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Archives: October 18, 2004

Mark Dayton: An extreme but necessary precaution

"The Eagle can make no recommendation for president"

Colorado is shaping up to be a nightmare on Election Day

Without a Doubt

WP: The Choice on Liberty

James Wolcott on Jonah Goldberg's sliming of Kerry

How Bush Totally Ruined America's Economy

Fight to Finish This Time?

'Terror Fears Can't Curb 'Liberty' - Appeals Court

With endorsements like these, who needs.....

NYT article on Sinclair Broadcasting

Any means necessary

Interesting Analysis... Is This Guy A Student ???

Why Bush Is Insulted, Mocked And Ridiculed

Salon: "Homosexuals Are Hellbound!"

Whoslying interview with President Bush

NYT: Imagining America if Bush Chose the Supreme Court

Get your service stars! Hot off the electronic press!

I'm taking November 1st off to do lit drops and canvassing

The World According to Bush excellent documentary

Who else is rip roaring excited to see Jon Stewart on Daily Show tommorrow

Was my thread on the film BUSH'S BRAIN deleted?


Rebuke Sharon Government for Suggesting U.S. Supports Abandoning the Peace

Killing children is no longer a big deal

Hey Sacramento DUers

A little help on this Sinclair poll: Show F9/11 if showing Swiftie smear?

Dewey Stokes on CSPAN going door-to-door for Bush?

I was in Cleveland today and saw the most disgusting thing


My letter to Dallas Morning News (subscriptions)

Insane Anti-Kerry Sign in Rockwall, TX!

Tomorrow: Opportunity for Payback Starts

More problems with The Northwestern

McDermot's opponent Carol Cassidy is playing the homophobe card

Oct Suprise=China trades Ossama for the rest of our jobs and Treaties

Without a Doubt - faith and opinions

Any new Pictures of Bush showing the 'Rumored' sagging face ..??

Sinclair Family Down $14 million

You forgot Sweden

Why does Tom Delay hate rural Texans?

Sundance Channel showing "Uncovered, The Whole Truth"

Fun from deep within bush* country....Louisiana

Abu Ghraib Records were to be released to ACLU by Oct 15

Anyone watching Tina Brown's Journal on CNBC?

A Pocket Guide to Neocons--Radio Netherlands....incredible report!

Inspiring Kerry quotes ...

You know who is taking shots at Jon Stewart

Abortions INCREASED during Bush* years (economy cited)

Bush, Kerry, or Nader. MSNBC POLL needs help!!!

Billions on defense and can't even protect us against the flu?

Organs trafficking in Baghdad

How many people have been killed because of the Bush family.

"Free Press"? Not if you're in Freedom Communications Land.

Not all southerners , repuke looking, are racists.

A Face Of Pure Evil

Amtrak Pays Millions for Others' Fatal Errors

Gallup = Smelly, steaming pile of BS

We don't have a Sludge, so we are weak

Kerry and Arizona

The President's apparent mental fragility should give US voters pause for

Kids vote on Tuesday the 19th

highschool/college aged DU'ers: If you had to explain to your peers...

Need a little refresher on the 2 $87B Iraq bills. Kerry voted FOR the

Samuel Johnson said "Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel".

anyone ever see this spoof on the fox news website?

Unfreep this important poll

Marine returns from Iraq to emotional ruin, suicide

Before the invasion, I believe refugees were expected to

Why is that zombie Zarqawi NOW declaring his allegiance to bin Laden?

What song(s) will you be playing if bush wins?

Demand Letter To Bush From Karl W. B. Schwarz - Details A Conspiracy

What song(s) will you be playing if Kerry wins?


Fear and loathing, and major solidarity, at Wal-mart Honolulu competitor

Reality Check: What Caused Bush to Surpass Kerry in the Polls?

India's gays awaken to bad dream

Were Republicans tied to the corrupt 'oil for food' program?

What's up with all the locked threads?

Michael Moore Challenged Sinclair few days ago, any action?

Does anyone yet have "Will They Ever Trust Us Again?"

Why is Bush Suddenly Attending CHURCH?

Peter Werbe talk radio is on now 11 P.M. ET

The S.T.O.P. Movement

did anyone else think that Team America was really, really racist?

Is anyone participating in the Election Protection project...

NY Post (Murdoch's rag) endorses Schumer for Senate

BBV - more ballot printing trouble. Warren County IL.

Another bush* lie exposed....

If you're not reading Michael Berube -- why not?

Air America Radio founder 0n Werbe now

VOTE NOW: Zogby Interactive Poll

Your thoughts on Fog of War with Robert McNamara?

Link to Bushisims

Is it possible for Kerry/Edwards to talk about Air America Radio

Thought this would be interesting

Ron Silver's distinguished career..(on Fox..of course)

Talk some sense into me

Has anyone noticed that there has been almost no media coverage of....

S.F. Gate summary of endorsements...interesting

Need some inspiration? Iron Jawed Angels on HBOSig

Matt PUDGE Is Claiming Mary CHEENEE Had "Privacy"

Tom Tomorrow nails todays press

George Soros on LinkTV

Delaware DU'ers - If BIDEN Goes, Who Gets the Senate Seat?

This is positively EVIL!

Kushner Anti-War Play, Sally Field, Progressive Democrats of America

SHOCK & AWE: The Zhirinovsky Connection/russian/usa 1996 doc

I angered a right-winger in church today

95% of Sinclair stock family owned

BBV - San Bernardino ballots need more postage - NOT!!

Help me understand the "Oil for Food" scandal...

RE: Michael Moore's challenge on Leno...

In my darkest moments...

An interesting point about early voting

CBC Documentary on Bush team

Forgive me for being behind on the Jon Stewart/Crossfire story...

The Republicans I've known...


Who do you think the GOP Nominee in 08 will be?


Highjacking Catastrophy on LinkTV

Max Cleland in Iraq Documentary on LinkTV

"Pope fears Bush is antichrist, journalist contends"

Do you own the F911 dvd?

Does anyone have the scoop on this site

You're gonna LOVE this letter to the editor!

Dean, Buchanan debate at Penn on Tuesday, 19th

Jesus is a Liberal

Central Florida: Bob Graham at Florida Southern Wed., book signing.

Woohoo! We're turning the corner! Oil over $55./barrel

Caracas mayor pulling out of poll

Kerry could heal NATO's wounds but tensions to linger: analysts

Nigerian novelist waives award in protest (Achebe)

GIs Who Refused Job Had Unarmored Trucks

Hundreds rally in D.C. against Bush

Former CIA spymaster fires back

UN 'must ignore cloning ban call'

WP: Cheney Pops One for Edwards (Heart Pills?)

Election to Be Scrutinized for Irregularities

Musharraf taking a leaf out of Pakistan history

Flyer About Black Voters Angers Mo. GOP

New Oregon poll: Bush, Wu, Measures 34 & 36 win

Crude Oil Price Surges Past $55 in Asia

"Poll: Troops, families question Iraq strategy" CNN

Police Show Strain From Endless Alerts

750 British troops could be deployed in Baghdad: Times

According to anti-war protest in London "World's No. 1 Terrorist" is Bush

Ron Silver Says His GOP Activism Has Cost Him In Hollywood

Senate race both parties must win

NYT: Talk of Bubble Leads to Battle Over Bulge

WP: Faith Increasingly Part Of Kerry's Campaign

Edwards Warns Floridians of GOP 'Tricks'

Study Says White Families' Wealth Advantage Has Grown

Electoral College scenarios 'Faithless electors'

Risks Seen for TV Chain Showing Film About Kerry

Poll suggests Kerry has lead in swing states

No10 did not tell truth about Iraq, says diplomat who quit

Soldiers Saw Refusing Order as Their Last Stand

Best NFL Wide Reciever?

Utah sheriff to track porn at crime scenes--aw, hell--please delete

Have You Heard Howard Dean's Radio Ad For "Yahoo Local"

Can you feel the time change coming upon us?

Utah sheriff to track porn at crime scenes

Texas Aggies, Are you as worked up as we are?

Is DU slow, off and on, for anyone else?

Desperate Housewifes is on so I got to go Boston Legal on after that

Anyone use a desperate housewife with a heinz product

Pittsburgh (Heinz country) defeats Dallas (Bush country)

Remind you of anyone?

is excrement still there for the Democrats

Does anyone else use Heinz products on Desperate Housewives?

God this wife of bath is a messed up lady

Need some good links for pro stem-cell persuasion paper...

that's it. I give up on ales.

I'm coming down with something...gack!

That's it...I'm NOT giving up on females.

Does anyone else use Heinz products?

that's it, i give up on cats!

that's it. i give up on flails

wow... it's pouring here

Interior decoration: What's your favorite color?

That guy on American Dreams who sings in the bar

What I Did On My Autumn Vacation

So I had the vasectomy Tuesday.

rate Killer Bun's HOTness...

Sirius or XM????

I think my three year old brother is STRAIGHT!

put your tongue between your lips and blow

My Friend Thinks His Seven Year Old Son Is A Mule

My Friend Thinks His 7 Year Old Son Is GAY!

My Friend Thinks His Seven Year Old Son Is A Republican

Free porn

I think I have some spyware...

I think my 5 year old dog is a gay Democrat

only in California

Hello there

They've come out from under the bridge in GD2004.

My friend thinks his seven year old son is a gay, republican mule

Has anyone seen a big, red, throbbing cock?

I think my 3 year old is a Democrat - Yay!

Fall pictures for your enjoyment

What song(s) will you be playing if bush wins?

Bill Maher first HBO special on right now --

hyenas *are not* assholes

Anyone ever have sex with a prep?

SarahBelle has been caught being naughty

What's the tastiest meat?

Anyone ever had sex with a librarian?

God kills kittens ...

Anyone ever have sex with a boring person?

Moonbeam_Starlight is leaving us; please give her a rousing sendoff

I get free cable, phone and cable Internet this month!!!!

Anyone ever have sex with a goth?

Anyone ever had sex with a Democratic Campaign staffer?

This is a big pussy

I spent like 4 straight hours in a hot tub today

Anyone Ever Had Sex With a Terrorist?

Anyone Ever Had Sex With a PUNK?

Why are my legs so tasty?

Anyone have sex with a Buddhist Russian?

Anyone ever have sex with an Atheistic Armenian?

Harvey Birdman: Its the Homeland Security spoof ep

Anyone ever have sex with a Herpetic Herpetologist?

hyenas are *not* hermies!

Anyone ever had sex with a British Columbian?


Anyone ever have sex with a Georgian Orthodox

Anyone ever have sex with a piton?


Statisticians=Stupid: END fad of "12 to 16%", just say 14%

Who is the American League Championship Series MVP? (EDIT: SO FAR)

Anyone ever have sex with a revolutionary?

Fall picture for your enjoyment

WHY are we playing baseball in October? In Boston?

Anyone ever evolved with a sexist?

What is a "falafel"?

Any publishers out their? How about Free Thinkers?

Scientific Breakthrough in Texas!

Miracle Kitten Survives

have the Chargers been cursed by their repuke owner?

any Threes Company fans?

Are the SBLT sponsoring SOX FAN posters?

anyone have sax with a bassoonist?

Problem with cat

Have You Ever Sexually Harrassed Bill O'Reilly?


