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Archives: October 27, 2004

LAT: Heinz Family Philanthropy Mixed With Battles(Heinz Family History)

Intriguing LTTE (Seattle P-I) re victim compensation

BBC News Boss Slams 'Flag-Wrapped' U.S. Media

Salon: Requiem for a Reformer (Nader…feel of Spinal Tap's last tour)

Bush feels the heat as rural heartland goes cool

Premature Ejaculation (Faux anticipating * loss?) – Wolcott rips 'em

WP: The GOP's Shameful Vote Strategy

This article about Gore from the NYTimes reduced me to tears

Malloy :) Best thing on AAR :)

US Gave Date of War to Britain 5 Months in Advance?

for Maveric Model 88 owners

Assault Weapons Ban was HUGE MISTAKE by DEM's

Thank you so much for not disabling hidden threads yet

The TOPIC is on the homepage, but this is the thread that

Can we at least put the PIC on the front page?

Would it be out of line to invite DU posters to my board IF

I have a long election viewing post

Israeli Officer Arrested Over Killing of Gaza Girl

On the Road to Civil War

Hollywood in Danger? (Vreeland)

Body found in Delano orchard identified as political worker

Indian family indicted for immigration fraud

Can we plan a get together..mostly N. Ca



Minneapolis school board elections -- please vote for Lydia Lee!

Great resource on How to Prevent Election Theft -

Cheney to be in Zanesville this Sat

Ohio DUers, a plea from your neighbors in PA...

Tomorrow night, between 8pm and midnight, you will be able

Great resource on How to Prevent Election Theft -

Democrats lead in new voters in Pa.

State Senator Allen Kukovich is being targeted by gOP (Scaife)

Crawford co Pa .Lost cause?

"Alan Askew. George Bush Republican."

What if I screwed up my ballot

Has Milw. Journal Sentinel made a pres. endorsement?

Oh, the Shame! Green Bay paper endorses Michels!!!

No wonder this idiot is losing

Any mailboxes broken into?

Puyallup schools should lift the Halloween ban.

Boeing halts gift to GOP group

KING 5 Poll: Kerry up by 6, Wash. governor's race tied

What the heck happened to

Watch Keith tonigh

They're saying Kerry isn't "closing the deal"

Has Kerry...

What best describes your racial heritage?

Difference between Iraq & Vietnam? Bush* had a plan to get out of Vietnam

any gnus on Rehndquist cancer? This might be the sleeper issue

"Frontline" tonight 10 pm Eastern on PBS.


Please DU this poll

Who howled the National Anthem tonight?

Bush asshole filmstrip

Just emailed Olberman; advised him to get Trippi to show him

I have a different take on the disappearance of the explosives in Iraq.

Links to Olberman's total trash Confrontation of O'Liely with Battle Hymn

A morality smack down from O'Reilly...well two years ago

New must see video

How likely is another civil war in the US?

Bush blames explosives and Iraqi soldier slaughter on US !!!

Help regarding the 12th Amendment please.

Why i believe Kerry WONT win.

This is hi-larious:

Have any conservatives commented on Bush's pro-civil unions

General who saw a "Christian" war disciplined

Democrats call for boycott of Fresno TV owner over campaign ads

"It doesn't really matter who the President is..."

So will DU stay afloat with the heavy load on the night of Nov 2nd.

Bush is going out like a lamb

Three terms for Bush? Four?

E-voting companies store software in national library, but scientists rema

Who else is relying on alcohol?

Anyone catch Nader's press secretary debating Norman Solomon today?

"Army Won't Shorten Combat Tours in Iraq"

DAMNIT when are we going to MARS?!

Will a Bush defeat

In reference to the media

C-span program on dimson's record on now. Taking calls soon.

According to EVERYONE Iraqi civil war is inevitable !!!

I read Roe v. Wade for the first time today

Why i believe Kerry win.

Explosives were looted after Iraq invasion

Arroyo Claims Receiving 'Divine' Inspiration--Philippines/New WMW

"Bush Cuts President Duties for Campaign" has its own anti-bush* rapper video (Flavor Flav on *)

Question for RedSox fans?????

Is it possible to win the popular vote in a landslide and

Amman Jordan is a boom town with wealthy American business owners

Think Sharon's "change of heart" is the Oct. surprise?

"Hello? President Musharraf? When you deliver Osama, can you throw in

Great News! My nephew is home from Iraq!!!!

Announcing Anti-RR

You know, ol' Georgie was right!

Stewart and the Al CaaCa story.

Can you provide a name?

Looted Explosives Proof of Bush WMD LIE?

A good movie

Homeowner booby-traps campaign yard sign to stop thieves

We need a car that runs on human waste

Who is watching "Frontline" Wearing Rummy's tail out. He's to blame

Confession Time: I supported Nader in 2000.

"Walter Cronkite Decries War in Iraq"

Communication from Osama Bin Laden to George W.

Yahoo's most popular pictures

Jon Stewart, if Bush loses, do you think he'll leave?

PBS Frontline Now: Bush's military cabinet w/ Bob Woodward

Okay, I give up. WTF is "Caging"?

Anagram of "Election Day."

Rasmussen says that the GOP is in "good shape" to keep the Senate.

'Monster Mash' Revived As Anti-Bush Song

Fahrenheit 9/11 at Sam's Club

Larry King ...the new Evangelical

Churches and the Election on Nightline, now

If A 757 Didn't Hit The Pentagon Then.........

Help Me Swing this "Weak" Bush Voter

Truthseekers!! Come on and gimme a hug!

GREAT picture from "apolitical no more" 's sig file

aaargghh...just saw my dad on FOX news at Bush rally

Question: What has Rush said about the O'Reilly affair?

Oh NO! it's Pat Caddel!

Just got a call from an Australian in Sydney

The Hartford Courant can kiss my ass!

Sen L. Chaffee (R-RI) won't vote for Bush -- from Tavis Smiley's PBS show

Telling quote by Joseph Stalin

Al-Qaqaa vs Al Qaeda

What position could Al Gore hold?

Headline on Drudge: "Hell freezes over"

For those of you suffering from severe pre-election stress...

Rev. Falwell: "Blow them all away in the name of the Lord"

I just sent Kerry an e-mail

They were freaking out over "Cracker" in the office today in GA

"Celsius 41.11" - the reviews are in... and they're bad!!!

Eminem's Mosh Ad seems to have sparked political discussion

Help please with argument about flu vaccine

Helen Thomas was wonderful tonight!

The GOP assaults on African American voting rights are beyond "normal".

Consumer Confidence at 7-Month Low in Oct

Heard 3 stories and cant find links..

Wouldn't a real president. address the nation about this?

Alert Hardcore Conservative Christians To Bush's Views On Civil Unions

1,107 US soldiers have died in Iraq. That's the population of Tioga, ND.

Separation of Church & State (*doesn't understand)

Dean at Gettysburg College Wed., and Swarthmore College Thurs.

Does the "half flag" logo on Bush/Cheney signs bother you

Vote for Christian Values!

Okay - I've kept mum on this, but what's up with the GOP HQ "attacks"?

BBC News Boss Slams 'Flag-Wrapped' U.S. Media

Swiftvet TV special to air election eve

"Texas Inmate Executed Despite Legal Battle"

Calling all people who know about PNAC

What I face in my hobby

1988: DU'ers, What Was the Mood like before the election, RE: Dukakis

Russia Asks U.N. About Iraq Inspectors

58,000 absentee ballots in Broward County Florida have DISAPPEARED

Maryland's U.S. Senators Call for Flood Program Probe

Received the most obnoxious piece of Bush literature in the mail today

Premature Ejaculation (Faux anticipating * loss?) – Wolcott rips 'em

Dupe. Sorry. n/t

Swiftvet TV special to air election eve

Emir Opens Parliament, Urges Women Suffrage (Kuwait)--Jordan Times

Idaho Marine Reservists Slated To Head To Iraq

Guardian could drop Blair for Liberal Democrats, editor warns

Commander of Unit at Bunker Says It Made No Inspection

Self delete.............

Pakistan's disturbing nuclear trail

WP/Milbank: Electoral College Calculus (experts ponder a tie)

NYT: Iraq's Prime Minister Faults U.S. Military in Massacre

Local 10 Uncovers Big Ballot Mystery

NYT- Delays on 9/11 Bill Are Laid to Pentagon

No Check of Bunker, Unit Commander Says

WP: Ads Aiming Straight for the Heart

AP: New documents reveal more about Bush’s Guard service

Taiwan stung by Powell endorsement of One China policy

Army Won't Shorten Combat Tours in Iraq

Sharon wins historic Gaza vote Rumsfeld rejects explosives row...

Nationalism drives many insurgents as they fight U.S. 'Terrorists,' only o

In Pittsburgh, Gephardt slams president on war

Bush, Kerry are Neck and Neck (New Harris Poll - K 48 B 47)

WP: 3 States May Be Back on The Table

Japan won’t pull out troops from Iraq as hostage faces death...

Texas Lifts Federal Reprieve, Executes Inmate

Rebel-held Falluja emptied of women and children

(Reuters): US acts against general who saw a ‘Christian’ war...

BBC News Boss Slams 'Flag-Wrapped' U.S. Media

NYT- C.I.A. Is Accused of Delaying Internal Report

Rendell vows action on voter scams; Pitt students tricked

Boston Globe: "Explosives were looted after Iraq invasion"

'Miami Herald' Calls For Federal Shield Law

Blair admits – yes, I’ve met Kerry

Federal judge dismisses voter application suit

Salon on Iraqi weapons: "Tip of the Iceberg"

Homemade bombs are largest killer of coalition soldiers in Iraq

Amnesty Condemns U.S. for War on Terror Torture

U.S. Nuclear Panel Closes Online Library

Top scientists speak out against Bush policies

Dems Bash GOP on National Sales Tax Plan

UK Independent-US gave date of war to Britain in advance

Who was the 4th customer of the Khan network?

Vote in U.S. inflames Europeans

Bush Calls Kerry Chronic Complainer with No Plan

It's the evil bumpkin, Charlie Brown!

I have to be

I got the blues, ya'll.


Get yer Al QaQaa T-shirts here:

Elevate me!


Has anyone seen the U2 ipod?

In light of *'s new stance on gay rights, I move we change the rep mascot.

It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!

A bit of light humor for DUers--and a nice tip, too! *wink*wink*

Levitate me

Cardinal Fans Look A Little "Reserved"

Who won?

Just Hit 800

Favorite Comic Book Guy quotes

Ok I was not going to do it but I feel better

Rockin' The Paradise

urge to kill growing........

I Have To Pee

I've got a wine buzz ask me anything

Cat In The Hat on HBO

I just took a "Bone" Xanex and a shot of Bacardi 151...Ask me anything?

He used to cut the grass. He was a very nice boy!

A Polar Bear Halloween

Just got a great job!

Dumb baseball question

Are you sick of the fake patriotism during 7th inning stretch...


Anyone seen any recent polls on the election?

Would a DU doc please put me into a comatose state until November 3rd?

When * goes to Chile for the Asian summit

Any Meat Loaf fans?

FYI - New iTunes is out

Which group of people is bigger???

Poland Forgot Us

Has anyone bought or watched SCTV v.2 yet?

Just saw a TV ad for an SUV I like!

You know what I'd like to see? America say "No more stupidity,

Former teeth grinders: how did you stop?

Jesus loves me, he loves me a bunch-That's why he puts Skippy in my lunch.

The Cardinals have the best damn home uniforms in the majors!

My mailman is really pissing me off!

Give me a B. Give me an E. Give me a Y. Give me an O. Give me an N...

They got Lesbian children on TV now.

Question for RedSox fans?????

How much do you think the "Free Tacos For America" promotion costs?

Katherine Harris/Renzi: loofah or falafel?

Brett Favre's wife has breast cancer

A very old man tried to convince me to listen to James Dobson tonight

did anyone watch law and order svu?

People in the crowd, AT A WORLD SERIES GAME, talkin on a cell phone!

You wussies. What a bitchin' night on the Lounge. Cheer up dudes.

Jesus Loves Me, but he can't stand you!!

Hi. My name's Steve. I'm addicted to Alfredo Sauce.

Who was that at the Series?

What did you do for excitement this evening?

I just got Grand Theft Auto San Andreas! Ask me anything!!!

We need a car that runs on human waste

@!%%$# squirrel broke my plant!

Family Guy: Mommy I want a mullet!

I Think We Need An OFFICIAL World Series Game #3 Thread

Writings on neoconservatism

God, I hate women who let men make them a door mat...

Who else is relying on alcohol?

HEE HEE HEE, Cardinals Lose AGAIN!!! BoSox Up 3 Games To NONE!!!

Someone PLEASE...

I wanna go to Australia now more than ever.

One Step Closer...x 2

Company to sell genetically engineered cats - no more cat allergies

Stay out of the malls on halloween :) Ahhh memories

Why has my year old cat lost her two upper fangs?

Anagram of "Election Day."


Anyone see The Motorcycle Diaries?

The official "Don't get overconfident Red Sox fans" thread

Man Charged for Wearing Uniform in Court

Boston: Sam Adams Beer - St. Louis: Budweiser Beer

Where can I find the program "End It All"?

Let's all tickle GOPisEvil!!!

I've gotta say, Cards fans are classy

Rip Torn was arrested? Didn't know he was still alive.

Bosox 3 games to NONE...will sweep series????? Kerry will sweep

Post your cute Bush ad doggie pics here.

Has anyone heard from Bigbigbear?

I don't know about you, but I'll still be a DUer, even after we win

Today is my one year anniversary at DU.

A favor to ask Red Sox fans.

HELP! Computer problem??

Learn something new every day....

Does anyone have a Labrodoodle?

MikeG kills Curse with Franco Harris mojo. I'll take credit now.

screw kittens, here's some adorable SQUIRREL pics!

