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Archives: October 12, 2004

Prisoners who disappear

Holes in homeland's security

Preserving Iraq's past tied to understanding its culture

"Iraq War did not damage terrorist groups" - study & report from Israel

Bush like Me

Where's the Intelligence Failure?

The Plame matter

Ability to Talk to God one of Bush's Skills

Col. Hackworth: Draft IS coming

An agonizing choice (Bob Barr wavers on Bush)

Springsteen - "America is NOT always right...

Unbelievable! Critics Say Awarding Nobel To Green Activist Inappropriate


Just a QUICK note to the MODS!!!

College Dems forum

Hair trigger mod or rule change?

Iraqi mosque ablaze after US air strike

Palestinians blame Israel, US

911 Was US Military Hijack Exercise Gone Wrong

NY ARTCC Manager Mile McCormick talks about Flights 175 & 11.

Which is the simpler explanation for the events of 9/11:

Which channel will have the Obama/Keyes debate??

10 new Fahrenheit 9/11 dvd's were donated to Henn Co. libraries today

Online Sinclair poll - MN

Sweet Mary Kiffmeyer coming to Normandale CC

My report from Ohio.

Why are the squirrels orange?

any dallas get togethers for the final debate this wednesday?

Anyone watching the concert???

Most Emailed Articles

In DeLay Case, Prosecutor Welcomes Spotlight

'Liberal' Media Group illegally supports Bush Campaign

Official Kerry statement on the passing of Christopher Reeve

captions needed: bush* mauls another baby......(PHOTO)

Wanna bet new Abu Grahib photos come out after the election?

I think Bush is raving because he knows the internal polls say he's toast.

can kerry push bush over the edge in next debate?

JK Should List Bush's 3 Biggest Mistakes on Wednesday for him:

ok, tell me if i'm crazy...

Beaumont, Texas schools ban the showing of Fahrenheit 9/11 in HS

DU this Sinclair affiliate poll, please!

Just Back From Europe

Can we ever be certain of the guilt of captured 'al-Qaeda' suspects

Passion of the Right

Another Christopher Reeve was never a republican thread...

Forget October Surprise -- Are you worried about December Surprise???

George W. Bush does have a plan

So did everyone Hammer on Hemmer today?

Ok, WTF? Someone please verify this for me...

Two more beheadings today, one more likely to be killed Wednesday

Lies, damn lies, and polls

Check out some Sinclair stock

if you are being rocked by the concert, email Sundance at

Funny Bill Maher story in Salon


Diebold Cuts Earnings Forecast

we shouldn't call * "woody" we should call him "knothole"

Do you own the F911 dvd? Have you lend it to anyone or

James Taylor to undecideds...on Sundance....

(PHOTO) bush* stumbles off the helicopter today....sad...needs caption!

T-Shirt Help

Aaron Brown about to talk about the thin line between Media and...

Check Out the Drudge Pictures (11:00 PM EDT)

what is with the Tobacco Buyout.. what did that cost us in Tax dollars..??

"Big Ed" Schultz gaining stations in Liberal Talk Market!

Haven't bought a Rolling Stone in 20 years

how many troops do we have in afghanistan today? need to know.

Arms for cash?

Look out for the September 11 Families For A Proper Burial made

Smeagol on Malloy now!

I sure hope someone TIVO'ed this concert...

I think we should all send Sen. Mary Landrieu a note of thanks.

Anybody watching NewsNight? Showed tape of airstrike on civilians.

Arizona Dems.. Going to attend Kerry Rally@ Tempe Town Lake Wed.?

What do they mean when the ysay 'Hanoi John'?

Oriental Facial Diagnosis on John O'Neill

I've always loathed freepers, but now it's personal.

Sinclair orders networks to show Kerry smear movie on eve of the election

Liberals to pull the Party leftward after the election

Tweety's on Leno in a minute...

Dean at Gettysburg College Oct. 27, open to public and free.

So when's the Tea Party™?

the face of the new dollar bill

On Tuesday night, Oct. 12, Amy Goodman is coming to UConn.

IS JK REALLY that RICH w/o THK's money?

Sinclair should air espiode of Cops showing their CEO being arrested for

Nader 2000 voters, would you have voted for Gore/Wellstone?

If you signed the petition at,

Is Judith Miller in jail yet?

A Letter from George H. W. Bush

DU Researchers -- let's expose Sinclair Broadcasting

Just came on and there's a Elephant on my chest!!

Why is 5 MB of data available for DL from Sinclair's site?

What'd happen if a coupla media outlets forced stations to show F911?

Who do you think should be the first woman president?

Sinclair - TV Insider says go after their daily News Advertisers

Vote For Change Concert about to be shown again


During the CA energy crisis, how many people had electric bills above $300

TWOT: 'a smokescreen for naked American imperial aggression'?

Fallujah becoming Free Fire Zone.


"I'm not a leftist, but I play one on TV" ... Right battles center.

My review of "The Hunting of the President"

Wow! The Duelfer Report sure got buried fast! Don't think even DU had

So apparently this is why they set up Dan Rather?? (Sinclair)

We need a scandal. It's time for a new revelation...what will it be?

Tragic New Low: Reeve Being "Freeped" In Death

Funny thing about FR.

DU this poll (on Sinclare broadcasting)

OK, THAT does it! We need another Woodstock!

"Talking Wheelchair Blues"

URGENT! Sinclair's Own Poll: Should they run anti-Kerry documentary?

Your gov't cares - 9/11 victims buried in garbage dump

Got helped by a Republican today - PLEASE MOVE TO GD, POSTED 2 WRONG FORUM

If Kerry wins what will happen to right-wing rage?

"America does not.......let its needy citizens fend for themselves."

Sinclair advertiser's e-mails, simple way to email them all

During The Last Draft... What Was The Penalty For Not Showing Up

Okay--I figured out how to Get FOX and SINCLAIR in one fell swoop.........

What does a "culture of life" mean?

Should marijuana be completely legalized?

left leaning groups WITHIN the Democratic Party ??

The Ugly Joker in the Electoral Deck

US Educated Iraqi Woman who opposed depleted uranium jailed

Bunning Apologizes for 'Saddam' Remark (To Democratic Opponent)

Afghan Shows Jury 'Torture Scars'

MI6 accused of using data gained by torture in Uzbek jails


Sorry, duplicated thread

Oil strikes another new high

Bush used ICC terms against Saddam

FDA denies knowing of Chiron suspension

UN to investigate Afghan election

God Has 4,000 Loudspeakers; the State Holds Its Ears (Egypt) NYT

Supporters of Gay Marriage Gather in D.C.

Kerry surges back to tie Bush in poll-

Aaron Brown about to talk about the thin line between Media and...

Support for Bush erodes, poll says (USAT/CNN Gallup poll)

Poll: Bush Allies See Greater Terror Risk

Yahoo/AP :Texas Congressman Bares All, in 1974 Photo

NYC: MTA mulls massive transportation job cuts (possible 2100+ jobs)

Saudi Women Can't Vote, Run in Elections

pResidential visit throws wrench into Phoenix airport schedules

Report: Al Qaeda suspects have 'disappeared'

"Think Tank: Iraq War Distracted U.S. "

Think Tank: Iraq War Distracted U.S.

Pressure Building on U.S. Over WWII Suit

AP Poll: Bush allies face doubts from their citizens about terrorism

Congressman Want to Tax Federal Gov't

Security Grants Still Streaming to Rural States (NY - who cares)

Abu Ghraib interrogator tells his story

Libertarians Win a Hearing in Debate Case (Bush exit strategy !)

Bush Campaign Accuses AFL-CIO of Vandalism (At Bush Campaign Offices)

LAT: Soldier Sues to Remain at Home (challenges Stop Loss)

Labour MPs attack Blair on Iraq

Edwards Calls for Crackdown on Meth Labs

Gallup Daily Tracking - Kerry 50 Woody 48

Challenging Rest of the World With a New Order, THE BUSH RECORD NYT

Report: Texas program neglected elderly

Diebold Cuts Quarterly Earnings Forecast (BBV backlash)

Paypal suffers (cough) "intermittent outages" today

Exodus of Iraqi Christians in full flood as targeted killings grow

Rumor of a Draft Touches a Nerve (Rock the Vote emails Draft Card)

WP/Milbank: Diverse Tactics on the Stump

7 U.S. Groups Ask U.N. for Vote Observers

DNC: Sinclair Broadcasting Group

UN to investigate Afghan election

Cheney's Halliburton Helped Saddam Siphon UN $Bns

Israeli troops probed for killing child (shot 20 times on way to school)

Dems Object to Airing of Anti-Kerry Film

U.S. Funds Chat Room Surveillance Study

WP: Family's TV Clout In Bush's Corner (Sinclair Smith Brothers)

1076 GIs Killed In Iraq and Counting . . .

Oil Firms Say Iraqi Purchases Were LegalVoucher Rules Met, Companies Conte

Detained al-Qaida suspects have ‘disappeared,’ human rights group says

Oil Prices Top $53 a Barrel, Set Record

GOP Senate Candidate Warns of Lesbianism

Bush's campaign office in Spokane burglarized, vandalized

WP: Group of Bishops Using Influence to Oppose Kerry

Pharmacist Refused to Fill (OR Transfer) Contraceptive

what do you think is the craziest commercial?

ahhh-- I've updated my ignore list and I feel better already....

OMG!....Einstein has a problem again!

Anyone else watch 7th Heaven

I got a need. I got a need for weed.

Dreams cited in finding of teen alive in ravine 8 days after car crash

How far up will gas prices go after the next debate?

Just got my DVDs of F9/11 and Hunting of the President!

The Deadly Grell is after me.

Most Beautiful Forensic Anthropologist?

Anybody else watching "Political Tour " on HBO right now ?


Fed-up Cheney Enters Presidential Race

F 9/11 Music Question

Caption--Damn, I feel the same way!

I just got Hairy Buffalo tickets!

Anyone else looking forward to the Farscape mini-series on Sun ?

Anyone else having trouble getting into GMail?

if you've been totally rocked by the concert, email sundance at

Just saw F9/11 for the first time.

US Code, Title 4, Chapter 1, Sec. 8 (g)

Changing Horses

Enough to make you scowl - but enough to make you smirk?

JEEBUS!! Just Saw Pearl Jam LIVE DO "Masters Of War"

Just testing my new signature

Red Sox fans, which would you prefer?

Anyone heard of this singles website?

Real Life Dilberts

I love James Taylor's advice to Undecided Voters:

Whos winning in the Atlanta-Houston NLDS Game 5?

Damn, how did I pull out a win this week in Fantasy Football

Repuke at work, pissed after debate outcome complained about me...