Does anyone have this problem

What's your major malfunction, Numbnuts?

it's troll hunting season

Anyone else extremely tired and weary?

Oh I kept meaning to mention

Dylan fans Guess what I found in good shape in record store the other day?

Thank God I hate the Yankees......Wait-I fucking love them and they RULE!!

Favorite Family Guy Character?

Anyone ever have sex with an evolutionist?

anyone ever have sex with a libertarian?

Has any one watched the Farscape mini series yet?

Anyone have sex with an Endangered Species?

Ever Been Sexually Harassed By Bill O'Reilly?

OK, Sox fans, form a circle and join hands....

Cat Lovers Against The Bomb!!!

where can I download/watch the nightline tape?

Anyone ever have lox with cream cheese?

California Democrats

Official Game 4 Extra Innings Thread

Report on my first "first date" in 15 years.

How do you dress? preppy, punk, etc

can some one explain ATHF tonight?

Will somebody PLEASE have sex with John Kleeb?

Tonight's Amtrak Engineer was playing Benny Goodman on the horn

Am I a bad doggie mommy?

Take the Patriot Pledge! Tell all your friends about it too!

Animal Rescue Site, Rainforest Site, Breast Cancer Site...

What song(s) will you be playing if Kerry wins?

Miracle Kitten Survives

That's it. I give up on males

DU parents please have your kids vote

Anyone ever have sex with a Briton?

Novel Excerpt (VERY Graphic)

What CD should I listen to tonight?

A musician's view of the candidates

Anyone not have sex?

I call the forces of evil to smile upon the Yankees in their time of trial

would i be a bastard if?

Where did you attend college?

80s tunes: pick one

Study Shows 130% of Americans - Almost Half -- Don't Understand Statistics

Women on the Move (in NH)

I think Limbaugh secretly wants Kerry to win.

Put more water in the soup 'cause better times are comin'...

President Loses 2 Points (Bush 46%- Kerry 44%); Zogby

Just got recorded msg from GOP re early voting

CBC - Poll suggests Kerry has lead in swing states

Anyone been to the Campaign Oddsmaker site?

Controversy in Florida re:absentee ballots and DNC memo

A little help on this Sinclair poll: Show F9/11 if showing Swiftie smear?

How is Kerry Going to Fund His Programs? Some Speculations

Weird lighting at Bush rally

Is Bush overprotected?(Debate bulge article w/funny quote by Terry M)

Drudge is not a news source.

Bush Plagiarized Kerry's "Paperwork" in the 3rd Debate

Any info on that poll that gives Kerry 10 point lead in 13 swing states?

Non-swing state DU'ers what do you think about this?

2000 flip flop - Could Kerry win the EC and lose the popular vote?

DUMBO - A War Story Starring George W.

In that new ABC/WP poll, Kerry leads independents by 3%


Pandering and exploiting 9/11 again or Why * took the day off.

Indianapolis Star Endorses Bush... Tepidly

Who Else LOVES IT When Kerry Wears That Yellow Jacket?

Brad Pitt Helping Out At MU Homecoming For Kerry

Send letters to Khofi Annan and Jimmie Carter, asking for Int. Monitors

Patriot Pledge at

Here's what Gallup's LV model misses

Has Bush Lost His Reason? The Observer

Leave it to Bush!!

Dems Should Have Articles of Impeachment Drafted

Is the excitement still there for the Democrats?

Bush NOT giving up on Pennsylvania (another campaign visit--UGH)

Poll suggests Kerry has lead in swing states

In the neighborhood where I live

Whither Bush?

Maybe those crappy poll results...

These issues could defeat shrub...

About the Bush Bulge

Anybody hear rumours about the Wash. Post goind freetarded and endorsing *

Kerry should go to a red state

It would have nice if the media had actually reported Bush's crookery...

Kerry sign thief gets shot in the *ss!

Nov. 3: The Nader factor...

Latest Polls indicate Kerry to win election by around 24 electoral votes

The horrible truth of a second if you dare

Just Finished Going UpRiver -- WOW!

Tales from the Campaign Trail

Weekly Reader poll to unFreep:

Bush speech tomorrow aims to cancel out Gore's speeeeech????

They're worried here in VA - here's a "sign" as to why


More Evidence of Iraq FU: General Reported Shortages In Iraq (RATE IT)

DU'ers with kids or nieces and nephews

(2) C-Span alerts.....Watch if you can.

Leak to WaPo - Bush & cronies did not supply troops with enough supplies

Let's remind people about TIA and the "terrorist market"

2004 Elections Tied

Internal Numbers Favor Kerry...BIG TIME!

Three Cheers for the K/E table people @ Palos Verdes

Bush, Kerry or Nader? MSNBC poll needs help!!

Risks Seen for TV Chain Showing Film About Kerry

Another shocking poll to fix

Anecdotal, but bad news for Mich. GOP

AP Wire, November 3, 2004:

Wall Street Journal Editorial Page

Watching replay of MTP

Was anyone here at the Kerry Rally last night in Wakefield?

Just watched F911 with my Libertarian nuclear engineer Bro-in-Law

Why would anyone vote for W(ood)?

Since all the Cable Losers look at DRUDGE, Won't he Tell us who won ?

Roanoke (VA) Times endorses Kerry?!

Who will THE ECONOMIST endorse?

anyone posting Drudge stories should be banned

just back from Edwards rally in Tally. 9,000 people showed up

RNC talking point mixup

VA constitutionial admnendments - there are two - are they good for dems

"Endorsements Rolling In for BUSH" says

DU this Ohio Poll!!

Will There Be A Deregulation Backlash In Kerry's Presidency For Sinclair?

what was the freeper spin on.......

Interview With Pollster John Zogby

Proof Kerry is in a lot better shape than Gore was at this point in 2000

Poll: What Kind Of Environmental President Will Kerry Make?

NBC Nightly News Sunday...Excellent Reporting

I was just granted a leave of absence from work thru 11/3- the campaign

Indianapolis Star Lacerates Bush

***Attention Poll Watchers***

Bush Logic

Does the election news make any logical sense?

Gen. Hugh Shelton Seen on Commercial for Bowles. NC Senate Race

When President Kerry is in the White House...

Three days in the life of a Kerry volunteer (longish)

I Cant Take It!, Damn you undecided!

Call Colorado, Kerry campaign

To the Bitter End : Finemans new article

This Frog (and the planet) is counting on you!


The reason

Great Cartoon!

MN: Democrats take edge in adding to voter rolls!

Wow! NV Senior Senator Harry Reid - commercial

Interesting Buldge Update

At least seven Florida newspaper endorsements for Kerry:

Why Bush was holed up at the White House today

Unfit Commander

Regarding Russert, Shrum, Mehlman and the bulge...

Republican presidential campaign blasphemous

A Senior Speaks Out

The Accidental President and Those That Protected His Incompetency

Bush's retreat from reality -- good read

"Sunshine and Alligators" from Japan to Florida for the election.

Are the SBLT sponsoring SOX FAN posters?

We could not be in a BETTER position for victory.

"I'll tell it straight to the American people"

URGENT: Ohio Dem Headquarters burglarized, could jeopardize election.

I propose only positive Kerry news be posted from now on

Another article about Kerry Landslide in the making

Are there any sites listing what time polls close in each state?

My Gut Feeling: Kerry wins easily no matter what current polls say.

Bush's Debate Performance is Driving Republicans to Kerry - emediawire

Just thinking out loud about polling..

If you are worried about Nov 2--this should make you feel better

LOUISIANA DU'ers: Who's Better for the Senate: Kennedy or John?

FANTASTIC photo from today's Florida rally! (big!)

Why I'm not going to vote on Nov. 2nd


Is it just me? or do you think that Kerry MUST win in a landslide.

Anyone see this in their newspaper today? About the Iraq war.

Critique my latest LTTE (warning, mentions Mary Cheney)

Nagourney article discussing M Cheney fallout-Avoid if you can't handle it

The battle of the stolen signs in GA + pics of me & Race4peace

something that's got me worried...

Can't take any more emails from a repub

Latino Groups Upset Over RNC ad in NC attacking Bowles

So when Kerry wins and four years later....

After this election is over, Roveian lessons to be learned...

the Globe says AZ still in play "with no spin, we win"

Drudge Fanning the Florida Flames

VOTE NOW: Zogby Interactive Poll

Bush campaigning in NJ: Beware, Rove is at it again

Two weeks and one day - it is inevitable.

Coverage for tomorrow's Al Gore speech is as follows

What's the situation in Nebraska?

Original source for this photo of W?

Missouri newspaper reverses Bush endorsement!

The Kerrymobile

Repub's thought on lack of vaccine...

An Encouraging Discussion with My Mom

Nine Newspapers that endorsed Bush in 2000 endorse Kerry in 2004

The Election Model is currently featured over at

What has me most worried about this election, the "Wellstone" scenario!

Musical Acts for Kerry vs. Musical Acts for Bush

"Dear Limey Assholes" -- Guardian gets responses to its Ohio letter drive

So Jeb is saying that the hurricanes will prevent Repukes

Does Kerry have any bombs to drop? (Speculative thread)

Let's project forward to the inauguration in January

nov. 3 protest!!!

Order the dvd "Going Upriver: The Long War of John Kerry"

St. Pete Times "Sorting through the Catholic Vote"

Irrational support

Get the vote out for Kerry and let them know

refusing reservists/helicopter crash link?

The Strip Club Vote

Law Clerks break silence on Gove v Bush 2000 election

The Brownshirting of America

The fight for the hearts minds and dollars of the US patriot

Fr The Observer "Has bush lost his reason?"

Iraq Miscalculation and Misstep - Investigative Report

And you thought his first term was a nightmare

Rocky News in Colorado

What John Kerry Should Say (offensive remarks)

Unbelievable, they knew there was a problem with vaccine supply.

David Shuster's update on "Sinclair's sin"

Hardblogger published my e-mail agreeing with Jon Stewart

Blogging the final days of the election

The Most Dangerous President.

Does it count as a satire if it defends the status quo?

No Spin Zone

Instant runoff system to be tested in San Francisco

Wake up and smell the Fascism (Bush regime)

Slate: Five ways the election could end up in court, again.

Compromise, Hell!

The Street Gets Comfortable with Kerry

The Pitiful Press Corps - The Cause of Our Uninformed Electorate

A Reaganite argues that Bush is dangerous

Herbert: A War Without Reason

The American Conservative Magazine writer endorses Kerry


Petition the GOP! Time Running out -- NEEDS HELP!

I just called U.S. Cellular re: advertising & SInclair.

Ask Canadian TV to share program exposing Bush

Live in AL, FL, MD, NC, SC, VA or can stop Sinclair!

Bush in Hershey PA on Thursday in Large Stadium

Poll Monitors needed in CO, FL, OH, and NM on Nov. 2

Fight Fire With Fire - Kerry Movie Night, October 29th, 2004

Check out my dad's song

Okay, I just called Victoria Secrets re: advertising on Sinclair

Right-Wing talk radio

shrub documentary on Sundance tonight

Where in Boulder is Judy Woof Woof?