Konichi-Wa, Bitches

Does anybody else think that Eric Cartman is what Karl Rove was like

Question for any employers/reference checkers

Go Isotopes!!

LOL. Larry King just asked Tommy Lee if his mother was a 'Grecian'.

Air Force Intelligence ad on spells "Intelligence" wrong, lol

Last Comic Standing in Oklahoma

OK 21 posts-No 20 Posts and I'll be at 3000. should I do it tonight

If the Sox blow this, I'm doing a swan dive off the Prudential building!

Just watched

Back in the old days of DU ------- Remember when?

FReepers revel in death of women's health provider

I say L.A. has the worst sports fans

Screw squirrels. Post your adorable dust mite pics here.

7-Eleven Gives Woman $711 Bonus for Baby

Anybody watch "Butterfly Effect"?

RED SOX WIN!!!! RED SOX WIN!!! RED SOX 3-0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who Will Win The World Series?

If she weren't married and I weren't engaged I'd propose to 101er!

Damnit I hate it when the Campus Crusaders come by and try to 'save' me!

Zomby's HAPPY Thread of Joyful Bliss 'N' Jolly Fun!

Peter Griffin Best Lines

Freeper converts to Kerry Edwards. Pictorial proof!!!

I suck. I know this.

Gothic Sponge and his pink friend

Is prepared for the aftermath of the election paranoia?

What's the deal with Eminem?

Got in an argument with a Baptist pastor today . . .

I'm desperate..Please help my computer problem

How do you feel about Hip-Hop in general?

Visit MoveLeft Media.

I just bought the new 311 DVD, ask me anything...

Cute puppy photo

It's Official. It's 12:00AM here on the East Coast. It's my Birthday

Political photographer needs ideas for Nov 2nd (NYC)

In lieu of flowers, please donate a vote

Holy Shiet...Air Traffic Controllers Endorse Kerry!

Regarding Bush's lead in the polls on who would fight terror better : Bandwith limit exceeded. Anyone else getting this?

Cool or lame: Black Hoodies with DU logo.

ALERT: Tune in CNN NOW....Bushies trying to spin !!!!

Federal court considers case of Florida felons and the vote needs -GATES; Fire up your sarcasm

ALERT: Dan Senor from former CPA is trying to spin the explosives

Bush 50 -Kerry -4

Actual Fox headline: "President says Kerry too wimpy for War on Terror"

Well hey, at least the CONSTITUTION PARTY opposes civil unions!

Yahoo posting Bush NG story

Sinclair and some wolves......

Unlimited minutes? Long Distance? YOU GOT??

Sean Hannity was trying to say today that Kerry and Dems were

Recruiter information for conservatives

Is this what it sounds like?

So What Is the Truth About the Weapons?

Bush doublespeak: Gay Civil Unions

"we don't know the truth" - quote from John King of CNN

Has Gary Bauer, Ralph Reed, etc, been interviewed about Bush's...

RW site wants to know if republicans are harassing Democrats

New Florida vote scandal feared

What the ...? C-span showing Bush with bullhorn at Ground Zero!!!

Army unit not ordered to make Iraqi explosives search

Bad economic news

Allawi gets it

Keith Olbermann missed a great opportunity on tonight's Countdown

Keyes Obama Debate! Hilarious theatre... :)

Hannity & Colmes: Obama Interview tonight (n/t)

Crashcart describes Iraq as "a remarkable success story"

AP: new Bush Guard papers leave questions

Chimpy on hannity right now! (eww...)

Question on polling

Dick Morris on O'Lielly says there will be a big backlash on the

What else is Bush hiding?

On Sunday, the dumbass HARTFORD COURANT endorsed Bush.

Many Unions members DO VOTE BUSH......

Bush under 50% in MO (new poll)

Tom DeLay having to knock on doors, campaign...blames vindictive attacks.

For the 1st time in 4 years, Bush needs people.

Anybody seen John McCain?? Polling Update

Received the most obnoxious piece of Bush literature in the mail today

DU Poll

Holy crap, is anyone watching the Vermont Senate debate on CSPAN???

Assault Weapons Ban was HUGE MISTAKE by DEM's

Minneapolis Star-Tribune editorial: "the perfect storm of incompetence"

Ashton Kutcher was AWESOME for Kerry today. Brad Pitt too!

Andrew Sullivan has come out in support of John Kerry's presidency.

Looks like Hawaii will get some 527 ads (based on the tied polls)

I would say stubbornness accounts for at least 20% of bush's support.

Ok the reasons for voting Bush are getting weirder.

Man, it's hard to keep my chin up

OBAMA coming up on Faux!

Gay Civil Unions-Has Bush/Rove given up on RW fundie base?

Has anyone else noticed mild manner republicans are turning

Bush/Cheney "weak on terror" mantra - is anyone really buying it?

More wealth was created under Bill Clinton than any leader in history

Alert ! Debate on Hannity & Colmes on weapons..

Will we see Kerry and Edwards appear together again before Nov. 2?

Bush Says His Party Is Wrong to Oppose Gay Civil Unions

Take this MSNBC Poll

Tonight's new FRONTLINE on PBS: "Rumsfeld's War"

I Like To Laugh At Republicans-Exhibit A

Why Is Bush Coming Out In Favor Of Civil Unions?

MTV showed some scrotum, premiered new Eminem video on TRL today!

If your paper endorses Bush, don't write leters,,,,,

Dems are outnumbering Repub early voters in my county.......

HELP! My dad's undecided, but might vote Kerry if....

As of yesterday, 29% of all Oregon ballots were in

New Arg Polls (via


(Picture) When in Rome...

Is It Too Ballsy For Kerry To Speculate On Cabinet Positions Now?

Aaron Brown on CNN Newsnight to discuss facts, politics 2nite

Anti-Edwards Ad in AIM Buddy List

Sixteen tons and what do you get, another lost soldier and...(song)

E-mail spam Debunk please DU!

Right Wing Radio Got Bush Lovers Hopes Up Only For The Nightly News

Is their a video link for the Bush glare today?

Hey, did you know Hawaii is going for Bush?

"AP: New Bush Guard Papers Leave Questions"

I think Clinton is having a Big Impact helping Kerry!

Bush's Poodle admits he has met with Kerry

My sister's RWing husband said "Bush will win in a landslide"

You must win.

3 Big Nat'l Polls: Kerry 48-49, Bush 47. Is 47 the Bush number? I say 46

Hawaii: Why are the polls showing * leading ? nt

Most stupid freeper discussion tonight...

Josh Marshel at TPMemo wants info on CNN ticker/talkin' heads...

A thought on Hawaii

"Dems Register More New Voters Than GOP"

Surprise surprise - Pat Buchanan whores for Bush about explosives

Lackluster consumer confidence slumps to 7 month low

MSNBC/Scarborough...whoring away big time for *

Another Reason to Boot Shrub

My daughter's Catholics for Kerry sticker was ripped down off her

Yeah, Kerry looks a little tired in this CBS photo, but Bush looks

Jesus f’ Christ how stupid do they think people are???!!

"50 Ways to Leave Yer Lover " or "Kerry Leads 181 to 122 in Endorsements"

Two votes for Kerry Edwards. We voted earlier this evening. Yeah! n/t

Sheryl Crow played for Kerry today in Las Vegas

"Study: Terror Warnings Up Approval Ratings"

Fuck, my vote may not have counted in PA

Capt FPR, my flight student, F-14 pilot, and airline captain: KERRY!

Think Sharon's "change of heart" is the Oct. surprise?

Question on who broke the Al Qaqaa story

Kerry Maytag Iowa Job Loss ad out!

Both ARG and Survey USA have Kerry winning OH,PA and Florida

Order these and give them out to trick or treaters on Halloween

"Liberal evangelical voters come out swinging"

* Look-that-Kills: Did you catch it ? He looked at the CNN guy

AP: Bush Stance on Civil Unions Upsets Groups

Bush caves, flip flops on gay marriage.


Live Knowles/Murkowski senate debate from Alaska now on CSPAN

Al-Qaqaa Spokesman Says No Weapons Search - Suck that freepers (RATE IT)

Just heard Aaron Brown on CNN give Cheney

Picture of Wolf Blitzer Sums Up CNN Coverage Of The 2004 Elections

Who Would Osama Vote For?

My DU brothers and sisters, I have been following numerous...

Last Glorious Days of * Lies TV

Looters took the explosives when the 101st were on site!

I feel sorry for Kerry having Candy Crowley

The Prospect Of NEVER Seeing Crawford,Texas Again...

These are the genuine leaders of the Republican Party....

Worried about Poll Watchers? Wear a * pin to the Poll

WTF? Paula Zahn allowing Rush Limbaugh echo chamber?

It's called momentum people!

Randa Fahmy Hudome, Libya's $1.4M Lobbyist

Caption the Innocent Bystander

Thank GOD for early voting! Repuke voter supression schemes

Appeal to Nephews' Lives

Volunteer to transport Bushies to the polls next Tuesday

George Bush is under the influence of a cult, The Dominionists....

Washington Post Daily Tracking 50-48 Kerry!!

The Dominionists have infiltrated the military going to Abu Ghraib....

If Kerry Hits 50% He Will Be The First Dem Since Carter To Reach It

Photos: Kerrry's getting younger, Bush* getting older and more bloated

I saw an anti-Bush* ad aired on Montgomery, AL TV station today

If you value the Children's Health Ins Prog -read (Dem targeted by GOP)

Now Mike Malloy knows about the ballot scandal in Ft. Lauder-

Bush Bulge Mystery Unravels--Could thi CBS report be any stupider!

Head Spokesman For 101rst Airborne Says There Was NOT A Weapon's Search

How does Kerry win when the media keeps whoring for Bush?

Study: Media favored Kerry in early October:

Federal judge in Missouri denies move to let mentally ill man vote next we

Freeper meltdown over Civil Union

The Texas GOP Platform for 2004 is George W Bush's vision...

Surging oil price drives BP profits to record highs. Can we talk oil?

Via Drudge, Karl Rove impersonates an Iraqi

My LTTE gets published

Iraq had explosives they were ALLOWED TO HAVE so we MUST INVADE!

Theresa LePore strikes again in Florida

The Repugs did not expect that

So, Elizabeth Dole called me today: vote Pro-life she said.

drudge's next prediction -- 92 degrees in green bay in november

Don't let the Weapons Story go away [Freepers are trying to spin this]

Palast on AARs Morning Sedition Wed

inspiring Canton Ohio protests bush* visit....GREAT

Quote. Don't EVER give up

AK Senate Debate

do you think rove will engineer a terror attack

Caption the Chimp!

Kerry in Las Vegas...

Attn Lancaster County PA - Give Bush a DU welcome!!!!!


Man, I Wish These Repukes Would STFU!!!

Bad week for Bush already and it is only Tuesday.

What if Kerry paid a campaign visit to Texas?

Need creative DUer to make FLYERS on Bush/civil unions (for churches)

Kerry Calling Out Bush on Lack of True Christian Values

All "mosh" links now down in both threads

Anyone else agree that Bush is totally incontinent?

Plame-gate: Karl Rove the villain ?

Bush Sr said that he was going to win but he didn't

Kerry win = Landslide Bush win = Mudslide

Say you're Karl Rove....lotta grim news for you this week...

NY Times interviews commander of troops from NBC story

How can we possibly win Florida without civil disobedience!

Tell everyone you know....

FYI.. How Boards O Election are organized in Ohio.....

DU'ers want to have a little bit of devilish fun?

FLU SHOTS: this is why kerry will win Florida.

What If We Organized A Huge Drive Next Sunday

Republican Conversion Thread. Post your tales here:

Bush sued in Chile for crimes against humanity

you better be Pro All Life..then go from there

Great anti-Coors letter in the mail today LMAO read here.

DID IT: My Mother is NOT voting for Bush!! (& she is Southern Baptist~)

I was gone for 3 days, what did I miss?

Question on voter identificaiton thugs.

Official Poll Watcher Volunteer Thread

Er... they wouldn't actually raise the terror level, would they?

Analyzing the spin

do you think rove will engineer a terror attack

Just called Baptist bro in law to report Bush flip flop on gay unions

Bush pulls an October Surprise on his "base". Civil unions ok.

Kerry has lead in Miami Dade(FL), poll says

Should Election Day be an official holiday?

Dan Simpson: Born Republican, but not born yesterday

It is almost time to take back our country

Kerry should make swing state ad of Bush FLIP FLOP on GAY CIVIL UNIONS

Hey! My state (Alaska) is coming up on CSpan2...

Donkey Rising: Democracy Corps: Kerry 49-47, Kerry 52-45 in Battlegrounds

Is anyone else sick of the hearing about "October Surprises"?

B*sh the good Godly Christian Guy....

I just finished watch 'Rumsfeld's War' on Frontline.

Seattle Weekly: Armageddon for the GOP

Will the base hold? Taiwan, civil unions and Pat Robertson....

$1,000,000.00 Reward. That should be offered...

What ever happened to Parlock?

I found this daily reminder...

Freerepulsive smells like desperation these days. Bizarre threads crop up

League of Conservation voters endorses Kerry.

The Barking Sasquatch and Tad Devine will be on Charlie Rose tonight

Vermont Senate debate,Craig Hill shows Bush was the terrorist

I'm just wondering ... are * & Friends trying to lose this election?

New WSJ/Harris Poll: LV Kerry 48%-Bush 47%

Kick-ass piece from WP on GOP fascist/racist voter suppression

GAS PRICES will be the end of Bush...Period.

MediaMatters; 101st & NBC embed NOT the first team to Al QaQaa

Nevada Early Voting Analysis

Florida black voter intimidation story: When does it hit ? nt

Government paid Bush for not doing work Nation Guard [This is Big]

Entertainment Tonight is like one Big Kerry Commercial Tonight

Remember, folks, Eminem is on SNL this weekend...

segment on cnn paula is making fun of the bush wolves ad..

