ sauce receipes

Damnit, I missed all the fun

Where is this website located? It's 5 hours different from CST in US.

Here's how to shave off the $87 B

Take a look at this week's NY Times Non-Fiction Best Seller List:

Wet, or just Cold?

Dean Atheist Christian Nader Kerry Clark Thread!!!

Welcome New Member Another Bill C

Dutch Talking About Legalizing Exstacy to Control It and Reduce Crime

Hey WillPitt, someone is pimping "I Believe"

Very cool story-- Dog saves man stuck in bath (BBC News)

Have You Watched The Black Eyed Peas Song "Where Is The Love"

Someone's on my roof!

Live TV Political Debate Ends in Brawl

Do You Remember The Game Simon. I Loved That Game.

Disgusting Hummer commercial just destroyed one of my fave childhood

Going to NYC the week of September 22nd...

Financial Advice


I hope this man isn't looking out for me

How many DUers are there?

I love my girl

Uncontrollable popups

Anybody Going to the Ashcroft Protest in NY C on Tuesday?

Boy I need help with something (not financial)

Liquid Viagra

Did Rush Get His Ass Kicked On ESPN?

The good Bush.

How about that Lawyer Milloy?

My start menu, task bar, address bar, clock, is at the top of my screen

Dirty Elmo Humor...

Attention Please For A White House Announcement!!

There's a song for Bush's Speech...

Warning: Gross Thread! Lucinda was in the bathroom doing the...

Simpsons Trivia

Limpballs should be fired as a football "expert"

The Joe Schmoe Show

Saw a sign at the insurance company's office today

Looking for a particular Iraqi blog page

My 301st post

freeper bil update

Vegetarian Recipes

Anyone know where I can find website on housing prices?

White Wolf Sues Sony Pictures over "Underworld" Movie

That's Your Bush!

I need the link to the old DU

To our newest member -- "Miserable Failure"

Which would you rather do?

Dean to be on CNN with Paula at 9pm EST

Poll: Should UN and "Old Europe" Demand Saddam's Return to Power

Out of the top 10 teams, who has the best chance thus far of winning the

Bruce Springsteen recommends Al Franken's Book

Can someone help me refute this?

I ask for prayers for our stricken Democratic Governor

I know what I want for my birthday

HAPPY BIRTHDAY WISHES TO.....................

Re-elect Bush '04 bumperstickers

Song about WTC jumpers

Where are our DUers?

Dog owners, when is it time to put your dog to sleep?

Cooks...a question on crab cakes...

Is Shakeydave still around?

What's the best strip joint in Philly?

but did they tongue ?

Great Doonesbury for Dean supporters

Freepers at the Folk Festival

CAPTION the long walk of the empty vessel

Who honked and waved at shortbus Saturday on I-85 in VA?

A plug for the new Al Franken book!

Who is your favorite Weather Channel OCM?

Here's a Game: Imagine if Clinton Did What Bush Did

Surrender your will power

Ever worked for a college or university?

Airplane reading suggestions?

new hate radio advertisers

What are you looking at?

The Burnt Toast of all CAPTIONs!!!!

The Simple Simon of all CAPTIONs!!!!

Help! Can anyone tell me how to fix some corrupted Works files

Your CAPTIONS how much for your CAPTIONS I want to eat your CAPTIONS

If LaRouche wins the nomination I will...

How many songs do you think Apple has sold online?

I have some pictures of the dog if youre interested

Favorite PATSY CLINE record?

Warren Zevon dead

For all candidates on the "rubber chicken" dinner circuit (funny!...

If Dick Cheney wins the Dem nomination who will you vote for?

Sci Fi Fans report!

Never look up with your mouth open

What US cities should I visit? Been to Europe more that I have I visited

Who will win tomorrow

My 401K Investments Make Me Ineligible to Run for Democratic Office

I just got polled by Gallup!!

berke breathed wrote back to me

smirk caption time ! -

Which of these NFL teams could a Top 5 ranked college team beat?

TCM Aired "Dr Strangelove" Today

What if Bush gets the democratic nomination (all joke)


Good News For A Change: "Dark Chocolate Is Healthy Chocolate"

Do you like White Castle hamburgers?

Uncle Bud now REFUSES to refer to Bush* As Shrub After Speech

Best non-Nashville/alt-country band/act?

Favorite Warren Zevon Song?

For Bird lovers/owners : Those Crazy Cocketiels!!!

The Lobotomized Mannequin of all CAPTIONs!!!

Well, I'm off to Victoria BC for two months...

Please!!! DU this poll

i'm NEKKID and drunk..... ask me anything!

Do The Puyallup!

The shortest period of unemployment in history.....

Seattle-Bellevue DUers. Check this out!

The Curse

Did you know Madame Chiang Kai-Shek

No sex please, you're American

What's the highest rated TV Show that you've NEVER watched?

Discovered Porcupine Tree. Who else should I listen to?

My interview with TF Mou is posted!!!!

Why I love golf

A DAY IN THE LOUNGE FOR MONDAY, September 08, 2003

1K within reach. Ask me anything!

Need help with parody artwork idea. EVERYBODY play!

Best "proto-punk" band?

Hey Baby, What's You're Sign?

What's your favorite song of all time?

dumb question: Where did the original new england pilgrims go

I dont know what to say but my history teacher compared Iraq to post WWII

Favorite artist who died too soon?

Telepathy Gets Academic Seal of Approval

Who's warming up for hunting season?