Tim 'Bulldog' Russert

Is there a list of Pres. newspaper endorsements, and

Overall ratings look good for AAR in New York

Euro at $1.2517 (per table on Reuters)

Wealth gap: eighty eight K white, eight K black

Download Matt Savinar's Life After the Oil Crash free until Nov. 2

Insulating attic plans

Just bought my first house....

Your old cellphone is destroying the Earth

Hey, any DUer with some time to spare, please look at this thread and

Tamil rebels reject talks proposal

troll question

Is Scott McClellan moonlighting as a DU mod?

Please consider putting streaming link to GOING UPRIVER at top of GD2004.

Is there an easy way to repost something to another forum?

question about news source

Mods - why did you do that?

I looked but didn't

Problem staying logged in - logs me out constantly.

I think I'm seeing a pattern regarding new troll "visits:"

Should we organize LTTE campaigns for papers endorsing Bush?

Question on copyright

Destroying Your Home With Love And Wisdom

Israel Feuds With Agency Set Up to Aid Palestinians

Israel kills four Gaza militants

The ball is in Israel's court

Sharon under pressure as gun battles continue

Question about Israel and us giving them so much money...

Ariel Sharon's Worldview (Only Israel and the US Matter) & Condi Rice

Ralph Nader: Criticizing Israel is Not Anti-Semitism

'Sharon is a butcher': "This is worse than an earthquake

Conspiracy Video about the Pentagon Attack on 9/11

10/18: Mohamed Atta was a wealthy, chain-smoking drug dealer? Top 10 List

Does anyone have current numbers on Brett Wagner's campaign?

Vote early, lets do it, volunteer, get out the VOTE, send * back to..

Des Moines DUers, KDSM airing Propoganda Film on Friday at 7 pm

Edwards visits Thursday

Can I have 5 minutes of your time?

Kerry is supposed to visit MN this week

I sense this MN board is getting more & more active, everday!!!

Has anyone seen the Wellstone movie, yet?

VOTE EARLY, volunteer, get out the vote, lets do it!

Vote Vote Vote call your friends get em out, let do it!

John Edwards Rally in New Philadelphia

Have you seen those commercials

Dick Cheney in Cincinnati AGAIN Tuesday (10/19) for Town Hall meeting

How MUch Trouble Could This Cause Me

From GD:2004 - The UK Guardian's "Operation Clark County"

Michael J. Fox backing Specter...

Bush in Hershey PA on Thursday - Ticket Info

VOTE early, volunteer, get out the vote, lets do it!

PA Poll : * 42%, Kerry 46%, Undecided 10%

Melissa Brown

I Received this email from Felix Alvarado

The creator of Get Your War On will be in Dallas on 10/26 and is

Jefferson County Early Voting Locations

Supreme Court orders a new look at Texas congressional districts

First Voter in County for KERRY... ME!!

Harris County Early Voting Locations

Dallas county early voting locations

Need some help with something ASAP about voting in Tx.

Austin DU votes for Kerry Edwards!

Regime change has started!

Lampson press conferenc re: RNC ad blaming him for 9/11 attacks

A letter you might send non-pol friends

Vote Early, volunteer, get out the vote, lets do it!

Going To The Packers-Cowgirls Game, Suggestions Anyone?

has anyone gotten their absentee ballot yet?

nice editorial from the local paper, regarding the missing nuke equipment


Electoral College swings toward Kerry (according to this site)

Those of us who venture over to freeperville(and cu)...


What happened to $2.3 TRILLION???

Who will be the first black president?

Help me change my family's votes

I do not like you, DNC.

U.S. at odds over world tribunal (A must read!!)

Deeply disturbing article about Ohio and Gays at

I just want to thank all of you

"Operation Night Watch" (yardsigns)

UK citizens irked at having their soldiers "take some casualties" for *?

what Shakespeare said about what awaits a King who leads his nation into a

Mr.Bush, you have authorized the development of bunker buster

Another OUTSTANDING Top Ten Conservative Idiots

Ron Suskind, in his excellent article in sunday's NYT, quotes Bush

Where's the thread with the Anti-Bush Country song???


Newspaper Endorsements.

Hideous Evil Hag Lucianne Goldberg on Al Franken: "A Failed Heterosexual"

Future News: 2008 Stock Market Bubble Crash, Social Security Bankrupt!

I believe that the outsourcing craze is part of the Republican strategy

Jim Maceda, MSNBC is on IMUS "The situation has gotten worse ."

Operation Truth: Iraq war is being done 'on the cheap'.

How can Bush understand the plight of the poor?

which treaties has the United States chose to ignore after signing

One thread at DU yesterday was about legal work being outsourced

So what does the RW think about the American Refusniks?

What's the link for Jon Stewart crossfire video?

looking for video page link..........

Our guys completely lost the spin following the third debate...

What is the survey I just heard on CNN?

Can they track early voting results?

Government not preparing for flu disaster this winter.

Are There Price Caps on Flu Vaccines?

Conservative Florida paper refuses to endorse Bush

WTF! : Repukes have better sex?!

Which conservative makes you the angriest?

Question about Iseral and us giving them so much money...

Wes Clark will be on MSNBC in a few minutes!

Time for a max-out tinfoil hat moment: suppose Kerry gets "Wellstoned?"

Want to take a poll?

Did anyone watch the documentary on Sundance last night about the Iraq war

It's not Outsourcing. "Job Exports" is more accurate.

Zogby calls US Presidential election for 'Tin Man' Kerry!

"Tort Reform," Lone Star style

Post links to the B/C rally arrests here

Republican Switchers

Republicans Against Bush

Leadership failure, not intellignece failure

Well, looks as if Drudge is punishing Jon Stewart!

The misadventures of bigot Joe Farah - He is against the 'Sodomy 6'

Could atheists do this?

Did anyone see Matt Lauer sink to a new low today?

CNN Gallup :Poll & Frank Newport.

At 10:30 Sinclair stock is just .03 from being at 52 week low

The Cuban and Congo vote cancels each other out

Zarquawi and Al Qaida.........together at last.......WTF

Flu vaccine shouldn't have been left to the pharmaceutical industry.

The flu will cost the economy millions this year.

the fools at ABC are claiming republicans have better sex.

Jimmy Carter to appear on the Letterman show tonight.

Incompetent Moron - PIX

Conspiracy Video about the Pentagon Attack on 9/11

(1101) when will it end?

Michael Moore on NPR 's Terry Gross

seeking link to GWBush in pickup wearing t-shirt with bulge in back

Does anyone here have the newspaper endorsement count? n/t

Poland getting out of Iraq in 05 no Polish companies on reconstruct gravy

Poll: Bush Trounces Kerry in Debates

Help me respond to some Repuke who said this:

Putin for Bush???

Important question: Can Kerry do it all?

Ask The White House: "President and Mrs. Bush really like Psalm 27"

The Zogby Poll

Deja Vu: The Bush Gang Rides Again

Why can't DNC webite give most important info on home page?

BWAHAHAHAHA! Sinclair stock is plunging!

Shout-out for Cynthia McKinney!

Did Bush* invade Iraq to get Al Qaeda off his back?

It's not a good time for O'Reilly to be plugging his kids' book

Middle Eastern Rug store pulls add from my local Sinclair affiliate!!

MSNBC story suggested Dems are trying to suppress military vote

analysts say $60 a barrel is coming and probably $75

Afghan Candidate Claims Fraud in Elections,

Documentary about Muslims, etc in US after 9-11 LinkTV

Lynn Landes files federal lawsuits against voting machines and absentee vo

What Can My Good Friends At DU Do With This Rant?

Gore Speech on Bush...C-Span Now...12:30 est!

"Hijacking Catastrophe" on Dish today...what time?

"Everything changed on 9/11".............not.

BEN BURCH of White Rose Society: WHERE ARE YOU?

Friend just called and said he heard on the radio about american troops

Sinclair employee decries planned program on Kerry

AWOL to avoid draft by Extending Reserves to 5 Years Rumored!

Du'ers can you help me?

World Media Watch for October 18, 2004.....

Presedential trivia--or maybe more than that?


If Rush came out of the closet, would his supporters still love him?

The Chimpleton and Rove/Cheney = Puzzle & Shift - any CSLewis fans?

Army forced to eat seed corn

Not only is Bush robbing America blind, now hes robbing banks

Shouldn't Bush have treated the Flu shot shortages as a homeland security

Al Franken's Strom Thurman commercial on AAR

Did Bush take physical?

Does a Kerry victory mean a defeat...

Anybody else notice the meme being pushed by the Reichwing: DON'T VOTE!

Bush just said on CNN that Kerry forgot Poland

George Carlin doesn't vote!

Who will be the first female president?

My email to George Will (GRRR)

Gore next live on cspan 1 - 12:30 ET

Holbrooke ripping into Fox lady...

I just checked out Wal-mart's book dept

Why don't they combine early voting lines with flu shot lines?

why is Kerry green on Cnn?

Debating the Iraq War

My husband's friend sent this stink bomb to us

The "early voting" line went into the parking lot this weekend...

American Fed. of Senior Citizens Contact Info: Sent mail to intimidate

Code of Business Conduct and Ethics Sinclare Broadcasting Group, INC.

"A President must be able to do more than one thing at a time"....

Gore: "Bush Cheney Administration is a rarity. They are simultaneously..

How was Moore on the Today Show?

I Wish Air America Would Air Al Gore's Speech

who has good links on vote fraud

Live poll from MSNBC needs help!

Question: Who pays insurance premiums for members of

Stealing Elections: How Voter Fraud Threatens Our Democracy

University of Delaware - my alma mater - fighting Bushco tooth and nail

Tinfoil: Flu vaccine shortage...MIHOP2?

which will come 1st? - $6 sinclair stock or $60 oil price

Are you a proud member of the Reality-Based Community?

CNN midmorning...Kagan and Sanchez....unwatchable.

C-Span pics...Just got mailed to me. R-wingers boycotted C-Span and me

Gulf long way off to full production

Alan Keyes says incest awaits kids of gays

Gop trying to move polling places (African American) in Philly

Canada "urged" to stop on-line sales to the United States (reuters)

Where does our army order its spare parts from?

Counter the Redneck Agenda!

What's to stop the media from just saying Bush is the winner?

More Republicans Satisfied With Sex Lives Than Dems [They Settle For Less]

NYT: Without a Doubt by Ron Suskind

Those who served in military and those who didn't

Why do photographers keep using the "Crosshairs" view of politicians?

Bernard Kerik was in charge of training Iraqi security forces. He left

If the media tries to hand it to shrub, they better hire body guards

So....if you REFUSE a direct order, you should be court-martialed?

They just did it AGAIN. Bush delivering "important policy speech"

Clinton would have been impeached had a military platoon refused to

Biggest Mass Lynching in U.S. History Killed 11, All Italian-Americans

Behind the Scenes for Bush v. Gore

The Office For The Conspiracy Theorist

I met Eliot Spitzer today!

Except for cutting taxes has bush* kept a single promise made in 2000?

McLaughlin? Does anyone watch that show?

Al Franken, Air America , will have Wes Clark on his show today!!

what network show is Sinclair pre-empting for 'Stolen Honor' in your area?

Exageration or Reality? What is at stake.

Which close race from the past would you have most wanted to vote in?

What if the internet goes down?

Just wanted to post my grandma's voter

The Great Society and "Failed Liberal Policies"

OMFG! Now more than ever turn that shit off! Take away the media's power

He's Obviously On Something - PIX

When asking about the future, I pulled the card of justice.