Tom Brokaw Exposes Drudge and White House as Filthy Liars

Harris Poll - Kerry takes 1 pt. lead - Kerry 48% Bush 47% LV

We're making a play for Virginia - Money for radio ads going into South

Does anyone keep getting polled over and over?

Do the explosives NOW in the hands of terrorists justify the war ?

Drudge saying WINTER STORM predicted for BIBLE BELT on Election Day.

Polling: How to tell which ones are propaganda and which are "real info"?

Prevent Election Theft: What YOU can DO ....

The GOP's Shameful Vote Strategy

Race getting close in Missouri - Kerry within 3 in one poll and 4 in anoth

I think I am gonna call in sick NOV 2nd and go volunteer at

Andew Sullivan Endorses Kerry

Just when chimp had enough bad news on his plate, here's a nice helping of

Internal Email to Bush campaign, re: lost Iraqi explosives

Why is this man FLOP-SWEATING?

Just got this message from Bush/Cheney campaign

Who is this damn Pat Cadell clown on Fox?

Kerry: Down the stretch, closing the deal. Bush: flatlining at 46%.

How to deal with an undecided voter

What percentage of Men "strongly disapprove" of Bush?

Media start to pick up on Eminem "Mosh" Controversy

Bush's downfall...

Is anyone else feeling optimistic?

What's with "poll watchers" in Cleveland?



Study: Terror Warnings Up Bush Approval Ratings

Neighbors are repubs and had their signs stolen and I was a good neighbor.

WTF!? Christopher Hitchens endorses Kerry

Eminem's MOSH video: even better than the hype (Links included)

The village idiot today asked for Democrats votes

Greg Palast BBC VIDEO REPORT on FL Voter Fraud

Citizens for Strong Senate ads?

Andrew Sullivan On Why I am Supporting John Kerry

Know any Republicans who'll be voting for Kerry?


Could this be the "October surprise?" Tenet's revenge? 9/11 Report

"America Coming Together" one week to go MESSAGE:

Beautiful PHOTO: from Canton Ohio....hahahahahahaha haha ha

If Bush Were To Somehow Win This Thing Legit, Who Would You Blame ???

Anybody else ever get the feeling Kerry knows something

Who is taking vacation on Election Day to work for Kerry or Local Dems?

Greg Palast scoops Bush Ultra-Scam once again - Adventure Capitalism

Bush's Brain--- the movie to be shown on Bravo election-eve

All Cleveland DUers: Shrub will be in Westlake on Thursday

Cheney melt down story...No wonder bushies are surrounded by Yes Men!

DU the TRL Poll! Let's get Eminem's Mosh to #1!!!


Man tried to run down Katherine Harris...Haaaa...HAAAAAAA...

John Kerry: Speech at Green Bay (last major policy address by JK!)

Are America and Europe Growing Irreconcilably Apart?

[PINR] Oct. 27, 2004: Myanmar

Letter to Salt Lake Tribune: "Between the lines"

- NASA agrees, Bush is a Dictator -

Bush Blunders Block Path to Reelection

Gene Lyons

Strange Kristoff column

Vote for a Man, Not a Puppet, by Charley Reese

The burden of peace:


OUCH!! South African Paper warns American people to "beat Bush"


The Bush family has set up a website against george

HUMOR: Cheney Blames Kerry for 'Gigli"

What the world needs now is a new U.S. leader

Morally Treasonable Bush Administration (Walter Brasch,

"Transcript of President’s Speech, January 25, 2005"

Innocent Republicans V. crazed Democrats part II

Born Republican, but not born yesterday (Former US Ambassador)

Sen. Harkin LETTER: Bush has no choice but to reinstate draft

Pot Smokers Arrested In America At A Rate Of One Every 42 Seconds

Hating Bush


Indianapolis has a new radical bookstore!

Anti-Bush art shows opening in Portland, OR

Paraguay: critical time for last uncontacted Indians

Any one in Atlanta going

DU the religous right re: civil unions

Don't Let 'em steal the election again Dems -- great resource link here


Need some good sign slogans for protest

IMO every Democrat should wear a FACE MASK till NOV 2 as a silent

Amazing Randi program today

Denny Radio being simulcast on c-span...what a putz.

Tweety and Don Evans, commerce sec. says

Does anyone have a phone number for CNN? I'm sick of this fiasco

CNN's findings on Married and Unmarried Votes: Utterly WRONG !

Total Lunar Eclipse: October 27/28

Chemical Industry Funds Aid EPA Study

NASA Scientist - Bush Administration Suppressing Global Warming Evidence

Xcel Energy Wants Blockage Of Climate Testimony During Coal Plant Hearings


Grist interview with John Kerry on the environment . . .

China Facing Power Shortages With Approach Of Winter

(non)tropical storm hits Ireland???

Spain, Algeria back Baker Plan for W.Sahara

Hits and mists (Morocco)

Church clearing Mozambique of landmines

Thailand 'risks revolt' after Muslim deaths

Africans not falling for Bush's charity

A frank look at John Kerrys record on civil libertys.

Unarmed British Policeman Subdues Knifeman in New York

19 hours to the archive

Thanks again, Skinner.

Can we get a tack for 866-OUR-VOTE in the voting problems forum? n/t

I know you guys have nothing better to do...

Totally befuddled as to why my thread was locked

I like the I Voted Avatar

Skinner - My Post on GOTV on multiple forums

Re: the new forums format

I like the I Voted avatar, too, but could you make it even harder

Thanks for the I Voted avatar.

When does my star expire?

I forgot my password


Just A THANK YOU Skinner, EarlG, Elad For The Opportunity For This

I could use a little assistance

I was delighted by the paragraph on disruptors in the Election Day plan

My star is gone

Winning the War for Muslim Minds

Israeli Supreme Court demands army justify demolitions

Israel's Coming Civil War

Settlers threaten violence over Gaza withdrawal

Sources: Serious deterioration in Arafat's health

A link to a Vreeland story that will make your hair stand on end

There is an major Presidential election in less than a week.

LA residents - Ruppert to speak at UCLA on Oct 28th.

Karl Schwarz - FEMA Concerns

9/11 Victims to Deliver Complaint to NY Attorney General Calling for Full


Daily Herald Endorses Melissa Bean!!

*MUST SEE* for CA voters...Paper or Plastic?

I voted for John Kerry yesterday

Don't be Nervous (GOTV); Don't Freak! (GOTV) Don't Worry! (GOTV)

SAN QUENTIN Battle brewing over Death Row

Voter influx could lead to polling trouble

News stations keeps lying about 69 (the Gattaca proposition)

Democratic Party Office Hit By Vandals - Sacramento area

Has anyone seen the Jesse Ventura Ad on TV?

Pictures of Mayor Gavin Newsom

Any Hollywood area Election Night parties ?

Maria Shriver's new exhibit at the Women's Museum.

In Orange County, tons of absentee ballots are not being received

Don't Let 'em steal the election IA Dems -- great resource link here

Don't be Nervous (GOTV); Don't Freak! (GOTV) Don't Worry! (GOTV)

Spitting and Crotch Grabbing: Dirty Little Secrets

Don't be Nervous (GOTV); Don't Freak! (GOTV) Don't Worry! (GOTV)

Edwards in Duluth Thursday

Rochester Minnesota Rally!

Don't be Nervous (GOTV); Don't Freak! (GOTV) Don't Worry! (GOTV)

Shrub HQ in East Lansing?

Heavy rain predicted on Eastern side of state on Nov 2nd

Don't be Nervous (GOTV); Don't Freak! (GOTV) Don't Worry! (GOTV)

Judicial ratings (Cuyahoga County)

Don't be Nervous (GOTV); Don't Freak! (GOTV) Don't Worry! (GOTV)

Heads up Pa voters. If you have moved recently

Eisenhower Launches "Toxic Tom" Website (PA, D for Atty Gen.)

Philly geography question

bush coming to newtown pa on Thursday

Documentary "America Speaks Out" Austin 10/27

Dallas County--get ready for sign delivery

Bexar County (San Antonio) Poll: Kerry 40% Bush 45% Nader 3%


Tom DeLay walking door to door?!?!? Is he desperate or what?

Don't be Nervous (GOTV); Don't Freak! (GOTV) Don't Worry! (GOTV)

Pix of Wes Clark in Wausau

Don't be Nervous (GOTV); Don't Freak! (GOTV) Don't Worry! (GOTV)

What's the deal with Eminem?

Kerry at Twin Cities on 26th and Rochester on 27th *Red alert*

Question about "60 Minutes", Bremer and Al Qaqaa...

check out this possibly stolen absentee ballot thread, tia

hey bush. how many dead until you have your revenge?

Where's Jon Stewart tonight?

Let's compile the 'Complete List of Hillary Conspiracy Theories'

Anyone catch this today?

Is it my imagination or was "Evangelism" tonight's favorite news topic?

Given the Vreeland Thread : Link TV NOW has piece on nuclear terrorism

Back in the old days of DU ------- Remember when?

Help me with my election night "bunker"

If Bush were any kind of good leader he would demand that Congress

Did the Red Soxs win tonight? Was at Kerry Ralley in ABQ

DU this poll.

Hollywood in Danger? (Vreeland)

Is sixty minutes going to broadcast the missing explosives Sunday?


I just watched F 9/11 for the first time - ...

Breaking the story about missing explosives

FREEPER CBS boycott FAILS!! Comes to grinding halt...

Do we need any more confirmation

Did Agents of the Administration Steal the 380 Tons of Explosives?

O'Lielly is interviewing Woodward, pretending he's Kerry - pathetic..

Okay, this guy's a sicko

Are Bush and Rove attempting to relegate black citizens to second

"Lost" explosives--gay--and the wrong media questions

"Monkey trained to use robotic arm "

I believe that the disappearance of the explosives in Iraq coming so close

How do you feel about Country music in general?

How long will the 'war' last, & how many will be slaughtered?

The collapse of financial solvency of many of our corporations and

Did anyone see Brent "Orangutan" Bozell...

Anyone in Iraq who allies himself too closely with the U.S. is setting

The Bush regime has made a Biblical prophecy come true.

More Dead Westerners in Iraq. No News Reports About Them!

Thank you, DU!

greg palast on AAR now

Imagine President John F. Kerry!

Anyone else having "sleep issues"?

Respected Leaders and Families Launch 911 Truth Statement

Smirconish says he has info on one candidate's health???

The Chickenhawk song -- just on AAR

Thom Hartmann on C-span Fri 29th

Two more women harrassed by O'Reilly to come forward?

When "balance" is not good enough.

Carry on spying: Russian agents flood UK in revival of intelligence Cold W

Anti-depressants cause..... Depression... article....

3 MAJOR news stories buried on page 18 of the WP. Disgusting!

Total Lunar Eclipse tonight starting at 9:14 PM......

"Is God an American Voter?"

So, will other countries "sanction" the US for failed elections?

Deleted Dupe

OK, DUers, another historical election (some may remember, some may not)

New article on Vreeland

Great Salon review of right-wing docu "Celsius 41.11": "SURREALLY BAD"

The plaid adder nails it again, check out the front page article

A link to a Vreeland story that will make your hair stand on end

How do you feel about Hip-Hop in general?

67531 23059 95873 05031 04395

Salon:Medical experts: Rehnquist's condition could be severe

My local cartoonist always asks the best questions

Mother of Dead Soldier: "An Iraqi Killed My Son"! (not bush*)

"Explosive" comment from Independent, UK

Undecided voters do not request absentee ballots ...GRRRRR!

Gallop on Iowa, Kerry ahead registered but not with Likely voters

Proof that Repugs are rude bastards.

I'm addicted to this damn site. Why did I ever wander over here?

Freeper converts to Kerry Edwards. Pictorial proof!!!

"Wolves", DU's Home Page, A Must Read....

They are starting already in Florida! 58,000 missing absentee ballots

Anti-gay RW groups urging boycott of P&G products.

From "Uncle John's Indispensable Guide to the year 2000" - an

A few notes from my workplace: F9/11 and voting

Rumsfeld's War

Daily Howler on Kristof

when you vote, remember what we're fighting..........................

Palast on AAR: Kerry will win, but bush will be inaugurated again

For your Fundamentalist Friends : Matthew 23

The only way this country can make amends for the crimes committed

is there such a thing as being too stupid to vote?

Strange things are afoot at the Circle K (DC oddities)

Diebold With A Vengence! (DANZIGER)

Deputy President of Iraq on CSPAN 11am CST

Jon Stewart last night.."We were not incompetent, we were ignorant"

BBC Question Time in Miami;Michael Moore!!

DU the religious right's socks off

BBC News Boss Slams 'Flag-Wrapped' U.S. Media

King Co. WA tells poll workers to hand out Chinese ballots

Sorry about ANOTHER freeper thread, but this one is really fascinating!

So let me get this right about Al Qaqaa and the explosives.

Who served and who didn't...nice little list...

Massachussets residents, what was the general statewide view of John Kerry

Cheated at the Ballot Box

Bush is taking the Man of God thing waaaay too seriously now

Wear out the vote alive and well in Florida

People Don't Know he Iraq Troop Death Toll. Anecdotal proof:

If you are in the Orlando, FL area

Another Iraq Explosives Story Bombshell! Please Rate This UP!

So, is Eminem going to perform "Mosh" on SNL this week?

Why are the CNN whores oh so happy to prop up a potential theocracy

DU 3 small town IA polls (Kerry ahead, but we need a strong finish!)

tweety looks sad

Al Franken begins now......

Any other parents going to a swing state and missing Halloween?

US gave date of war to Britain in advance, court papers reveal (5 mo.)

I would like to see two practices in American Government outlawed

What person endorsed Kerry yesterday?

Polls, technically flawed. Ling. Analysis says Kerry at 68% of popular

Do you guys ever visit the website?