Don't underestimate Flurking Leepers!

Fantasy highway signs--here's one

Ok here's the Red Sox-Yankees schedule

You've Just Earned a Dinner Date in Hell

Here in Chicago, it's also Casimir Pulaski day. (a city paid holiday)

Any flame wars going on currently? I need some entertainment

Emperor Bunnypants, Live At Red Rocks 10/11/04 ("It's THIS big")

Until a few minutes ago, I was a Hiding Thread Virgin

ARRRG!!! My mother in law just sent me that video of 9/11 with people

Ah I just yahooed my name and found an editorial I wrote on a media

Screenshot of a personal project you may enjoy

Springsteen - Born in the USA - Live on Sundance NOW

Man, is Fogarty & Springsteen gonna duo "Fortunate Son"

I just got this catalog in my mail.

For those watching Sundance concert, I hope you

Any Economics majors here?

FORTUNATE SON!!!! - Live Sundance channel

"He can run, but he can't hide." My great uncle coined that phrase

Um, Bruce Springsteen just told me to take off all my clothes...

Sigh. I just watched this (link inside) and got ALL pissed off all over

Oh also, Red Sox fans....

A neighbor's "Bush / Cheney 2004" yard sign didn't last a week!

The Astros just won their first ever playoff series against Atlanta.

please settle debacle..Steve Van Zandt

Titans Are Kicking Some Packer Ass!!

Titans Fans Get To Cheer For the First Time In a while

F9/11. I'm in tears. Again.

NEW Favorite TV show?

2,800 S. Korean troops join "Coalition of the Bribed and Coerced"

My first night on the radio following the election...

Sox or Yanks?

I just love the movie "Coal Miner's Daughter"

Does Flavia Colgan make anyone else drool?

Remember the Bill Murray movie 'Stripes'

Hilarious review of O'Reilly Factor For Kids

The World Series you wanna see

Why Bush has to wear transceiver unit in conspicuous area

If you were Miss America, what would your platform be?

I MUST start a Bruce Appreciation thread

YANKEE FANS! Check in here!

Springsteen on Amazon

Damn, James Taylors voice hasn't aged much at all has it?


LIVE Vote for Change concert on now--Pearl Jam up, Dixie Chicks, DMB...

So is the Sundance Channel the new channel for us Liberals

ASTRO FANS...Check In Here!!

Do not watch this video!


hehe, today I got all my leaf-peepin' done with one tree (big pic inside)

here's a good one to caption...The demon

Repeat: Chance to hear Pagerbear sing in NYC

My new neighbor has a W sticker on her car.

I hate college.

Test your liberal credentials here:

Masters Of War

POLL: The most hilarious anti-Kerry comment you have heard.

HEY, Braves Fans...Where's That "Tomahawk Chop" ***NOW?!?!!?***

thanks to matcom, GOPis EVIL and I are getting married!

Say what you want about Cat Stevens.

Whatever happened to_________ ????

What things do you do that make you feel young again?

Do you believe in ghosts

Do the Packers suck or what?

A prayer of mourning

What is the craziest thing you have ever heard a Freeper say?


How much do you hate tv commercials?

Red Sox fans from Far and Wide: Check in here!

I just got great Barry Manilow tickets!(ok make fun, you know you want to)

*groan* I am going to make my World Series prediction right now.

An even scarier car than the last one!

Shirley Manson of Garbage rants about politics

I need help...

"A Christmas Story" Audition: They had me read TWICE for The Old Man!

question: Why does ANNthrax's book "Treason" have good reviews from NYT


Countries whose currency is the zloty...

Revisiting a Golden Oldie: Bush and "The Segway Incident" (6/03)

Want some (non-made up) ghost stories? Come inside my precious!

Kerry Advisors on TV

Kerry is BRINGING IT ON. AWOL* is going down

Sinclair Scumbags are going to rue the day they started this fight

Free Bumper Sticker

Olbermann on

Got to stay off of yahoo chat

Oh dear! What if Kerry was TOO good in the debates?

Is the Sinclair Flap the Repub's October Surprise?

The VOTE FOR CHANGE concert is on Sundance NOW!!!

Whatever happened to the Fairness Doctrine? A Primer.

Email campaign by repugs-WMD's in Iraq

Kerry Says Gas Prices Help Bush's Friends

Have you been offered a ticket to the inauguration?

I smell flop sweat, Karl. Resorting to Sinclair Broadcasting to spread

Stopping Sinclair Quietly?

NBC Las Vegas- running anti war thread

If Sinclair classifies STOLEN HONOR as news, then so is GOING UPRIVER

I don't understand what Chimp's trying to say about "nuisance"

I hope


Just watched a rerun of Bill Maher on HBO -westcoasters you can still do

duplicate self delete

Wellstone sticker seen!

Any Cleveland OH people here?

Kerry looked great on the Newshour today.

Explain this to me about Michigan internet voting.

Worse GOP Senate Candidate: Coburn or Keyes?

Friday, Oct 15-Deadline for Pentagon to release Abuse Records

"It's All About the Counting. We'll Take Care of the Counting". Pete King

Personally, I'd take "small nuisance" over "endless war" anyday...

Why does every car I see with a * sticker..

Maybe I'm naive but I'm not too worried about this Sinclair deal...

My Letter published!

Do the Networks have any clout over Mark Hyman & SINclair stations?

HIT THE POLL : Tell Zahn that Sinclair's hatefest should not air.

Skinner: can you permapost this info from DKos?

Yet another rock star's musical campaign for Kerry...

Sinclair propaganda = Republicans acting like 9/11 never happened.

Sinclair's statement on their website

best way to apply advertiser pressure to sinclair stations is to

Friday night debate through the eyes of 2 ten year old girls

Screwed up absentee ballot!

Sinclair can air the anti-Kerry show, as long as they end it with this.

Mathematicians Inadvertently Expose George W. Bush and his Terrorist Ties

DU this's close between is it news

Just got a call from McKale Center at UA in Tucson - Michael Moore there

'10 weeks' Ads...check it out again...or for the first time

Screwed up absentee ballot

Gallup Kerry 50 Shrub 48

The Sinclair deal makes me very happy

The senate is holding up a research bill TODAY, to punish Reeve for

UN: Iraqi Nuclear-Related Materials Have Vanished!!

Dixie Chicks- "We MUST Put An End To

Bush accidentally framed the election for us

Conservatives waking up - Neocons March Left

Dems take lead in voter registrations in NV.

One of the Principle Reasons Bush will LOSE. THE EMPORORS SYNDROME

Best Bush Can Do Is Try & Prevent A Humiliating Defeat

The worse part about this whole Sinclair thing is...

wasnt' it established that the bush campaign DID in fact

My report from Ohio.

Embrace Sinclair Smear Movie & Use It To Ridicule Bush

Stop Sinclair in OKC DU THIS POLL

This One Issue, Could Swing Florida....Need Help from DU!!

Catholic DU'ers -- read this and pass it to your Catholic friends!

Office mate going to Afganistan

Black voters describe a new motivation

New Arkansas and PA Polls

Rasmussen Battleground for 10/11

I'm hoping those watching this concert tonight

Issues we won't hear more about until after election

Mike Malloy is talking about sinclair on airamerica

Be Prepared For Super-Biased "* Won" Spin After The Last Debate

Aaron Brown about to discuss Sinclair

Another pround feather up *'s ass....on our local news website -

The thugs will call it betrayal. They're wrong.

"I can do what I want, I'm the President ..."

I need help finding the funny internet ad with the mother on the park

"Nightline": Prexy campaigns and some Senate races

why do we have to pay any attention to these swift boat dudes again..

Last time SCOTUS r/wers anointed *. This time Sinclair wants the honors.

CBS's L.A. Affiliate claims the polls show Bush pulling way ahead

Steve Bell Scoop on the bulge - Guardian-UK

It's......... COMEBACK KERRY !!!

Kerry camp feeling good about NH and FL

Christopher Reeve was not a Republican

Time to worry about Bowles in NC

Bush Ad Appears To Be News Story

Lots of great new flyers at

Is there a difference between Sundance airing Pro-Kerry

Kerry on Christopher Reeve

DU this poll

Just saw killer Media Fund Ad on CSI Miami

Remind SBG employees how CEOs actions will result in loss of jobs

Is there anybody more VILE than Dick Morris

How will the weapons buy-back in Iraq affect */Kerry Debate

Polls a tossup - Rove in overdrive

VFC Finale webcast here

Something smells fishy about Sinclair plans

Bruce to "swing voters" : "IT AIN'T ROCKET SCIENCE"

GOTV ship is coming into the harbor

Does Bush* ever talk about what he will do if elected?

BECAUSE THE NIGHT (of November 2) Belongs to US

For the 3rd debate Kerry has got to stick to the high road.

In the end, will this election adhere to history?

BEfore the next debate, the Kerry campaign needs to talk to Mike Byron

How big should we make Rosenthal's statue? (GOTV angel)

Kerry Kerry KerryKerry Kerry Kerry Kerry Kerry KERRY KERRY KERRY KERRY

The biggest terrorist attack against this country is George Bush himself.

Sharing a shelf at your local bookseller . . . Bush & Hitler

Here is a debate question for Bob Scheiffer -- (Exec comp out of hand)

Absolutely insane claim from Coburn ad (Okla senate) about Carson:

Working on winning undecideds -------- Tell them this.

DU This CNN Poll:

I saw this ad in Alternative Press today

Expect Bob Scheiffer to hammer Kerry and Bush

Check this freerepulsive comment on Sinclair Broadcasting...

Britt "Shit Fume" Hume..his reaction to a JFK landslide...

take part in awesome flash technology

Vote For Bush = Terrorist Victory

Springsteen giving his sermon on Sundance now...

What happened to Bernard Shaw?

DU This "Stolen Honr" Poll! - Results on multiple Sinclair websites!

"Come in, Ken..I'll save you some time..I'm a Republican, you have my vote

Just met 3 military members in Hawaii

Deleted message

Debate 3: Let's Remember also to delay-flood the web

When Does The Corporate Media Become The Fascist Media?

Douglas Brinkley (Tour of Duty author) on C-SPAN right NOW

Forgotten Issues

self delete

Bush leading Among 18 - 29 yr olds according to Zogby

Zogby's internal tracking poll - the one you need a password to see...

Krugman: 7 Lies shrub will tell in the 3rd debate.

What do and have in common?

VFC Finale web cast live - ROCKING!!!

Sinclair's Own Poll! Should they run the documentary?

James Taylor comment for undecideds on Sundance.

Bizarre CNN Newsnight opening - Aaron Brown compared the * misquote

Milbank - Crowds treat * like Rock Star, Kerry crowds warm

Has the Bush was wearing a radio rumor been confirmed?