I think Bush still has the LUMP! Need look-outs.

Man Robs Bank Wearing George W. Bush Mask

Oh fffing funny. O'Lielly falls for prank email! Trust me, it's a classic

The most striking thing about Jon's appearance on Crossfire.

Any smirking chimpsters here?

Cool quiz:

Are hundreds of Iraqis dying just to give Bush a PR victory?


The Great Divide, and how we heal it..

Republican Fraud will Disqualify 200,000 in Florida Vote, Says Harper’s an

Let's slaughter NBC on this "jet fuel/diesel" theory

Whoever just messaged me, could you try again?

Republicans should not take the flu shot.

Any of you planning to watch Crossfire to see if they say something

Al Franken to sit in on the news on Howard Stern in upcoming days

So did * really call the 18 soldiers cowards?

Fellowship 9/11-seen it?

anyone know anything about high definition tv?

Alan Keyes : Gay parents cause incest and abuse of kids

Justices order new consideration of Texas redistricting battle

Request to Vietnam vets: Can you help me research the ARVN?

Incompetent Moron with a Hangover

Sinclair Message board

Bush knew 2/01 bin Laden responsible for USS Cole attack! He did nothing!

Is DU just a one-sided crossfire?

the polls aren't "Reality based!

We’re All Victims Now!

We're turnin' the corner! Toy manufacturers warn of gloomy Xmas

Well, just another reason I'll keep on loving Macs!


Not sure where to post this

Damn it stop worrying about these polls and get worried about these

Funny Answer to Question RE Bush on friend's blog

ABC "News" poll: Repugs more satisfied with sex lives than Dems.

Good ole Florida....

Vote Early...Here's info

Judy's Colorado ball cap

Well, I finally saw the the Swift Boaters for Truth ad

Economics Question: Why Raise Interest Rates

DUer's WAKE UP! Gore's 48% is Kerry's FLOOR not his ceiling!

Republican Fraud will Disqualify 200,000 in FL Vote (this is a SCOOP)

Kerry has not flip flopped on Iraq. Not one damn bit.

I just voted for the next President of the United States

What if there was no IT?

Notice how shallow the "Support Our Troops" meme is with Republicans?

Zarqawi now being hyped as the successor to Bin Laden

Gore's speech sounds just like articles of impeachment

Carville calls Jon Stewart a pompous ass.

There's ...

A lot of reading but well worth it. Coloring Books

I think the rePukes are functionally insane. Do you?

Question: Does rationing of flu vaccines extend to "flu-mist" nasal vacc.

Inez Tennebaum and Dr. DeMinto on C-SPAN2 NOW!

RECAP: The Repub Convention

Overall ratings look good for AAR in New York

boycott Bush-ass-kissing GENERAL MILLS

President Gore's speech re-run at 1:20 am (est) on CSPAN.

Putin's Latest Comments

Saturday Run-In with inapporpriate wingnut woman

Big Iraq question: Can anyone tell me...

Need links to stories about GOP efforts to mess with voter registration.

Putin endorses shrub for President

Heads up-Ed Koch on The daily Show tonight

Why do most states require voters to register by party?

People who get flu shots: are they then not carriers of the flu to

"Dear limey assholes" and other letters from the US to the UK

Fla. Court Rules on Provisional Ballots

Sinclair Action Guide

when did Chris Matthews become a media whore?

anti dem greeting card

Will Al Gore's new TV station revolutionize television?

Ha ha ha ha Sinclair stock sinking like a stone

Anyone else receiving spam from US CofC re: voting?

Did anyone ever meet a Freeper/Repuke who insisted Clinton was 'stupid'?

i need some facts

Sinclair take a 7.81% DIVE . . . .

Bush: I stood in the ruins of the twin towers on September the 4th!

O'Reilly's kid's book has sunk to 116 on Amazon

Has America gone over "The Hump" where Iraq no longer Matters?

Post links for RevMoon-Carlton Sherwood-Gary Jarmin-Sinclair-Bush



I met PAUL KRUGMAN in the flesh yesterday!

I Blew-Up at my Dumb-Ass neighbor.

Who would like to join me in a pledge to stop watching cable news?

Is it true Gallup had a double digit lead for Bush in 2000 and Gore won PV

Do the South Park guys have a hidden agenda?

Mohammed Atta was a wealthy, chain-smoking drug dealer

Cool! "The Republican propaganda mill, a brief history" now online!

What should the min. wage be and how should we raise it?

A requiem for CNN. Media mavens take note.

If you had five minutes alone with President Bush, what would you say.

"God hates fags" Roman 9:13

What Can My Good Friends At DU Do With This Rant?

I just voted for the first time in my life

Jimmy Carter on Dave Lettermen tonight!

why does Zarqawi wear a hood when he beheads people?

ABC "News" poll: Repugs more satisfied with sex lives than Dems.

Hijacking Catastrophe is supposed to be on Link TV at 3:30

BBV - Hamilton Cty OH. Nader on the ballot. KERRY removed.

Which Democratic leader inspired you the most?

Why must we endure Howard Fineman on AA?

Should Terry McCauliflower be replaced as the DNC chair after Kerry wins?

Reservist and helicopters crash

BBV: Early Voting Problems in Florida this morning

What Is The Far Left?

Carville has been hanging on a thread with me! I just cut it.

5 HUMAN Deaths from CJD in Ulster County, NY (Mad Cow Disease)

OK, DUers .. Of what DU posts are you PROUDEST?

Who is nuttier the LaRouchers or the Naderities?

BBV: More than one ballot may go to some voters

History buffs and anyone else: please comment!

White House Pressed on Sept 11th Details

What a Barbaric Sad World so many young women live in...

Another Sinclair Advertiser Response - General Mills Not Pulling Ads

Is Bush due a karmic bitch-slap?

I Voted Today! (er...any Edmontonians here?)

Hey Vancouver DUers - no ward system for you!

General Reported Shortages In Iraq

San Diego Union (Right Wing Newspaper) Endorses Bush For President

Washington gives state 15 billion reasons to smile

Kerry Backers Target Arizona

Thirteen die in spate of Iraq bombings during holy month

Poll-based Election Model Gives Kerry a 99% Probability of Winning

LAT: Killing Drives Wedge Between Troops

British government rejects claim that redeployment of troops in Iraq woul

Belarus Says Vote Allows President to Run Again

Iraqis Release Fallujah's Top Negotiator

As U.S. Forces Pound Fallujah, Fighting Rages on City's Edge

General: Convoy Had No Armor; soldiers who refused order may face discipl.

Blast Kills Mississippi Native in Iraq (In Humvee when explosive struck)

Northwest Plane Evacuated in Fargo, N.D.

Crude Oil Prices Surge Past $55 Per Barrel

More Republicans Satisfied With Sex Lives Than Dems [They Settle For Less]

Who will Americans vote for? - US pollster is betting on Tin Man Kerry win

Bush Hopes N.J. Hears His Terror Message (scare them is the only way

Supreme Court orders review of Texas redistricting map (Yeah!)

ABC News "The Note" does not report on Zogby Poll


GOP voter suppression ploy exposed in Philly

Kerry Draws Even With Bush at 45 Percent in Zogby Tracking Poll[BLOOMBERG]

Iraq options: Stay, add troops or leave (DetFP)

Witnesses not forthcoming in war crime trial (Milosevic}

Putin: Terrorist Aiming to Derail Bush Bid

Wal-Mart owned store spurs protest in Mexico

Afghans were 'robbed' of their vote - Qanooni

The shit has already started in South Florida-computer problems

Toymakers Disappoint, Warn on Holidays

Fla. Democrats Hope for More Cuban American Votes

Some Outdoormen to Consider Backing Kerry

Venezuelan September Bank Lending Jumps for Eighth Month

Anti-kerry film producer accused of libel

High court passes on abortion-cancer case

Oil Prices 'Heading for 60 Dollars A Barrel'

Soft Cell Singer Critical

Kerry/Edwards Still Ahead In Michigan

Falluja peace bid called off

Investors remain wary of security in Iraq

Allawi promises aid to Falluja

Korea Wants to Extend Iraq Troop Deployment

Supreme Court orders new look at Texas' congressional districts

Sinclair move seems to be backfiring

ABC Poll: Reps. More Satisfied with Sex than Dems (Lies!)

Gore: "Bush Cheney Administration is a rarity. They are simultaneously..

AWOL on CNN live now lying as usual

Republican Rasmussen Poll - Kerry 47 Bush 47

Stealing Elections: How Voter Fraud Threatens Our Democracy

Manufacturing job cuts taking toll, group says

Floridians can go to the polls today

Kerry Says Bush Is Arrogant and Failed on Iraq

Spain Ignored Terror Attack Warning - Report


FDA Weighs Morning - After Pill for Teens ( oh let me guess ....

'A secret ... channel'Prosecutors say lawyer for sheik imprisoned in '93

General Reported Shortages In Iraq (87 billion bought what?)

Problems reported as Florida voters begin casting early ballots

Edwards Accuses Bush of Exploiting 9/11

9/11 Commission Lies: New evidence regarding the real Mohammed Atta

Report: Bush blocked plan for Muslim Iraq force

9/11 Commission Lies: New evidence regarding the real Mohammed Atta

Bush pulls ahead in trio of polls; 4th finds deadlock

Libel suit filed against Carlton Sherwood/RWBP today

Seniors Urged to Relax Over Flu Vaccine

Sinclair Stock Drops Amidst Anti-Kerry Documentary

Zogby Poll: Kerry/Bush Tied @ 45% apiece

Chinese Showcase Fuel-Saving Cars

Problems reported in Florida's early voting

WashPO daily tracking poll..... 50 Bush, Kerry 47 (Kerry +1)

Barzani sees Kirkuk joining an Iraqi Kurdistan

Politics of ' Fear over Vision" explored on British television.(good)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday 18 October

Job Cuts in Tech Sector Soar, Report Finds

AP: Bush Faults Kerry for Scare Tactics

U.S. Rejects Pleas for Muslim Charity List

Cadence Announces New Production From Logansport Project

S.Africa: Guest Aristide Not Behind Haiti Mayhem

Putin backs Bush victory

Plot to kill me, says Chavez

Oil Retreats on Signs Economy Hurting

Two Republican-Oriented Newspapers Refuse to Back Bush

Kerry reels off biting double attack on Bush

US Concerned About Venezuela Human Rights

Kansas anti-gay group pickets Alabama churches

CBS News Poll: Bush 47-Kerry 45, Bush job approval (low 40's now!)

UK 'has duty to redeploy troops'

Michigan's Milliken Endorses Kerry

Clerks spill Bush v. Gore details

General Reported Shortages In Iraq

MSNBC: Duval County (Florida) Supervisor of Elections Resigns

Job Cuts in U.S. Tech Sector Soar (in 3rd quarter), Report Finds

Next US chief has to heal the meanness (ZOGBY predicts KERRY WIN!!)

Veteran files libel suit against director of anti-Kerry film (Sinclair)

Records indicate Kerry did his duty--The Washington Times...