With the new terra tape... this quote comes to mind.

cnn: man arrested for 'intimidating' katherine harris with his cadillac

Ashcroft's final play

Where do we go from here?

"A political candidate who jumps to conclusions without knowing the facts"

Darfur: Where the F* are France, Germany, etc.?

Don't be Nervous (GOTV); Don't Freak! (GOTV) Don't Worry! (GOTV)

Osama on Shi'ites hit list - yes, tis true

have you noticed various countries buying submarines?

MY P2P program popped up with a message, and in the end said VOTE KERRY!!

Just watched Eminem vid for "Mosh" - does MTV play this?

My list so far of white house excuses for missing explosives...

Having a Baby costs $14,000 in the U.S.

Get your Gee Dubya 'Jerk O' Lantern' Poster HERE..................

Howard laced into Michael "Son of Colon" Powell this morning

When Kerry wins, will it be possible for W to declare martial law

Hurricane Ivan tore up oil pipes in Gulf of Mex. - 6 mo. to fix

Onion: Republicans Urge Minorities To Get Out And Vote On Nov. 3

Do Soldiers who die after they're removed from the "battlefield" count ...

What Is Red Mercury? (For those followng the Vreeland story) (

This BBV thing is an error in judgement.

Freeper vs. Kerry Supporter Confrontation

The Road to Abu Ghraib

New GW nickname

WDBZ really hamming it up

how about haiti

Political books - which ones are a must read?

A *serious* question about DU'ers relaying info re: Attacks on the US

Is there a difference between a "cult" and a "religion"?

mass graves, big joke (* speech)

Guerilla attacks increase as US forces continue air raids against Fallujah

Something to consider - RE missing explosives

Favorite president of the past 40 years

Blair admits meeting Kerry, after all . Twice.

Were you ever not a 'ten percenter?'

The Vreeland "warning" is based on DUers claims and nothing else

Should Kerry "pre-empt" a possible attack?

Thank you CBS streaming video

Finally heard back from the FCC

What if they steal it, and Kerry loses????

Schneider: "Theres no momentum on Kerry's side"

Let's Speculate!!! Will the RNC stage a "Terrorist Attack Thwarting"

Kerry is way taller than Bush*!

Just left Best Buy -- Whole section of ANTI-W dvds

Jesus Plaidder, I wish you were on TV

Flashback: How the Bushists Let bin Laden Get Away

A friend just saw Clinton in NY...

I've quieted Freepers!

Other nations, leaders warning about 9/11? Help me find

Just saw the moveonpac ad about bu$h joking about WMDs.

Houston Chronicle: Lift veil on Bush administration culture of cover-ups!

Mike Ruppert lecture Oct 28th at UCLA. Re 911 & Peak Oil

I saw the movie CONTROL ROOM Last night!

Aw Shit. Terror Videotape.

I won't watch Daryn Kagan or Rick Sanchez on CNN 10 to 12

I love dogs. They say dogs can sense your character.

The Far Far Right: Ann Coulter, Michael Savage, Phyllis Schlafly, etc...

"If Kerry wins, I hope we get bombed."

You know, it just dawned on me about the pundits.

Matthews on MSNBC now (10:07)

Been canvassing in my precinct since this weekend to get out the vote.

GB&C Phone Home

Do you think bush will start a battle to try and sway the election?

Are Democrats putting people at polls to CHALLENGE voters?

My paycheck this week will include a pro-bush statement with it

God Is Shining Down on bush*.. Another Halo-like Moment....

I haven't heard anything on Rehnquist since Monday. How's he doing?

EXCLUSIVE: Anthrax vaccine ruled illegal for mandated military use

Show your democratic pride by voting in this mock election

Boy, if I didn't hate Nader before...

To treat the Karl Rove thugs as just another political party would be

Photos: Ground Zero - Broward County Florida - VOTE EARLY!!!

Is this the time to speculate about whether the election will be stolen?

Here is the Pro-Bush memo that will be included with my paycheck

Bush Ignores Soldiers' Burials

Mail galore in cleveland

Why does CNN even show Crossfire?

My "discussion" with a right-wing idiot......"Jane Fonda, divorce papers,

Saw a "Kin Against Kerry" sign today. WTF? Can't find a website

Is it a perfect fit? An ignorant, arrogant, bully of a leader for an

Yikes! al QaQaa is just "The tip of the iceberg"???

just a little silly joke.......

Poll: Kerry Gaining Among Swing Voters

"Transcript of President’s Speech, January 25, 2005"

Bush Flipping You Off

Bush voted "Movie Villain of the Year" :)>

My CIA source told me how they determined the terror video was a fake!

Peak oil and it's repercussions.. will it matter who is pres?

After the election, we should have all the Protect the Vote

Catholics and Fellow Buckeyes, please help!!

Would you check this out on When I clicked...

Can't change presidents if we are at war??!!

Sundance rebroadcast of Vote for Change

The minorities have decided to make room for Delay

Just voted early in TX!

Bush explains "Compassionate conservatism" to the nation's poor

Bush* Admin. considering backing out of treaty banning WMD in Space

Okay pretend you are a Freeper..Name three things Bush* has

Thank You Skinner

How many members of the Bush administration

omg my sister's babysitter/teacher says she's voting for Bush!!!

A commentary in song: "Help Is On The Way"

Grist interview with John Kerry on the environment . . .

Is there an AIR AMERICA station in your area?

Fascinating article about Roma's that I thought would be interesting

Vote in this MOCK ELECTION

BAD portraits of george dubya bush.................

October Surprise

Video of Bush giving the finger...for REAL and it's great!!!!! LOL

Yay! I get to vote!

Found this fundie end-times comic strip at school. Hilarious!

The Enemies Within.

Al Franken to be on Hardball...On Now!!

Good West Wing Quote

Yep, I'm losing it.

Nick Poll needs help

Interesting video of *

ARAFAT - Hold on for 6 more days!

what's * doing in this picture?

The Unmasking of The President

This time next year.

NO MENTION Of Iraqi Saying Explosives Were There on Nightly News!

Unbelievabe: look what Tom Delay said about Daily Kos!

Was "No child Left Behind" actually a Clinton Program

OMFG - Attack ad on Morrison

Question to all you Vietnam era DUers

Blogger(s) Wanted

Kerry speaks French better than Bush speaks English....Dean in Canada.

Why should we here at DU give a good God Damn what Drudge says?

Katherine Harris, Mary Matalin or Ann Coulter

58,000 ballots missing - what are we gonna do about it?

Wellstone Was a True Champion of War Heroes

Which Wingnuts will you most enjoy seeing despair on Nov. 3?

Is there a good reason we the people of this nation are not stopping

Election Day--DU Pledge?

Polls, Used to manipulate public opinion, not to measure it.

I just watched an interview with David Kay on CNN

Al wants us all to email our support for Lawrence to MSNBC

How will you cast your vote?

Very Interesting Comment From A Neighbor This Morning

"stacks of registrations had the same handwriting"

With what conservative positions are you ready to find common ground?

TV Land tonight: Politics and the Tube, a fun look. Sax to 'Sock it to me'

Katherine Harris' C-SPAN canoodle w/ Rick Renzi (R) on House floor

Greg Palast Bombshell! Documents Showing Iraq Plot from Early 2001!

I've been thinking about this "Civil War" thing....

Long lines for some Ga. early voters,,,early voting ends friday??

Just saw Eminem's "Mosh" on TRL

Several rows of the EMPTY seats were removed (from Bush appearance)

Will you ever discuss politics again with someone who votes for Bush?

Find your Polling Place ...

Insane republican hits little girl in the face...on tv

Just got a call from a military Recruiter!!!!

Is O'Really actually alleging Al Franken collusion in Falafelgate?

A Question about Free Republic and "Death Threats" against Moore

AlterNet Interview With Seymour Hersh: Man On Fire

Bush campaign setting the stage for Civil War with this mentality

I'm Seething With Rage

So what happens if Bush pulls off a second coup?

Bush fan to girlfriend: "VOTE FOR KERRY AND I'LL STAB YOU!"

an updated version of the poem, "First they came for..."

How did your parents affect your politics?

um..list of white house excuses thus far for missing explosives...

What is the return policy on an invasion?

Lhasa's having a Han Chinese majority makes me sick...

Sinclair Chief links to porn industry

Portland, ME ****will**** keep Air America!!!!!!!!

What's with the Kerry discharge by Pres Carter?

International Socialist Organization proved their irrelevance this weekend

If Saddam were still in power....

T.O. DUers. Do you know any particularly interesting/progressive

Kilroy quits UKIP group of MEPs

U.S. Keeps 11 Guantanamo Detainees Jailed

Small Minority Says Draft Could Happen (Washington Post)

WASHINGTON TIMES: Electorate more fearful than officials of vote fraud...

`Go Flu Yourself': Bush/Cheney Cut CDC Budget in Vaccine Crisis

Bush Campaign Group Endorses Kerry

Kerry says president botched country's war on terrorism

Old, but Not Retiring -WP

Entry to NZ to become easier for workers

DoD Identifies Army Casualty # 1107

Colorado Senate Race Tight

Reuters: U.S. Acts Against General Who Saw a 'Christian' War

Walter Cronkite Decries War in Iraq

Troy plant facing layoffs

Kerry, Edwards Rarely Campaign Together

DUPE:UK Independent: US gave date of war to Britain in advance

Australia acknowledges Iraq increases its risk of terrorist attack

Scientist rips Bush on global warming-Says data 'screened and controlled'

NYT: Panel Reviews New (age-11-20 meningitis) Vaccine (too expensive?)

Respected Leaders and Families Launch 911 Truth Statement

LAT: Activists Mobilize Over Shaping Supreme Court (after Rehnquist news)

Stern says FCC chairman's daddy got him job (Confronts Powell ON AIR)

NYT: Expect Bush v. Kerry, the Chadless Sequel

One US soldier killed in suspected Iraq motorcycle bombing

Amnesty condemns U.S. over torture

NYT: New Mainstream Hybrids Offer Comfort With a Clearer Conscience

White House stemming flow of remittances

(Springfield, MO) News Leader Endorses Kerry (heart of AssKKKrap Country)

Rumsfeld implicitly admits lack of planning for Iraqi insurgency

EU Commission President withdraws proposed team

FSA chief to quiz Spitzer over Marsh

Illness stirs talk of jurist's successor (Bush loses - he still could appo

Germans trust in a victory for John Kerry.

British troops in Iraq begin deployment

Iraqis' views on U.S. presidential race run gamut (extremists back Bush)

Biotech Cats Wouldn't Trigger Allergies

Missing Iraqi explosives hound US election campaign trail

Passport restriction for US visits eased

Reuters Poll: Bush Leads Kerry by 1 Point(Zogby)

Democrats File 9 Different Lawsuits in FL

NRC Suspends On-Line Library Due to Security Concerns

Putin's signature to bring Kyoto protocol into force (Bush isolated again)

36 Papers Abandon Bush for Kerry

Rumsfeld implicitly admits lack of planning for Iraqi insurgency

9/11 bill deadlock infuriates families

U.S. considers ways to increase troops in Iraq for vote (+20,000 needed)

NASA scientist says Bush willfully ignores global warming news

EU Crisis Over Anti-Gay Politician Averted

LA Times: Live TBN Fund Drive Axed

"Bush talks of changing tactics in Iraq"--Sydney Morning Herald

Paris-Based Aid Agency Pulling Out Of Iraq

FDA accused of delaying Chiron (flu vacc) documents till after election

Bush drug import policies stop 30,000 Floridians from getting flu vaccine.

WP: Students Decry Registration Problems: Dems Allege "Scare Tactics"

GOP Criticizes Student Vote Campaign

Plane Crashes in Mo., Wis. Kills Four

FDA withholding documents on flu vaccine shortage.

October Terrorist Surprise 10:12 am PST

OPEC to U.S. - Use Emergency Oil Reserves

US gave date of war to Britain in advance, court papers reveal

If Electoral College Fails, House Decides

Bush says on weapons: "we do not know the facts"


Florida Snafu, Already.....

NASA scientist warns of *'s policy about Global Warming

NYT: Resentment Toward G.M. Is Growing in Germany (jobs to ally Poland?)


MSNBC reports that Arnold Schwartzenegger (The Groper) will....

Police: Driver Tried to Run Over Katherine Harris


Al-Jazeera airs new footage of pleading British hostage in Iraq

Pink slips for (1,087 Chicago transit workers (Moonie Times)

Kerry slams Cheney as "Minister of Disinformation" over weapons drama

BBC News: New Florida vote scandal feared

CIA can’t authenticate taped threat to U.S.--Analysts cite low concern

Man accused of trying to run down Rep. Katherine Harris

Reuters: OPEC Head Urges U.S. to Use Oil Reserves.

Biotech Cats Wouldn't Trigger Allergies

Kerry Says Bush Must Answer for Iraq Explosives

U.S. Newswire Press Releases: Lockhart Statement...

Kidnapped Woman Urges U.K. to Leave Iraq

Binge Drinking Turning Deadly (CBS)

Bush says Kerry making 'wild charges' over missing Iraq explosives

Ambulance Pulls Up Near Arafat's Headquarters

Howard Stern clashes with FCC's Powell on the air

OPEC asks U.S. to use oil reserves

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 27 October

Former Iraqi Diplomat to UAE Slain

Bush's Campaign Site Reported Blocking (of foreign vistors)

Kerry's Daughter Defends Father

Abortion rights group accuses archdiocese with violating tax-exempt status

Orlando Sentinel: Blacks outpace others in Orange's early voting

Man who Ran Down Harris -Yahoo story- RATE IT HIGH

AP: Edwards..."using our troops as shields to protect their own jobs,"

Challenges, Harassment May Block Voters

Court accepts GOP choice for House District 46 race (Indiana)

US Gave Date of War to Britain in Advance

Bush Recuses Self From Election Panel

Washington Post tracking poll, 10/27/04: B 48-- K 49

CBS radio: Arafat's health has declined precipitously...