My name is Lynn and I hate George W bush.

We need to assign VCR Taping by channel on 11/2

Does anyone know how Tom Daschle(?) is doing?

They attack Kerry for wanting terrorism to be "a nuisance."

My neighbor took down his Bush/Cheney sign today

If you could cast 1,000 votes for Kerry-Edwards...

Freepers think they can balance the pressure on Sinclair

Wore my Kerry shirt to Walgreen's tonight, and

the "nuisance" quotation -- regrettably, it could cause damage


Cheney's Energy Task Force Report

umm...Mark Hyman number someone gave...401-568-1780

awwww, i love majette! look at her new TV ad

Think Tank: Iraq War Distracted U.S.

'Doonesbury' Strip Crashes 'Union Leader' Web Site

Whatever happened to Seymour Hersh and Abu Ghraib?

I have noticed that many now use a W sticker instead of the Bush Cheney

Caption the Chimp

Bush Dares Public to Resist Obvious Captions

Do you think Kerry held back during the last debate?

Furious George photo... couldn't resist.

Repukes disenfranchising 17,000 Las Vegas voters

Election Model: Independent and media pollsters agree: * is toast!

DU this polls on that stupid movie

"You can run but you can not hide" Retardicans love this line

You know what's great about this election???

What Does America Need to Know Right Now to Tip it to Kerry?

Black vote insignificant?

Just a Reminder: Hardball already "outed" Stolen Honor Liars

Kerry's closing statement

"Sinclair Broadcast Group is currently rated F (lowest rating)"--

Who here has actually seen 'Stolen Honor'?

in the face of the 2000 coup

unscientific polling done in my local paper..

If you ever needed a reason to loath and detest freepers I have one!

GOP Senate Candidate Warns of Lesbianism

Brad Carson (D) campaign HQ vandalized in Tulsa

Deleted message

Don't Underestimate the Lurking Freepers here!

Be Honest Now... Is Anyone You Know REALLY Still "Undecided"??

Somebody asks you what Kerry's new plan is. What's your answer?

Kerry 49-48 Lead Over Bush in New Gallup Poll!!!

Hey Pat, your Republican bias is showing.

39Million Americans in Working Poor Families

A Letter from George H. W. Bush

New Yorker: Remember the Alamo (a disturbing look at * & his admin)

The Kurdish Manifesto

Target Dick Cheney: The Sociopath Uncorked

Through Hussein's Looking Glass

Hi I'm George

It's About the Middle East, Stupid

Non-US Forces in Iraq - 04 October 2004

Bush's civil rights record (Fort Wayne - not supportive of *)

A recent LTTE effort....

If I'm not mistaken, this is the same clown

Through Hussein's Looking Glass

Good "Talking Points" on home page.

Our enemies never stop thinking of ways to hurt us.

Ken Schram Commentary: Shame On You, Sinclair Broadcasting

Airing an anti-Kerry screed

Ad campaign targets American child-sex tourists

Why Truth Matters (James Bond Stockdale II)

Kerry a Bleeding Heart? Hardly

NY Daily News: Is W hiding something?

KRUGMAN: Checking the Facts, in Advance

The Madness of George (Guardian)

Uh oh

(A Milli Vanilli president) Bush's mystery bulge

Broadcasting their anti-Kerry bias

Seymour Hersh spills the secrets of the Iraq quagmire

Tax Bill Worth Millions to Pro Teams Is Approved

Is Colorado The Next Florida?

Molly Ivins: How dumb does Bush think we are?

Currylicious Unisys Indian outsourcing plan

George W. Bush: Commodus Reborn

Voting Our Conscience, Not Our Religion

Reward for Wit

In the Bryan / College Station area this Sat? (Oct. 16)

"Ready to take a bullet for Halliburton?" -- great new Draft flyer

Put your message on Satellite radio

Click on breast cancer site

vote against Stolen Honor in this poll...

The Bush Economy in Context

New Corporate tax bill spends 136B to solve 50 B problem-SPECIAL INTEREST?

Paul Craig Roberts, slams latest jobs report

How 'feedback' can suppress the earth's ability to remove greenhouse gases

Matthew Simmons In Denver - Saudi Production On The Bubble

New Scientist covers the election

The trinary operator in C?

APP Protects 85,000 Acres Of Sumatran Forest - 2 Mil. Acres Fall Annually

Converting UK Cars To Hydrogen Would Require Wales-Sized Wind Farm

UK Chief Scientist - Act Now On Carbon Dioxide - Reuters

Suppose you were advising Kerry on Peak Oil/Global Warming

Diesel Hybrids May Face Substantial Cost Barriers - Reuters

EPA's Revolving Door W. Industry, Right-Wing Think Tanks - Newsday

Algeria states its case for Western Sahara

Thieves purloin 460-pound concrete pig

My response to any who would say, "Guns are only good for killing".

What is the buddy list all about?

Skinner, Re. Contacting FCC over Sinclair...could you add Michael Copps

Could Nostamj's toons threads become a daily frontpage feature?

Skinner - Please add the FCC complaint number to the front page

Editorial - Jerusalem's disgrace...

Don’t Believe A Word

4 Arabs, Mossad linked to attempt on Meshaal

Anti-Zionist Arab Books Criticized at Fair

IDF suspends commander implicated in death of girl, 13

Palestinians split on suicide bombings - Poll

Lies and delusion in Gaza

Mother of 7 gets 35 years for smuggling bomb-belt

Palestinians: Girl hit by IDF gunfire near UN school in Gaza

115 Palestinians killed in Israel's Penitence operation

Rep. Richard Neal, D-Mass on 9/11: "This was an inside job."

Something's Going on with Frist Intelligence Report

Flight 93: Not a scheduled Recurring Flight?

Wargame on election day

Special Freeway Blogger Event Oct 13th!

Obama fundraising for Tari Renner

Wes Clark fundraising for Melissa Bean in Chicago on Monday.

Special Freeway Blogger Event October 13th

Drinking Liberally in Iowa City This Thursday

Free Screening of F9/11, Tues., Oct. 19th, 7:00 p.m.

supreme court to hear 10 commandments appeals

Has anyone heard about Mark Dayton moving his office to MN?

Minnesota Poll: State still up for grabs

MNLounge topic: Itasca State Park

Anyone in Southwest MN need yard signs?

Stolen signs!!

Poll Re Kerry Documentary. Flint Station.

if anyone gets WSMH TV 66 please post advertisers at

Extreme 92 FM radio in Cleveland is promoting "Stolen Honor"

Cincy-area WSTR viewers, read this.

Short list of advertisers on Sinclair stations in Columbus and Dayton

Poll: Kerry, Specter maintain leads in Pa.

Austin---Be the campaign manager Thursday

Montgomery County Brady/Wright Debate TONIGHT (10/12/2004)

Any Houstonians up for a road trip to Thrillvania?

Austin: Debate watching party

Sinclair Boycott List for San Antonio

Kerry to visit Milwaukee, Sheboygan, Appleton Friday

KIRO should get rid of Lou Pate.

Why did Murray and Cantwell vote for corporate welfare?

Fed-up Cheney Enters Presidential Race

On spotting a liar

Dash Riprock of APJ Where are you?

USX Union Building Sign -Seen from Highway,Gary,IN.

Mike Webb Is Beating Up on Bush Tonight

Bernie Ward: Bush mentions Dred Scott... code for Roe v. Wade?

Canadian "Documentary Channel" is running Vote for Change concert

Fighting the right wing/rove bunch

Labour and Democrats supported the far-right over the Greens in Oz.

The world changed after 9/11.

Cheney's Lamest Excuse Yet (The Nation article)

Clinton vs. Bush

How long should a US President term be?

Aussie DUers, look at this...

I have a ??? OSP

For my 1,000th post, a snippet:

Who do you like better as a person? Zogby poll.

Book: US had plans to invade Pakistan

On Sundance tonight we were witness to an amazingly, awesome degree

LOL...Imus talking about Dems that served...

Commander of China kidnappers is Guantanamo Releasee

You have taken control of the signal to bush's receiver, now what?

Sinclair travesty "just fine" with Repug Talking Heads...

Halliburton Tries To Recruit Southerners To Go To Iraq!

A long way from home...and there it is: a Kerry/Edwards sign.

George Bush is never on vacation!

CNN Poll wants some more DU attention--

Can Georgie Read?

Fox News forgets about dead soldiers.

Andrea Pelosi's film on HBO last night...

Is voting for Bush a Pavlovian response?

Is "Mama T" a freeper inspired name?

"Everybody, do the propaganda!!" (American Idiot-Green Day)

CNN Quickvote: Is terrorism threat greater because of Iraq war?

U.S. shuts down British media Web sites

Activate newsletter link for those are interested

Wounded Marine is now dad of quintuplets

This is strange (regarding Sinclair)

George Bush killed Christopher Reeves

U.S. Companies Involved in the Oil For Food Scandal

KRUGMAN: 8 LIES to watch for...

We don't know where Osama is and we're not all that concerned

Smart DUers, HELP! Questions on tax crap

Have any of you visited yahoo chat before?

Secret Service Calls on Owner of "King George" Sign

BREAKING NEWS: Supreme Court to consider constitutionality of

What should I do with my new big ass Bush/Cheney sign?

Guess Dick didn't learn his lesson: another "Al Qaeda" sighting.....maybe

Jaime Gorrellies Wall???(sp)

How To Wind-up *

homer and bush

Why can't Dems show "Tour of Duty" on TV, if

For The Record: Bush Admin. Quotes on WMD

To all of those who are Jewish

Kos in the Guardian: The Madness of George.

I personally don't mind the Sinclair group running the Kerry Hit Piece.

When Bush* talks about keeping the terrorists busy

7-11 is pro-Kerry?

What happened to the "big news" from Marshall promised us two weeks

Making Sinclair's stunt work for us.


Facts behind long-term care insurance (Hernando Today - Florida)

Quick, give me a link (freeper debate re Duelfer report)

Did the United States "Rush to War in Iraq?"

So based on Bush's reasoning of preemptive action I can go and kill

The Sinclair Mess: Is this a ploy to promote the Anti-Kerry movie...

To speak against this illegal and immoral war is aiding the terrorists?

Freepers in denial....

Turn Sinclair situation to our advantage: DRAFT DRAFT DRAFT

Speaking of stem cell research... (excellent Oliphant cartoon)

my e-mail to Sinclair: What does it feel like to be a yellow journalist?

On WPR just now, Dean said Perle wants to attack Iran just like Iraq.

Anyone know anything about the Independence Institute?

A request to all DUers

Saw the most annoying billboard in Kissimmee yesterday.