Sheriff: Man says he was hired to provide phony voter registrations

Gasoline tops $2 a gallon (2.9 cents short of record-also set under *)

9/11 widows slam Bush

Presbyterian Church may pressure Israel

Suburbs' Grass Isn't Always Greener

Democrats Signing Up More New Voters

Health secretary: No flu vaccine crisis

N.J. Town Holding Flu Vaccine Lottery

Colorado HAVA director Drew T Durham -- racism expose

Sinclair employee decries planned program on Kerry (DC Bureau Chief)

Putin urges voters to back Bush

Windsor Report offers recommendations, calls for reconciliation

High Court Orders Review of Texas Seats

Army Holds Reservists to Testify on Abuse (extends duty)

(Matt) Stone (of South Park) Tells Undecided Voters to Stay Home

Cheney Blames Flu Crisis on Lawsuit Worries

Soldiers fear that they are 'sleeping with the enemy'

Gore Says Bush Governs from 'Love of Power'

GOP fails in effort to move polls

Sinclair down 8.81% in one day on 3 times normal volume

Carter fears 'vote cheating'

Won't someone get a bottle of Lamb's Navy rum in your belly

Halloween Light Cam Interactive Poll!

Wasn't Boston Legal BIG FUN!

I wanna be David Ortiz when I grow up!

and the yankees lose!


KABOOM! David Ortiz does it again

Caption the Creep!

Slap the Candidate!

POLL: Who invokes 9/11 more: The RNC or FX's Rescue Me?

Yuck the Fankees

ZW's Thread of Insomniac FUN

My political website is up to #6 in the Google directory rankings!

'Sports' is the opium of the masses,

Anyone ever have sex with a Christian who likes sports

hbo's "last letters home": Last letters of fallen soldiers in Iraq

Chief Justice John Marshall is a P-I-M-P

What is the value of endorsements? Other then

Anyone else agree the definition of "binge drinking" is overstated?

I know nice Christians.


This is why I have a problem with Christianity

I'll post this in the lounge too for you Fundy fighters

I know nice bigots.

worst hair ever

Support our troops and kick Bush out of office.

Why did you attend college?

Things not to do while suffering from insomnia

I'm sick of serious discussion in the fucking lounge!

Anyone have sex with an imaginary friend?

Official "Red Sox Win!" Thread

Hot summer streets and the pavements are burning I sit around

Fashion Models To Replace Ball Boys At Tennis Tournament

Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer......

Dude...I'm hearing rumors that Kerry is a lesbian?

Dick Cheney Missing From Oregon Voters' Pamphlet

Words of wisdom about the war from Moxy Fruvous, 12 years early!

Real Estate Company Refuses To Rent To Stripper - Lawsuit Filed

Anybody here going to see Michael Moore on Thursday?

Don't ask. Just read this.

CAPTION the college Republican finally admitting the truth

80's Band with the Best Drum Machine

DON'T FORGET the "World Sex Championship" in Poland

The bird's OK

"Hobo" the cat is SAVED!!!!!!


Yes, I'm fickle--went to bed after the 8th inning last night--too tired,

O'Reilly (it exists) and all things FALAFEL!!!

Ooooooooooh-NO there goes Toto go go GODZILLA

I'm thinking of changing my DU name to Falafel

I had a liberal birthday party this weekend!


No one told me hats are internal.

Wow! My Republican SO donated to LINK TV last night!!

President Unveils Double-Headed Porn Czar

No one told me bats are nocturnal.

Who'd we see getting off Mass Pike onto I-84 yesterday??

Someone just kill me and get it over with.

The local Repugs are gonna be pissed this AM!

Did anyone watch "AMERICAN DREAMS" last night??

Anyone else pick up George Carlin's new book...

Movie: "Saved" Mandy Moore as bible banger....

That was funny. I just got called a freeper

What we need is a corps of prostitutes

No one told me cats are nocturnal.

Voting is FUTILE...we are the Bush

October: Black Cat Month

Looking out a dirty old window

Irate wife gives unfaithful husband the chop

My sister is visiting my Dad next month and is bringing him a flu shot

What is XTC saying?

New GOPer Word For The Day:

E-lec-trical banana

The Sawx are coming back and they're gonna WIN IT ALL!!!

The little critters of nature: they don't know they're ugly.

Which one?

Bull Moose Gets Caught In Power Lines - Hangs 50 Feet In The Air

I'm heading to Vancouver this Wed..

"I'm like Sam the Butcher bringing Alice the meat"

It's been a long time comin'

The Gay Baiting Governator CAPTION

A question for video game fans...

Red Sox fans - I remember the Patriots vs. Raiders, 2002

New William Shatner album gets assist from Henry Rollins, Joe Jackson

How's this for timing a book release? "The O'Reilly Factor *for Kids*" (!)

What's the deal with the Red Sox batting helmets?

I love going to the bathroom in public!

i've been offLine for a few days

Google O'Reilly + falafel

I Hate Going To The Bathroom At School!

My (Enron)ing car hates me!!!

Any ideas where to purchase B*sh iron-on decals?

Help! What's the best free greeting card site?

Seriously, what do *I* have to do to get sued by Bill O'Reilly?

I really really admire Red Sox fans

Help, please. DU page loading question over here.

Has anyone thought of taking an oval "W" bumper sticker. . .

I apologize ahead of time for posting this:

The Breakfast Club vs Saint Elmo's Fire

Play the falafel game

Need ideas to academically motivate a 10th grader

101er - I prefer this picture

GOOOOO PACKERS!!!!! Back on track! And I won a pool to boot!!!!

I Have a Penis. Does That Make Me a Bad Person?

Toilet Seat Covers: Yay or Nay?

We asked a group of undecided voters in Ohio the following question

I have a vagina. Does that make me a bad person?

The Sage of Crawford Answers All CAPTION

DU Managed To Suck All The Fun Out Of The Penis.

Most important/influential MUSICAL artists of the 70s?

I am so frustrated.

De La Soul

Soft Cell Singer Critical

How do YOU feel about "The Chronic" by Dr Dre?

Best 'locking' post ever:

I named my vibrator. Does that make me a bad person?

Is BigMcLargehuge a bad person....?

I have a supernumerary nipple....does that make me a bad person?

Man Sues After Someone Else Is Burried Next To His Wife

Anyone have experience with Rick Jarow's writings?

What's the WORST video game you've ever played?

Itsy Bitsy Spider or Eeensy Weensy Spider?

computer question

First picture of O'Reilly accuser hits the internets!

I am/have/did a(n) _____X_____, does that make me a bad person?

How many people would be 'devastated' if you died suddenly?

My brush with fame.

even lamer computer question than usual

Yesterday's LTTE....

I just voted!

how do i put a picture in my sig line

i voted in pesnacola florida

President Gore on CSPAN....

Police Called After 57 Nude Women Pose For "Nude Peace Sign" Photograph

Another tooth thread. Opinions please...?

Who is the biggest limey asshole?

What level of Hell is reserved for my Yankee-loving Brother-in-law?

How many Bush administration officials does it take to change a light bulb

What's going on with Penn State?

i have a beLLy button - how awesome am i?

I Have a Falafel. Does That Make Me a Bad Person?

I've been to Regina! Does that make me a bad person?

i posted early today. everyone post your posting experience here

Ok, who shook my can of soda when I wasn't looking?

Has anyone needed a few drinks after posting on DU?

Most important/influential MUSICAL artists of the 60s?

I finally saw the STUPIDEST political bumpersticker ever this weekend..

I saw TEAM AMERICA last weekend...

2004 Darwin Awards

Pitchfork music critics are unknowledgeable cockwagglers

National Celibacy Day!

Please explain the tortoise thing to me....

My sister changed her Windows NT password

"Damn it, I wish my wife had bigger tits!"

Prefunctory Cat Thread

Does anyone here love Dick as much as I do?

CAPTION humpless

I'm Captain Obvious! Ask me anything!

So, is there something in the air this year, relationship-wise?

Need some e-mail help.

Please explain the falafel thing to me...

If BigMcLargeHuge posted something offensive

Pretty in Pink v. Sixteen Candles

I Haven't Had A SINGLE Post Locked By BigMcLargehuge Today!!

Who rocked the fat laces - admit it!

I used to love falafels.

There I was completely wasting

I had ZERO sleep today. Does that make me....

Most beloved Beastie Boys album

Jane says "I'm done with Sergio"

How much wine is too much?

Firefighter has 'dog breath' after reviving Lab with mouth-to-mouth

The Immaculate Reception: a good call

Could BigMcLargehuge make a thread so big ...

Oh my... a friend of mine has gone to the darkside! The VERY darkside!

BigMcLargehuge ate my baby

What's The Point Of Having a Fast Processor In a WINDOWS PC?

Yeah! I just put my house under contract!!!

Ooooh! Look what I got yesterday!

I just got paid and I'm BROKE! ask me anything

I joined freedom to read today

How much whine is too much?

What kind of processor do you use?

right now only thing here that doesn't suck

Hm. Racist Mary had more power here than I thought.

Turd Birds ...

you're last "O" ROCKS


Question: Are there any wild hamsters?

Texas Fire Lieutenant Fired Over Hosing

Orlando-Area DUers: What should I see if I'm stuck in Lake Buena Vista

I'm still alive. Ask me anything.

Well!..This explains a lot about Rumsfeld! (he sleeps with Doll)

TV Calls Air Force for Help

What kind of food processor do you use?

It isn't what you have but whether it runs your life

If you could give the Ch'panzee and his friends

So I have this tree that's toppling my bathroom....

thought F 9/11 was tame and uncontroversial

It's fun being a Papa

Anybody know about the Real Estate business at all?

For the next 2 weeks at work, I propose 2 shifts . . .

All ex-summer-school attendees check-in!

Whoever just messaged me, could you try again?

I'm Captain Oblivious! Ask me anything!

Red Sox Fans. It's nearly game time. Please cast your vote.

Water is Falling from the SKY!!!

Are You Squeamish?

I want to post something...but I can't think of anything.

Country Western fans versus Creative Anachronists.

GD2004 is full of shit

For every poll....there is 8000000000000000000 posts to tell us about it.

I completely agree with Kleeb's new rule: No Speedos

Google the word "failure" right now.

The "Proud of My Flag" CAPTION

Are you squamous?

Does anyone know why Mirage hasn't made it to DVD?

Catwoman is full of shit.

Bush to place General Electric in charge of fighting in Iraq!

Are you squamish?

The Early Retirement of all CAPTIONS!!!!

Sexiest Wioman Alive?

IPOD owners, i have a question for you

What is the greatest video game you have ever played?

Seminar teaches zombie-fighting skills

I just voted

Help, I'm Stoned, Who Should I Vote For?

I am fascinated by these Sharp TV ads.

BigMcLargeHuge is a genie in a bottle! What are your 3 wishes?

HELP ME!! I accidentally stumbled into a free republic thread...

Francisco Franco Is Still Dead. Ask Him Anything.

The man downstairs is chanting again

anyone know anything about high definition tv?

Trippi is so tuned into the Net! You gotta love this guy.

Now we know where bush gets his campaign money.

Kaption Karl

History Lesson for the day.

I had to take my house off the market because the market SUCKS!

my friend's 1-year-old won't let go of the Bill Clinton book!

Wow! Check out these poles!!!!!!

Dedicated to John Kleeb - SCHOOL BOY CRUSH by the Average White Band

I got some great news today!