Elko begins foreclosure action against veteran Nevada (GOP) lawmaker

Zogby Poll released: Kerry/ Bush once again tied, Kerry consolidates base

Bush voted "Movie Villain of the Year"

Kerry loves Israel, Bill (Clinton) tells Jews

Edwards: Bush Leads by 'Fear and Failure'

Scientists find prehistoric dwarf human skeleton

AP: Q&A: Missing Explosives in Iraq

MSNBC and NBC News: CIA analyzing taped threat to U.S.

AP- What Happened to Missing Iraq Explosives

Saudi Arabia to increase oil production

Postal Experts Hunt for Missing Ballots in Florida

Bush's composite lead fell from 3.9 to 0.9

Kerry hits right back at Bush on explosives row

E-Voting Cos. Reveal Software to Feds

Cheney Cites Kerry Adviser in Iraq Flap (takes no responsibility)

GOP: Democrats exploit kids for votes

Postal Experts Hunt for Missing Ballots in Florida

Bush website blocked outside US

Distorted Messages Abound in Election Campaign

Multimillionaires funding expensive pro-Bush 527 ads -The Hill

Man arrested for assault of Harris (Kathleen) /Florida

Pentagon denies detainees' torture charges, says no legal basis for paying

Bush campaign website takes a dive

WP: Likely Voters Narrowly Prefer Bush to Pick (SC) Justices

Oil has biggest ONE day drop in 4 years, $3 down. Dow now back over 10000

Guantánamo Britons to sue the US over abuse claims

CBS: Why GIs Didn't Hunt Explosives

9/11 Victims to Deliver Complaint to NY Attorney General Calling for Full

Strong new earthquake hits Japan

(Talladega, Alabama)Daily Home News Endorses Kerry (awesome *Co indictment

Early voting in Florida gives cause for concern

Caroline Kennedy tells Bush to stop invoking JFK

Airport Screeners Need More Training (HSD report)

Bush Aide Calls Criticism of Patriot Act Uninformed

Lake Worth man accused of 'political attack' on girlfriend

Bush to Visit Gainesville, Fl on Sunday

Katherine's C-SPAN canoodle

Brazil Raids Kroll Offices in SpyProbe

FDLE to investigate missing absentee ballots

Gulf (of Mexico) Pipeline Disaster Revealed; SPR Tap Possible

FDLE Ends Probe of Missing Absentee Ballots

Layoffs begin at The Dallas Morning News (125+ jobs)

First U.S. Unit at Iraq Site Did Not Hunt Explosives

Edwards Goes on Offensive in Florida ( GO JOHN GO!)

Europe's biggest newspaper endorses Bush

MSNBC: CIA can’t authenticate taped threat to US

Now It's Colin Powell Vs. Howard Stern

Bush Ad Salutes Sacrifice of Soldiers _ "Whatever It Takes"

CNN- Yasser Arafat in serious condition may be unconscious

Scientists Find Prehistoric Dwarf Skeleton (AP)

Conflicted Evangelicals Could Cost Bush Votes

Signs Point to Imminent Showdown in Iraq

Supreme Court Gives Stay in Tobacco Suit (Rehnquist participated)

Iraq says 'impossible' explosives taken before regime fall

British Troops in Iraq Begin Deployment

Early voters flock to polls in droves (CO)

Kerry Cites 'Big Mess, ' Bush Goes Upbeat (I can not wait to see this

Clinton's Sunday Stump, Possibly in NLR, Like 2000 PB Rally for Ross

Democrats file 9 suits in Florida

Kerry Says Bush Has Failed Middle Class

Bush Sued in Chile Over Prisoner Abuse

Nerdy Zone Alarm question?

"As God as my witness,

Where can I upload a sig image

World Series Officially over

What are some great scary Halloween-themed classical pieces of music?

"A Song Called Freedom"

Mysterious crystal skulls....(evil laugh)HA HA HA HA

Anyone seen The Grudge?

I woke up in a Soho doorway, a policeman knew my name

The thread on porno names reminded me of this image

Can't recall if was already posted here.

Poker on the Tube--- All In... or All Bluff?

"Against all forms of tyranny, I swear eternal enmity."

Well, we got a nice future Freeper here.

Now this animation is just weird...

Bored? Here's a game, toss a paper in the trash

Nice Hat

Gotta question. Who's "Tweety" ?

I found an annoying web page........

In Grand Forks, a 6 ft Fork is Missing

Crook Leaves Name and Telephone Number at Crime Scenes

Essential NEW WORDS FOR 2004 additions for the work-place vocabulary

Ok Sox fans - I remember when WE were up by 3 games - I was cocky

So, are the Red Sox wins an early indication of Kerry's coattails?

Sox fans: What's your blood pressure at today!?

Bush Joke

OMG! bush* is going to have to make a call to Boston two weeks in a row!

Steve McQueen was fuckin' COOL.

7-11 Employee Gets $711 Bonus After Having 7 Pound 11 Ounce Baby

Is this the week that we set our clocks back?

Museum Lovers in NYC: Special Program Tomorrow on PBS

Red Sox fans....

What a great way to start the day!

Groom, Best Man, Two Others Arrested During Wedding Reception

Just heard on the radio that today is cranky coworker day.

Yay! I'm volunteering on Election Day!

I do know some drivers are total horses' asses...

Why are all the spammers.....

speaking in tongues

I hope you're all doing fine this morning.

So, we are "pulling down" DU if Kerry wins?

Just saw that Brett Favre's wife was diagnosed with breast cancer....

Can you feel it? Nothing can save you

Looking for a job? Jobs available in 'intellegence' field

Caption: Crawford floating voter?

Caption: Cowboy Democrat

Caption: Local iconoclast

Caption: Not serious

Nearly 13,000 voyeurs and exhibitionists attend the Exotic Erotic Ball

my 1st aid cLass finaLLy came in handy

I NEVER EVER thought I'd say it - but if it means Kerry wins - Go SOX!!!

This campaign is taking a toll on my health

Cooking Scrapple for a late breakfast.

So, yesterday I pulled a bush sign up

Ever wondered what bush looks like when he's drunk? Click to find out!


Fellow Red Sox fans, how will you feel if the Sox lose tonight?

Lieve Girls

Why can't you hug a FISH??????????

OMG! OMG! OMG! Today's Savage Love column

What is the more appropriate Red Sox destiny?

Well, this is fun

My AT&T cellphone switched to Cingular

Did you know the whole world changed on 9/11??

Before Madonna, before Cher, there was....Annette! Happy Birthday!

Scientists dig up family skeletons

Patty Griffin's best song ever....?

Ashcroft's final play

My disabled son only gets crappy insurance coverage.

"GET OUT OF THE WH NOW!!" that's what we'll be hearing in DC on Nov. 3rd

How do you feel about Country music in general?

Reggae quiz: Who's "broader than Broadway"?

This has been nagging at me for a bit. Gotta get it off my chest.


Something Weird Happened to my PC Last Night

What music will you still be listening to when you're ooold?

SEVEN WEEKS for a lousy appointment with the podiatrist (rant alert)


Peter Griffin's best line ever?

Hey Red Sox fans!!! I have had a revalation!!!!

Satan be Gone! CAPTION

Hey Cardinals Fans...Whaddya Think of the DH Now?

I've had IT, I turned off TV am listening to Xmas music

Air America a miserable failure, just like predicted

"President Kerry"...I know I'm getting ahead of myself. But I'm imagining.

Favorite Walter Matthau movie?

Ways to be Wicked

When do you drink vodka?

C'mon, you can tell me...

question for rap/hip-hop fans...

rude is not an answer

Hot and Sour Soup

Caption the patty cake couple

How do I sort addresses in OpenOffice?

67531 23059 95873 05031 04395

Bush has won the election!

"Hey, I think...hey Pablo! He broke the President!"

Cincinnati Reds owner donates $1 mil for * reelection campaign

Now the world don't move to the beat of just one drum.

Will the Red Sox sweep tonight?

HILARIOUS: Freepers begin writing political fan fiction.

Fish don't fry in the kitchen. Beans don't burn on the grill.

Stereotypical DUer

"It's the unions who are causing jobs to go overseas!"

***Official VISUALIZE VICTORY Thread***

Poll Watchers Needed.

The number-one sign that your foreign policy has become FUBAR is...

Question about dial up connections

11/2 is near. I added Kahlua and vodka to my yogurt and Grape-Nuts.

Post your internet pet peeves here! I'll start with...

You and I dance to the beat of a...

I admit it. I'm hiding 350 tonnes of explosives for the Iraqis.

"ex-Gay", current homophobe freeper ex-friend mentions DU

Twin 16-year-old brothers both get perfect SAT scores

Last night I had a dream about JON STEWART !

Cats also suffer stress!

Woohoo!! New "Get Your War On"....

Lunar eclipse due tonight

Did you have a crush on Kari Whurer like I did?

GTA San Andreas: Dare I say best game ever?

Let me show your ass something

CAPTION Chimp crushing the skull of a little girl

My daughter and I wore black hoodies to the mall yesterday

I'm Not Worthy Enough...

Okay, Manny! All is forgiven!

The "What's That on Your Head?" CAPTION

Hey Will Pitt, I'm coming after your coach.

Latest Gallup poll shows Cardinals leading Red Sox 48 to 46 (LV)

"Don't get worked up."

Need Help - What Are the Scariest Poems You Can Think Of

Driver, 10 - Runs Over & Kills His 4 Year Old Cousin

I'm about to use an ink refill cartridge for the first time...

Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa

Ok, now I'm getting a little worried

Why is there always chainsawing outside when I am here during the day?

CIA Assassin training

Who was the first woman in your family to vote?

The "Monster Slash" Cartoon Flash and Petition

2 piLLs i pop

You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and then you get

Stewie Griffin's best line ever?

My toddler son surprised me today.

They shut down Indymedia? How did I miss that?

Gearing up for the recount!

Hi everybody. I've been gone. My computers broke.

Tell me about your 1st drinking experience

Ok astronomers explain this..and scientists of all stripes.

Oh mighty Lord I pray, please let the Red Sox fans grip just a little.

Favorite mendelssohn piece

Call now!!

My experience refinancing with boy!

Need a little residual cranial energy?

I'm so glad we had this time together

I have to give a speech in front of Freepers tonight and I am screwed

Early to rise, early to bed

Touch me in the morning

I like Forum Changes - what I see so far! I'm going to eliminate my siggy

Drunken elephants trample three to death

I hate making things on order

Who can turn the world on with her smile?

It must be him!

Bumperstickers epitomize Republicanite hypocrisy

Thant's what I'M talkin' 'bout!

Happy hump day, everyone!

Huge crowds for Kerry in CO

Lady Godiva was a freedom fighter.

"The Red Sox killed my father and now they're coming after me."

Auction ends for Bonds' 700th homer ball - $804,129

Proof that George W Bush is the Antichrist!

Show me that smile again...

An Argument about the 10 commandments (Please read I need opinions)

Who is going to change their screenname after Kerry wins?

If Kerry wins, should I change my username?


Attack of the killer Ladybugs!

I got my bearded cleaning lady at the county fair last month

DU this poll QUICK!!!!

Does anyone have a link to Eminem's "Mosh" video?

Please do not use cell phones when with doctors and nurses.

Ive got a fever...

World's Largest Published Book Stands 5 Feet Tall, 7 Feet Wide


What is the meaning of the term 'Amerika'?

Arrrrghhhh! I think the pressure is getting to me!

Inform the Canadian Time, Part VI:

New Avatar: "I Voted"

Catholic Rap

what type of booze is appropriate for election night?

Socrates, Plato & the Apology and The Republic (Discuss)

Lady Godiva was a freedom rider, she didn't care if the whole world looked

Georgie at the Bat

Your fave fan signs from the World Series so far?

I bought a Bearded Dragon yesterday...

"i've waited my whoLe Life for a sox series win!"

If you had $90 to spend, would you spend it on...

What Strangely Appropriate Song Should the Bush Campaign Adopt?

I have to leave now!

If you're happy and you know it, bounce indefinitely!

New Image in My Sig Line

I met my congressman today, ask me anything

Will promptly posting copycats result in locked threads?

Will posting copycats prompt locked threads?

Just sportin' my new avatar

Ok I'm now officially lost on DU

wake up and smell the Bush

WillPitt has a one-track mind!!!

"Glass of milk...

CAPTION Cheney's Patriotic toupee

I'm almost out of here. Get me out of the 700 club. Ask me anything.

One Last Gift For Yankee Fans

Who is Al Hedges?

a delivery is coming

Total Eclipse Of The Heart

Your favorite "weird" snack

i cant remember how to change my avatar???

Hey will the DU changes include Black Hoodie with DU logo? n/t

Who is Bob Hegyes?

Cat owners-question

Cab owners-question

Hey Skinner, how about you get us a couch and some chairs for the lounge!

Stressed? Bush getting on your nerves? Spank him!

Cawton a milk, loaf a bread, an' a stick a butta...

Istanbul was Constantinople


I really love logs

I really love hogs

My next post will be post 666

Analogy Time! BUSH is to COMPETENCY as [blank] is to [blank].

I really love the Troggs

I really love pogs

i really love blogs

I really love frogs

I really love Boggs

Hat Owners Question

I have a big test tonight! I'm off to study!

I really Love Frogs.

I really love clogs.

Just saying HI

The Red Sox have only won one World Series since John F. Kennedy was born.

I want to formerly apologize

Final Ed Wood movie found

I became part of the 700 club today.

What is the weather prediction for election day in your area?

The Reason My daughter will hate me when she grows up

Help give Bushie a brain!

Define Disco

What food are you addicted to right now?

I Rennovated Catwoman's House!!

Time for total honesty: I hope the Red Sox lose tonight.

Did you know Paul Harvey got a Section 8 because...