Sylvan Learning Center pulls ads from Sinclair

Comedians on the Campaign

Will Somone Please Tell Me....

DU this Sinclair poll

Question of precedent

How can this graph of the Dow be good for Boosh?

Iraq Front News available

Advocate of "stem cell research" or advocate of "spinal chord research"?

Is Bush sampling the Coors? PIX

Sinclair's stock continues to slide.

Israeli Think Tank: Iraq War Distracted U.S.

what ever happened to bushes stalker

Bush believes "He's a leader because he slept in a Best Western Motel"

HBS Student Newpaper reports "Open Letter to the President"

What is the issue with national identity cards?

Scenario: Kerry wins, huge terror attack before inaguration...

Updated my video clips links page

f911 and talk with friend - said mm never interview arabs so how

I expected them to start shouting "sieg heil" when the crowd erupted

"What if Bush's base never needed to be lied to?" SFGate

Music Row Democrats Online

The Bush Junta: A Field Guide to Corruption in Government

DISCUSS: The Basic Tenet of Republicanism is..

HELP! I need a working link for the "Bush has Presenile Dementia" Movie!

I love Al Franken but...

poll: should it be legal for the ten commandments to be displayed..

I love Morgan Freeman and I am so proud that he is from MS

Miami-Dade gets 21.5 mil. for hurricane aid ( they barely got touched)

US torturing Khalid Shaikh Mohammed. Will you shed a tear?

DU posters who condone torture: you are truly amazing

How much of pledged money for Iraq did we actually get?

Why should Americans have to go to Canada for American drugs

insane Tom Coburn is scared of "rampant" lesbianism in schools

I'll Lose All Faith in The Democrats If...

Cheney's Oil-for-Food Switcheroo

"Take off that jacket & get that smirk off your face!"

Help - Can't Access Sinclair Advertiser Database -Need Info

Corporate Tax cut bill turns residentsof 47 states into 2nd class citizens

question: any expats living in Mexico or Central America...?

When is Homeland Security raising the threat level in the USA to RED?!

Exactly WHAT would it take to dislodge some of Bush's core supporters?

The socalled Democracy that the U.S. is trying to promote in the

Ex-DAFB commander says troops used as guinea pigs

Why should Al Franken think that John McCain would

our gov., politicians buy several kinds of wires - not only for the prez

How can a president arbitrarily overrule a Congressional Law

DU this DU poll, please -- sure looks freeped to me. LINK ADDED


“Don’t ask when you’re going home," (Rummy visiting troops)

Why your vote matters in the assumed Kerry states

Regarding Sinclair, has anything similar occured before in US history?

As heard in the Senate

How would one send a care package to the troops?

If Bush is elected, I'm not sure I want to live in this country.

AMAZING Post By Juan Cole on the "War on Terror" (MUST READ)

Most credible TV News Shows?

Subject: Katherine Harris busted on CSPAN (you'll love this)

Swiftboat swine and Sinclair swine

Bush might have been using a wireless device during debates

Who started

OIL is near $54 / barrel..... why isn't gas "going thru the roof"...? Hmmm

Gallup Replied to my E-Mail (Sort of)

Why Republicans are "pro-business, (handouts)" (NOT just "cheap labor")

When is Homeland Security raising the threat level in the USA to ORANGE?

I know I'm a hardcore DU'er when___________

"Click" to feed the animals in shelters. Its free.

Timing is everything. My encounter with a freeper . . .

I was just listening to AAR, and I have a question...

DU, GD, IMHO is out of control.

Should There Be A Body Search 4 wirless at Debates

HAHAHAHA! Funny Freeper comments about Sylvan boycott of SBG.

Network airing anti-Kerry film awarded Bush Special Forces military contra

I got rid of my SUV. Thank God!

Kerry Will Restore American Dignity,Bush's hometown paper.

Cafferty answered my letter

Project for the OLD American Century

What's Zogby getting at?

Iraq: Because VIETNAM Was Such A Success!

Yahoo news is pissing me off today. Let's write them here:

"Ready to take a bullet for Halliburton?" -- great new Draft flyer

Earlier today I read an article on here about Sinclair Broadcasting

Coming to Terms With Sinclair

What's the deal w/ the Documentary "Unprecedented?" They're showing it

Passions Are Divided (Aaaarrrggggh )

What kind of an education system does this country have when

if you're asking yourself "What's this country coming to?" . . .

Bush's Endless 'Predictive' Wars

So the Sinclair thing is an attempt to prevent F9/11 from airing prior

A great series of essays at Orcinus: "The Rise of Pseudo Fascism"

flu vaccine from England

Shareholders Can Stop Sinclair's Anti-Kerry Propaganda Scheme -

DU this survey!!!!!!!!

The second prez debate, triple-distilled (but still complete)

Sy Hersh at Berkeley on Iraq...."we are bombing the hell out of them"

Heads up. CNN-- on soon with Lou Dobbs -- John Zogby

Dearest DUers - a report from the field: L.A. is HOT for Kerry:

"We might as well have two corporations run for president"

Obama's Site Has Link To Viewing Debate!

Whats the difference between

What Kerry and Edwards need to say

Has anyone noticed the rise in gas prices since the debates?

Arnold is killing California State Parks and Beaches,help!

All our vexes come from Texas - the price of being intelligent in Crawford

What percent of US Households have INCOMES under $75,000?

Another Ruppert snippet (priceless)

Republicans that can't vote Kerry but won't support Bush should stay home!

What's the deal about the movie, FahrenHYPE 911? I haven't heard

If control isn't gained by the end of the month, we will use other means

Na Na Na CNN caught in another lie, said Steven Tyler supports Bush

Can't sleep after watching Cooper Anderson video of US bombing

Did ayone else lose Randi's stream?

Here is my e-mail to Sinclair

999th Post: Best wishes Kerry / Edwards and campaigners: Get out the vote!

I have a question regarding this anti-Kerry smear film that

Please let this be a joke / parody....

Would Bush do this,I say hell no.

In tommorrows debate the liberal slur...

TODAY in Iraq - 10/12/04 : Photos you should see...

Sylvan Learning Center pulls ads from Sinclair

CNBC just showed great segment on Springsteen, etal, including protesters

Bush: President of the United States or SAUDI ARABIA -whose side is he on?

I'm too excited to work.

cryptic graffiti perplexes Democratic Party Officials

FAIR ACTION ALERT: Sinclair's Partisan Ploy Cries Out for Equal Time

i lie pic of Bush

Will Bush tempt fate and wear a wire during Wednesday's debate?

Sinclair "stolen honor" on PBS Newshour (now)

Honest evaluations "on the street" where you live...

DU CNN Sinclair Poll

Why is this allowed to continue? Mary Kay LeTourneau...

Sinclair - Josh Marshall wants lists of Local Advertisers

My conversation this morning with a Bush supporter

Jeez. These guy's. And there are just so MANY of them.

Help with Sinclair polls--they're being freeped

I wish Catholics would listen to this guy...

"Oh, Dude" Watching CNN right now. A controller okays the dropping

Who is financing Our Artificially Low Gasoline Prices?

OK I need to ask a many of us are actually sending emails

Faux to Be Fined One-millyone for Indecency

Bush-Chirac-Earpiece Video

Cole on al-Zarqawi: ''Some informed observers think Zarqawi is dead''

Holy Shit !!! - Is Anybody Listening To Randi Rhodes ???

What are you paying for gas?

Dear God: Sy Hersh reveals more wrenching details in Iraq:

This is crazy - I thought Catholics were urged to vote for Kerry and now

Sen. Mark Dayton (D) MN Closes D.C. Offices

"George Bush looks like a "real" guy"..Are you sick of hearing that canard

Progressive Books and DVDs

I'm sorry, the Arizona students on Hardball are

Was my friend's dog wounded over a Kerry sign?

Sinclair is a defense contractor too?

Does anyone have a link to this list of RWers?

Republicans and "means testing"...Healthcare

I read the news today. Oh boy.

What Will You Do When The Draft Comes?

I miss RB and "For What it is Worth". It's my anthem.

"Tomorrow belongs to me"

billionaires for Kerry (article)

Sinclair's VP Mark Hyman is CIA with Middle East background (coincidence?)

"Security Scholars..." (100s of them!) Open letter to American People

Will everybody help me out with this URGENT issue?

Sinclair's stock closed DOWN 1.6% today...

Some sympathy for us Democrats in Texas, please

Have the Bushies provided ANY evidence that Bin Laden/al Qaeda did 9-11?

10 Nobel economists endorse Kerry (down goes chimpy)

To all the war veterans and active duty soldiers

Mario Cuomo says "W was WRONG on IRAQ!" What else is he WRONG

Can it be argued that our lifestyle using billions of gallons of gasoline

What Dred Scott meant in debates

Sinclair research topic: Carlton Sherwood, "Stolen Honor" producer

Carlton Sherwood also wrote a book defending Rev. Sun Myung Moon

What country is everyone going to flee to if * wins?

Jay Leno and French History

Investigative journalist Seymour Hersh spills the secrets

“He did something, or he saw something, that destroyed him,”

Rampant Lesbianism in Oklahoma

I hope the South Park guys are the FIRST to get drafted!

Just saw the airstrike video on CNN, and I wonder -

BBV: Computer guys -- question about remote access to voting system

Is dental covered under the Canadian health care system ?

Barrow officials vote to continue Commandments fight

House Blocks FDA Oversight of Tobacco

Outspoken British envoy may lose job for denouncing Uzbek torture

Got helped by a Republican today - PLEASE MOVE TO GD, POSTED 2 WRONG FORUM

Edwards mocks Bush for not naming mistakes

Bush's approval rating slipping

Remarks by Sen. John Kerry, Regarding Energy Independence

Cheney's Lamest Excuse Yet (The Nation article)

UK envoy re-ignites row over torture-led intelligence

U.S. and Iraqi Forces Raid Ramadi Mosques

Target Dick Cheney: The Sociopath Uncorked

International law is violating to hold prisoners incommunicado and in secr

US accused of breaching international law

UN: Iraqi Nuclear-Related Materials Have Vanished

WP: Family's TV Clout In Bush's Corner... Re: Sinclair Corp

Pakistan test-fires nuclear capable missile...

U.S. and Iraqi Forces Raid Ramadi Mosques

The nationwide strike in Nigeria to protest the rising cost of fuel at hom

Group: al-Qaida Detainees 'Disappeared'

US Supreme Court to examine death penalty for juveniles

Nuclear assets 'vanish' in Iraq

U.S. Funds Chat-Room Surveillance Study (Hello Agent Mike!)