America, where are you now?

ATTN: Family Circus Haters

OK. Patriots fans, A Steeler fan wants to hear some smack.

My fundie/ex-Gay ex-Friend has a message board!

Poppy Bush now expresses opposition to second GW Bush term

Dubya snaps woman's neck with his bare hands

OK - I am gonna go to Grad School next year - how can I pay for it?

Looks like I'm going to have a long Nov 2

Barfbag material.... "and such were some of you"

Is O'Reilly back on tv yet? I hate the guy, would NEVER watch his

Am I babbling nonsense?

Ha Ha..Spell check caught my misspelling of Moran...

Bush* 85% - Kerry 15%

Divided we stand, united we fall.

I'm having a "Reverse The Curse" party on November 2. Who's with me?

Photo of Shrubs office after the election

Who's taking election day off?

Ooooooooo!! Rock Me Amadeus!!

Could we ever know each other in the slightest without the arts

would i be a bastard if?

Oy. The cell-phone guy started whining to me about his parents' divorce...

DU-ing a poll

Kerry ate another kitten fetus for breakfast dammit!!!!

Do you get a flu shot each year?

Did I just watch gay porn?

Comedian Bob Smith is coming to town - should we go see him?

George W cannot tell a lie

Which STar Wars game would you rather play?

What to do if a freeper throws a pin at you

Farkers PS the cover of Bill O'Reilly's new book

HAPPY 78TH BIRTHDAY TO CHUCK BERRY! Kerry will lose NM by 99 % points

For the love of all that is holy CAPTION the hell up!

Question about Neilson ratings?

Quick! (No Googling) How Many Member States Are In The United Nations?

I think Ann Coulter has an "October Surprise" between her legs...

I find this very very funny

The freepers and the hang glider

The speedos are back, run for your lives!

I am addicted to Glacieu Vitamin Water!!

They took off the O'Reilly reviews at Amazon!

summer in the city

How many books can O'Reilly write?????

Canadians for Boston Red Sox thread

I am the risen Scooter. Worship me.

My pseudo-Seuss-ian poem about W...

Have you slapped the shrub today?????

Arrgh. I almost flipped out on a Freeper trucker

Ex-Gays on "the spring of life"

I witnessed one of the most disgusting things over the weekend

Print This Out... Pass It Around

Red Sox fans - 2 Questions

What to do with the next person who posts a Political Poll anywhere

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USS Abraham Lincoln - the outtake. "Sir. Please take off the hat."

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Non-Yankees fans who'd love to see the BoSox' dreams crushed thread

New Poll #4,531! My wang says Kerry is going to win big!

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Video of Bush Thinking Hard about Protection America!


What Don't You Get?

Screw Dell Computers

@#$%^&* redneck traffic cops!

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Any suggestions on rapid Kerry fundraising event?

Let them know this

This one's for Wellstone

what is the mood in freeperland right now?

OMG--it's so disturbing to see Bush say he isn't concerned with finding

Kerry = Closer

Was the first debate Bush's "Ceausescu Moment"?

CNN Story on Newspaper Endorsements Very Misleading

Accepted definition of a landslide

Some Sinclair stations are CBS, WB and ABC affiliates

Nader's chief in Virginia = criminal and Republican

If there are any ABB people left --

When Sinclair runs "Stolen Honor," we must RAGE.

Where did Mickey Kaus come from?

What's with the CNN poll CBS just talked about?

People who worked in prison detail abuse to N.Y. Times

Gallup internals received by Steve Soto; no surprise--another GOP bias

Biggest talking point from now until 11-2: "Do we want a President who

When will the terrorist warning be raised again?

Political gamblers obviously don't believe the new poll numbers

Do we want a president we'd want to have a beer with, or

Will the tape Sy Hersh has alluded to be leaked before the election?

Hannity, Rush, OReally, Tweety, The Beltwat Boys, etc etc


Are people responding to the negative ads?

Gay Marriage Issue Motivates Conservatives

I am watching Demint Tennenbaum debate on Meet The Press

Safire addresses the Mary Cheney "issue"....

Large London, UK anti-Bush rally.

So, any predictions about Gore's speech?

Depressing Malloy guest: Any state Bush wins by 2-3 percent...

Bush plays to his core constituency..the 'morans' in this country.

pro-Republican paper in Florida won't endorse Bush again

But F911 IS NEWS!!

Jersey Dems,9/11 widows criticize * ahead of his Jersey speech

What's with TradeSports?

Mike Malloy archives at WhiteRoseSociety... Wha-happened???

Is Isreal safer because of Bush

Poll-based Election Model Gives Kerry a 99% Probability of Winning

New buzz: the election will not be decided in November

Kerry is a Lesbian & Bush Isn't (& I'm Going to Tell EVERYONE)

Kerry And Woody Tied In Today's Zogby Poll

Silliest attempt to GOtV: Votergasm

GOOD MORNING! -Bush, Kerry Tied in White House Race-Reuters Poll

James Dobson's few and seldom endorsements ...

Everyone agrees scrub is an idiot, but...

Guess who's responsible for lack of flu vaccine and truck armor?

Kerry wins 133 to 22 in mock election

CNN Poll: Do you think the election will be as close as opinion polls sugg

Push Zogby criticize Gallup

Frontline choice 2004.I had liked Kerry, now I admire the hell out of him!

Dude...I'm hearing rumors that Kerry is a lesbian?

To anyone who thinks the Skank Boat Vets TV ad is credible...

Ret. Gen Mike Delong on Imus- just said he's working with "The Shaw Group"

Make this a win for the ages

How about starting a national Sinclair blackout protest.

Story re: 3 teachers told their Protect Civil Liberties Ts were Obscene??


10,000 people rally for Edwards in Tallahassee

Why is it

Your Assignment

Pickpocket Patriots!!!

Today's Zogby Statement (poll 45-45)


Bloomberg: Tied Race in 4 Polls. Bush up in 2 Polls

New Hampshire DUers: what's the fallout from Tobin fiasco?

Some outdoormen to consider backing Kerry

Anyone checking Republican blogs?

Data on online campaign contributions

Article in NYT about Sinclair - boycott working on some advertisers!

My written message to CNN: "I am incredibly angry at your news network.."

Thirteen Days...

"Every day John Kerry made decisions that saved the lives...

Democrats take edge in adding to rolls (Minnesota)

Gasoline, heating prices will spell Bush's doom.

Bookmark this: Zogby will have Kerry leading 47-44 on Monday

Help Me- How do I obtain sticker/signs

Hannaford Resumes Advertising on Sinclair

Novak desperate for Mary Cheney...

Remember 1994 and the Contract For America?

Wes is coming up on MSNBC to discuss the military vote.

Help me find a map of the states that can vote now... nt

Dead thread.

Patriotic suckers who nurse at the tit of multinationals

Another poll needs help

Talking point - Bush is a "uniter" after all!

DU Yahoo Zogby poll story.

Please critique my LTTE of the Arizona Republic... (longish)

Kerry camp needs to get on the offensive...

VOTE early, volunteer, get out the vote, today, lets do it!


Has anyone reported the internals of the Gallup poll?

Good article.....

When Talking to an Undecided...

Bush giving a speech on...the Olympics?

Who gets the flu shot? Grandma or Grandpa?

HHS Website & another Bush lie: Vaccine shortage not liability related.

Kerry Draws Even With Bush at 45 Percent in Zogby Tracking Poll

Woody's On CNN

Glad to see focusing on what matters

When America Needed Its Anti-Terrorist Prez The Most, Bush Was On Vacation

Sent this LTTE just now, feel free to use it!

A very important letter to President Bush

ABC News "The Note" does not report on Zogby Poll

Time to stop accepting polls and start CHALLENGING them!!

New Nickname for Barbara Bush (coined by Carlin)

Our guys completely lost the spin following the third debate...

Talking Points during Pulling Operations, Phone banking, Canvassing

Zogby: Momentum Shifting to Kerry

Mark MacKinnon: shrub's slimeball ad & media director.

GOP tries to suppress black vote in Philly

ABC's "The Note": Kerry more ad money than Bush with 2 weeks left.

It's the first morning of Ugly Season, folks.

Polls Put Chimpy on Edge

Why aren't there any polls for reserve and national guard members

Wes Clark will be on MSNBC in a few minutes!

Putin endorses Bush

Reuters reports B/K Tied while same day NPR reports Kerry slipping...

HD Net - Profile of John Kerry

Statement by John Kerry on Secretary Thompson Comments on the Flu

Remember, Rove is at his nastiest in the final days, be vigilant!

Stupid Putin

The polls are afraid of obsolesence.

Early voting

JOKE : How many Bush administration officials...

Voting is FUTILE...we are the Bush

Responsible Republicans Abandon Bush

OMG if you want to see what a doofus Bush is, turn to MSNBC

Soc Security, Flu Shot, Supreme Court, Mess in Iraq ....

David Shuster's take on the partisan worst in news

Nick Jr. website poll on presidential race

Kerry is losing his voice...

My own personal survey

Is there really a Three Party System - Libs, Conservs, and Corporatists?

Supreme Court! Where is the ad, DNC?

Our President Will Be On C-Span At 12:30 P M

Bush's Medicare Bill Gave Drug Industry $139 bill. WHERE ARE OUR VACCINES?

Is anyone organizing protests outside of Sinclair stations?

Good reason to vote early

Hot Sinclair news from another forum

Reuters: Zogby Has Race Tied at 45-45

Sick of NPR's campaign coverage?

Is it too much to ask to have your vote counted ?

Cartoon perfectly depicts Bush's voter base: "Bush kicks tail"

anybody here expect violence during elections?

Monday morning office check-in: another Republican in the office for Kerry

Military personnel, families trust Bush over Kerry, poll finds

Carlos Watson says Republicans are more energized

FLORIDA VOTERS: Early voting starts TODAY!

Freeway Blogging mushrooms as election nears

Computer problems reported at some early voting sites

Advice to all Americans: Open your eyes and look around you....

Vet Files Suit Against Director Of Anti-Kerry Film

Rumor: our Oct Surprise?

Great lawn signs around town ...

Kerry has learned how to play the media.

LOOK where Gore vs Bush* were in the polls in late October 2000

Musgrave Claims Gay Vendetta

Deleted message

If Halliburton Made The Flu Vaccine

OK....I wrote ANOTHER letter to CNN. Got tinfoil hat on....GO!

Latest New Hampshire poll (good news)

Blair is accused of using UK troops to help smirk's election

Three words: turnout, turnout, turnout!!

Kerry and Bush tied according to Zogby!

Link on John Kerry's web site to newspaper endorsements. Awesome!

WES CLARK coming up shortly (?) on MSNBC

"Bush is going to win so Dems shouldn't bother to vote!!!"

Now we know why Bush took the day off yesterday

Mary Cheney Joins Homosexual Activist Group

Another October (/November) surprise theory...

Demonstration at 6:00 p.m. today at Sinclair's Fox53 in Pittsburgh

Curious about Gallup's assumption that GOP voters more motivated

Bush spokesman outraged by "Kerry's misleading scare tactics"

Where can I place a bet on Bush winning the election?

Watch John Kerry's new ad: "BUSH'S MESS"

1 1/2 to 2 hour wait in Sarasota early voting.