I'm off to the Cathouse so I won't have to file for divorce...

I need costume ideas for Halloween!!

Please visit my webiste *I admit I have no shame*

The Cat's Diary

Yankees Fans! We've Been Cursed By Bush!!!

Do You Have a Cleaning Lady?

I love to...

Seen on a motivational poster in the Divorce Court Office:

Chimps - separated at birth?



When The Red Sox Win...

More tech help, please!

i am TOTALLY craving a CHEESEBURGER right now

One thing I'll feel really good about at 12PM 01/20/05....

Does George W. Bush Get MORE Hideous By The Day? ****PICS****

question. we are all here

I broke my toe

I am having a shitty day

finished xmas shopping today

I Hereby Inflict The Curse Of the Pacino

Another "how do I post a picture" question....

How do you remove a w32.spybot.worm?

Are we having server problems again? DU froze up and couldnt

Post # 2004!!

Ergh. Broke.

Confetti sticks to Cheney's oily head

Has anyone seen the Velvet Revolver - "Fall to Pieces" video?

kids just home from school

I love my landlord

It's really orange outside

BWAHAHAHA!! Empty seats for the Bush* twin idiots...

I'm growing a goatee! Ask me anything!

Billionaires for Bush: "BLOCK THE VOTE" The final push...

OK, who played the cruel joke on me?

One year ago San Diego was BURNING! Today its raining.

Whoa...Brittany has an almost-naked video on TRL!

U nose pickers, unite!

Don't forget: total eclipse of the moon tonight!

How many here have me on "iguana"?


Is Randy Rhodes coming loose?


Freeper put in jail after he threatened to stab his girlfriend because...

How many members of the Bush administration does it take to change a light

I was able to vote early today. Yippee!!!

Scooby Dooby Doo

I'm totally procrastinating by being here at DU. Are you?

I hereby inflict the Curse of the Bambino upon the Boston Red Sox

BrundleBush (graphic warning)

Tonight's "Red Moon" total eclipse = Red Sox in 4-0

Red Sox success spurs U.S. productivity, Kerry victory seen helping too

30 minutes to LOST

I really love dogs

Any TIVO users here?

Eclipse Schedule


"Calloo! Callay! They had a magnum at the shoe counter!"

Notice Given


"I want to buy a predug ditch"--Today's Customer from Hell

....and the TAXI cab driver said.......

Ode to Dolfin Shorts

All hail the Mexican cheese!

What are you going as for halloween?

What should I serve Matcom during the World Series Game tonite?

DU bloggers: Please help!

Tweety preaches about the media.

Who was the very 1st person you remember being sexually attracted to?

Attention: I carved the coolest. Pumpkin. Ever.

What Should I Drink During The World Series Game Tonight?

Yay! I'm going to see Jekyll & Hyde on Sat!

"Boogie Nights" - anyone else love this flick?

Ancient HOBBIT-Sized Human Discovered (This is really cool)

Is it cloudy or raining where you are right now?

I'm making meat loaf, mashed potatoes, green beans with bacon,

This girl I know keeps asking "What's up?"

How many here have me on "ignore"?

Yay! I get to vote!

Is anyone listening to the mom on Randi's show right now?

So I buy $25 in toys for my parrot...

I'm pumped up- my friends are getting political- protesting, volunteering!

I'm off to the courthouse to file for divorce now.

Buckner "slightly hopes" the Sox win if it means he will be left alone

Have you heard about the corduroy pillows?


Do sexually uninhibited women 'set back' the women's / feminist movement?

I'm in favor of blowing up the moon! Who's with me?

Bar none, this is the most inspiring photograph of John Kerry


Freeper child: 0, Me: 34

I saw the most beautifully grotesque man today.

Please do not disturb me--I am channeling good thoughts to Derek Lowe!

My dog is sad cuz the cats won't play with him

The Real October Surprise?

CDs/albums that get better after repeated listens

Howard Stern and Michael Powell clash on KGO-AM

need a good salary comparator and NYC locations


I Hereby Inflict The Curse of the Torino

Fear Not! I Have Removed The Curse of the Bambino Once and for All!

It's spelled LOSE not LOOSE

Are they morning doves, or mourning doves?

I'm addicted to this damn site. Why did I ever wander over here?

What posting crimes prompt locked threads?

i would like to thank all you anti-hip hop people

back, and to the left, back and to the left

Michigan turns down deal to pay for OSU's stadium.

So who's on your "personal" list? ;-)

A little Gotcha! from the National Geographic

Any Huskers out there?

Some Yankee fans on this forum sound for all the world...

Clock change this weekend! What will you do with the extra hour?

I really love Bill Clinton

Pssst... wanna see my stangle? (puppy pics)

When is Festivus?

According to ESPN radio:

There is officially no more hope for the music industry...

Red Sox ultimate heartbreak about to begin...

Okay, who was the LAST person you remember being sexually attracted to?

"Abortion is MURDER!" but "Don't take away my guns cause huntin' is FUN!"

Bosox 3 games to NONE...will sweep series????? Kerry will sweep

Broward officials blame U.S. Postal Service over missing ballots

A little humor for the campaign trail...

Bracing for impact [ Embracing John Kerry] Must read

I have had a vision. (eiry background music) This is my vision...

Zyos article - "Appreciating America; Reflecting & being thankful"

Will you wear a black hood tomorrow???? "Mosh"

Anyone get feeling some Repukes want Bush to lose

More Jihadists for Bush (Maybe Oct surprise is Osama's Bush endorsement)

Will BushCo use the news of stolen explosives to prove presence of WMDs

Richard Wolff DEMOLISHES the Myth That Democrats Hate Kerry

EV/Population breakdown for early-voting states- Bush WAY behind- **LOOK**

Victory Party here Tuesday night?

With all due respect to Bush voters (i.e., none)...

US gave date of war to Britain in advance, court papers reveal[BIG]

'mass graves' and 'torture chambers' shrub says with a smile

SLATE Staff Endorsements: 45 Kerry, 4 other - Please Read!

Start talking to Bush supporters about 23% national sales tax,,,

my conversation with someone who ALMOST voted for Nader

Screen caps from Eminem's 'Mosh'

Can't recall if was already posted here.

Judge Rules Against 10,000 Floridians Barred From Voting

Kristof: "Spikeygate" demonstrates Bush's shocking mendacity

News on the campaign to re-take the Senate?

Okay, this guy's a sicko

Josh Marshall has a VERY INTERESTING article...

Doesn't the news bias exhibited during this election

Robert Wright (Non-Zero) on why he is voting for Kerry.

The walls are tumbling down

DU this Poll!!

Info on *'s last "emotional " TV ad. Gag-alert.

White House caught in lie about missing weapons


paranoid fear of Rove -- Iraqi missing arms

Nov 2 will be about one thing and one thing only: computer-fiddling

Frontline "Rumsfeld's War"

Who gets tired of this type of reporting from the liberal media(sarcasm)

ABC World News Now this AM

Shrub's flip flop on civil unions = Kerry made the right call in debate 3?

&^^%$#!! Don't let them get away with this!

"Rumsfeld implicitly admits lack of planning for Iraqi insurgency"

Is the assault on Fallujah and capture of Al Zarqawi the october surprise?

Critique my (campaign?) song, please: HELP IS ON THE WAY

ABC News is going to tell us this morning

Bush's latest sound bite...

C-SPAN Poll Workers Needed! Which States?

Pentagon Suppressing the Overseas Vote

Three paragraphs

Real war on terror or just Chickenhawk posturing?

After reading that the * campaign website was hacked,

How Dare Kerry Attack Bush's Bleadership!!!

Why does * continue to campaign in PA?

I found this article related to "caging"

They don’t see it, they don’t get it, they can’t fix it, I can and I will

Denver Post Taken to Task for Endorsing Shrub

I'm addicted to this damn site. Why did I ever wander over here?

Salon: 3 people show up for Nader press conference in Albuquerque

Did anyone see Aaron Brown last night?

An AMAZING Boondocks cartoon

Chimpy's defensive posture on missing explosives

Visualize winning! (awesome video)

Is this "early voting" thing new for this year?

NYT article on new registrations for this presidential election.....

Still Bush's fault, no matter when HE moved....

Kerry Cites 'Big Mess,' Bush Goes Upbeat

My god, Slate magazine editors/contributors endorsements. LIST

zogby poll

Has Anybody Heard About The New CBS Florida Poll Which Has Good News For

If funds that were allegedly granted to Bush for the Afghanistan

Fellow night owls -- report sightings of small -- W 04 -- stickers

Kerry yardsigns in Madison are just gone :(

"Bush* went to war to become a "wartime president", says Republican,

This baby will be scarred for life!

Whose nation?...............OUR NATION!!!

What happened to Air America Radio in New York?

No bush* signs in my neighborhood at all

LOL - Dem Poll workers are accused of illegal finger pointing in Charlotte

Back in the late 70's I loved Nader. I even paid money to see him

Karl Roves coming dirty trick

58,000 "lost" absentee ballots in FL = 1% of votes cast in 2000 election

This Day, Oct.27, 1787, the first of the Federalist Papers was published

Why Africa roots for Kerry

Freepers Are Out In Force This AM on DU

Anyone read Baghdad Burning blog?

Nov. 3rd Headlines: Bonzo bows out!

Is Bill Clinton Still on the Campaign Trail?

New weapons we have this election over last

I Expect A Few More " California's In Play" Like Polls Before This

Who Needs to Answer Questions When You Can Wave Your Pecker Around?

Blair admits – yes, I’ve met Kerry

KY Sightings: K/E vs. B/C signs and bumper stickers

Bush leads by 1, drops 2 points since yesterday. .

Kerry will win the popular vote 51% to 47% , Bush has peaked

BrundleBush (graphic warning)

NBC to feature Limbaugh on election night

Iran's Clerics Lean Towards Kerry to Ease Pressure

Kerry Cites 'Big Mess;' Bush Upbeat

Ashcroft's Hometown Newspaper Endorses Kerry

Oops. I think I just made a young Democrat.

New zine cover! Latest trend!

Why is ABC exit polling?

Bush site bars overseas visitors

BBV: No Secret Vote In Georgia??

Fallout from dot bomb and 9/11 ensures one corner of Texas cares little fo

Wow! British paper - "US gave date of war to Britain in advance"(5 mos b4)

SURVEY USA Results for OH, PA, FL...

Freeptardedness reaches an all time high!!!

Rummy compares explosives looting to museum looting

New Yorker magazine slams Bush as incompetent

BUSTED! The dimwits at Fox and Newsmax think they have disproved the Times

MSNBC talking about a new Zogby

John Edwards, Evil Dick and the "Iraq is a remarkable success" comment

* concedes OH and PA: Zell Miller to campaign with * in those states Wed.

WaPo : 3 States May Be Back on The Table (Hawaii, West Virginia, Arkansas)

Something is terribly, terribly wrong.

this "emotional speech" coming

Anybody hear the piece on NPR about Barack Obama and Kenya?

Transition to Kerry - what can Bush do from Nov 3 to Jan 20?

Republican 'caging list' uncovered

with the thousands of "poll watchers" the g.o.p. will be paying

* is attempting to get Democrats to vote for the him

GOP Candidate Files Complaint Against Own Party

Help me with my reasoning on voter fraud?


Why does Bushmonkey get to use a taxpayer owned...

Zogby: Bush 48, Kerry 47

Tom Delay is afraid-he is running attack ad against Morrison

Save America!

How many papers endorse Kerry now

Karl Rove: NOT a Genuis

Interesting Look at the Heinz Family

Josh Marshall suggests Pentagon might be sticking it to bush.

WH Reportedly Considering Recess Appointment (for Rehnquist)

I agree with Dick Cheney!

Fox news should be a blast on Nov 2nd

Just thought of a devilish idea... print tiny Kerry Edwards buttons

Holy Crow! Christopher Hitchens Endorsese KERRY!

How is Bush losing the War on Terror™?

Illness stirs talk of jurist's successor (Bush loses - he still could appo

Rasmussen will likely have Bush ahead again today

Help ! ! ! Screwed Up Amend. Vote On My Absentee Ballott

Founder of 2nd Largest Mutual Fund Co. in World Endorses Kerry

Kerry lead in Miami-Dade (slightly) greater than '00 margin

AP Newsbreak: Democrats out-registered GOP by 100,000-plus

Alone in the booth, why take the risk?

I work part time at UW Survey Center...

What station are you going to watch election night?

Two Repub Doctors for Kerry...!

This photo tells you all you need to know about Bush.

The transparency of pundits like Chris Matthews and Christopher Hitchens

WaPost: Computer Analysis Shows 33 Ways To End in a 269-269 Tie

OK, what positive feedback have you gotten for being a Dem?

Election Prophecy of the "Old Man of the Mountain"

F you Christopher Hitchens - Kerry doesn't want your endorsement.

Chris and Andy: Will someone explain this?

How are we gonna organize this forum on Election Day?

Historian Robert Dallek: "Bush will likely sink on Nov. 2"

Got email from James Carville

"$1,000 reward for information on stolen Bush sign"....

My husband had some good news for me this morning.

My LTTE published: Vote "R" to keep going in reverse

DU Comment on this CNBC Powerpoll (Jobs or Iraq?):

Tom DeLay walking door to door?!?!? Is he desperate or what?

What states should Kerry visit just before the election ?

What would you do with $1 million?

C-span2: 9/11 families speaking out on delays.

Everyone might want to tune into Tweety tonight

pessimism aside, predict the time and/or date Kerry will be elected ....

Tweety's Calling It For Kerry....

"A Political Candidate who jumps to conclusions...

Please tell me one time the "buck" has stopped at Bush's desk?

WTF is up in New Jersey?