(US Rep) Markey pushes to keep combat wages (big gap)

Kerry to add Russia to the new "axis of evil"

DeLay associates make first court appearance

No word on driver lost in Iraq convoy

Report says U.S. wasted chances for Zarqawi

Kerry: Bush's Iraq 'Mismanagement' Hikes Gas Prices

Zippo Fanning The Flames Of Democracy

Seven die in Japan 'suicide pact'

Swiss arrested for alleged aid to Libya

Boycott threatens Afghanistan's foray into democracy

Bush approval rate slipping

39M Americans in Working Poor Families

Is Colorado The Next Florida?

Rukeyser and show won't return

CNN: Saudi women denied vote, candidacy

US forces arrest top cleric in Iraq’s Ramadi

LAT: Edwards coming to Burbank for TV (Jay Leno's) show

Mark Hyman: Stepford Spook and the new Operation Mockingbird

Bush Says Kerry Wants 'Acceptable' Level of Terror

Bush and Kerry Tied in National Surveys by CBS News and Zogby

NY Daily News: Is W hiding something?

Iraq Militants Behead Iraqi 'Spy' -Jazeera TV

Folic acid may have side benefit (Chicago Sun-Times)

Tyco sells $21m flat, but not its gold shower curtain

Royal aide collapses at ceremony

Congress Sends Bush Corporate Tax Bill

Congress OKs $136B Corporate Tax-Cut Bill

11 terror suspects 'disappear' in US custody

Protesters ready for Moore’s UNR visit

Vote by poor may skyrocket this year (Seattle P-I)

Bush's civil rights record (Fort Wayne - not supportive of *)

Berlusconi fumes after snub at EU

Several killed in US strikes on Falluja

Maverick UK Envoy to Tashkent May Lose Job over Torture Allegations

Iraqi president's new marriage sets gossip mills turning

U.S. Considering Incentives for Iran (Kerry's Plan

Springsteen urges fans to vote for Kerry during concert

High Court Won't Hear Music Sharing Case

Helicopter With Afghan Ballots Crashes (no ballots lost)

Soldiers at Camp Eagle weary of Baghdad slum, Iraqis, mission

Polls Show Presidential Race Still Very Tight (Kerry leads in 2, * in 1)

Six Republicans Resign in South Dakota !

US asks RP: Hold General Garcia

Schwarzenegger Talks to Foreign Press (ignores local press, talks groping)

Baghdad blogger: 'Elections our only hope'

Former CIA Director to Discuss Telecommunications in National Security

Halliburton's KBR Sees Iraq Billing Settled Soon

Kerry Threatens Bush in Colorado as Democrats See Gain in West

Groups helping homeless register (Minn. Star-Trib.)

A rant: are DUers irony-impaired?

Next President Will Swing Court With 3 Justices Likely To Retire

Embattled Salt Lake Mayor Quits Race

U.S. Steps Up Attacks on Iraq Insurgents

Australia: Howard win 'victory for Bush'

DoD Identifies Army Casualty #1076

Rasmussen: K50-B46 in Iowa

Presidential winner faces 'twin deficits' battle

Romanian President Says Iraq War 'Moral'

Kerry Edges Bush in Penn. Poll

Gazans face starvation

Israeli gunfire hits schoolgirl

Iraq Says Open to UN Inspectors Amid Nuclear Alarm

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday 12 October

Supreme Court to Hear Commandments Case

U.S. Steps Up Iraq Attacks Before Ramadan

Three Illinois stations to air controversial documentary

El Paso judge says state can't prohibit sales of sex toys

Tomm., JK should mention that the future of America's airwaves is at stake

Rumsfeld appeals for NATO help in Iraq

E-Vote Critics Sue Over Md. Poll Watching

U.S. Tried to Rescue American, UK Hostages - Officials

FBI calls in extra team of investigators to Oak Creek, Wis. transmission t

Sen. Dayton Temporarily Closing Office

Oil Rises to Record for 6th Day; Demand Keeps Growing, IEA Says

Ore. Rep. Wu (D) Admits 'Inexcusable Behavior' (toward an ex-girlfriend)

Castor assails Martinez on terrorism

FCC proposes $1.2 million indecency fine for Fox TV

Sylvan Learning Center pulls ads from Sinclair

Maine Could Split Its Electoral Vote

USA Today Money: Plan to air divisive film raises questions(Sinclair)

Fla. Companies Accused Of Price Gouging Flu Vaccine

GOP congressional candidate ‘threatened to shoot wife'

Security Scholars Say Iraq War Most Misguided Policy Since Vietnam

Soldier Just Back From Iraq Hangs Himself In Jail

AARP Rejects Harris' Endorsement Claim

'97 Memo Cited in '01 Queens Airliner Crash (Airbus hid memo from AA)

breaking: Supreme Court to consider....

Debate marks historic Senate race

Soldiers caught having sex at the Alamo remain jailed

Gasoline Pump Price Highest Ever for October

Norwegians Place Anti-Bush Ad in Washington Post

Cheney: Iraq Could Have Been Arms Source

Saddam undergoes surgery in Baghdad

Grand jury investigating Chiron's flu vaccine failure

Pro-Gay Republican Group to File Suit (vs. "don't ask, don't tell" policy)

Pro-Kerry filmmaker offers Sinclair 'equal time' solution

Pakistan Test Fires Nuclear-Capable Missile

Vote for Change Wraps-Up its 11-State Concert Tour

American Indians hear Heinz Kerry

Defense Chief Pays Visit to USS John F. Kennedy

Foul-Mouthed Teen May Go to Jail

Wounded Marine feels cuts (Paraplegic - Pay cut in half)

US sex abuse trial for ex-priest

Bush special envoy embroiled in controversy over Iraq debt

Chirac Commits France to Iraq Conference

Straw withdraws 45 minutes claim

Archer 'link to coup plot'

Beaumont schools ban film

Anti-Defamation League: Holocaust Remark by Sinclair Exec "Inappropriate"

Thatcher coup plot: Mandelson, CIA & State Department named

Poland has repatriated 34 soldiers from Iraq for psychiatric problems

Bush says debates highlight Kerry's 'liberal' credo

Colorado vote on Electoral College could determine who's president

Russian people to be deprived of the right to vote

Powell Says Saudi Women Should Have Vote

Germany in rethink on Iraq force deployment(May deploy if change)

Bush's approval rating's drop, 2/3 of voters call economy fair/poor


Dayton closes D.C. office over security concerns

FCC Proposes $1.2M Indecency Fine for Fox

A DU Bookmobile?

Need advice re: my "activist judge" Halloween costume

this joke made me laugh . . .

Dating Advice

Anyone want a Superman wallpaper?? Found a good one

I dreamed that I took Marvin to Japan with me..

Prepare Yourself for the Tatum O'Neal Press Onslaught....

Osama bin Laden transcript found

*YAWN* I Am NEVER Going To Get Any Sleep

Kitten gets rescued after being thrown over side of bridge.

Scientists Say Women Are Better Drinkers

Hooray, my suicide on FR

Please Give A Warm DU Welcom To: Agent Mike!! WELCOME TO DU!

Chavezspeaksthetruth: I'm up early today. Talk to me, man!

Bush Debate Notes

I've got a joke too!

Need help w/ a President Quiz

I've been a bad, bad boy.

Dem babes!

Just boiled 5 lbs. of fresh Gulf shrimp!


Letterman, west feed

Columbus Day?? What is that??? Here, it's Native American Day.

Favorite Blink 182 song

Bush is a God

Can anyone explain this to me?

"Inside the Vote For Change Concert Tour". On Sundance.

Any "serious" film collectors on DU? I'm talking 16 and 35mm.

WS Prediction

I've come to find I've married a sheep

Hahahaha Need a morning chuckle? Hahahaha

My *Tribute to the Green By Packers Defense* thread

Toddler Drowns In Bucket Of Water On Family's Porch

SPLIFF BOAT VETS FOR TRUTH. Come on photoshoppers, run with it.

My Christmas gifts to Rush Limbaugh (fair inbalanced)

Who is "JON FOGORTRY?" I know who "John Fogerty" is. Same guy?

Since when do MLB Playoffs start at 8pm EST? Debates maybe?

Here's a chilling tale of power run amok...

man, it smells like dirty feet today on my floor.

Did Hitler claim God talked to him?

GOP babes!

What are you listening to this morning?

Okay Googleheads, I need help finding answers to trivia

Well, my poor dog has bladder stones.

Please join me: applauding the Top 10 Conservative/Idiotic Debate Moments

Peach Pie

Blue State vs. Red State WORLD SERIES!

How to drive a teeny car...

Andrew W.K. is the true voice of rock- DISCUSS!

Today's fact

Here's a comparison of Bush's & Kerry's brain

Towels used in Brazil jailbreak

Security outnumber visitors at Di fountain

My One Year Anniversary on DU...

Bush is In Colorado Springs Today

'Regret' over Diana fountain

A fish-off decides the 2004 election! (great joke my boss sent me)

Truly tasteless Freddie Prinze Jr. speculation

Watching a documentary, and expert after expert say the Wright Bros.

"They didn't win because they didn't BRING IN the right players."

Ever meet someone you thought was cool, but you found out they suck?

Wat_Tyler supports Kerry

Shrub in heaven ackk.

The Janus Jurist of all CAPTIONS!!!!


I'm heading to the 7/11... can I pick up anything for you LOOSERS?

Tips for making your 1,200 pound Pumpkin look even bigger

What is your favorite Retardican line?

Admit it! Duran Duran were better that The Police!

"She's Like the Wind"- a soft-rock gem!

CAPTION the bizarre Kentucky Republican

The Necromicon vs. The Tibetan Book of the Dead

Like My New Sig Line Image???

Hey! I got a STAR!

Dude, when Nimrod totally kicked the X-Mens collectictive ass I was pissed

Kobe's antics drove Phil Jackson to see a shrink

Finally -- Morgan Webb, without having to look at Adam Sessler

Jesus vs the Beyonder

Stupid Criminal Award

Need advice about parents' anniversary when only one parent is left

53,000 !!!

Boy Wants Shotgun Photo in Yearbook's Senior Portraits Section

Folks - could you consider laying off the "retard" stuff?

Dickens vs. Trollope

Why Bush is wrong on Tort Reform.

I honestly could not care less about the Red Sox

Employer blocking women's health info....WTF?

Freetards say goodbye to Christopher Reeve


Top Ten Thoughts Going Through Dick Cheney's Mind At This Moment

Hilarious picture and resulting caption contest:

169 Professors from top Business Schools/open letter to the President

wouldn't it be good?

I hear....

The Deadly Grell is now singing gently to me.

How do I get on the big machine?

Which are you feeling like today?

Just who are you feeling today?

I love Neil Young.

do you use JOINT-RITUS?