Bush spent his Sunday behind doors with his strategists....

I told you all Rasmussen would have it tied today 47-47


$18.00 a dose for Flu Shots- This is the cost to the hospital

Rasmussen: 47-47 Poll are Freaking Out the freerepublics This made

Teresa is on "The View" tomorrow

Any of you having Freudian slips where you refer to "Gore"?

I wouldn't want to be Bush's dog just about now

George W. Bush: "Always in error, never in doubt"

President-in-exile AL GORE - Cspan - Right now! 12:30 Eastern.

Edwards Accuses Bush of Exploiting 9/11: AP (Well it's about .. time)

We need to email CNN at let them no the results from Zogby and Rasmussen

Will New Stats on Military Vote Offset all the New Registrations???

Bush will continue to further divide this nation.

"One Nation Under God" - Bush/Cheney billboards

Gore on NOW

Michael Moore was on Fresh Air on NPR just now

Rasmussen: 47-47

Wow- rasmussen has race tied...

How true is it that Bush does not go to church and Kerry does?

Karl Rove actively pimping 9/11 in NJ to bolster Junior's "leadership"

NEWSMAX: Top GOPers in 'Major Effort' to Uncover Kerry's Naval Discharge

Truthout has opened a Voters' Rights page

Kaoud Oriental Rugs (local MA. sponsor) cancels WGGB ad (SINCLAIR)

Be prepared for long, slow lines election day.

Price of oil will kill Bush's chances.

Three teachers Ousted by Bush people For Wearing This T-Shirt

WHEN will Bush give his major speech on Terror today?

Flu Vaccine Shortage Prime Example: NO HEALTHCARE 4 PROFIT

Am I alone? Early voting? Does anyone have a little fear

Problems Crop Up in Fla. Early Voting

These MSNBC segments are so full of sh*t

Holy SHIT this is what CNN has sunk to

who has the crossfire segment with jon stewart? I am dying to see it! nt

Looking to the future: the Dems need a long-term media push-back strategy

Viva Orwell... favorable is unfavorable!

Elmer L Andersen: Why this Republican ex-governor will be voting for Kerry

WOW Great idea in Florida

Florida early voting......already seeing screw ups.

AP Interview: Bush faults Kerry for 'shameless scare tactics'

Two or three more Scalia's or Thomas's on the Supreme Court and

Can we PLEASE stop taking the cable news shows seriously

Faux news channel (Racy Pictures)

Rove: Bush was "in the zone" during debates -US News

Al Franken, Air America, will have Wes Clark on his show today!!

And Rasmussen has them tied today at 47 after Kerry was down 4 on Friday!

MSNBC is in full bush whore mode

Are the cable news channels giving any air time to Gore's speech?

The Dems just lost an important case in Florida

Someone explain this to me (AOL article on new poll)

thank god! Al gore on Cspan

Bush speech is LIVE BREAKING NEWS on cablenews while Gore speaks

Zogby has Kerry up 1% in Nevada!

How disgusting- in NJ using 9/11

Sept. 11 widows slam Bush's anti-terror record

I have slept with a fox news personality, should I out him?

Kerry support in Hampton Roads, VA

"Has any president ever been dealt a more difficult hand?"

Ad buys for Swift Liars almost exclusively OHIO

Coffee Drinkers: Vote Kerry in the 7-11 election!

Reuters: Kerry has 13 Point Lead in Battleground States

Sleazy ex-commie endorses Bush

Gore: "Bush Cheney Administration is a rarity. They are simultaneously..

Cable news networks giving FREE AIR TIME for Bush stump speech

Will the early voting affect the race? AAre the results secret till Nov 2?

Why I Like Kerry: Genuine, Steady, Strong

CNN whoring hard right now for *... both anchor & Schneider

Health secretary: No flu vaccine crisis

What is the comment line for the big 3 stations

Just called Lowes. They claim to be taking Sinclair very seriously.

All three cable networks airing * "Terrorism Speech"

Ya think Sinclair will switcharoo because they're shorting their stock?

I voted this morning

Problems Crop Up in Fla. Early Voting

More CNNservative Bias

What if * loses his home state in a close electoral contest??

Sinclair Risks Include Financial & Political (not to mention they suck)

The Machiavellian solution for handling Bush & the Repukes for good:

Major Bush flip-flop! What happened to spreading democracy in Mid-East?!!

Black people should be OUTRAGED and vote, vote, vote, vote!!!

My Nader 2000 neighbor

How will early voting

What Kerry should do for all the media whores....

How much will/can President Kerry have to do by 'Executive Order' ??

"Republicans are to nice" - recounts

Okay, the Moran-In-Chief is about to speak. (By the way, anyone see

(well, well, well) Bulletin on the Bush Bulge "At Each Ear a Hearer"

Falluja and November 2nd

I can't believe people still watch CNN

Wesley Clark on AAR is planning on

I voted TODAY for KERRY in Florida

My friend is voting for Mickey Mouse

CNBC Powerpoll: "Should Social Security be Privatized?"

It's not the Grand Old Party anymore - BY LEWIS THURSTON

What should Kerry's first week on office consist of?

I hate the Media, Shrub gets a huge speech free.

Best anti-Bush book, bar none

Proud member of the "Reality -based community"

Floridians can go to the polls today


I'm looking at the student dorm windows here on campus

AP: Bush Faults Kerry for Scare Tactics (Laugh of the Campaign !)

Wes Clark on Franken NOW

Rapture Kooks Tim & Beverly LaHaye's campaign contributions

Slate election prediction

Donate to stop Sincliar

Help, please! Need backup for Kerry's statement on Soc Sec privatization

I'm SURE the Cheneys will be irate about this . . .

Whouley: We can win Colorado

I missed the Gore speech -- is it posted

Bush Speach: No crowd shots?

Kerry on MSNBC kicking ass in Tampa!!!!!!!

Kerry is on CNN

Stoking the Fire for Invading Syria...Duelfer

Campaign signs in my neighborhood

New GOP guerilla campaign trick

Another GOPer for Kerry

Bush is getting too much free time on "Headline News" spots.

The msnbc polls are bullsh*t!!

Piss off all the right people -- vote for Kerry

Rasmussen and Zogby Both have the Race Dead Even

CNN just cut off Kerry's speech...didn't do that to Bush -but its on MSNBC

Kerry should be saying this is exactly why he voted AGAINST the 87B

Sinclair Stock Hits 52 Week Low

LMAO "If Halliburton made vaccine's"

So now Putin is campaigning for Bush. That ought to tell folks something.

Can we not discuss the cable media?

The Bush campaign has cried wolf twice -- will the media remember?

Better to do early voting or absentee voting?

Why won't Bush take his required Presidential physical?

CNN in full whore mode

Link to DNC Early VOTING Center HERE

Best Line of Kerry's Talk: "Bush says Quit Whining!"

Is it true that Matt Stone (South Park, Team America) is backing Bush?

Who is shining the green light on kerry (CNN)

Going to vote today - you should too!

POLL: Rasmussen TIE: B 47.5% - K 47.3%

A great hattrick

Democracy was committed in Texas today. From the turn out it is looking

"This September the 10th attitude..."

Gore on CSPAN available

MAJOR Zinger from Kerry in Florida today....

If Bush wins..who will be to blame ?

3+ years after 9/11 and we can't quickly mass produce vaccines?

My 15 day pledge: I'm turning off all news channels.

Check this out. EVERY poll had Bush ahead 2-7 pts election day 2000

ATTN: Bush appearing today in NJ with Bernard Kerik ,Giuliani's Partner

MSNBC talking about Kerry and collapse of BBCI

MSNBC just cut Kerry..............

Your Senate Predictions...

Picture it: America, the election night...

LMAO Judy has found a poll showing Bush up by 5 in Oregon

KENTUCKY Residents: Verify Your Voter Registration

What was the story of the primaries? An energized democratic party

GODAMMITT! I want to see the whole Kerry speech.. News in america BLOWS

Help me debunk GOP talking point about 2000 election results...

Rasmussen Kerry leads 49.5-47.7(with leaners) 48.6-46.1 battleground st

Look at the front page on

Chris Matthews will be unbearable tonight

FYI...Tim "the whore" Russert to be the moderator for Florida Sen. Debate

My view on the whole poll issue

Thank you e-mail from Michael Whouley, DNC

The Poll movement that they're NOT reporting

Houston Chronicle endorses Morrison over DeLay!!

I can't believe it...

Sinclair Message Board... the place is falling apart...

If Kerry is elected, Edwards will get to be president next

I just voted by mail!!!

Ex-Security Adviser (Scowcroft) Rips Bush Diplomacy

What's canvassing like?

Face Reality NOW. This election will not be decided Nov.2

CNN Deliberately Snubs Zogby/ The Bush Is Going To Win Meme Will Harm Us

Carve your own anti-W pumpkin

Media malpractice - it's happening

Going after the WRONG MAN should make you WEAK ON TERRORISM, media whores!

Why not attack the media via the media?

A Must-read regarding the Sinclair mis-direct.....

Sinclair - CNN - sell stock

Cabal news - Keep in mind...

Why do many here consider it bad to be narrowly down in CO?

Has anyone considered letting Saddam go free?

Putin Endorses Bush

Kerry speech :implying that Bob Graham would have admin seat

Elections Chief in Fla. County Resigns (Jacksonville)

Stop watching cable news, okay???

America for Jesus Rally - Oct. 22 in D.C....saw this on CBN - 700 Club

A lifelong republican friend of mine today,

Anti-Kerry Film Producer Accused of Libel

How to suppress the Republican vote

Does anyone here have the newspaper endorsement count? n/t

Why are gas prices not an issue for it because of the 50 cent

What I don't get about the media

NPR Troops split 50/50?

Kerry looking STRONG today

Whatever Became Of Mary???

Should Gallup's PROPOGANDA Polls Be A Big Story?

New Jersey variation on Rove's "Inevitability" play.

Birds of feather voting against Bush together

Kerry's ad calls out gross distortions in Bush's healthcare attack ad!

Dirty Rotten Trick proposal: Attack the gullibles in the heartland

Bwa Ha - Sinclair OIL has to post notice on website!

Sorry guys. It's over. Bush won.

James Carville: I'm your daddy!

This may seem a little silly. But we could try some affirmations

Should we try a new anti-media tactic?

Al Gore Speech needs some news

Flip - Flop - Flu Irony

Email Olbermann so we can get the Zogby and Rassmussen numbers on the air

What Sinclair advertisers are we boycotting?

CNN = Media Mafia gangsters : Using flawed polls to sway opinions!

How do you deal with GOP and/or Freeper co-workers and family?

Help! Does anyone know about a judge's denial of a Sinclair

New Draft Meme: Like Father Like Son

Hard to believe, but Russert was tough on a rethug on MTP.

I just voted for Kerry in FL

"Mr Gallup, Mr Newsweek, I'm your daddy...i'm your daddy!"

Al Gore gave a great speech today

Out Is In...Why New Jersey's In Play (Bizzarro World View)

Can CBS, ABC and WB exert pressure on their Sinclair stations?

WashPost new tracking Poll Kerry gains a point

Bill Schneider analyzing bogus polls

Just heard Bill Schneider say who is causing Bush's poll numbers

This is Your pResident on Drugs

Wondering...what is the surest sign of Bush desparation?