Bush is about deny responsibility again, LIVE

My friend is working for MoveON calling people and needs help debunking

Remember the Mich Poll had Bush up by 5? Guess what - Kerry 45% Bush 44%

A story to tell pro-Bush small business owners

I Think it is Time for a New Ammendment, Seperation of Politics and Media

Desparate Republican resorts to race-baiting in CT

Philly: Absentee voters having a problem of fitting in

Zogby - Kerry 47% Bush 48%

What are you more likely to think of when you hear the word "caging"?

Anyone notice the "but" pundits on cable news?

Many people do not vote because they are intimidated by the process.... Kerry 288- *250

Republicans gather to bash Bush

Woo Hoo! *'s odds of winning just dropped at Oddsmaker!

Get Off The Fence! - A new Humpday 'toon

Mosh #1 on countdown!

CNN has only Bush's picture on the front page again

Go to a Swing State for Election Day, ORGANIZED TRIPS.

Former Sen. Bill Bradley campaigns for Kerry in Rochester

Why is Bush responsible for high oil prices?

ballot mystery in Florida

Explosives - Where's The Legs

My most wildly optimistic election scenario...

Rasmussen is out: * up 1.7 points


Thoughts on "early voting" poll results - significance of a sample of 90

AWOL whining in his tinny voice about explosives he gave to terrorists

Rove's October Surprise will come early Friday morning or

The Rude Pundit: John Kerry - Superhero

What is the point of discussing polls when everyone here just spins them?

CNN has the shrub on live....

Will AWOL's lies about missing explosives be reported by week's end?

A quote to get you motivated

Bush creating another flip-flop right before election


Doing my best to nip all future shrubs* in the bud.

Vote this yahoo story a 5.

I just went to vote in downtown Colorado Springs......

Bush shows fascist side

Breaking all the Sprouls

Wisconsin: The blue state Kerry could easily lose - Slate

Has anyone seen or heard what Big Dog Clinton, is doing ?

It does not compute.......

"I didn't do it" AWOL strikes again (* tries to deny criminal negligence)

"Controversial New Video...World Exclusive" With the flashing police light

Don't sweat about the NJ poll. The interpretation of it is misleading.

Has The Bush Administration Radicalized You ?

Zogby is still doing interactive polls

Zogby (Oct 27) Bush 48% Kerry 47%

Why the first Tuesday in November?

Bush, Kerry found in a Cabbage Patch

So, WHERE'S Ahnold???

Can someone please explain why the "Latino Coalition" endorses Bush?

Deleted by poster

WORLD EXCLUSIVE...Bush goose steppers don't like Eminem video!

Freepers Nuttier than a *house Rat!

Sludge: ABC Holding new Terror Video for US

Have you seen the film “The Man Who Knew Bush”?

Which political video is better?

BWAAA..Freepers think Eminem video is going to be JFK burning a flag

Read post 235

White Democrats, independents help Bush to lead in La. polls

Putsch Regains Lead in Virginia

Volunteer you lazy bastards!!!! - Only 30 minutes needed on election day

A valuable acrobat file - Moveon's "Election Protection" card

ABC Terror Warning Video: Be smart.

Suicide Rate Goes Up In Military, Bush AWOL

Compare Two Recent Zogby Analyses.

Bush website not accessible outside of US?

GOP operative defends voter drive targeting Republicans

Al Qaeda and Drudge FURIOUS that ABC won't air terrorist's video

Finally saw FIRST DNC ad that talks about "four more years"

Anyone else on a friggen rollercoaster?

Freeper goose steppers think US TV networks should help al Qaeda!

Bush picks up 3 endorsements, damn..

My election scenarios

THWACK! China slaps Colin Powell around but good! (Rate this story!)

Hey Freeps, the Drudge video won't mean shit - odds are Rove developed it

Kerry is not criticizing the troops on the explosives issues. He is

Daily Endorsement Tally: Kerry 142 - Bush 123

Does everybody realize this time next week--

Why is Zell Miller travelling with Bush a bigger story than the explosives

Bookies pick Kerry 20 to 1

West Virginia

Are some people afraid to admit they'll be voting for Kerry when polled?

Tracking Polls 101

All-in-one Eminem Mosh Video page

The */* campaign song should be "Out of touch" by Hall&Oates

Kerry SLAMS Cheney. "Chief Minister of Disinformation".....HOLY SH*T

Election Eve: SNL Primtime : Best of Politics

Drudge excl: ABC's sitting on a video of Al Q. threatening an attack...

Flashback: Karl Rove on Bush's first year

Whatever happeend to Zell Miller?

Picture this: President Bu$h and VP Edwards *jaw dropping*

What will happen to this place when Kerry wins next week?

CNN reports Kerry leading in OH, FL, and PA

Did anyone just hear Greg Palast on AAR?? 11:40 EDT

Before the Civil War returns to DU...check the EV count !!!!

Our response to the RW response to the Kerry Presidency.

Tick.....tick.....tick....tick....the guillotine is being sharpened ...

I need some up lifting News. I mess up an Lurked at some right wing

"Kin of Slain Troops Solidify Stances"

"Jailed Street Children in Excrement Protest"

WTF? CNN slams Bush about his empty speeches!

Is CBS Really Going To Supress Their Florida Poll

"Jumping to Conclusions, .............without knowing the facts"

"Bush Stance on Civil Unions Upsets Groups"

Check out this letter I got from a right-wing rabbi REFUSING to back Kerry

OK, gotta do it--official TERRA ALERT POOL...when'zit goin up?

Hypothetical provisional ballot dirty trick.

The Forbidden films Of John Kerry is being shown today on . . .

Who says Bush doesn't have a sense of humor?

"Bracing for Impact: A Republican's Survial Guide to a Kerry Win"

lol. the Chimpsy know they cant raise the terror level now....

CBS: Spiked Poll?

Why would Al-Qaeda send a terror video directly to ABC news?

Edwards: Bush Leads by 'Fear and Failure'

Let's just say the explosives were gone by April 3rd, what then?

Can somebody verify this rumor? (DRUDGE'S TAPE)

New meme: Bush should stop campaigning and move Heaven and Earth

Electoral College Predictions coming togetther

Watching all the rats jump off the sinking ship....

State of change (CO)

Finally something made an impact! (please don't flame me!)

DUers, Daschle needs help. Flip-flop ads have been effective in

CNN: AWOL "forced to play defense today" bwaaaaaa

OK, who else is just gonna be a nervous wreck until November 2?

Wednesday, October 27, 2004. October Surprise day

Is the Big Dog going to Arkansas for Kerry?


NPR yesterday: A pundit was discussing "rock stars" of both parties...

I called my Mom in Ohio today...all my relative there are getting the word

Kerry/Nader Alliance?

If we GOTV we can GOTB

Paul Krugman Re: Cheney: "He cheneys-up everything he touches."

Cheney-Halliburton-Iraq-Repub-Congress-Cheney. The Unbroken Circle.

Just saw Kerry on MSNBC in Sioux City

I had a dream...

Kerry's Daughter Defends Father

my brother-in-law says he's voting for Bush . . . so I got pissed off . .

“Acid is Cool. Kill the Pigs!” (observation about Terror Tapes as a genre)

Is Drudge full of shit about this terror video?

Voted today so I can volunteer on Nov 2

Pundits claim Kerry is dodging interviews

Franken is playing a clip of Scarborough country from last friday

Do Americans like to see their President cry?

*New* Terror tape? Then why was there one in MAY 04/Same guy!

Multimillionaires funding expensive pro-Bush 527 ads. No, really.

Wear Red White & Blue on Nov. 3!

Why is Louisiana out of play this election?

"Kerry will say anything to get elected"

So their scripted talking point response to the missing explosives is...

CNN/HN story on Bush's religion is a free campaign ad directed

The street where I live - two for KERRY; one slob for * lawn signs

lets watch and see if freepers figure it out

"Bush* will pass the buck on anything to get elected"

OPEC to Shrub: "Turn on your own damned spigot!!"

Ooh pretty.....Electoral maps from EVERY U.S. election !!!

msnbc now reporting tape

Remember what Bob Woodward said about oil prices?

Heres your october surprise

Hundreds of mainly Christian Pakistani Schollchildren Pray

Attention KC DUer's! Help ACT on Election Day and get paid!

kerry pulls ahead in richmond va

If GWB was an employee, would you give him 4 more years or fire him?

How is the Texas redistricting going to effect us?


"Bush Casts Out the Demons" - great pic!

Bush just handed Kerry his closer on a silver platter:

Can someone explain this line in Drudge's BS article...

Kerry live MSNBC now

All of a sudden I'm getting Fox News and MSNBC on my satellite dish...

CBS Withholdong Pro-Kerry Fla Poll?

Kos Senate Outlook: Right now he predicts a one seat gain for Dems

AFL CIO flash animation on Bushco record

NBC: Intelligence analysts cite ‘low’ concern(drudge/rove video)

It's All About Turnout (My Election Prediction)

Iraq says 'impossible' explosives taken before regime fall

AWOL looked and sounded more delusional and desperate than ever today

Man accused of trying to run down Katherine Harris-what goes around...?

Do not underestimate the power of the Eminem video

(T)oday's (O)bvious (A)nalytic (S)tatistical (T)ruth

Bush making WILD charges against Kerry AND the Iraqi Science Ministry

I remember early in this campaign some of us were worried the Kerry/Edward

Trying to convince someone to vote Kerry?.... show them this....

Does it even matter if the explosives were there......

Seen the new scary "W" yard signs?

Everything you need to know to protect the vote - Must Read

ONE Dallas/Ft. Worth radio station is playing Eminem's "Mosh!!!"

NYT/CBS suppressing Florida poll that shows Kerry leading by 4?

Visualize Inauguration Day

Obama on the defensive in debate??

Breaking: Matt Drudge is the voice behind the tape!

Is it just me or is Zell Miller good for democrats?

Debunking Drudge's Terra Tape

Voters, Stuck In Long Lines Get Parking Tickets

Rehnquist's vote-suppression conflict of interest

Hannity lamenting the absence of presidential killers/assassins

Drudge might be the best reporter over the past twenty years...

If I were writing bush's Naval Fitness Report

Possible New Kerry Ad....

HAHA...Kerry knocks AWOL off message, zeroes in on domestic issues

Just saw "Mosh" Eminem - made me cry

Bush must be losing because my neighbor

Hilarious! Here's the transcript of Scotty McClellan's press gaggle today.

Why don't you care that 60 thousand votes are missing in a dem county?

Did The Oil Companies Report Their 3rd Qrt Earnings Yet?

Sometimes it pays to be paranoid - four predictions for next week

Gillespie still whining.

Local Madison, Wisconsin Video Store endorses Kerry

A quick'n'easy way to neutralize Rove's october surprise

*New* Terror tape? Looks like it's from May 2004 to me!

Kerry will close his campaign on Monday Night in...

What's more fun to watch? October Surprises...

How come the chief minister of disinformation always has the chief ...

For Good News Click

Deleted message

Another Bush flip-flop

Crashcart is quoted in Yahoo, about Kerry and Holbrooke's

Do you believe in omens?

If Bush is going after Democrats, Kerry should target Republicans

Have you noticed? CNN is flooded with DEM ads!

Please - PLEASE - Don't Tell Me The Terrorist Had An American Accent

Interesting Rob Simmons commercial distancing himself.....

Wesley Clark: Bush has endorsed Kerry

I just had a repug co-worker offer to pay me not to vote Kerry...

Have you seen the "MOB" ad? Check it out.

A bit of levity - Georgie at the Bat

When and How Will Bush Concede?

And the winds just keep on blowing(new Harris poll Kerry 48-47)

My (deep South) hometown paper endorsed Kerry

Amway Honcho DeVos a Bigtime Bushie...What a Surprise

both parties surpressing vote, msnbc

The only thing GW did right the past four years.......

Bush did it AGAIN! "On Sept 4th I stood at the wreckage of the WTC"

Is "Moved before the troops got there" an excuse???

Tweety Is Preparing for a Kerry Win?!!?!?!?!?

Maybe it's because I'm a sox fan, but I can't help feeling any cockiness

Nuns, phone banking???


Bush looks bad, Gillespie looks 'woise'

GOP scared shitless of minority vote is this for real?

Thanks to freepers we have a transcript of Bush's biggest blunder!

If Electoral College Fails, House Decides

missing Florida ballots story on MSNBC

I'm afraid for the Dem running for state house in my district

Why The GOP Doesn't Want Minorities To Vote

Innocent Republicans V. crazed Democrats part II

Easy to remember from PFAW works for entire country!

Is Al-Qaqaa the reverse October Surprise?


What is the "caged voter"?

How do you think the coming attack on Fallujah

MOSH Video - AVI and MOV for DUers

Caller on Randi Rhodes talking about RIGHT NOW

Great news from the election front lines!

Hoo Hum J. Marshall debunks another Drudge fantasy story


Was the ammo dump our October surprise?

Media whores: Candidate not talking about the issues????

I don't care what any of you think!

The Coming Kerry Landslide?

IS DJIA taking a Kerry Bounce?

Limbaugh accuses CBS and NYTimes of trying to "influence" election !!

Will a Red Sox victory boost Kerry?

WOW. and WOW. New Kerry Ad -- Heroes

"Bush Defends Self on Missing Explosives, Rips Kerry"...defends SELF?

Send this article to every undecided parent you know

This may be a strange reason to believe things are going.....

"Bush Doesn't Get It" ads on CNN

where is that list of donors to political campaign's?

CNN: Lockhart and the shrub's mouthpiece. On now. n/t

Martial Law after Shrub loses?

URGENT: Send "Caging" Alerts to Civil Rights Leaders - Emails listed here

Most ADDICTING site EVER, besides DU

Caroline Kennedy Asks Bush to stop invoking her, Father's name.

Lou Dobbs will talk about 58k missing FLA ballots...

CNN: "Bush officials insist the president is not back on his heels" LOL

Swift Boat Liars - ALL DONORS AND EXPENDITURES per IRS documents

Want to hear some fourth graders comments on bush? Kids are smart.