Son Kills Elderly Mother With Crossbow

Bush is a demi-God

Rental car flat tire?

"That Was One Bad Pilot!"

Italy school bans bottom-revealing trousers

sox/yanks - wiLL there be a brawL?


why do the Cortislim ads on Air American have a different announcer than

I'm officially in the Christmas mood starting today

In the blink of an eye I knew her number and her name

What do you do that makes you evil?

Texas Congressman's (REPUKE) Nude Photos Revealed By Opponent

question: any expats living in Mexico or Central America...?

Caption Time!!

Six Degrees of voting....

Microsoft License transfers?

vicious spyware - HELP!


okay where did you?

What are you (did you have) having for lunch today?


When are you officially 'middle-aged'?

Any San Fran DUers out there? Need travel advice.

Teens Plastic Wrap Road, Cause Motorcyclists To Crash

I Just Won Bill Maher Tix!

"Rough Trade"!! That's my favorite phrase these days! What's your's?

Should "Robb is a dingbat" be a choice in all Lounge polls?

Supersize Me! The McDonald's Monopoly Game starts today!!!!!!!

question: any expats living in Mexico or Central America...?

#1 PET PEEVE: Ironic D.A.R.E. shirts.

Jewish/Kwanzaa songs for 3 and 4 year olds to sing?

The eyes tell you who didn't understand what everyone was lauging at

Can you spot the FAKE (?s?) in this photo?

Fo those living near St Helens...

I'm reading a conservative writer - and liking it!

Headline: Republicans finally kill off all plant life, resort to

jobs for engineers

Enough is enough!

Enuff Z'nuff!

The Lounge, IMHO, is out of control.

Do you have a history of death in your family?

Life Savers vs. Wasabi

In Memory of Rodney Dangerfield:


need some wood?

My Internets are slow, today. What about yours?

This election, let's offer the Undecided our decision

Are you........

Hee-larious Onion infographic today! Here's the link!

If B* was running against Jesus in '04

Look what *someone* is going to be wearing on election night

My house is in the flight path to Love Field in Dallas. Should I

regading the ALCS, Red Sox fans have to answer one question . . .

NLCS poll!

Does anyone know of a free people find service

Just how do you feel today?

I'm in a moral quandry over the ALCS...HELP!

Those Burger King commercials are REALLY freakin me out!


Einstein ( my cat) peed on me TWICE on the way to the VET!

If you want some good ghost stories...

Tonight's ALCS: Evil Empire (A) vs. Evil Empire (B)

A terrible thing has happened to my in-laws.

I just put a big pot of arroz con pollo on to simmer.

To those easily earwormed : A gift

Great Quote

Ugly Babies Gallery

Don't fuck with Bubbie!!

why I love dogs

The Decameron vs. The Canterbury Tales

Food Fight!

A light sabre vs the Katana/Wakisashi combo

my cat spayed me

My cat played me.

Bush is a great American

MIA: Bertha - Paddi - Cuban Liberal

How do I get Windows Security to SHUT UP?!

Metabolic Syndrome Common in Teens

"This machine surrounds George Bush and sends him back to Crawford"

Almost cut my hair.

anyone had a close to death bumper sticker experience

*Sex Thread*-France tops the sex league (survey says)

This is funny as @$%^ ( Dubya Movie )

My cat sprayed me

List unknown music artists or bands that nobody needs to know about

Doesn't Bush remind you of a ferengi

Can I get a hell ya? Wait, I DEMAND a hell ya!........

Looking To Buy A PC For Less Than $1000.00

Common bulletin boards at work

(Sox/Yankees) Game 1 to be culture clash ( article)

New pictures of my doggy, with a new camera...

Slap that sum-bitch...

Am I really that abnormal? (concerning relationships)

My personal trainer says I'm not playing enough Xbox

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MIDORI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Deja vu!!! It's 1967! Sox vs. Cardinals in the World Series!!!!

I'll be watching the game from 6,900 feet tonight - am I the highest?

Who is your favorite contemporary poet?

How Many Fights Between The Sox - Yankees Tonight?

I'm in a quandary, and need advice.... (Bwah hah hah)

Am I a girl? Or a guy pretending to be a girl?!

Help! Recently "converted" friend wants to copy Moore's DVD and

What's your F-Scale? (Quiz)

Gateway monitor problem.

I really hate both teams, but I am cheering for the...

TerryA gave me his cold

Why are there no bi guys?

Matcom called me to bitch.


The next person who says "E-V-O-O-hee-hee" is getting slapped.

Foul-Mouthed Teen May Go to Jail

What is the last CD you bought?

Leko and Kramnik draw game 11 of world championship match

seeing red over propaganda emails

I luuuuv you, Charlene!

Wow! It's the Dons. CAPTION the dueling Dons

This is just too funny.... CAPTION King George

Cheney Vows To Attack U.S. If Kerry Elected

The Ten Word Detective Pulp Thread - Join up

Steve Tyler supports Bush

Did you marry your best friend and, if so, are you still best friends?

Can this cat story have a happy ending?

It's my 37th Anniversary

The Red Sox Will Win In Five Games

What to do your last day on the Job??? After surviving 3 downsizes

List uknown music artists or bands that everyone should know about

woo-hoo the rave here is showing zatoichi

Ever go travelling with someone,

What do you call the guy who finishes last in his class at Medical school?

After head is scooped out & hollow, insert candle & light....


WAAAHH I can't have my own avatar or use polls unless I donate??!!

"BADDEST" Pitcher ever?

How old are you?

Lindsay Lohan- gorgeous and talented!

Norwegians rally against Bush - get your Washington Post on Tuesday

Animals have no rights.

Matcom called me a bitch

Man With Revoked License Arrested For Driving Lawn Mower

Calling all Disco Divas and Dollies! Does Donna Summer have an

Mama said there'd be days like this.

Tell me all about yourself in ten words or less

Do you remember any of your old high school flames?

more pet pictures thread

What do you think of "Living in sin"

Post your vote for the Alternative National Anthem Here.

Cheney Vows to Attack US if Kerry Elected.

For Star Wars fans (and non fans)

ONION article on John Edwards!

Are you a Liberal, Progressive, or a Left Winger?

behold, the power of the kitten

with no GOP explanation, a kinder gentler theory of da bulge

I can't believe people are falling for the "Bush was wired" story.

hey. It's the Democrat-IC! party, folks.

Which republican Senate candidate is the scariest?

another urgent poll

Dick and Lynne Cheney in Milwaukee Oct. 12 - Be there to protest!

Howcome "TheHundredPercenter" is considered news?

What do you think Bush* is trying to get accross in this picture?

The Sprint to the Finish Line

Nuisance Response: Under Bush the threat will never go that low

NO ONE wants to fight for this war..

GW and Crew flipflops

"Terrorism a Nuisance" - said a General 2 years ago

Sinclair Broadcasting Group e-mail address...Give 'em hell

All good news------Fresh at midnight

Newspaper Endorsements Update

Interesting local article details factors in Alaska senate race

A 30 second ad showing Chimpy's words...

bush*'s 'mistake'

Who else is in a Carville-Matalin relationship?

What would be the BEST part of a Kerry/Edwards victory?

Halliburton Iraq oil deal investigated

The Heritage Foundation? Surprise!

Jim Norton (of Tough Crowd), Bush supporter, on the hidden device...

Am I correct about the 527's?

The Bush Beatitudes

Own a share of Sinclair? Sue through Milberg Weiss

Firm's Iraq Deals Greater Than Cheney Has Said

Bush is admitting he's messed up Iraq beyond repair (sort of).

Doonesbury's Website of the day...

Tradesports has Bush plummeting.

FBI shut down ' Indymedia' websites .

Keyes Surges. Obama Leads by Razor-Thin Margin

"Let America Be America Again"

We won over another one!

Dr. posts W* Wired, but not for Sound

Just another reminder

CSPAN caller sticks it to Margaret Spellings...And he's from Louisiana!

CNN set to have Sinclair exec on at 8AM

Great article on Fridays debate from

New polls out this morning - Zogby & CBS

why Kerry won the second debate

Swift Boat / Stolen Honor Truth Points (with links!)

"Your husband is a perfect example of the kinds of policies that Mr. Bush

Balt Sun:Sinclair's TV program on Kerry is called illegal donation to Bush

The "Flip-Flop Smear"

"Tell Tony Blair...blah ...blah"

Sinclair Has Just Created A Convert - TO VOTE FOR KERRY!

Doonesbury.....Honest Voices Reading List for Tuesday

great quotation from Obama. . .

Bush "nuisance" attack ads could backfire...

CNN interview VP of Sinclair broadcasting...

Bruce Springsteen on what this election is really about

the importance of sinclair story, whether it goes on or not

Is the Kerry video game an accurate one or based on lies?

Please explain this to people in NJ, PA, FL, OH, WI, etc.

"The First President to Fund Stem Cell Research": Comeback

Bill Clinton campaigns for Kerry while recovering from heart surgery

The Sunday NY Times article on Kerry

So what happens after the debates? How do we keep the momentum goin?

Chimpy promotes the destruction of human life!

what should kerry do

Link to Going Upriver?

Need help with Cheneys vote on Nelson Mandela

F 9/11 could hit TV on 11/1

GOP strategy for the last 22 days

Rightie talking point

What's Sinclair's stock starting at this morning?

Since when do MLB Playoffs start at 8pm EST? Debates maybe?

Does anybody know how Sinclair stock finished up today?. . ., Presidential Selector. A different one than MPR's

Need help w/ answering a freepers question regarding John Kerry's record

Is America better off than 4 yrs ago? Are we going in the right direction?

Blue State vs. Red State WORLD SERIES!

Who saw Diary of a Political Tourist on HBO Last night?

Many of you have probably already seen this,

Response From Sinclair Advertiser AFMI

Dean to speak at Miami U., Ohio on Oct. 21. Free, but tickets required

5 Minutes for Kerry

Sinclair Broadcasting On-Line Poll: To Air or NOT ...........VOTE

Anybody think Howard Stern is bringing us votes ?

Broadcasting official charged in sex stakeout -Sinclair

Hey Bush, when will 'our friends' open the spigot(broken promises)

Sinclair stock continues its slide

Interesting survey results from MPR.

Anyone paying attention the Senate races?

CNN: Do you think the threat from terrorism has changed b/c of Iraq war?

Bush's "tax and spend" attacks on Kerry easily beat

Finally! Some campaign season fun.

Pictorial preview of a 3rd Bush term

Bloomberg: Kerry Threatens Bush in Colorado as Democrats See Gain in West

New Quinnipiac Poll - Kerry leads in PA

Please vote in this MN Sinclair Station Poll: Show the Broadcast?