The last two weeks: NOT about making a sensible argument

Watching Crossfire just to see Carvillle.....blasted the polls

Look, here's what CNN did for their poll, if my theory is correct:

Kerry gains a point, but Bush still leads 50-47 in Wa Post tracking poll

Why you shouldn't vote Nader even in "safe" states

The FIX has started in Florida

Study finds dramatic loss of tech jobs

Poll - poll, poll POLL poll

WaPo tracking poll 10/18: Bush 50 - Kerry 47

WP Tracking Poll 10/18 - Kerry UP 1%

Report from the Florida Battleground!

Anybody think that Carlson is gonna whine on today's

Please help turn Ohio blue!

What if Kerry would have said Bin Ladin isn't a threat?

Poll - poll, poll POLL poll

Why Do Only Jocks and Old Ladies Wear BUSH/CHENEY '04 Buttons?

Help de-freep this MSNBC poll

Carville on the Polls: "Newsweek and Gallup

Help Me Articulate Jon Stewart's Critique of The Media

Will we be able to get any totals from Florida since voting began now?

Can we have one day WITHOUT ANY POLLS?!

Awww...Poor Sinclair...

Should we have a day off from posting any polls?

Can we sign up more than they disenfranchise? That's the question.

When is the Sinclair Kerry movie slated to air?

University of Texas-Daily Texan endorses Kerry (endorsed Nader in 2000)

Why WP not reporting internals?

Is this photo real?

Doesn't anyone care they are paying twice for gas now than when

My LTTE, and its results.

poll: Repugs more satisfied with sex lives , yeah but do they love Anal?

Rasmussen Battleground Polls for 10/18 (Mixed News)

KKKARL: profile piece, plus speculation about October Surprise...

Loving Crossfire -- Carville & Wolfson Rock!

Sinclair Stock @ $6.49/share, -7.82% change

WaPo POLL: Chimp 50 - Kerry 47

Wes Clark was great on Al Franken's AAR show today!

New campaign meme:Fight media consolidation & censorship: Vote Kerry!

Specific example of a discarded Democratic registration in Las Vegas

In your area, do you think Democrats are motivated?

Top Ten Reasons Kerry Will Beat George Bush

Dems need to be aware of Rep. operatives with voting scams to make it

I called CNN and got a Kerry-bashing recording!!!

Watching TV, Why the F. is * in NJ. ? Remember how he went to CA in 2000

I've successfully sold off all my "boycotted" stocks. Now what

Charlotte Observer endorses Kerry!!!!! Says " Bush made too

If Bush Wins, Canada Will Benefit

Joe Lockhart on Chimpy's speech today

Rethug Sign Stealers Caught in Mich.

I just received a recorded message from Al Gore asking me

Is George Bush mentally unstable?

Compare these two headlines on early E-voting I smell a RAT!

Did anyone hear Al Gore on C-Span today?

$2.18 for premium at the el-cheapo generic gas station - WTF ?

Proof candidates held to different standards in debates

Kerry's Newspaper Endorsements

GOP Gallop Poll shows how desperate they are...count it down here!

Demand equal time for Kerry after today's "major terra speech" campaign BS

My department has about 40 people...3 are veterans...

Duval Couty, FL (former "problem" country) Sup. Of Elections Resigns

Does early voting concern you?

Was the media this bad in 2000?

CNN is now trashing the effectiveness of newspaper endorsements!!!

Gallup Only Poll to Reflect Expected Voter Fraud

Polls can't tell us a thing about --turnout-- can they ?

I can't stand Repukes, but I'd never steal their yard signs.....

Deja Vu, 10/92: Poppy questions Clinton's patriotism, Clinton smacks back

Kerry Makes Big Push in Critical State of Ohio

Reuters/Zogby poll has dead-heat . . .

Jesse Jackson Visits Jacksonville, FL! Freepers attack verbally.

Poll monitors needed in CO, FL, OH, and NM on Nov. 2

MM compiles how Repubs have slammed gays in "defense" of Mary

SINclair's Stock down 7.81% TODAY... tee hee: contact stockholders!

No Stolen Elections pledge, just got it in email

ABC "News" poll: Repugs more satisfied with sex lives than Dems.


Major upset brewing: Kentucky Senate Race TIED

John Kerry, 10/17, Pembroke Pines FL: 10,000 people who want America back

Anyone seen Mary Cheney in an interview?

On the flawed ballots, the words "Candidate removed" appear

Vote Early....Here's How....

Where is Tommy Thompson, HHS, and CDC regarding the flu vaccine?

Let me get this straight re Zarqawi

lou dobbs poll: should nadar withdraw from race?

Phone scandal may have Bush connection

Lynne Cheney's lesbian novel "Sisters"

I'm gonna stop trying to talk Libertarians out of voting Libertarian...

Poll on Lou Dobbs.. Should Rat Nadir be on the ballot in Nov

CBS Poll Bush 47-45

Survey USA has Kerry leading FL 50-49

Country Music and Election 2004

I cast my vote for Kerry/Edwards today in

New SurveyUSA state polls (Pennsylvania SAFE KERRY)

Poll monitors needed in CO, FL, OH, and NM on Nov. 2

White House website being scrubbed!!!

Furious George

Jimmy Carter on Hardball tonight

Electoral Vote Predictor 2004: Oct. 18

New CBS/NYTIMES Poll *47% Kerry 45% Nader 2%

My second Kerry yard sign was stolen over the weekend (in RI)

David Corn - Has Bush Blown His Election with One Word? ("Privatization")

Early Vote Report - Richardson, TX - North Dallas

After 9/11 everything changed! Even the date of the attack.

Gallup at it AGAIN new Colorado Poll

Cheney could have killed over a 1000 with his push for smallpox shots !

The Republicans need a war to survive.

Round Of Florida Endorsements Overwhelmingly For Kerry

New New Hampshire Poll

Just voted...long lines..they were checking first time voters..

An EXCELLENT boycott idea RE: Sincliar

To those in the 42 'non-battleground' states - voting still IMPERATIVE!

Are defacing yard signs a "hate crime"?

need help - are these two admendments good for dems

Got myself some Kerry-Edwards signs today!

New Voter Returns in Battleground States

Zogby Poll, with leaning voters Kerry leads

Help DU thislocal poll for me.

Multi-state thread...what's required in your state to vote?

What the heck - it is a tiny, one vote story but

Just emailed Jon Stewart and comedy central to support him

Excellent article on why Bush can`t select the next justices.

Sinclair employee decries planned program on Kerry

Just early voted in Arkansas...

OMG - CNN just tipped their hand re: Election Theft 04

What is the latest on Sinclair? Will Kerry reply to this personally?

Sorry but we LOSE this election unless we tell the truth to America....

Ron Suskind is on with Tweety

Call MSNBC and CNN and DEMAND equal time for Kerry.

Someone repaired my fallen Kerry/Edwards sign!

PA Sen. - Specter 48, Hoeffel 41

One way to dispel the "great protector" fallacy about *

Is it true what I heard which is some states don't count absentee votes

New Rasmussen Battleground state # -- I'm seeing BLUE!!!!

Six straight tapes of senate debates on CSPAN tonight

Went to a couple of stores today

DU is a big giant wet blanket

R. Simon "polls week after week show Nader hurting Bush"

Excerpt from Chimp Interview --

it looks great, folks! tied in Zogby, tied in cbs, tied in new WP poll

How to (correctly) read the polls

Democrats Signing Up More New Voters

why is the media saying the polls are pulling toward the bastard bush?

What's the feeling these days in Freeperville?

A complete discussion of George W. Bush's own September 10th policy.

Judy WoodWhore

My dad's 4' by 8' Kerry sign was stolen!

Two Latest Polls for FLorida and Pennsylvania, Kerry leads.

Michigan Republican, Milliken, Endorses Kerry

Anti-Kerry Film Producer Accused of Libel

If * does win on November 2nd will the cable news watchers stop?

Sinclair employee attacks anti-Kerry film as 'Biased Propaganda'

Kerry has the Cash to "Go For It" - Great Letter from Campaign

Do You Want To See That Rat,Ralph Nad(i)r At 0% In The Poll..

Deleted message

How many EVs will we get in Maine?

Attention DU parents .. KidsPickThePresident at and on T.V.

Latest Electoral Predictions

Al Gore will be on C-span @ 12/12:30 eastern

Great pics of Edwards rally in Ft Myers, FL today

Kerry rally in Orlando live on cable channel local 13

CA Voters - Today Is The Last Day To Register To Vote

I disagree with John Kerry!!!!!!!!!

Nov. 2 Predictions

Jon Leiberman of Sinclair News division fired for comments...

Stop the Media madness Another outrage

Kerry flu shot

Another simple, great talking point: Oil is at $55/barrell.

Will somebody explain this to me? UFPJ petition to pledge to protest

New Poll Shows Mary Cheney Guilty of Kerry Lawn Sign Thefts!

Halloween Pumpkins for Kerry

Who will get the most votes on Nov 2?

Catchy Phrases - FIRE THE LIAR

Where's Joe Biden lately? Next week, maybe?

CNN reports ONE-HALF of Broward's BBV's went down today

George Carlin will be on Tweety ..7:50 eastern... should be funny.

Kerry on CNN

PA NIGHTMARE? Could NADER ABSENTEE ballot snafu hurt Kerry in PA?

Dems are killing the media...

This is scary: BC04 planning to steal New Jersey?

Kerry says - Vote Early

Tennessee early voting report

I have a theory about young men and Sinclair Broadcasting

Sinclair move seems to be backfiring

Kerry will stop the price-gouging that’s putting vaccines out of reach

Teachers' T-Shirts Bring Bush Speech Ouster

anyone else think that there are actually some patriots . . .

John Zogby-John Kerry will be the 44th President of the United States.

Estimate poll numbers with no call refusals and calling cell phones

LTTE from a fellow DUer: Flu Vaccine Crisis - Bush Bombs Again


Contact the media now re: poll spin.

Just a question: Does John Kerry know about PNAC?

10/18: New evidence shows similarities between George Bush & Mohammed Atta

The USS Abraham Lincoln photo-op: the outtake...

Veteran Files Suit in Anti-Kerry Film

Why AWOLbush will lose come Nov 2nd

I think Kerry's going to win: so... Nader MUST Drop out.

Democrats who are supporting Bush ...


we may not have a president by January 20th

November 3rd Pledge of Action: No Stolen Election

Is this what the Bushies have planned????????

People don't flock to register to vote in unheard of numbers and stand in

So Where Are the Angry Parent Cheney's On RNC's Ohio Bigotry

COMPARE AND CONTRAST: Ron Suskind NYT magazine excerpt & Orwell's 1984.

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I am so pissed off at GWB I wrote a song about it

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CNN says Boycott will not last. Who asked them? and how do they know?

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Kerry KILLS among educated people.

PA republicans weigh racial phobias against need to vote for their Fuhrer

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"Dear Limey assholes" - reaction to The Guardian's campaign

OMG - All my Kerry/Edwards signs were ripped down last night !!!


Carville & Novak both bash Jon Stewart

Gallup October 27,2000: Bush 53% Gore 39%

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My God turnout was HEAVY!

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