Deleted message

Which of the Following 6 Days Will the White House Issue a "Red Alert"?

New Evidence of Voter Blacklist in Florida?

The Plame Investigation

Springfield News-leader, MO paper (Bible Belt) endorses John Kerry!!!

Anyone hear Bernie Ward last nite? Tracheotomies

How the Press Spins Bush (chuckles)

Bush* is blaming the troops for missing explosives.

National forecast for Tuesday (courtesy of

Fox tosses Bush a bone..."Search Showed No Explosives...

I predict Bush will address nation from Oval Office Sat-Sun about Fallujah

even NEW ZEALAND knows first about the ballots ! geez !

Why are the bloggers ignoring the latest Broward County disaster?

Another Bush Salute...He's really doing this a lot lately?

Oh man that was funny Bush twins can't even remember the state they are in

Telephone calls by political parties, candidates' workers irritating

Drudge stories that have turned out to be false here:

If Bush steal this one, I predict "invitation only inauguration" with

My 1000th post. Convince me to go to Ohio and who I should volunteer with

Elizabeth Edwards in Lakeland, FL tomorrow. Anyone nearby please note.

Canadian post office: "We've never seen so many mail-in ballots!"

Stanch Ditto Head in the Office Decides NOT to vote based on...

The Election Collection: Propaganda posters for the 2004 Season

Encode your data and strategy in case GOP steals your computer

Wouldn't now be a good time to remind voters they didn't guard Tawaitha

We knock the lies down but they just keep using them. Do voters see this?

Kerry Endorsements Up--Possibilities of a Tie Vote EC

"Transcript of President’s Speech, January 25, 2005"

Our next President.....John Kerry..........uplifting pictures

Minority vote

NYT/CBS spikes poll showing wide K/E lead in FL

the "caging" scandal is beginning to show up in Google news searches

Tom Delay says Daily Kos raises money for terrorists(?!)

Why doesn't the left have a Drudge?

Hold on Arafat, at least until Nov, 3rd.

Liberal Bias???? Pleeeze tell me where? I need some..

Can you feel it happening?

Has Maria Shriver announced who she's voting for?

Is this real or a Karl Rove stunt?

Long lines, busy signals fuel voting frustration in Broward

Code Blue!

Campaign finance reform....after January. Will a President Kerry...

Bush campaign playing theme from "Top Gun" movie ???

What should happen if there is a major terrorist attack on election day?

Rove's Latest OCTOBER DUD!

Wow. Huge crowd lined up in Cedar Rapids for John Kerry event.....

Every time I checked the dow jones on CNN's website today, *'s picture

WaPo Tracking - 49 Kerry / 48 Chimp

When Will The 'October Surprise' Hit?

Masked "native English speaking man" on terra tape...

Castor tours Florida Nov.1 with Jimmy Buffett, Graham, and Nelson!

Post-Graduates Lean Towards Kerry

FYI regarding out of the country DU'ers

Powerful Caller on Randi

Broward County still "working out" response to missing ballots

WP/ABC poll -- a ? with an hour to go --

Scary Halloween thought (October surprise?)

I was going to do an early vote t oday in Ga.

Pic of 7th day of early voting in Lakeland. Article. About 900 1st day.

VOTE FOR MOSH ON TRL!!!!!!!!! We need to get this played!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good point by Randi Rhodes about the missing explosives

Give Bush a Brain Game (hilarious)

The terrorists are laughing their asses off at us,...thanks to Bush.

Rasmussen polls: NM down by 4, NV down by 2

He's Falling Apart

I seriously love James Wolcott, he's the funniest political writer around!

Blood Brothers: Bush & Zell cast Evil Spell on Ohio

Conservatives Abandoning Bush

Kerry Gaining Among Swing Voters

Bush can't find Osama, can't find the Anthrax Terrorist, can't...

6 Cent stamp price increase?

Where is that picture with dog peeing by Bush sign?

Captain Kerry Is On His Way!!!!!

'Smoking e-mail' implicates Jeb Bush in vote suppression

people we can DO this, keep yer spirits up

Dayton, OH Weekend Weather: Torrents of Bile

Here's why the Republicans have no credibility on issues.

Oregon - as of yesterday, 38% of all ballots out received by counties

Confusing Internals In WAPO Poll

Just when you thought it was safe....

Any Floridian who thinks voting will be easier on election day is an idiot

Enough of the "explosives were already gone" TP from the bastards!

Expect tomorrow's WaPo / ABC poll to have Bush up. Bush polled better Mon

Is Kerry still going to be on Cheers tonight?

Republicans gather to bash Bush

Get ready for a November surprise

tracking the tracking polls -- teeny/tiny trends

Salon - The unmaking of the president

Caroline Kennedy to Bush: "Stop Invoking My Father" (bitchslap *)

Buried in Wash. Times: al-Qaeda supports Bush!

Broadcaster donates $325,000 to GOP

Cheneys motorcade blocks rush hour traffic in Milwaukee and

George Soros next on Lou Dobbs battling some Repuke

George Snuffleupagus: The GOP goal was just to muddy the issue

I just shut off Crossfire. Apparently the reugs

CBS News mentioned the missing ballots in Florida

Head of repugs in OH on Lou Dobbs with

Europeans are not allowed to visit the Bush site

Are you a likely Gallup voter? (Take this online test to find out)

Poll: Kerry Gaining Among Swing Voters (RATE IT UP)

Bush and Sinclair share the same play book

If Arafat Dies Before Nov. 2, will that have an effect?

Please clear something up about the 58,000 "lost" ballots

Awesome bumper sticker story from the Republican hinterland

I got my sample ballot today (Florida) (19 pages!)

Barry, You Shouldn't Oughta Have Tried To Run Down Katherine Harris

Anybody else notice how loose the Kerry people are about there internals?

The Real October Surprise:

OMG: TDS from last night is hilarious.

Kerry Campaign e-mail: "You can make the difference. Let's make history"

Fake PSA by "United Seniors Association" is a blatant Bush ad

GOP criticizes student get-out-the-vote campaign

Anyone who wants to donate to DU but can't afford to, I will make

How long are John Kerry's coat tails?

Cheney's hometown goes for Kerry

Friend signed petition to legalize pot, now she's a registered Republican!

Is Cheney getting younger?

Dumbya thinks Zell is one of "millions" of Democrats voting for him

The Thursday rule: He who has the MO the Thurs before the election WINS

Q: Is this election going to be as close as all these polls indicate?

Kerry pulling ahead

Historians dissect impact of elections (Kerry Wins)

Zogby state polls: weird but pretty good results

Anybody know the stats for where undecideds and persuadable get their news

Rasmussen Battleground for 10/27

Don't be Nervous (GOTV); Don't Freak! (GOTV) Don't Worry! (GOTV)

How can we make sure all the christians see bush flipping the bird

In this election...

Tweety (Sybil) skewers Don "swarmy" Evans - Hardball

Why should internal polls be any better than public ones?

Marine recruit threatens to stab girlfriend because of Kerry support

Bush Has NEVER Looked WORSE

Biggest Irony of them all; NO INVASION if Saddam HAD WMD.

What do You Think A Bush Concession Speech Will Sound Like?

Bush Flipping the bird - video:

I'M EMBARRASSED....don't more than 75 DUers want to thank Senator Kerry ??

Nasty, lying Swift Boat anti-Kerry ad

In six short days, a sleeping giant awakens

BBV: Does anyone else have concerns about early voting...

Matthews hits Don Evans HARD

Ladies! "Four More Years?" or "Dump the Guy?" You Decide!

[Bush giving the bird] Time for fun Send to Christian Networks

Holy crap! I just came up with the perfect soundbite for Bush

Good grief: On "Inside Edition" (NBC) put up a crawler "Gallop poll"

Timeline of explosives

Reporter on Lou Dobbs: Pentagon is searching for an alibi for Bush

Do you remember your first time? I do.

Kerry's new AD kicks * in his microscopic gonads!!!

Political Bazooka: Master List of Bush Screw-ups


Reagan "George Bush Is Lying"

Ohio federal judge stops Republican vote challenges

I love Ron Reagan Jr

Did george bush protect us from 9/11????

Rasmussen Battleground Polls for 10/27 : What am I looking at ?

ABC News on the Senate races.

Let me offer a few special thanks this evening

* gives the "one finger salute"

I think he *knows* he's probably going to lose

Here there are over 54,000 members.

Voter fraud: Bush courts drunks & ex-felons with cigarettes

RNC announces change in emblem

Michael Moore in my home town of Cincinnati today

Okay, I've gotten the 5 applicants for proxy DU donations, from this:

60 Minutes alert: Problems with computer voting.

Latest Bush tv ad is pretty effective, but...

Election polling opinion from NY, regarding cell phones...must read!

9pm MSNBC Kerry interview w/ Matthews

Pentagon's explanation ! That Dog won't hunt !

How About This for Good News, Bad News?

DU this Lou Dobbs poll

3rd Infantry Division FOUND EXPLOSIVES, Al QaQaa, April 3, 2003

Tweety: If people believe there were WMD, maybe we didn't do our job

What would you give to see Chimp give a concession speech?

From "Daily Kos," one amazing Kerry photo, one disturbing Bush photo

And What Would These Fine Gents Be Going On About?

Tweety giving Pubbie hard time on CacaGate

Al Franken coming up on Hardball!!! Next!

Fact or fiction? NJ, PA AND MI now too close too call?

Will Kerry Be Up In Tomorrow's Zogby Poll?

CNN: dopey Jenna.

My Family on Election Day

Anybody watch the ABC/CBS/NBC News tonight? How are they playing it? FOX

ABC does Diebold!

A sad day in the Mahoning Valley (Ohio)

DU this poll ....

Deleted message

Kerry opening sizable leads in Michigan and Pennsylvania (Bowers)

New * ad-Bush brings emotionally devastated people back to

Poll: Kerry Gaining Among Swing Voters

Bush caves! Exposes resolve to stay the course as disastrous policy!

Neooxycons tripping all over Qaaqaagate

I heard on Amy Goodman tonght Bush is planning to pull out


What Is Happening in New Mexico??

Ron Reagan Just Called Bush a Liar


Why is the price of oil dropping all of a sudden?

Police: Driver Tried to Run Over Florida Rep. Harris

I finally watched Mosh by Eminem

Hey! I voted! and got the icon!

Work the polls or work the phones... Advice?

Wash. Monthly: Bush campaign scared shitless by minority turnout

PHOTO: Rows of empty chairs greet the Bush twins

ad against Jews by Neo cons, Bush ad using JFK Jewish ancestory

Tweety is actually playing hardball tonight

Ed Gillespie is being grilled on MSNBC now!

FANTASTIC picture of Kerry giving the peace sign (from today)

Could Allawi be OUR October surprise?

Hubby and I just got back from voting absentee. FELT SO GOOD!!!

First Crawford, now Waco paper endorses Kerry.

The Final Straw---Lifelong Republican Votes For Kerry

Is there a comprehensive voter guide?

Don't forget to tell folks about free F/911 download! Now in WMV (40MB)

Wow. Didn't take long to get banned on Freerepublic...

"I've learned that sending troops into battle is the hardest decision

PBS Frontline: Rumsfeld's War - A MUST-SEE!

US children predict Kerry will win

NASA Scientist says * admin stifling evidence of Global Warming

Red States Going Blue

Bush website: We don't want any stinking foreigners on our internets

Vote in this mock election PLEASE

Unbelievable, Oxy Rush says missing explosives John Kerry's fault.

CNN crossfire just proved I was right about missing explosive spin

Kerry has Bush on the ropes: "dodging and bobbing and weaving"

Dear STUPID MEDIA; 101st WAS NOT the first unit at Al QaQaa! NOT! NOT!!!

Faux News: Pentagon has found pics that show the trucks moving explosives

MSNBC reports that Arnold Schwartzenegger (The Groper) will....

What's this about the Packers needing to win against the redskins???

TEXAS Du'ers: Have You Been Living Under BUSH for TEN YEARS?!

I heard on NPR tonight that 100 Hispanics have to appear tonight

Everyone needs to check this website out

[DRUDGE] Al-Quaeda releases a terror warning video to ABC.

Deleted message

Kerry needs to quote this at every speech

John Kerry's Most Important Endorsement -- MORRISSEY

If you or your friends are unsure of your polling place, check here.

Here's a link to the great AFL-CIO flash ad (worth a look).

Did Bush say he supports gay marriage on Charlie Gibson?

how about an "I volunteered" avatar?'s downloadable ELECTION PROTECTION CARD

Don't Drink And Vote!

Heads up: Zogby interview coming up on CNBC. n/t

CNN/NBC gives Shrub illegal contribution, IMO.


Caging Controversy FINALLY begins to hit MSM

New LA Times state polls: OH +6, Fl -8, PA tie

Alert: Arizona Online Early/Absentee Ballot Requests

S.P.L.C. Intelligence Report

Bush is NUTS landing at Lancaster (KLNS)

Is this footage from the latest bin Laden video calling for attack on US?

Time to DU the Religious Right!! Enter Here if you Dare......

Look at my pretty new avatar! Anyone else got one?

"Amish Veterans for Bush!"

MoveOn's devastating new ad

Bush campaign setting the stage for Civil War with this mentality


Have you seen "Ashley's Story" Bush commercial?

BBC Dropping A Bomb On Shrub Tonight

Wesley Clark - General Smackdown (poor unfit aWol, poor KKKarl, poor R's)

For Jews leaning to Bush- from Alan Dershowitz

I was told to get rid of my Kerry/Edwards button by my Repub boss!

Republican Pollster: bush is losing by 5% in battleground states.

Election Protection Volunteers needed!

A brilliant analysis of eminem's MOSH video - link

* - "One Finger Victory Salute" gotta see this!

The DU Plan for Election Day