Zogby tracking poll 10/12: prez race tied

Sinclair VPs, Reps, supporterss sure willing to fill airtime

wouldn't this be great?

did Sinclair destroy our post debate spin?

George W Bush will "unite" this nation...

Hey Bush, are we united yet(broken promises)

will BOB BARR (R-Ga) vote for Kerry OR against Bush?

Sinclair's spokesman on CNN

George Bush: " I will keep America safe..."

Checking the Facts, in Advance -NYT

Daily U.S. Casualties 10/12/2004

"Choice 2004" on PBS tonight.

I got a call last night from a Democratic party worker and she

"W" is wrong.....

Protest @ Sinclair HQ in Hunt Valley MD?

Mandatory Reading - Why Kerry's Foreign Policy WILL WORK

If this isn't a bad president, tell me what a bad president looks like!

S&P 500 "Indicator" still predicting Bush loss.

ARIZONA - check our state forum

We are so far in debt we may not see daylight for decades.

Kill the messenger, GOP-style

Musgrave opponent Stan Matsunaka makes Dean Dozen!

Oklahoma Poll: Bush 50% Kerry 38%

How many times will * say the words "Afghan Elections" tomorrow night?

Kerry closes 3 pts. on Bush in Rasmussen tracking - Kerry 46% Bush 47%

Way-Cool Election Scorecard!

Vegas Odds on the Election?

Was Truman/Dewey the last race this close involving an incumbent

DU this poll!!

Sinclair message board

Non-Sinclair discussion thread. OK. Discuss.

Just got my Air-America Radio T-Shirt!

The Sinclair blessings

"Kids for Kerry-Edwards," Manchester NH, 10/11/04, and their Web Site

anti-Kerry flyers in PA

Did anyone see the bombing film on CNN??

DU the heck out of this Sinclair poll!

SINCLAIR: A Question About Campaign Finance Law..

Who wants Bush checked for a wire at the next debate?

Would it be wise for K/E team to propose another debate?

Bush (and Kerry) should be scanned for wires before tomorrow's debate!!!

We need to start ridiculing shrubs new slogan "he can run, but he..."

Give Bush a Brain!

Cheney, Halliburton implicated in Oil-for-Food. (J. Nichols/Nation)

LOL - Imus reading a list of GOP Chickenhawks

What are the chances of the FEC acting on the DNC's complaint?

What is the format for tomorrow night's debate

If bush picks the next Supreme Court - Be AFRAID

Leftcoaster: Yesterday's Gallup Poll had GOP Advantage- Once Again!

Edwards Live Now in Colorado!!!

hillbilly sing a long

anyone feeling warm? according to dana milbank you are..

"Terror as Nuisance" comment came from Poppy Bush's National Sec. Advisor

Edwards on TWEETY Thursday 7pm EST

Cheney: "How many additional American casualties is Saddam worth?"

In the TV NEWS world, SINclair is known as such

Josh Marshall....Local advertisers best approach to stop Sinclair Broadcas

Learn some statistics people.

Deleted message

good editorial from virginian-pilot newspaper

"The most famous quote of this campaign.."

The Military is running out of money....

"Ready to take a bullet for Halliburton?" -- great new Draft flyer

LTTE to Cleveland PD. Jesus Christ.

When Cheney said that John Edwards' hometown paper

This paragraph is GOSPEL (re: Sinclair)

Tell parents if Bush elected your kids will be the POWs in Sinclair movie

Turn Sinclair situation to our advantage: DRAFT DRAFT DRAFT

Gas prices are acting like a tax....

Were you aware that Bush is SLAMMING Kerry?

OK....I've heard quite enough from you Mr. Cheney...

What is this meme that Kerry is a socialist?

Liberal Media

This election will depend on mobilising the base

Pollster John Zogby: "A close race got closer"

How to stop Sinclair--Hit their LOCAL advertisers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Visualize Victory-pass it along

Frank Rich's superb commentary on the Bush bubble...

Sinclair says they invited Kerry to participate in this phone message:

Debate Wednesday

Watch for "Churchillian Moment" Wednesday

Do Repubs lower their personal standards until Bush meets them?

Got a "communists endorse..." email yesterday

Republicans Resign Over Questionable Absentee Ballot Applications

The Constitution Party

The Unauthorized Biography of Dick Cheney


Finish this sentence: "I'm George W. Bush, and __________"

Resource Depletion

League of Women Voters of Ohio Sues Secretary of State

US Senate-KY: Jim Bunning Goes Senile, Democrat Surging in Polls

Republican strategy:

Remind everyone you know that Dick Cheney voted against MLK holiday,

Rasmussen Edges to Kerry, Zogby to Bush. Raz Data for Iowa and Wisc.

A ray of Blue amongst the Red at the pub

Republican Cyberterrorists Attacking

Bush is on live on local TV here in Colorado Springs...

If anybody tries the old crap "The solution is simple . . ."

How would the GOP respond if George Soros owned TV stations

Important for Kerry not to get bogged down with this Sinclair BS.

Don't Mess with Bubbie

The Unfeeling President

LBN-Reuters Poll: Bush Moves Into Dead Heat with Kerry


Does * wear Depends in his debates?

Can a candidate win the Presidency after losing three debates?


What can we do about Sinclair using a 527 isn't that illegal? [Find info]

"Bubbie vs. the G.O.P." animated video to inspire voting

Dem surrogates failed to get "angry" meme across

quick someone fax this to Mr. Kerry

DU the Sinclair Message Board

Could Michael Moore give permission for networks to air F9/11?

Message from the DNC Regarding Sinclair

W's got 3 weeks to go. Lets watch him squirm.

Kerry 49% to Bush 48% amongst likely voters...

Check then refute this email

This election is now a contest of brute force.

Please help me respond to a freeper coworker

Kerry is better on Iraq. Everyone KNOWS this.

Will Sinclair and allies try to spin this as blocking their free speech?

BS CBS News Poll *48% Kerry 45% Nader 2%

Sinclair and ENRON thief co-own a company that got gov't contract

What do you want Kerry to say tomorrow night?

Tallahassee Democrat reports on Sinclair BS move

Great Opportunity if you live in Portland, OR

When contacting advertisers, BE SPECIFIC about which product you use

Why I think Kerry may need a defining moment in debate three

Oil Prices Are NOT THAT HIGH.

Debate III moderator's brother is an ambassador and business partner of *

a few more Sinclair (KSMO WB 62 Kansas City) advertisers

Irrefutable PROOF of Sinclair's UNAMERICAN activity

Will Bush concede the election?

Bush supporters have a personal agenda of their own...

Can Kerry Haters be for Kerry?

Go see Bubbe! very nice...

What should Kerry bring up tomorrow night??

Greg Mankiw: "The economic future of the United States is bright."

Yay! Oil hits $54 a barrel for the first time!

Dick Cheney quote on Saddam/Iraq

Unpublished LTTE and fuel for Wednesday

Plan to air divisive film raises questions

F911 -Library question for those who have donated a copy/copies

New meme saying that ABC favors Kerry....

They're setting it up to throw this election to congress

Please Contact These Sinclair Advertisers!

What IS it about Mass. that offends you Mr. President?

Bush Lies More Than Kerry!

'Bush Has Tempe Tantrum, Kerry Wins Debate ' (my headline)

Its Time Again! (download this!)

Bush's French tailor -- Georges de Paris

My E-Mail to Sinclair (cc'd to television media)

Could we please stop the jokes until after the election

"The Bush administration agrees with recording and movie companies"

WOW! "the view" just mentioned the "bulge" under Bush jacket

Sinclair advertiser calls company's move "POLITICAL INDECENCY"

Florida votes

Bush Says "75% Of Al-qaeda" Captured Or Killed...Exactly HOW MANY Is That?

Sinclair Watch

USA Today - Bush Approval Rating Slipping

DU this poll

I saw the Next Vice President today!!

I'm Cold: Flame Me.

October Surprise-- Looks like it's the Iraq Offensive

Ken Meyer Jr Joins Artists For Kerry/Edwards

Republicans Buying Red States with Blue State Security Funds

I am so sick of this sh!t

Sales Mgr for Sinclair station: "This affects people's livelihoods"

Fox: "Bush, Kerry Trade Shots Ahead of Debate"

Freepers are trying to put pressure on Commissioner Michael J. Copps

3 weeks from today - What are your thoughts

In this thread, we list our predictions on Bush*'s debate tactics...

Has anyone considered that ROVE is behind the Sinclair

Judy Woof-Woof At ASU: Where Are The Repugnicans?

“The UN Wasn’t Going to Get Rid of Saddam”

Bush drops 2 points in Rasmussen poll

David Brock on with Ed Schultz now (David Brock) has an easy to use

Distribution of documentaries

The next Kerry Ad should be.....

TPM confirms what's apparent on DU - re: SBG Boycott list

Someone needs to bring a shareholder action against Sinclair

Iraq: Because VIETNAM Was Such A GREAT IDEA!

Does the American Cancer Society advertise with Sinclair?

Another advertiser pulls it's ads off Sinclair affiliates

Sinclair gets a DEFENSE CONTRACT????? WTF????

Why your vote matters in the assumed Kerry states

Sylvan Learning Center pulls ads from SINCLAIR

Using Election Scorecard--let's predict when Kerry will claim victory

Experts SHOCKED at surprise last minute debate entry straw poll -- needs help

Bush wired... a Savile Row tailor's perspective

Latest Newspaper Endorsements

"Commission on Presidential Debates" Web Site, a great resource

Lucas County Democratic headquarters burglarized

The Big Dawg's doing his part

Can't use the word lier-Rule of House of Commons???

Kerry will get a knockdown in tomorrow's debate....

DU'ER something strange is going on. We need to be on alert and watch

Are all electors mandated to reflect their states' votes?

I just got my absentee ballot this afternoon!

Arghghghgh... voter registration fraud

Let's bury this meme for good: The world is NOT safer with Saddam gone!

I wonder...

Calling local Sinclair news stations--reaction and info from one...

Could Sinclair be sued by a shareholder because of this??

This would be funny, if only it werent true.

Rolling Stone: John Kerry Fights Back

Anyone ever think about Syphilis?

Kerry needs to mention the contracts to Bush liars in next debate

7-11 Kerry cups!

SINCLAIR awarded Bush Special Forces military contract

"What hump?"

RNC Channelling Leni Riefenstahl

HAHAHAHA -- Another GOP ghoul busted for wife beating!!!

ABB is sweeping the land.... ABB! ABB!! ABB!!!! ABB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good political movies to watch before 11/2- "The War Room" & "Bob Roberts"

DU this poll on who is better for the economy

The Terror Card - Only one left in the deck

Should Kerry accept Sinclair's offer of response time?

Censoring Books, Handing Out Bibles, Teaching Creationism[SchoolBoard]

When you write those letters to Sinclair's advertisers...

Sinclair program VS World Series Game #1

Kerry/Edwards signs vandalized and stolen in Bangor, ME


Rasmussen Battleground for 10/12 (A Little Better News)

Pentagon propaganda alert: Two failed rescue attempts

New meme saying that ABC favors Kerry....

Take your Kerry yard signs in at dusk.

Rasmussen: K50-B46 in Iowa

Help Craig's list has been targeted by WH for a spamming and disinformat-

Gallup on CNN is spinning debate losses by GWB as being irrelavant

Kerry picks up 3 on Bush in latest WaPo tracking: Kerry 47% Bush 50%

RW Radio Coming Home - DAMN They Are Desperate!

If AWOL* was wired wouldn't he have sounded SMARTER?

Please help DeFreep SBGI Message Board:

Bill Needs to get Campaigning if He really believes the Nation's at risk

Illinois DUers! stations to air controversial documentary

WaPo TRACKING POLL: Chimp 50 / Kerry 47 (LV) ; Kerry 48 / Chimp 46 (RV)

Bush believes "He's a leader because he slept in a Best Western Motel"

Will the 3rd debate have an impact on your decision? MSNBC

Are the Shrubbites Vandalizing Their Own Campaign Headquarters

Found this floating around the Internet(s)...

Three Illinois stations to air controversial documentary

How Bush is like Arafat - The Credibility Gap

Why does the right wing media let * get away with it?

The advertisers list has gotten bigger for Sinclair

Tomm., JK should mention that the future of America's airwaves is at stake

dailykos: Sen Bunning is losing his mind (and the race is getting tight!)

as we approach the domestic debate.....

please dont let Sinclair take away from debate focus

The Sinclair propaganda issue is NOT a free speech issue

I suppose its a mistake to question the govt about the 11 (?) al queda

How is this dumbass our president?

Bush is so freaking PHONY

Sinclair gov't contract tied to ENRON and Cheney Energy Task Force

"Stolen Honor" smear is refuted by fellow POW

Is Ten Commandments Case + Sinclair Proganda the October Surprise?

Supreme Court "October Surprise" Announcement - 10 Commandments & Debate

A request to all DUers

WingNut Talking Points - Why not...

Sinclair's advertisers in Cincinnati (WSTR) need to be contacted...

Zogby On With Lou Dobbs-Coming Up

Help me find Sinclair advertisers in Tampa

Campaign donor's list - is this correct?

Moore should let Sundance show Fahrenheit 9/11 FREE until the election

Would you vote for the Tin Man or the Scarecrow?

Sylvan Learning Center pulls ad from Sinclair.

I'm calling the list of Sinclair advertisers right now. Here's a good sign

Best Bumper Sticker Seen Yet!

Debate?---Who Many Million Viewers Do You Think

Kerry's first comments in tomorrow nights debate should be!

Zogby on CNN: only 12 percent....

Tweety's Panel: Predictions

CBS/Rather covering Sinclair now 6:36 EST

"Federalist Patriots" petition Cheney to Indict Kerry for Treason

PBS Sinclair story on now

Sen. Dayton closes Capitol Hill office over terror worries-CNN

How to upset the Sinclair stations

Senate debate for GA is on cspan at 9 PM.

MUST READ: Secrets of the Iraq Quagmire and the War on Terror

domestic debate: a "quick" look at a bit of Bush's environmental record

Molly Ivins next on Lou!

PALPAC asks Brad Carson to pull hateful ad

What to tell your right-wing friends

Kerry and Edwards need to say this

Who served, and who didn't?

Who will be in the audience in Tempe tomorrow night ???

congressional elections 2004

Question for Kentucky DU'ers

Edwards "50 cents per gallon is a tax for the Iraq war"....

DFA and MoveOn joint effort for Kerry victory. (DFA e mail)

Bush: "Kerry can't wage war on terror." Photos of how well Junior's doing

my letter to the Hardball staff

You Forgot Poland!!!!

Up The Ante With Sinclair: Expose Directors to Stock Holder Class Action!

Sinclair stock down.

I cant remember an election that split up family and freinds

Tried to run but could not hide. The Sinclair V.P. was on all stations

Edwards on Tonight Show tonight

What Kerry should do in the next debate

Sign DNC Sinclair Petition

DU CNN Sinclair Poll

One of the Sinclair advertisers, Play it Again Sports,

Paul Krugman posts economic facts on Bush's record for debate

Report from downtown Tempe.

Look at this response I got from emailing a Sinclair advertiser!!!

Anyone have the GIF of Bush pulling out a cheatsheet in debate#1

Sinclair smearcast will not stand. Pressure from all directions will

MN Senator Mark Dayton Closing DC office

I heard someone say today.....

Rove/Bush/Cheney/Hughes/Rummy/Rush ets are so OBSESSED

In the Balance

Confirm/deny my impression of vote fraud

The stacked deck on Hardball is getting ridiculous

Obama / Keyes Debate tonight! Streaming possibilities for

Tomorrow's debate: same format as

Best for AMERICA< YOUNG or OLD, Rich or Poor, smart or lolo...who got the

From TPM: contacting sales managers of local Sinclair stations

WOW! Letter I got back from one of Sinclairs local sponsors.

Equal Time for Sinclair MUST Be ANTI-BUSH.

Watch out for illegal signs

WTF is with the new Bush/Cheney star campaign logo?

What has happened with the FAUX news, "ABC news memo" that

Bush to Skip AARP Gathering of 25,000

CNN Whore of the Day: Wolf Blitzer


Saddam was only a "nuisance"? Not a threat?

New plans, new attitudes.

Jeff Rosenzweig Is A God ... ("Who's Jeff Rosenzweig?", you ask.)

Sure hope Kerry campaign is watching PBS segment on

Boycott Sinclair Broadcast Group

I Just Got A Call From the Bush/Cheney Solicitors

The Big Dawg's Getting Ready

Place Yer Bets! Place Yer Bets!

The cellphone brigade and why the polls may be wrong (Joe Trippi)

Young Men for Bush........

Can I get some links about pro-choice Catholics?

Sinclair station in Florida urges people to call Kerry

Republicans like to talk about criticism of Kerry and Edwards in

CBS doing Sinclair story--NOW

DEBUNKED: P.J. O'Rourke's latest Weekly Standard Article

Kerry Haters for Kerry - funniest Bumper Stickers EVER! LOL

Re: *'s Electronic Device-- New Meme for folks

Freepers try to counter our good deeds


What Kerry absolutely NEEDS to say...

I think the Repubs and Hannity are loosing it.

Debate ratings fall, still beat 2000 figures

What did I tell you? Arabs may be plotting to lower oil prices

WHOA, Who Saturated The MSNBC Background With REPUBLICANS?

email to lodge an FCC complaint on Sinclair Broadcast

Tucker Carlson looks older in real life

Why Can't Kerry Hit Back With "I Threatened To Veto It Before I Passed It"

Tweedy says Kerry behind i nthe polls? lol

Tweety watchers....Tweety is on Tweetys side, not yours

Listen to great C&W song: "Takin' My Country Back"

Wesley Clark Comes Out Swinging...

Voting our Conscience, Not Our Religion.

How can anyone support Bush after those two debates?

Just saw the new Michael J. Fox Ad! Wow.

AP: "Bush Taunts Kerry, Tests Debate Lines"

Is W really a rock star?

We Need to be Wary of Tomorrow's Debate

I convinced owners of my company to pull all ads from Sinclair!

Sen. Dayton closing office until after election? What does he know?

Deleted message

What do we do if Bush loses, but seizes power?

Anyone got a link to old *Bush* debate footage? Please?

London tailor: that's no seam, Bush was wired

Help Jan Schneider kick Katherine Harris' ass

DITKA on CNBC....talking about the senate race!

CNN Paula Zahn's poll asks if you think * is wired!

Randi Rhodes talking about Sinclair Broadcasting now.

Gallup poll shows Chimp's approval slipping (RATE IT UP!)

PBS 13 doing sinclair piece now GO GO 7:30 pm eastern

Latest Zogby Online Poll

Polls for several Sinclair Affiliates: DU them all here

AM Repug compares Kennedy, Feinstein, Durbin, Leah to HITLER.

Bush will be desperate for a 'win' on Wed. nite, his desperation will show

What percentage of 18 to 29 year olds have land phones?

Before election 2008, Al Gore's liberal network? (the former Sinclair?)

"Change is in the air"

Does Bush risk wearing the wire tomorrow night?

Sinclair VP: Networks Holocaust Deniers, car-bombs are contributions to JK

October Surprises and the Sheeple - Some Thoughts

Call Toyota they are encouraging us to

To go to a * Rally you have to Write an Essay!

Don't laugh- Okla. might go Kerry!

IN A LANDSLIDE. In. A. Landslide.

Steve Brozak is coming up next on CNN!

Bush Scan. Tomorrow.

Zogby password poll: Race tied at 45%, Independents split at 39%

The Whole Earpiece Thingy...


Bush said war on terror can't be won

What Is Bush's Raisin D'etre ... Besides Fear?

You just have to laugh - got a "Vote for Bush" call

It's Working! Sylvan Learning Center pulls ads from Sinclair

Join the Kerry/Edwards Phone Corps...(John Ross, campaign e mail)

I am SO sick of this election.....Arg! (long post need to rant)

Bush is dividing and splitting up families ...

Honestly, Team America concerns me more than Stolen Honor..

Anti-Defamation League IS NOT amused (Sinclair's Hyman comments)

ZINGERS for Wednesday night - Post 'em here!

I Was In 'NAM & Saw Evidence-1000's Of Atrocities[Posted on Kerry/Edwards]

The DOW is close to breaking below 10,000 (54 pts away as I write)

Cheney, Halliburton Helped Saddam Fleece Oil for Food Program

Kerry Crowd Drowns Out bu$h Backers at IT Show

Flashback to 2000: Wingers predicted Clinton would refuse to step down

Boycott NPR

RS blows the whistle on Kerry's campaign press pool

"Stolen Honor" airs Saturday, October 23.

So local RW host in Cleveland decides to help his nephew in a mock

Pro-Kerry filmmaker offers Sinclair 'equal time' solution

"Schieffer's statements raise questions about objectivity"

Hey, Kerry! While debating the crazy monkey, bring up how BIN LADENs FLEW!

Deleted message

Kentucky Senate: How did Bunning's mental status become an issue


Kerry's sitting on something for Oct 20th

FCC Wants us to call! Number/Form below

Stolen Honor is the issue, not Sinclair.